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Section 8: Prejudice

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About The Game

In the distant future, humanity will call on its most fearless defenders to confront an emerging threat determined to eradicate all human life as we know it. Section 8: Prejudice is a sci-fi first-person shooter with dynamic combat, where every decision -- from customizing equipment to activating team based objectives -- drastically impacts the battlefield.

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Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

Section 8: Prejudice is an underdog story – a small developer (in this case, Timegate Studios) trying to fulfill the promise of its original idea while making the transition from retail to budget downloadable title. It has a cool hook in its "soldiers fired from a space cannon" premise. It brings a retail title's worth of modes and content to a budget title. The pieces are all there. But Section 8: Prejudice can't seem to fit them together into something more than sort-of interesting.

Watch our Section 8 Video Review.

Section 8: Prejudice is the sequel to 2009's Section 8, which introduced, uh, Section 8: a group of cybernetic crazy people fired from orbit into battle wearing nothing but their armor.

I said it was a great hook.

At its heart, Section 8 was a multiplayer-focused affair, with 32-player objective-based matches. It was an FPS that married elements of the Battlefield series with the ardently-worshipped Tribes games - players jetpacked over vehicles and mechs while securing control points and performing other tasks randomly assigned over the course of a match.

Section 8: Prejudice seems poised to correct the original game's main failings, like a mostly non-existent single player element and a certain generic lack of identity outside of the dude-bombardment mechanic. Prejudice promises a lot. Timegate have added a new wave-based survival mode for four players called Swarm. There's also a "full" single-player campaign in Prejudice, with more of a story to it than the tutorial-in-everything-but-name from the first game.

At least, I think there was supposed to be a story to it. While Section 8: Prejudice starts with an interesting idea – the original military hard-men used to tame colonial space were forcefully decommissioned by Section 8's precursors, and now they're back and pissed about it – it barrels headfirst into cliché territory and doesn't look back. Playing through Prejudice's uninspired level design, I can see why they'd want to get through it as quickly as possible.

Section 8: Prejudice's campaign feels like it was tacked onto the multiplayer as an afterthought. It swings from one worst-case-scenario to the other. There's the totally mindless point A to point B trek requiring you to slaughter AI bots thrown in with little thought to placement or encounter design. Then there are the clear "this is training for multiplayer situations" scenarios requiring you to hack terminals or repair vehicles for no discernable reason. While you'll be given different tasks, every mission feels similar.

Section 8: Prejudice shifts over time from repetitive but easy, to repetitive but frustrating. Neither is an especially good thing, but one is easier to overlook than the other. Prejudice doesn't challenge you by clever use of established rules and play. Instead, it contradicts previously demonstrated convention, spamming missile turrets that do much greater damage, and producing enemies whose accuracy is close enough to perfect so as to be indistinguishable from it (and who can take more punishment than the combined forces you've murdered to meet them).

Section 8: Prejudice Cheats

CodeEffectComplete the Answers level of the CampaignBasic Training (20)Complete the Beasts level of the CampaignDig Two Graves (20)Complete the Campaign on any difficultyMission Accomplished 2.0 (35)Complete the Campaign on Hard difficultyBattle-Hardened (50)Defeat the Vehicle Engineer in the Prejudice level of the Campaign before he deploys a MechUse More Gun (30)Complete the Stormfront level of the CampaignA Thorne in their Side (20)Earn 20 StarsStar Power (20)Earn 40 StarsOffline Celebrity (25)Earn 60 StarsDisconnected Superstar (30)Win a complete game of Swarm without dying on Medium or harder difficultyCitronella Armor (20)Win a complete game of SwarmAgainst All Odds (10)Win a complete game of Swarm on Insane difficultyIn the Membrane (30)Win a game on each map in Swarm on Hard or Insane difficultyExterminator (40)Win a ranked match on each map in SwarmSwarmaholic (20)Finish the obstacle course in the Answers level of the Campaign in under 53 secondsCheetah (10)Win a complete game in ConquestConquistador (10)Win a ranked match in each map group in ConquestLoud Cartographer (20)Kill an enemy with the Siphon ToolFace Melter (10)Kill an enemy by dropping on themFalling with Style (20)Kill 2 enemies at the same time with Incendiary damageNapalm in the Morning (25)Kill 3 enemies in a row with the Machine Gun without reloading'Til It Goes Click (20)Kill an enemy with each weapon typeSpice of Life (15)Kill an enemy with any weapon after hitting them with a GrenadeThe Old One-Two Punch (10)Kill 20 enemies with the Pulse CannonCan I Take Your Pulse? (15)Get 20 Defenses or Denials with the ShotgunClose-Quarters Specialist (15)Kill 5 enemies in a game with the Assault Rifle from over 100m awayThat's Assault, Brotha (20)Destroy 32 Structures with the Missile LauncherDemolition Man (15)Destroy 5 Vehicles with MortarsMortardom (15)Fatality an enemy with the KnifeKnife to Meet You (10)Kill 20 enemies with headshots using the Sniper RifleNatural 20! (15)Destroy an enemy DetpackIt's a Trap! (10)Complete a ranked match with the highest Combat score using only the Pistol (12 or more players)Garbage Day! (20)Kill an enemy by colliding with them using the BikeMoving Violation (10)Kill 1000 enemiesMillennium Club (35)Kill 10 enemies with the Deployable AA TurretDuck Hunt (15)Kill an enemy with any secondary Vehicle seatBackseat Driver (10)Kill an enemy by colliding with them while OverdrivingI'm the Juggernaut... (10)Reach level 50 in ranked matchesLike a Boss (50)Reach level 2 in ranked matchesMovin' On Up (10)Win a ranked matchWarmed Up (15)Earn each Badge in ranked matches32 Pieces of Flair (40)Earn each Feat in ranked matchesFeat-tastic (25)Win a ranked match while holding the enemy team to less than half your team's VPWere They Even Trying? (25)Capture each Control Point at least once in a game on a large mapGotta Cap 'Em All (25)Customize your armor typeFashionista (10)Survive against the Elimination DCMGet to da Choppa (15)Repair a Supply Depot to full healthOh, the Irony (10)Participate in each DCM successfully in ranked matchesMission Possible (35)Purchase every Vehicle and DeployableMoney in the Banana Stand (15)Kill an enemy with a Micro BeaconMy Little Friend (0)
  • Games for Windows Live Overdrive Map Pack DLC AchievementsCodeEffectHack a Control Point within 30 seconds in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.I Feel Like Lightning (30)Win a ranked match on Sky Dock. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.Extra Leg Room (20)Win a ranked match on Abaddon. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.Lord of Avernus (20)Win a complete game in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.A Pinch of Assault (25)Win a ranked match in each map group in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.Full Assault (25)Defuse 20 hacked Control Points in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.1337 sysadmin (35)Capture 20 Control Points in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.Ball Hog (35)Capture 2 Control Points within 10 seconds in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.Synchronize Our Watches (30)Kill 5 enemies while defending during Sudden Death in Assault. Requires Overdrive Map Pack.I Am Legend (30)
  • Section 8: Prejudice Game Walkthrough

