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Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game

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The Broken Sword series continues in this fourth installment.
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Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game

Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game Review

By James Archuleta |

Nine years after the debut of the Broken Sword series, and accidental adventurer George Stobbart is still getting into jams. The hero of one of the longest-running franchises in adventure gaming returns to delve into yet another of history's mysteries in Revolution Software's Secrets of the Ark (known in Europe as The Angel of Death). The game is a traditional point-and-click jaunt that doesn't break any new ground and has a few presentation problems, but it still reminds fans why they fell in love with these games in the first place. Great visuals, exotic backdrops, and a largely sensible lineup of brain twisters make this a must-play for anyone who likes adventures that follow the tried-and-true Sierra formula.

This medieval manuscript is what all the fuss is about.

Much of the storyline rolls out as a mirror image of the previous Broken Sword games. George has lost his patent business and now toils for a bail-bonds dump in the middle of the Bronx, but he still has the same luck with beautiful women. In this case, that woman is Anna Maria, and she arrives at Big Bros' Bail Bonds telling a story about a manuscript leading to a "priceless treasure" and being trailed by a pack of mob goons looking to kill her. She's a lithe, doe-eyed blonde, though, so George wastes no time helping her escape from the thugs. Soon after that, the two of you are away to hunt for a Biblical legend that takes you to exotic locales like Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, the catacombs beneath the Vatican in Rome, and, um, a massage parlor in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gameplay in Secrets of the Ark is virtually identical to that in Broken Sword III: The Sleeping Dragon. This is an old-fashioned adventure with point-and-click mechanics where you scroll around every screen looking for hot spots and pick up everything that isn't nailed down. Almost all of the obstacles here are refreshingly straightforward and require little to bypass, aside from careful observation and use of common sense. Instead of crazy, all-too-typical adventure-game antics like the infamous "tape on the cat" puzzle from Gabriel Knight III, here you stick to sanity. Gimmicky goofiness regularly rears its ugly head in moments like the one where you swing across a chasm between buildings with a chain and a golf club, or the time when you use a toy to distract a guard, but the game requires relatively few leaps in logic for the genre. Adventure games generally aren't this sensible.

Basic "how do I get over there?" challenges are spiced up by nifty logic brainteasers that both test you and build an Indiana Jones atmosphere. The catacombs beneath Rome are home to an elaborate system of puzzles where you arrange medieval coats of arms and walk on a map of the world to open passages and reveal secrets. Golden angels in the Vatican hold hourglasses that must be manipulated to access a hidden stairway. A bit of a Mission: Impossible vibe is also established courtesy of the frequent need to hack computer systems on your PDA and mess around with modern, high-tech security devices like laser beams.

All of the above is accentuated by tremendous production values. The game uses 3D visuals that are on par with some of the better adventure titles in recent years. Characters look great, animations are realistic (even if the controls are a bit clunky and the pathfinding a little messed up, especially when you're dealing with doorways and pillars), and locations boast a lot of color and detail, along with superb use of light and shadow. The script and voice acting are excellent across the board. Rolf Saxon again does a great job with George, lending his lines a "not this again!" weariness that anyone would feel after being lured into yet another dangerous expedition by yet another mysterious dame. Regina Regan does mostly first-rate work with Anna Maria, as well, and even incidental roles like the thugs and guards are acted with a subtlety that you don't often find in games. Usually even the best-acted games feature what sounds like the developer's pals in the lesser roles, but every character here seems to have been voiced by a pro, or at the very least a first-rate amateur. And the musical score perfectly weaves in and out of the action just as if this were a movie--always adding to what's taking place onscreen, never interfering.

Who wouldn't risk life and limb for her?

Unfortunately, Revolution is a little too in love with what it has to show off here, and this gets in the way of playing the game. The camera is locked on your character at all times and is always too close to the action, which gives you a great vantage point when checking out George's chiseled features or Anna Marie's lovely eyes but puts you at a big disadvantage when it comes to scoping out all of the hot spots in various locations. Camera closeness even makes it a pain to just walk around. You usually can't see far enough away to get across a room in a couple of clicks, so you're often forced to stutter-step your way to and fro. Also, the dialogue and voice acting may be top-tier, but there is way too much of it. Conversations typically drag on forever, and many lines are there simply to add flavor and provide no pertinent information. Making matters even worse, you can't skip over any of this blah-blah-blah wordiness and often have to exhaust all of the dialogue options to open up new discussion topics or the ability to solve a problem. So even while you admire the script and acting, you soon come to almost dread having a conversation with anybody.