                          ~Section 8: Predjuice FAQ/Walkthrough~             
                                     ~Version 1.4~
                                 ~Author: RadiantViper~
                                ***Table Of Contents***                           
    1. Overview                                                             [OVR00]
    2. FAQ/Game Info                                                        [FAQ00]
    3. Controls                                                             [CTR00]
    4. Campaign Guide                                                       [LVL00]
      - Answers                                                             [LVL01]
      - Into the Breach                                                     [LVL02]
      - Deadwood                                                            [LVL03]
      - Stormfront                                                          [LVL04]
      - For the Wicked                                                      [LVL05]
      - Beasts                                                              [LVL06]
      - Devolved                                                            [LVL07]
      - Prejudice                                                           [LVL08]
    5. Achievement Guide (Contains sub-index)                               [ACH00]
    6. Unlock List                                                          [UNL00]
      - Unlocks by Level                                                    [UNL01]
      - Unlocks by Type                                                     [UNL02]
    7. Version History/Credit                                               [VHC00]
    8. Copyright/Terms of Use                                               [CTU00]
                                     ***Overview***                         [OVR00]
    Welcome to my Section 8 Predjuice FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide is mainly for
    the game's Campaign mode, spread out across 8 levels. It also includes an
    achievement guide, going into detail on each achievement.
    In Prejudice, you are Alex Corde, a member of the 8th Armored Infantry. Using
    your powered armour suit and arsenal of weapons, you must fight through 8
    levels, uncovering more to the Section 8 universe and combating the Arm of
    Orion, who threaten to wipe out the 8th and anyone else in the way.
                                  ***FAQ/Game Info***                       [FAQ00]
    More of a general info section right now. Feel free to send me questions you
    have about the game/my guide. E-mail:
    You can also send me a message on or
    Q: How much does Section 8: Prejudice cost?
    A: It costs 1200 MSP or $15 USD.
    Q: What modes does it have?
    A: It has:
      - Campaign, or story mode - 8 levels
      - Conquest, 2 teams attack/defend various control points and accomplish DCMs
        in order to reach 1000 points first
      - Swarm, 2-4 player co-op defend a control point against waves of enemies
      - Assault, 2 teams take turns attacking or defending control points
      - Skirmish, 2 teams with locked control points must kill and accomplish DCMs
        in order to reach 1000 points first
    Q: How many players?
    A: Up to 32 man battles when playing online. There are also bots, but you can
       not play, say, a 2 human game with 30 bots (they cap the number, due to 
       hardware restrictions and such). When playing offline, you can play with up
       to 15 bots.
    Q: What's the Overdrive Map Pack?
    A: The Overdrive Map Pack contains 2 new maps, for play in Swarm, Conquest and
       Assault. It costs 320 MSP ($4), and contains 3 new achievements for the
       XBLA version. The two maps are Abaddon and Sky Dock.
    Q: What's the Frontier Colonies Map Pack?
    A: The Frontier Colonies Map Pack contrains 2 new maps, for play in Swarm, 
       Conquest and Assault. It costs 320 MSP ($4), and contains 3 new achievements
       for the XBLA version. The two maps are Overseer and Desolation.
                                     ***Controls***                         [CTR00]
    Here are the default controls when using an Xbox 360 controller.
    A                        - Use
    X                        - Reload
    Y                        - Swap Weapon
    B                        - Crouch
    LT                       - Zoom
    RT                       - Fire Weapon
    LB                       - Jump (Tap)/Jetpack (Hold)
    RB                       - Use Equipment
    Left Analog              - Move, Strafe
    Left Click (LS)          - Cycle Zoom/Sprint
    Right Analog             - Aim, Turn
    Right Click (RS)         - Lock-On
    Start                    - Game Menu
    Back                     - View Scores
    D-pad Up                 - Purchasing
    D-pad Down               - N/A
    D-pad Left               - Equipment 1
    D-pad Right              - Equipment 2
    Fatality  - Hold RB when prompt appears on screen. This can be changed to 
                automatic in the options.
    Overdrive - Simply sprint for a few seconds and it will activate. This can be
                changed to be non-automatic in the options (instead you hit A when
                prompted on your HUD).
    Controls  - Can be switched between Basic, Free and Advanced. Free and 
                Advanced seperate movement and aiming, Advanced automatically
                realigns the turret.
                              ***Campaign Walkthrough***                    [LVL00]
    This walkthrough was created while playing on HARD (3 stars), for the purposes
    of generally being more useful, as well as to cover the achievement 
    "Battle-Hardened". The game isn't that tough on Hard, except for a few 
    segments here and there - most noticeably, the boss battles. Once you get used
    to the general gameplay mechanics, you should have no real trouble for the
    most part.
    Note: If you want to find a specific part of a level quickly, you can also use
    Ctrl + F and type in your current objective, preceded with "Objective:".
    Trying searching for "Objective: Go to Reyes" as an example. 
                                ***Level 1: Answers***                      [LVL01]
           * With the Arm of Orion's leadership either deap or captured,   *
           * Section 8 receives reinforcements at their new base on Atlas. *
           * Corde and First Recon put the new recruits through the paces. *
    After the opening cutscenes, you take control at Ft. Solomon, and are tasked
    with bringing the new recruits up to snuff. You're facing the firing range
    when you start. 
    ~ Objective: Go to Reyes ~
    Move just a few feet ahead to Reyes and he'll begin to talk to the recruits.
    You'll then have to demonstrate some firing techniques for them - of course,
    for us it's actually learning as well!
    Using RT to shoot and take out the first 5 targets. You'll get a prompt asking
    if you change to inverted aim. Press A to stay with current vertical aiming or 
    press B to toggle to inverted.
    Now for distance targets. Use LT for ocular zoom, and take them out. Easy.
    Next up is Lock-On, activated by pressing down on the Right Stick when the 
    circle appears over the target. Use it take down the moving target. Remember
    to pay your taxes, folks. You'll notice that the recharge meter for Lock-On
    appears to the left of your ammo on the HUD.
    You'll be told to hit Y to change to your secondary weapon, so do so. The 
    Pistol can be a surprisingly good weapon, if you take your time to aim. Take
    down the 3 targets.
    Reyes will then talk about Overdrive, then tell you to use it to head across 
    the way to Graves.
    ~ Objective: Demonstrate Overdrive ~
    Click down on the Left Click to begin sprinting. After a few moments, you will
    automatically engage Overdrive mode. Make note of the bar in the top right of
    your HUD, it shows how long you can Overdrive for before running out, and when
    it has refilled automatically.
    You'll get another prompt, this time to choose between Automatic or Manual
    Overdrive. Manual Overdrive must be activated by pressing A when prompted 
    (you still have to sprint for a few moments). 
    ~ Objective: Go to Graves ~
    Again, just move a few feet up to your target. He wants you to grab Frag 
    Grenades and a Repair Tool from the Supply Depot nearby.
    ~ Objective: Get Repair Tool and Grenades ~
    Supply Depots allow you to change your loadout, including weapons, equipment
    and upgrades. You don't have much unlocked right now (single player has it's
    own unlock system that's simply tied to the level you're on), but feel free to
    toy around with your upgrades if you want. Leaving them as is might be a good
    idea though. 
    Swap up your Serrated Knife for a Repair Tool - Press A on the knife, select
    Tools then Repair Tool. Press B to exit. Graves will task you with taking out
    a turret behind the wall near you, using only your grenades.
    ~ Objective: Use Grenades on Turret. ~
    Make sure you have your grenades select (Left on the D-pad for Equipment 1 and
    Right for Equipment 2). Go either left or right around the barrier, then
    chuck some grenades at the turret using RB. Obviously don't stay in the open 
    for too long. 
    You can hold RB to see the trajectory of grenades and some other equipment
    types. If you run out of grenades, stand near the Supply Depot and it will
    automatically refill your ammo reserves (as well as your armour). 
    Once the turret is destroyed, you'll then be told to hack the Control Point
    ~ Objective: Hack CP ~
    Move past the destroyed turret to the newly revealed Control Point. Hit A near 
    it to start hacking. You must stand near the CP for a few seconds before it is
    hacked. When this is done, you then must wait for a virus to override it - you 
    can watch it's progress by looking at the CP's icon on either your HUD or 
    mini-map - once the blue fills up the square, it's yours. 
    Once it's yours, any nearby buildings tied to the CP are also yours. For 
    example, the turret you just blew up! So now you have to go back and fix it, 
    of course.
    ~ Objective: Repair Minigun Turret ~
    Switch to your Repair Tool using the D-Pad. Go near the turret and hold RB,
    and your Repair Tool's beam will automatically lock-on to it and start
    repairing. As Graves mentiones, Repair Tools can fix armour, deployables, and
    even yourself if no target is in range.
    ~ Objective: Go to Blackburn ~
    That's it for this area. Leave from where you came in, then sprint to the left
    up the sandy hill. Turn right and go meet Blackburn. Now you have to show
    the recruits how to do an orbital drop.
    ~ Objective: Enter Dropship ~
    Simply walk up the ramp and Press A on the dropship to enter. You'll get a 
    small cutscene as it lifts off. Right after you'll be launched from the bottom 
    of it, and will start hurtling towards the ground.
    You'll notice a bar on the right with 3 colours. White means you're up high 
    and can't brake yet. Orange is where you can start braking for a soft landing.
    Red is where you brake for a hard landing (you can also not brake at all for 
    the same effect. 
    Brake in the orange. After this you are able to move through the air to aim
    your landing using the Left and Right Sticks. The small dot on your screen 
    shows where exactly you'll land. Aim for the landing pads, naturally.
    Once you recover, you'll next have to head for the live-fire course.
    ~ Objective: Go to Matthews ~
    Sprint ahead past Blackburn, then turn a bit to the right to meet Matthews. 
    He tells you about the live-fire course, and how you'll need your Jetpack to
    complete. So thankfully they activate yours for use. 
    ~ Objective: Demonstrate Jetpack ~
    Press LB to jump, then hold LB to jetpack. You can also just hold LB but 
    you'll get slightly less height. You can move around with the Left Stick.
    Like Overdrive, there is a bar in the top right showing you how long you can
    jetpack and when it's refilled. 
    ~ Objective: Use Console ~
    Once you've landed, press A on the console to begin the obstacle course.
    ~ Obejctive: Run Obstacle Course ~
                 Go to Platform 1 
    Use your jetpack to get over the first wall. Land and you'll be in a small 
    maze of walls that pop up. Head left at the first pop-up, then right at the
    next. Start sprinting forward and a very small ledge will pop up, you can just
    jump over it. You should be in overdrive now. Sprint forward across the
    platforms - you're going fast enough that you don't have to jump over the 
    small gaps, but you can if you like. 
    ~ Objective: Run Obstacle Course ~
                 Shoot Target Set
    Now right in front of you, some target will appear. Make sure you have your
    Assault Rifle equipped. Hit all the targets as quick as you can. 
    ~ Objective: Run Obstacle Course ~
                 Go to Platform 2
    Turn to your left and start sprinting. Make sure to jump over the medium sized
    gap at the end and land on the platform. 
    ~ Objective: Run Obstacle Course ~
                 Shoot Target Set 2
    Another target set for you to shoot. This one has 4 targets, 1 of them moving.
    So quickly shoot the stationary ones, then use your Lock-On for the one above
    them. When you're done, turn left and start sprinting. As suggested, overdrive
    then use your jetpack so you can clear the large gap.
    Finally, you're in a live minefield. You can see the mine's lights on the 
    ground but they're still tricky to avoid. Try to simply use your jetpack ASAP
    to fly over all of them to get to the end of the course. You'll receive your
    course time when you reach Matthews.
    General Stone will contact you and tells you to come to the brig.
    ~ Objective: Report to General Stone ~
    Move past Matthews and turn left, then sprint up the sandy slope. Turn 
    slightly at the top and aim for the huge gate in front of you. The gate will
    open for you, then you'll have to wait for a few seconds while inside. Once 
    the next door opens, follow the road to find Stone near the prisoner convoy.
    Stone wants you to do a visual of the perimeter, starting with the watchtowers.
    ~ Objective: Investigate Sentry Tower ~
    Turn left from Stone, and start heading down the road towards your objective. 
    You'll head inside another gate, and have to wait a few seconds. Keep 
    following the road, and you'll see small slope on the left towards the tower.
    Before going this way, turn to your right instead. You'll see a building hear,
    either jetpack up inside it or take the stairs. You'll find a Data Log - these
    are non-essential items you can find throughout the game that give you a bit
    of extra info.
    - Data Log: 1 of 10 Found -
    Once you've got it, turn back towards the slope mentioned above and go up it,
    then keep following the path towards your objective. When you reach the 
    elevator you'll get a cutscene.
    ~ Objective: Defeat invaders 0/8 ~
    Jailbreak! Enemies will drop into the area in front of you. Fortunately you've
    got some backup with you. Head forward and use your Assault Rifle to take
    them out, feel free to use Lock-On for moving targets and Grenades for anyone
    close or in cover. 
    After the first 3 enemies, turn to your right around the corner to find the
    next 2.  The last 3 will drop back near the road, on the building across it.
    Stay longe range and pick them off with your rifle.
    ~ Objective: Stop Jailbreak ~
    Before you leave you can go to a nearby Supply depot and change your loadout
    a bit if you want. When you're ready, head towards the big gate you came from.
    You'll once again have to wait a second. when they open, it seems the battle
    has already begun. Move up but stay behind some cover as enemies will be 
    shooting as you from down the road. One is a Sniper, so watch out. Should
    be 3 of them there, take them out then start moving up the road again.
    As you sprint up you'll see Thorne's ship leaving. There are some enemies near
    you, but you can ignore them if you want as they're occupied fighting others.
    ~ Objective: Converge on General Stone ~
    Move past where the ship was, through the gate and up the stairs to Stone.
    Stay near Stone because enemies will keep shooting at you from behind. Use 
    cover and take at least most of them out before leaving.
    ~ Objective: Defend Dropships ~
    Head out of this gated area and turn right towards the big gate. Another small
    wait. When they open 2 enemies will immediately fire in your direction, but 
    now Matthews is here to help out. Move left behind the crashed ship to avoid 
    their fire, and pop out and kill them. Move up with Matthews and engage
    enemies long-range, remember you can jetpack away or use your Repair Tool
    if you still have it to heal your armour. Go towards your objective, just in
    time to see it get blown up. Of course!
    3 more enemies will be on your left now, you should have the high ground so
    it will be no trouble picking them off. Move up but not too far, 2 more
    enemies show up from up the road. When they're done, sprint towards your
    objective and you'll get a cutscene. 
    Close call huh? Move to the left around the ship and head forward. More enemies
    will be up closer to the final dropship. Take them all out, using the varied
    terrain to your advantage. Now you have to actually do some defending, 
    killing the enemies as they attack you and the ship. 
    Certain enemies - "Demolishers" - will use Missile Launchers to damage the 
    ship, so make them your priority. This part is a little tough on Hard. Just
    try to shoot at enemies ASAP as they come. You can also camp right beside the
    nearby Supply Depot as it will help keep you alive, and heal you faster so you
    can get back in the fight. After you take down a few waves, the dropship is
    secure. You'll get a cutscene and will have finished the level. 
    = Achievement Unlocked:                          =