While its old-fashioned flair means that Secrets of the Ark is less a modern adventure than an updated take on something that grandma used to make, this game doesn't feel like a relic. Revolution has done a great job blending new and old here, with gorgeous contemporary graphics and sound accompanying traditional puzzles that get back to common sense. You need some patience to deal with the visual problems and the wordy dialogue, but if you like adventure games, don't miss this one.

Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game Game Walkthrough

Secrets of the Ark

Walkthrough and trouble spot locator for those who wish only a nudge in
some direction.  Written by Richard Le Beau during the second play-
through, not all puzzles were truly solved but answers are listed anyway.
I will try to mention anything that examine seems to be a trigger for, but 
unless you are trying for the shortest solving time ever why not examine 
things before you touch them thus getting the most out of George and 
maybe a ĎDoorí from Nico.  Not all the conversations and examines listed 
below are needed as triggers but the rest do add at least a little to the 

New York Bail Bonds, New Client
		Pick up golf club from right corner.
	Back door lock, use the golf club on the lock.
		George and Anna will move to the back room, interact 
		with the file cabinet and George will turn it over.  Climb 
		up on the file cabinet and climb through the hole in the 

New York Bail Bonds, Escaping the Goons
	Elevator door, use the golf club on the elevator door for now.
		Goons have the stair exit covered so move to the other 
		corner and the interactive fan grate.  George 	canít move 
		the grate alone, use Anna on the grate and she will help 
		remove it.  Grab the fan and pull it out into the room.  
The fan is a better prop for the elevator door so move it under the door 
		and pick up the golf club again.  Escape the room 
		through the fan hole.  Outside, side step along the ledge 
		toward the fire escape.  Climb the fire escape and walk 
		out on the roof.
	Roof escape, climb the loading joist and interact with the chain 
		on the end of the beam.  From the rooftop use the golf 
		club on the chain and George will swing over the ally.  
		Interact with the handle of the loading joist on this roof 
		to turn it into a bridge for Anna.

New York Bail Bonds, Finding a way to street level
		Once inside the (not so) new building shimmy on the 
		pipe over the missing floor.  Anna will need 	another 
		bridge after the pipe falls and causes more than just that 
		problem to solve.  Drop from the pipe to the other piece 
		of floor and move around toward the left jumping the 
		gap and side step the ledge to a stair well.  Pick up the 
		string holding that door open.
	Stairwell door, close the door, interact with the bolt for the door 
		so it is latched, and interact with the door.  George 
		should now kick down the door and its frame for the 
		bridge Anna needs.  Down the stairs, but the street level 
		door is blocked so go back up one level.  The fallen 
		pipe has left live wires on the floor 	below, find the 
		breaker but that too is broken and wonít stay off.  Walk 
		around to the right and drop down the sagging floor to 
		the level below, then continue right to the few planks 
		forming a bridge to the other side.
	Holding breaker, try to walk George past the live wires below the 
		breaker to have him comment and step back.  Return to 
		the breaker and now when you use Anna on the breaker 
		she should keep holding it while George goes back 
		down and over the wires.  Interact with the box 
		blocking the stair well door and Anna will join you on 
		the ground floor.
	Roll up door, use Anna on the crank for the door then at half 
		open interact with the door to hold it for both to escape.

New York Hotel, Trying to get upstairs
		Examine the lobby items including the reception sliding 
		window, lighter, grandfather clock, and electronic card 
		reader door lock.  Talk to the man behind the reception 
		desk, manager Alfonso.  No rooms left, interact with the 
		clock and talk to the man reading the book in the lobby.  
		That Goose book 	had a key card in it.  Examine the 
		book and talk to Thelwell again.  Talk to Alfonso again 
		now that Thelwell is a subject of conversation, as well 
		as the grandfather clock.  Examine the hotel flyer to put 
		its number in the PDA phone book.
	Key Card, Thelwell is expecting a call about the goose paintings.  
		hide from Alfonso in the bathroom and call the hotel 
		asking for Thelwell.  Thelwell will leave his book to 
		take the call, which George can see through the 
		doorway opening.  Exit the bathroom and interact with 
		the book on the lobby table to get the key card.  Use the 
		key card on the reader to open the doors, then pass 
		through and climb the stairs.