    = Basic Training (5G)                            =
    = Complete the Answers level of the Campaign     =
                            ***Level 2: Into the Breach***                  [LVL02]
           * Following the jailbreak on Atlas, Corde and Matthews pursue   *
           * Arm Commander Thorne to a remote arctic planet. Arriving      *
           * ahead of the main fleet, Corde and Matthews prepare to recon  *
           * the planet.                                                   *
    You'll beging with an orbital drop into a snow-covered area. You're forced
    to not brake, because after you land you see Matthews ahead take down an 
    enemy with a fatality.
    ~ Objective: Follow Matthews ~
    Move up just a bit with Matthews. An enemy starts coming down the way, and 
    Matthews tells you to use your knife to take him out.
    ~ Knife Sentry ~
    Wait on the left behind the rock for the enemy to come down and around it. 
    He'll run right by you and leave his back exposed, run up and hold RB - you can
    just knife him normally if you want, but you won't get an achievement!
    = Achievement Unlocked:                          =
    = Knife to Meet You (5G)                         =
    = Fatality an enemy with the knife               =
    ~ Objective: Recon Arm Activity ~
    Once the stabby stabby animation is done, you'll get a prompt to choose
    between manual or automatic fatalities. Make your choice then follow Matthews
    directly up the hill. At the top you'll get a cutscene.
    ~ Objective: Take Sniping Position ~
    Matthews recommends you head to the bunker on the right to cover him as he 
    disables the jammers. Follow the ridge on the right, and carefully cross the
    fallen tree (or just jetpack over). When you start to turn past the cliff, 
    slow to a walk. There's a lone Infantry with his back to you - sneak up and
    do a fatality to dispose of him. Now move to the bunker, and carefully go 
    inside to kill the Infantry inside in the exact same way. 
    ~ Objective: Clear Jammers 0/3 ~
    Now that you're in position, look out the window to your left towards the
    first jammer. It's time for some sniping. A simple but effective combo is to
    shoot the enemy once, then lock-on so you can easily get a second shot as he
    moves around. Remember to duck and back into the bunker if you're taking too
    much fire. Also remember you can click on the left stick for a higher level of
    Kill all the enemies on the jammer platform. There are also some in front of 
    it, closet to Matthews, so peak around to get them too. Next some enemies will
    appear directly off the front side of your bunker, closer to the second
    jammer. Once they're done, Matthews will move up to the jammer array.
    ~ Objective: Clear Jammers 1/3 ~
    When Matthews is done, more enemies will appear from the last spot you killed
    enemies before. They'll move across and take up the platform to start shooting
    at you. Same deal as before. Enemies will use more cover here but you can 
    almost always still hit one of their limbs poking out. There will be a pause
    as Matthews moves up, then more enemies on the right side of the jammer. One
    of them has a missile launcher, so be careful! Matthews will move up once
    they're done. 
    ~ Objective: Clear Jammers 2/3 ~
    As mentioned, the last jammer predictably has more enemies to kill. A few 
    enemies will show up near your side of the jammer - take note that one of them
    is an enemy Sniper, who can very quickly kill you. He shows up near what looks
    like a small generator on the left. Kill him and the others quick.
    Matthews moves closer, and enemies appear on the far side of the jammer. Just
    3 more here and you're good. Matthews goes up to disable the last one. 
    After a brief chat, Stone sends you a Supply Depot near where Matthews is. 
    ~ Objective: Get Missile Launcher ~
    Head towards where Matthews is. Before using the Supply Depot, head into the
    building directly across from the third jammer. Near the back behind some 
    crates is another Data Log.
    - Data Log: 2 of 10 Found -
    Go to the Supply Depot. You need to grab a Missile Launcher, which means
    leaving one of your current weapons behind. While the Sniper is useful this
    mission, the Assault Rifle is great for all around combat so it's best to
    stick with it. 
    You can also pick up some Detpacks, of the Crash variety. These aren't long
    range like your Missile Launcher but they will save time when you're 
    blowing stuff up, so you can grab them if you want. I recommend a Repair 
    Tool for yourself, and keeping your grenades - but as always, it's up to you!
    As soon as you exit the Supply Depot, Matthews warns you of hostiles coming
    from up the road ahead of you. Move to the left near some cover and start 
    taking them out with your Assault Rifle. There are 3 enemies, watch out as
    one might move to flank you on the right. You'll have another brief chat
    ~ Objective: Ambush Convoy 0/3 ~
    Move up the road the enemies came from. As you turn the corner, you'll spot
    the 3 convoy vehicles moving away from you together. Pull out your Missile
    Launcher and aim on the closest one, just keep your aim true and it will be
    down quick. Make sure to constantly be moving, primarily left and right, to 
    dodge the convoy's missiles it fires back at you.
    Move past the wreckage of the first and start firing on the second. Remember
    you can use your jetpack to make up some distance and to dodge fire at the
    same time. When you destroy the second, move up to the third but be wary of
    enemies appearing near a bunker to your left and right (the ones on the right
    don't bother you much though, Matthews tends to preoccupy them). You can 
    usually destroy the convoy first, then turn your attention to them after. While
    you're doing this, Stone contacts you again. 
    ~ Objective: Hack Security Network ~
    Stone is nice enough to send you another Supply Depot, it appears just up the
    road a bit. Don't run up to it just yet - as you turn the corner, there's a
    Minigun Turret that will fire upon you. Take it out with your Missile Launcher.
    Stay back near the corner and take out the enemies in the bunker behind it too.
    When it's clear, now you can go to the Supply Depot for ammo and to swap 
    weapons if needed. Make note of the enemies near the bunker on the other side 
    of the gate, and kill them from here as well.
    You may want to grab a Sniper Rifle before moving to the gate, as a Sniper
    will be in high tower off to the right in the base. You can usually take him
    out with just your Assault Rifle if you burst fire a bit. Move up to the stairs
    in front, but don't go all the way up - alarms go up and enemies appear in the
    area above. Stay near the top of the stairs and pop up to take out each enemy.
    Some will come close, while there are some off in the distance, in the bunker.
    More burst fire is recommended. 
    When they're done, move up into the area and you'll see some ships fly 
    overhead. Move with Matthews to the right side, some enemies will show up 
    there soon. Kill them quickly as soon some enemies show up on the opposite
    side of this area to fire over at you. Use the beams for cover. 
    Keep going with Matthews on the right side, an enemy comes up to you at the 
    top of a small set of stairs. Watch out for fire off to your right from the
    bunker. Again, burst fire to take him out. Stone will soon drop off another
    Supply Depot right to the left of where you are at the moment.
    More enemies will soon show up on the right side past the next set of stairs. 
    And yet another Infantry will start firing from a bunker, this time straight 
    ahead of you. Move closer to the objective carefully, as a few enemies flood
    out of it as you get close. Do the usual pop up routine with the stairs
    so you don't die horribly. Remember to use your Repair Tool for your
    armour to get back into the battle quicker. 
    Go with Matthews to the security network. As always, be wary - an enemy will
    be inside, to the right behind some crates. When he's toast, move up to hack
    the network. Another cutscene. 
    When it's done, move outside of the bunker and turn left and around the 
    building. A minigun is visible just a bit head, so pull out your Missile
    Launcher to make short work of it.
    ~ Objective: Pursure Commander Thorne ~
    Move up and you'll notice an enemy off in the distance on the right side,
    pick him off. More enemies will be on the right side, a bit closer, hiding
    behind cover and the bunker. Manouever around to take them down. Finally, 
    move out towards the Supply Depot. Get ammo and change loadouts if needed, then
    move on through to the canyon. 
    Go around the bends, but not so quick around the last one as enemies will
    be behind the barriers just up ahead. Take them out, then move up just a bit
    and start firing upon the enemies on top of and inside the bunker to the left.
    You'll come to a bridge that is quite noticeable broken - thankfully, jetpacks
    come standard! Fly over the gap. 
    Keep following the objective markers through an open field. Two dropships will
    take off in the distance. Keep going through the canyon, an enemy will show up
    near some fallen rocks. Past him is another turret, stay on the left side
    when you shoot at it since there's a bunker around the corner. Carefully
    peak around and take them out as well. 
    Move up past this bunker to the marker. You'll be overlooking a large camp now.
    Listen to Graves' explanation of your next objectives. 
    ~ Objective: Infiltrate and Clear ~
    Thorne will alert the shipyard to your presence. Drop down and go to the
    Supply Depot on the right if needed. Move to the door right in front of you,
    3 enemies will soon spill out of it. Just fill 'em with bullets. Before going
    through this door, you can go for a Data Log if you please (you can also wait
    til you've cleared out more of the enemies so it's safer to grab.
    For the Data Log, go left of the door and head down this corridor here. You'll
    be in a little courtyard, there's some crates and stuff on the left here 
    behind the building. On the far side, behind come crates is the Data Log.
    - Data Log: 3 of 10 Found -
    Now go back to the door mentioned above. Go in and there will be more enemies 
    on the right side, close to your objective. Don't move out too far when killing
    them as enemies will be on the platform above. Enemies may also come from the 
    door you just came through, so keep notice. 
    ~ Objective: Hack Crane Controls ~
    Move to the console on the lower level. Some cranes will take out the valves.
    ~ Objective: Activate Flush Controls ~
    No, you're not going to the bathroom - jetpack up top to another console and
    use it. When that's done, move out the front of the bunker and look to your 
    left. More enemies, behind various cover spots and on catwalks. Keep close to 
    the bunker for cover, move up when there's little or no resistance. 
    ~ Objective: Activate Crane Controls ~ (Again!)
    Move forward to the entrance of the next bunker, valve area, whatever it's 
    called. As always, don't rush in as enemies are inside. Stay near the entrance
    and use the cover to your advantage. Might be a good idea to toss some nades
    or even detpacks to the far side of the area. A few enemies will be up on the
    catwalks as well. 
    You know the drill ... you do know it, right? Hack crane console, then ...
    ~ Objective: Activate Flush Controls ~ (Again!)
    ... hack the flush controls upstairs. When that's done, move the entrance 
    and look near the new Supply Depot - more enemies for you to kill. Stay inside
    and blast them all. Don't move to the Depot yet, as more enemies are past it
    and will shoot down on you. 
    ~ Objective: Plant Explosives ~
    Make sure all the enemies up the stairs, ahead and to the right, are down then
    move up the stairs. There may be a lone straggler off to the far right or
    left. Another enemy will show up in front of you at the top of the stairs. 
    Watch out as they may get smart and jetpack behind you! Use your own jetpack
    to go up the side of the platform. An enemy or two will be there, or come up
    the stairs on the other side. When they're all down, go to the marker and 
    plant the explosives. A cutscene will play, signalling the end of the level.
                                ***Level 3: Deadwood***                     [LVL03]
           * Section 8's main fleet arrives at the arctic planet as        *
           * Corde and Matthews continue their pursuit of Arm Commander    *
           * Thorne.                                                       *
    This level starts right where the last one left off. You're surrounded by the
    wreckage of the recently blown-up shipyard. Stone will give you some more 
    ~ Objective: Pursue Commander Thorne ~
    As always, hit the Supply Depot if needed. Don't swap out your Missile Launcher
    though. Otherwise, head around the hill towards the marker. Approach the door 
    for a small cutscene.
    Yep, gotta fight two mechs out of the blue! Start moving backwards and shooting
    at one with your Missile Launcher. One of them should go attack Matthews,
    making the mech easy to destroy. Once it's done, jetpack away to avoid the fire
    of the second one. Reload and take him out as well. No problem!
    ~ Objective: Regroup with 5th ~
    Time to move out. Head to the door you TRIED to get past last time ... stupid
    mechs. Head inside, but don't get too close to the door in front of you as it
    will soon be blown apart. A USIF soldier is waiting on the other side.
    Move up and past him down the path. You'll receive a notice that the Machine
    Gun and Mortar are now available. Both are good weapons, so you might want to
    grab either. Move down the path and more wreckage falls nearby. Turn left onto
    the platform. Use the Supply Depot. I personally swapped my Assault Rifle for
    a Machine Gun, and my grenades for a Crash Mortar. Your teammates will chat
    a bit about your upcoming plans.
    ~ Objective: Plant Explosives ~
    Head down the path towards your objective, make note of the two turrets on your
    minimap. As you get close you'll spot the giant AA gun. Stay up on the hill 
    near cover since enemies will be shooting up at you in a moment. Use your 
    Missile Launcher, peek around cover and take out the two turrets. There will
    be lots of fire so be careful.
    There's lots of enemies down there, so only take out one at a time before going
    back to cover. If you aim right and don't reload your machinegun, you'll get
    an achievement for getting 3 kills in a row without reloading.
    = Achievement Unlocked:                          =
    = 'Til it Goes Click (5G)                        =
    = Kill 3 enemies in a row with the Machine Gun   =
    = without reloading                              =
    This is just the first opportunity in Campaign for the achievement, you can
    always get it later of course.
    There will be some enemies far off past the AA gun. While it may seem a long
    distance, if you still have lots of Gyro Stabilizers for accuracy in your
    loadout (by default, you have some), even your Machine Gun is capable of taking
    out distance targets. If you're unhappy with the Machine Gun, you can go back
    now to the Supply Depot. 
    When ready, move up to the right of the bunker out front. An enemy will be on
    the far side past the AA gun, there will be another over to your right up the
    ledge, and 2 more right near the gun. You can take out the one far away
    quickly with burst fire, then jetpack up to the right to get the attention
    of that enemy. Then just go around the corner and kill the ones by the turret.
    Matthews will tell you when the area is clear, so head up to your marker to
    plant the explosives. 
    Quickly run up the hill to your right, away from the AA gun. Turn back to 
    get a good view of the destruction. Small cutscene - Graves has arrived!
    ~ Objective: Clear Arm Outpost ~
    Move with Matthews and Graves to the opposite end of the area, right after the
    marker there will be a very sharp drop. Fall down and move on through the
    canyon. You'll soon see a mess of enemies and a turret show up on your 
    minimap, just around the corner. So stay back a bit first. There's a rock
    perfectly situated at the corner so you can hide behind it and peek out. Now
    is a good time to test out your mortar if you have it. Like grenades, you can
    tap RB or hold it to see the trajectory. Just aim on an enemy, tap RB and 
    watch it rain down on them. A good idea is to tag them with a mortar first, 
    then start shooting. As they lose shields, the mortar should do most if not 
    all of the rest of the damage. 
    There's also a Sniper up in a tower to the left, so be careful taking him down.
    Again, burst fire is your best friend over distance. Move up a bit to the
    low rock that Graves is behind. Pull out your Missile Launcher and destroy
    the turret directly ahead (you can also use your mortar). Peek around the 
    corner and start picking off enemies just to the left. You'll still have a lot
    of targets, but they're past some obstacles so you can't kill them from here.
    Move up behind the fence, towards the yellow pole on the left. Enemies will
    soon be coming around the corner, a quick short range attack with your Machine
    Gun should solve that. Stay near the poles and the enemies will converge
    next to the large black container right in front. 
    ~ Objective: Purchase Bike ~
    When they're all dead, Corde contacts Stone. Now you get to call yourself in
    a Spectre Hover Bike to help you clear out further enemy outposts. A Supply 
    Depot will also be dropped nearby, so make sure to refill on ammo.
    ~ Objective: Enter Bike ~
    Once it's landed, hop on! 
    ~ Objective: Assist 5th ~
    As the onscreen text tells you, LB is for your jump jet, RB for missiles,