New York Hotel, getting into Anna Maria's room
		Climb the stairs and head for the hallway intersection, 
		Anna will call so donít pile up too many
		examines/interactions on things just yet.  After her call 
		start examining the hallways signs, doors, locks and 
		other interactive things.  Pick up a dead Death Watch 
		Beetle, and note the sprinkler heads up above.  There 
		are more than beetles in that closet but Elvis wonít let 
		George do much of anything so after talking to him it is 
		time to get him out of our way.  Dead flowers and those 
		sprinkler heads match up with that lighter at the
		reception desk so go back down to the reception desk.  
		Talk to Alfonso about Elvis, the fumigation, and Death 
		Watch beetles.
	Lighter, use the beetle on the grandfather clock, and talk to 
		Alfonso about the clock.  Alfonso should leave to check 
		his clock, interact with the window and pick up the 
		lighter.  Back upstairs Elvis wonít let George torch the 
		flowers with the lighter, a distraction is required.  
		George can interact with the window at the end of the 
		hall but not if Elvis is watching.  Wait for Elvis to do 
		his impression of Elvis with George standing at the 
		window.  George will walk away a bit after opening the 
		window but it is easier to see things if George is 
		standing on the right side of the window, the inventory 
		is not full yet but know where the lighter is when the 
		time to use it arrives.
	Lighting the flowers, while Elvis is busy with his impression,
		Interact with the window.  Wait for the cursor to return 
		after George walks away, then have George walk/run a 
		bit closer to the flowers so they are easy to select and 
		not get the Do not Disturb door or anything else while 
		using the lighter.  If Elvis is still busy with the window 
		George does set fire to the flowers now and the 
		sprinklers will send Elvis to a dry spot by the broken 
		elevators.  Elvis can still see the cleaning closet door 
		but George has access to Annaís room now so open the 
		door and go inside.

New York Hotel, searching for clues
		Examine the ashtray, safe, and there is a pen on the 
		floor by the bed to pick up.  Enter the bathroom 
		and examine the window fan, this must removed for 
		Anna to enter the room.
	Window fan, interact with the fan control on the left then use the 
		string on the fan grill after it has stopped.  Interact with 
		the control again and the fan will remove itself.  Anna 
		will enter and search the room as well.  Talk to Anna 
		and use the pen on Anna.  George thinks there is 
		something inside that cleaning closet so return there.  
		As a hint perhaps my game showed an pick up cursor 
		below the closet door now but George would just say he 
		found another black cat pen.  Talk to a wet Elvis if you 
		want before opening the door.
	Closet Door, use the pen on the door itself, then use the hotel 
		flyer as Ďpaperí in the same place.  The trapped 
		receptionist will return the flyer with the closet door 
		code, interact with the security keypad to free her.

New York Bail Bonds, Back at Big Bros
		Talk to Virgil then go into Georgeís office and pick up 
		the cigarette pack from the desk.  Use the cigarettes on 
		Anna and talk to both again before going back to the 

New York Hotel, back at Hotel
		Talk to Juanita, Officer OíHalleran, and Alfonso.  Use 
		the cigarettes on the Officer and talk to him again.  
		Travel back to the Bail Bonds Office and Talk to Anna 
		then travel to the Meat Packing Plant.