    left stick click for a speed bost. And of course LT to zoom in and RT for your
    machine gun. Make note of the ammo bar on the bottom right, it's shared between
    both weapons. 
    Move up and fall down another sharp drop. Start heading down the path. Head to
    the left through the open gate, you'll notice a friendly inside who gives you
    a rundown. 
    ~ Objective: Assist 5th 
                 Destroy Alpha Turrets 0/3 ~
    There's a mass of enemy resistance just across the river. Stay on 
    this side and focus on the Turrets first, especially the Missile one just in
    front of you. Strafe a bit to avoid it's fire, and use your own missiles back.
    Then take down the turrets on the left and right.
    ~ Objective: Assist 5th 
                 Destroy Echo Turrets 0/3 ~
    Once the turrets are done for, focus on the infantry. Move across the shallow
    bridge to the other side when ready, and look over the small hil. Your machine
    gun is ideal for the infantry, and continue to use your missiles on the new
    turrets that drop in. Hide behind the rocks at the top of this hill to avoid
    the missile fire, including from an enemy on the right with a Missile Launcher.
    Once the turrets are all done, the enemy starts retreating.
    ~ Objective: Eliminate Infantry ~
    Move up the path, you'll notice a small base ahead with a number of enemies
    inside. Don't go over the hill, stay on the top near bunker on the right. Look
    over and destroy the turret on the left first. Now move left and quickly 
    destroy the other turret just on the right. Now the infantry will be no 
    trouble. Stay back and spam your guns and missiles from long range. When there
    are only a few left, move up as they're no threat now. Tear through them with
    your machine guns. 
    ~ Objective: Destroy Fuel Depot 0/4
                 Destroy Comm Relays
                 Destroy Convoys ~
    A bunch of new targets for you! Move to the left through the canyon path. 
    You'll notice your targets are spread out to the left, middle and right. We'll
    take out the convoys first. Move up near the building on the right and turn 
    towards it. Watch out for the Missile Turret right out front of it, destroy it
    first. Take out the infantry out front as well. More infantry will move in
    close to attack you, kill them as well. Now you can go destroy the convoys.
    As Graves says, nothing fancy - just fire a ton of missiles! 
    Head back a bit and go around this convoy base. You'll spot 2 enemy bikes on
    the right side here. Quickly move in close and start firing, making sure to
    strafe all the time. The combination of speed, movement and your guns will
    overwhelm them easily. Now move forward down the path they were near to the 
    fuel depots. There's another Missile Turret just out front, destroy it as well
    as any infantry nearby. 
    Stay long range from the fuel depots and fill 'em with lead, they get destroyed
    quickly. When they're toast, move through the fueling area towards your next
    objectives. There will be a lone infantry near you as you go over a small hill.
    Also take out the turret you can see from here, near the relays. And also, 
    just to the left of this turret is a mech which you can easily defeat from 
    Move closer and look to the left around the barriers surrounding the closest
    relay, another turret for you to destroy. Now finally move into the barrier
    covered area and blow up both relays. A Supply Depot will drop nearby.
    ~ Objective: Infiltrate Compound ~
    Before leaving, there's another Data Log for you to grab. From the relay area,
    look to the southeast and start heading up the hill there. There's a bunker
    just on the other side of some large rock spikes. Inside is the Data Log on the
    - Data Log: 4 of 10 Found -
    You'll have to leave your bike behind unfortunately. Move past the destroyed
    relays to the ledge Matthews and Graves have gone up. Jetpack up to follow 
    them. Start moving through the tunnel. As you exit you'll reach a small hill,
    don't be eager to go over it since a Sniper has a perfect view of the top. He's
    in a tower to the right, so peek over and kill him. 
    There's also a turret just below where he was. Pull out your Missile Launcher
    to make short work of it. Stick close to the burning wreckage on your left
    here as another Sniper is in a tower on the left side of the entrance. Kill 
    him and any infantry that comes close to you. Also take out the turret on the
    left side as well.
    You'll notice a marker and a health bar appearing on the wall to the left 
    side, you can destroy it to make an opening if you want. It's not really
    ~ Objective: Capture Commander Thorne ~
    Thorne will show up on your minimap. Move into the base, make sure to hit the
    Supply Depot on the left for ammo. Now, there are a bunch of infantry at the
    other end of the base, so let Matthews/Graves move up a bit before you do.
    You can also take the left side to sneak up a bit. Now start firing on Thorne,
    he's easily distracted by your teammates. Once you get him down to low health,
    a cutscene plays as he runs away.
    ~ Objective: Wait for USIS Nevada 1:00 ~
    What you have to do now is defend yourself for a certain time limit so the
    Nevada can attack the shielded bunker. Right after the cutscenes, Matthews lets
    you know about a bombing run about to occur and he marks where the bombs will 
    drop on your HUD. Look behind to see the red markers over the middle strip.
    Quickly get out of the way before they bomb it. 
    Move away from the front of the bunker, as right after a few infantry and 
    turrets will drop in front. Stay around the corner so they don't overwhelm you.
    Kill the infantry first before destroying both turrets. 
    Make note of when Matthews tells you about another bombing run, and move out 
    of the way of the markers. Keep hiding back near cover and taking out enemies.
    ~ Objective: Hack Shield Controls ~
    You need to disable the shields so the Nevada can get a clear shot. 3 markers
    will appear on your minimap, go to any one of them and hack the console. Just
    remember that the bombing runs will keep coming, so jetpack away if needed. 
    Once the console is hacked and the shield is down, make sure to move away
    from the entrance to watch the fireworks. 
    ~ Objective: Wait for USIS Nevada 0:45 ~
    Now you need to repeat the process. Wait for the timer, hide and kill enemies,
    and dodge bombing runs. Remember the Supply Depot for ammo, and use your Repair
    Tool to keep you alive. 
    ~ Objective: Hack Shield Controls ~
    Hack one of the remaining consoles when told to. Again move back to avoid the
    ~ Objective: Wait for USIS Nevada 0:45 ~
    Same deal. Keep moving, stay near the back of the base if possible, nothing
    special. Just always stay wary of the airstrikes. 
    ~ Objective: Hack Shield Controls ~
    Last console, whichever one you haven't hacked yet. Run over and use it. Move
    away from the bunker one last time. You've finished the level! Enjoy the
                              ***Level 4: Stormfront***                     [LVL04]
           * As Corde and First Recon search through the wreckage for      *
           * Arm Commander Thorne, Thorne's mysterious ally makes his      *
           * move.                                                         *
    The level starts right after the cutscene. You and your team are being 
    attacked by an overwhelming force - so for now, it's time to run!
    ~ Objective: Regroup with Blackburn ~
    Start running down the path in front of you. You'll hear the sounds of enemies
    shooting down at you. You'll also get a notice that new gear variants are
    When you get to the first objective marker, Graves tells you to watch out for
    the mining lasers. Just around the corner you'll see what he means - 
    unsurprisingly, the big laser beam is best avoided!
    Stay on this side for the moment. You'll want to kill at least 1 of the enemies
    on the other side before moving through. Squeeze through, dodging the laser,
    when you can. There may be an enemy near the second laser so kill him too.
    Dodge the second laser, but watch out for the two enemies behind cover right
    on the other side. Move to the left quickly to take out the right enemy. Stay
    behind cover because there's an enemy high up to your right who will shoot 
    down at you. Kill all 3 of the enemies here before moving on. Another
    enemy will be on the right, before the next laser.
    When you get to the third laser, you'll notice it's moving - a bit trickier to
    dodge. Might want to kill the enemy on the other side before hand. Quickly
    squeeze by when the laser starts moving to the other side of the path. Move up
    a few feet to the marker. 
    Sprint across the thin bridge towards the Supply Depot. Blackburn will contact
    you. Go up to the Supply Depot but hide behind some cover if you want to use
    it, there's enemies closeby near the next laser. You can try some of the 
    new gear if you wish, I recommend switching to EMP or normal grenades since 
    it's more close quarters combat for a bit. You may also want to change your
    Missile Launcher for a different weapon if you haven't already, you won't be
    doing any destroying for a bit. 
    ~ Objective: Go to Launch Pad ~
    When you're ready, move out and towards the laser - one enemy might already be
    dead from running into the laser. But there will still be some on the other 
    side so watch out. Also watch out for these lasers - they're tricky to dodge!
    I would stay on this side and take out most if not all enemies on the 
    immediate other side. This next little area has a few cover pieces and a 
    bunch of enemies in hiding still. WATCH OUT as there is also an enemy on the 
    elevated platform to the left, definitely kill him before moving through.
    When you want to move through, stay close to the laser and sprint through
    just a bit after it starts moving to the other side. Kill any remaining 
    enemies here. Watch out for them, they hide behind cover near the back but
    aren't afraid to come out of it towards you. This area can be a little tough.
    Move up and you'll see 4 moving lasers in a row ... yeah ... Just keep going
    up to one side, and when the laser is out of your way sprint through. When you 
    get past the 3rd laser, move to cover on whatever side you're on - some mean
    ol' enemies will appear at the top! Can't you see I'm busy dodging industrial
    mining lasers?
    Stay behind the laser machinery, mechanism, whatever. Just peek out and kill
    your attackers. They WILL come over to your side though if they're able, so
    you can also just wait for them to come to you. When they're done, move 
    through the final laser for a checkpoint. FINALLY!
    Move up around the corner. Down the path a bit you'll spot a body on the left.
    If you go close to it, you spot another Data Log for your collection. 
    - Data Log: 5 of 10 Found -
    Once you've got it, Keep moving just down the path to the red smoke.
    Around the corner are some enemies so get ready. Use the crate on the left
    side of the start of this hall for cover. Kill the first 2 enemies then move
    up the hall and look around the next corner. More enemies behind cover, but
    some also appear towards the other side of this room. So stay near the corner
    for cover so you don't get overwhelmed. It's the usual stuff - don't charge 
    out, try to take on one enemy at a time. 
    Keep going towards the next corner near the marker. Some more enemies just 
    around the corner, one on the slope who will move backwards usually. Kill him,
    let your shields and armour regen, then peek around again. There's one enemy
    hiding behind a short wall on the left, and another enemy a bit behind him
    on top of a rock. Don't move up or the guy behind cover will pop out and start
    attacking. You can see the enemy on top of the rock first, so kill him. Then 
    take out the guy behind cover. 
    Up to the top of the hill you go. Around the corner Blackburn will tell you
    he's being attacked. Go down the path to the marker. You'll be on a cliff ledge
    that gets knocked down to the area below, where Blackburn is. Don't move up to
    the enemies just yet - a scripted event happens where the platform is blown up.
    So no sense in running into all those enemies!
    Best to stay back and kill them for afar. Watch out for an enemy up on the 
    high ledge to the left (when looking towards where the platform was). Make him
    your priority, jetpack up there if needed. You can then turn your attention to
    the enemies that were near the platform, but your teammates usually deal with
    ~ Objective: Go to Landing Zone ~
    You probably noticed the Supply Depot already, so get ammo and make any swaps
    you want. You will probably want to grab your Missile Launcher again, more
    destroyable stuff is up head. But you can usually make do with mortars or other
    weaponry if you need to. 
    You can grab another Data Log here. Standing next to the Supply Depot, look
    towards your next objective. Jetpack up the cliff on your right. You'll notice
    a few metal pillars littering this cliff area. Go past the first two, at the 
    second pillar turn right and follow this path. Right before you reach the third
    pillar is the Data Log on the ground.
    - Data Log: 6 of 10 Found -
    When you're done start heading towards your objective again, towards the 
    platform. A short jog down the path and you'll see a base ahead, there's some 
    cover to your left in the form of a low barrier. Just on the other side of this 
    barrier is a turret so destroy it. I hate turrets also!
    You can move up to take out the enemies littering the base if you're impatient,
    otherwise play it safe and kill them from here (or at least don't go charging
    in to the middle). You may notice more square markers with health bars like in
    the last level, they're pointing to barrels you can shoot and blow up for 
    splash damage. So if you see an enemy near one, you know what to do. 
    When you get to the far side of this platform, more enemies will drop in just 
    on the other side so be wary. There's also a turret on this side as well, near
    the stairs. If you stay on the top of this platform/base, enemies don't swarm
    you as much so you're a bit safer. Then you can shoot through the gaps and 
    over the edges at them. Let your teammates distract them also. Though some
    enemies may get smart and jetpack up, so be on your guard. 
    Soon enemies will appear on the ridge back behind the left side of the base.
    One has a Pulse Cannon which can be devastating. Try to hide behind the big 
    mining laser on this side of the base. This part is tough. Don't move out in
    the open much or you'll get torn to pieces. Only venture out when your 
    teammates have killed all the moving enemies and they'll come with you.
    When dealing with enemies with Pulse Cannons, your best bet is to always be 
    moving - jetpacking especially, but even bunny hopping around helps dodge
    their fire. Also hiding behind low cover sometimes work, they might shoot the
    cover instead of you and you can keep firing at them. If you have grenades
    or mortars, use them also. 
    When you've dealt with them, use the Supply Depot if needed then move up the
    path they were guarding. Go up and around the bend to the marker. Your 
    teammates will have a discussion about Orion's Spear. Go around the next bend
    to the left and up the slope. You'll go into a cave, just follow the slope
    up through it. You'll get a checkpoint. 
    Go around the icy spikes towards the exit. Big bridge in front of you, Supply
    Depot just before it on the left. When you get close the bridge is blown up.
    Jerks! You'll have to use an alternate route. Before moving, I suggest 
    grabbing a Sniper as enemies will start shooting at you from the other side. 
    Go to the left side past the Supply Depot and follow the path here. Snipe all 
    the enemies you can see, then switch to another weapon if you want. I recommend
    keeping the Sniper.
    Now go back to the left route and follow it, making some jetpack jumps along
    the way. When you get to the other side, follow the smoke to the cave ahead. 
    Don't rush into it - there's enemies just past the entrance. Stay behind the 
    big ice spike right in the middle of the entrance. You know the deal, peak out
    and take one at a time. Your teammates will rush up and help. 
    When they're dead, move up a bit to a thin path around the corner. There's 
    a spike in your way here, blocking your view of an enemy just behind it near
    some crates. So pop up and kill him. Another enemy is viewable at the end of 
    the cave, use your Sniper if you have it. There's yet another enemy just to
    the left of where he is, jetpack up the higher ledge on your left here then
    kill him as well.
    I recommend staying on this higher ledge and sniping the enemies you can see
    near and on the large base ahead. Killing everyone you can see here will make
    your life easier when moving up.
    When ready move up a bit, towards of the end of this little field of objects.
    Oh, apparently it's called an "excavator" ... well I'm calling it a base, 
    dammit. Stay here in a cover for a bit and kill anyone you see from safety. 
    Then I recommend jetpacking up to the top of the base, excavtor, you know what
    I mean. The next set of enemies is are on and around the next little base
    up ahead. Sniper works well here. Take your time, no rush to get killed right?
    Finally, jetpack up to the marker on the landing platform. Blackburn will talk
    to you.
    ~ Objective: Hold Landing Zone 2:00 ~
    So now we have to defend and survive for 2 minutes against some enemies. Stone
    sends you one more Supply Depot. Enemies will soon start appearing on the far
    base, and also dropping right behind you in your base too. Stay near the 
    satellite dish on one side of the landing pad for cover. The enemies will move
    in close to your position quickly, so stay on your guard. Your Machine Gun will
    be your best bet, just spam it close or mid range. If you need to, fall off the
    platform so you get out of harm's way, then heal. Make sure to get back up
    quickly though.
    A small cutscene will occur and Blackburn gets shot down. You just can't catch
    a break, can you? I suppose we'll have to go save him ... lame!
    ~ Objective: Go to Crash Site ~
    Start heading through the excavator area towards the marker. There are enemies
    on the otherside of the final excavator, near the marker. Stay behind the
    nearby cover, it's pretty abundant. You can also jetpack up the excavator and
    shoot down, enemies might come up there though. When they're all killed, move
    to the marker. 
    You'll start moving through a cave, a rumble will knock a lot of the spikes
    down. Turn left around the bend and head for the exit. Right after the red
    smoke trails is a shard drop, sprint off the edge and fall down. Head straight
    for the crashed ship for a cutscene. 
    ~ Objective: Plant Explosives ~
    As you'll notice in the cutscene, a bunch of enemies drop in your perimeter. 
    You can ignore them if you feel like it. Use the Supply Depot if needed then 
    jetpack over the ship towards the thin bridge ahead. An attack ship will fly
    low and shoot at you but don't worry, it doesn't do anything. 
    Now, you can play it safe, flank from the side, and take out all the enemies
    before moving to plant the explosives. Or you can overdrive-jetpack over the
    wall of the base, land near the gun, kill the enemy near the explosives 
    planting point, quickly plant them, then run quickly back to where you came
    from. Phew! It's a bit dangerous but it works.
    ~ Objective: Regroup with Survivors ~
    When you're done, start sprinting down the bridge again. The attack ship shoots
    it again, this time it DOES do something - be prepared to jetpack as he 
    destroys part of the bridge!
    When you get to the other side, ignore all the fighting again and head straight
    for the ship/marker. Another cutscene plays, signaling the end of the level. 
    = Achievement Unlocked:                          =
    = A Thorne in their Side (10G)                   =
    = Complete the Stormfront level of the Campaign  =
                             ***Level 5: For the Wicked***                  [LVL05]
           * After taking serious casualties, Section 8 retreats to a      *
           * hidden USIF base on a long-forgotten volanic planet.          *
    You start this level in the middle of a friendly base. Stone contacts you a 
    few moments later.
    ~ Objective: Report to General Stone ~
    Simply move a bit ahead of you around the dividing wall, in the back room where
    Stone is. You'll get a notice that the Shotgun is now available. Stone will
    tell you a bit more about the backstory of your enemies.
    ~ Objective: Regroup with Graves ~
    Turn around and head up the stairs near where you started, on the left or 
    right. When you get up top, head right and follow the road down to where Graves
    is. Go up to Graves to have a little chat with him. 
    ~ Objective: Go to Control Center ~
    You can follow the path left, or simply jetpack up the cliff face to the 
    Control Center. There's a Supply Depot on the right, as always feel free to
    switch up your gear. I kept the Machine Gun and Shotgun, and chose a Repair
    Tool and grenades. A mortar would be handy also. 
    ~ Objective: Deploy Sensor Array ~
    Head up the stairs to the top of the control center. Hit Up on the D-pad and
    put down a Sensor Array where the marker is, near the balcony. 
    ~Objective: Decrypt Transmission ~
    You can clearly see your next marker from your perch. Run and jetpack down
    south to the top of this base. Go to the console up here on the top level and
    use it. Cutscene! 
    ~ Objective: Defend Tower ~
    Now it's time for us to defend another base. If you happen to have played the
    other modes already, you'll notice this base - and this map, actually - is
    near identical to Prometheus. It's the same CP you defend in Swarm and it's
    the bottom CP in Conquest. That being said, if you have experience playing
    those modes on this map, make sure to use the tactics you've learned there in
    defending this base.
    Enemies first spawn behind you to the south-west. Start raining fire down on
    them. If you have a mortar, a great time to use it is right when the land since
    they won't be able to move immediately, so you're almost guaranteed a hit.
    Just stay up top and use the height to your advantage, backing up if you take 
    too much damage. There are a bunch of waves of enemies, probably around 15 or
    more, so keep your guard up.
    If you've never used the Shotgun before, a basic tactic is to stay behind 
    cover, pop out, hold LT and quickly aim and shoot your enemy, then go back to
    cover. Keep repeating this in a quick succession, if you get the rhthym right
    you can kill them very quickly without taking much damage. The Shotgun can be
    surprisingly accurate, especially if you have some Gyro Stabilizers.
    ~ Objective: Defend Tower
    	     Deploy Minigun Turrets ~
    After all the enemies are down, Stone tells your squad to put down Minigun
    Turrets. Graves gives you $80 so you can put down 2 of them. The hard part, of
    course, is choosing just where they should go. Don't worry about choosing 
    quickly, the next set of enemies don't spawn until you put them down. So take
    the time to use the Supply Depot and switch out gear if needed. 
    I would put one right near where the objective marker is on the top level, so
    it's overlooking the ridgeline and path to the north. Then I would put the 
    other on the south side of the top level, there's a noticeable gap in the 
    railing so it can look out over a bit more terrain. Remember if you have a
    Repair Tool you can heal these turrets, so try to keep them repaired!
    Once you have both turrets down, enemies start spawning. They first appear on
    the northern ridgeline I mentioned. Stay near your turret/Supply Depot and 
    start firing. Watch out as a Missile Launcher enemy will be just a bit to the
    left, above the cliff face. Hide behind the Depot to heal your armour. Once
    the enemies are down, make sure to heal your turret if needed.
    More enemies drop down, this time just a bit to the east of where the last
    ones were. Same deal as before, make sure to go to the Supply Depot or simply
    jetpack up/away if you start taking a lot of damage. This wave shouldn't be
    a problem either. You get a checkpoint for your troubles. 
    The next wave comes from south, the side your other turret is overlooking. It's
    in a good position to start firing on enemies but it might be destroyed since
    way too many of the enemies this wave have Missile Launchers. Don't despair
    too much if it gets blown up, but you can try to hide behind it and heal it.
    Otherwise, defend as normal. The enemies like to run up the ramp straight 
    towards you, so have your Shotgun ready when that happens. You can generally
    kill all these enemies with your Shotgun since they crowd at the bottom of the
    ramp, pretty close range. Just do the pop out tactic described above and you'll
    rip 'em apart. Use the big crate on the left at the top of the ramp for solid
    Once most of the enemies are gone, the rest start retreating and you get a 
    message about a Spear wreck. 
    ~ Objective: Investigate Crash Site ~
    Make sure to get ammo from the Supply Depot before heading out. When ready,
    head out the south side of the base and follow the path just bit to the east
    to the wreck. Start engaging some of the enemies you can see from here. Graves
    tends to charge in and provide a nice distraction. When they're all dead, move
    up to the crash site.
    ~ Objective: Retrieve Intel ~
    Go to the underside of the wreckage to find the intel. Retrieve it. Graves
    tells you that you need to get the generator started.
    ~ Objective: Wait For Mech Delivery ~
    This objective is pretty tough, but I think you can do it. Wait a few seconds
    for your mech to drop in front of you. 
    ~ Objective: Enter Mech ~
    I hope you've mastered the usage of the A button by now. Hop in. 
    ~ Objective: Go to Generator ~
    Mechs are pretty fun. LT is zoom, RT is your machine guns, LB is leap and RB is
    melee. You can pull of fatalities just like with the knife. 
    Before going anywhere, you can get a Data Log nearby. Be warned as it's in the 
    restricted area so you may die in your attempt (but you get a checkpoint when 
    you enter the mech, so you won't lose any real progress). Jump out of your mech
    (press A) and turn around, you'll see a path entrance flanked by rocks on 
    either side, it heads east of you. Go downthis path just a bit until you can 
    see the lava waterfall ahead. Peak around the left corn 

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