New York Meat Packing, Gaining entry to Factory
		Scout around the Salami shop and note the smoke break 
		area by the back door past the not quite so interactive 
		trash cans.  Examine the items in the shop including the 
		apron hanging behind the counter.  Talk to the man 
		behind the counter, Chico.  Apron, use the Italian 
		cigarettes on Chico.  George needs that apron but settle 
		for the salami now in trade for the cigarettes.  Go back 
		outside and near the wall to the right side, before 
		George walks too far Chico should start to move for a 
		smoke break and George can run back in to pick up the 

New York Meat Packing, Searching factory for clues
		George can enter the factory now with the apron on, and 
		talk to the guard by the truck.  Close to the guard on the 
		loading dock the inside of the truck is available to walk 
		into.  The ice there will melt soon if picked up now, 
		maybe later.  Inside the factory there is a blue control 
		panel to the left of the hanging pigs, interact with it to 
		move anything hanging on the rails.  The door to the left 
		is locked so head down the stairs to the right.  On the 
		factory floor pick up the fire blanket at the safety 
		station, another locked door with something interesting 
		going on behind but there is an open door on the far 
		wall.  Enter the open door and there is an unlocked blue 
		door to enter. Behind the blue door is a small room with 
		only a small first aid kit active, interact with the kit to 
		reveal another key card reader.  George canít mess with 
		that yet so go back out the blue door.  Past the blue door 
		is a machine to examine, pick up the safety keys and 
		head outside.  There is a forklift here that canít be 
		driven, but is already right under the vent window 
		George heard the music from.  Interacting with the 
		dumpster bin George will just give it a shove toward the 
		forklift, repeat until the bin is on the lift fork.
	Forklift, use the safety keys on the forklift and interact with the 
		forklift buttons to raise the Dumpster bin up to the 
		window.  Climb up the back of the forklift and use the 
		climb cursor over the back of the bin so George can get 
		on top of the bin and look through the vent window.  
		Need to find a way to clear that room and enter it, 
		jump back down off the bin and forklift.  Pick up the 
		safety keys from the forklift and search some more.  
		Back on the loading dock the left side door is now open 
		leading to the smokehouses.  Smoke is something 
		George could use right now so interact with the doors to 
		find one in use.  Use the fire blanket to open the hot 
		door.  George can interact with the greasy meat hanging 
		here but canít take anything away except that interactive 
		log.  Use the fire blanket on the log to add it to 
		inventory and head back to the forklift.  Back atop the 
		forklift and bin use the log and fire blanket on the vent 
		window, good but needs more smoke.  Could use water 
		on the log for more smoke.
	More smoke, go back to the truck on the loading dock and pick 
		up some ice.  George needs to run the ice back to the 
		vent before too much of it melts, one melt warning is 
		ok.  Use the ice on the vent window to smoke out the 
		bad guys.

New York Meat Packing, Getting to secret office
		Everyone has left and all the doors are open except the 
		one to the secret office.  Pass through the now 
		unlocked meat preparation room and examine the 
		butcherís chair, where is Toni now?  Return to the 
		loading dock and that blue panel that moved the 
		hanging pigs, interact with the blue control panel then 
		search the body.  With the key card from Toni, return to 
		the blue door and inside that room use the key card on 
		the reader.

New York Meat Packing, Getting Manuscript from Cabinet
		This is one of the darker stairwells in the game, 
		boosting monitor brightness can help finding that secret 
		door exit and separate floor from stairs up to the office.  
		Inside the office interact with the middle desk drawer 
		and pick up the hankie wrapped photo.  Examine the 
		bundle and each separate item.  Interact with the 
		cabinet, ok what else is interactive?  Examine the open 
		window to get the idea of using the bone cruncher 
		below it.  George canít grab and move the cabinet 
		though without greasing the wheels.  
	Wheel grease, return to the smokehouse and use the silk hankie 
		on the meat.  Return to the secret office and use the 
		greased hankie on the cabinet, now when George grabs 
		the cabinet itís a quick trip down to the cruncher, at 
		least for the cabinet.  Back at the cruncher use the 
		safety keys on it then interact with the buttons and await 
		results.  The manuscript is not active yet because there 
		is an MP3 player on top so pick up both.

New York Bail Bonds, Research Manuscript
		Use the MP3 player on Virgil, and then talk to Virgil to 
		get his hacking flashcard.  Use the PDA to connect.  
		First a PDA hacking tutorial then the first puzzle as 
		George uses the PDA to get into Lobineauís data.
	PDA, be sure and look at each item downloaded to the PDA, and 
		in the case of the history files display each different link 
		and continued data.  There are triggers here in the PDA 
		that are easy to miss on a reload or replay where there 
		can be stuff this new George or Nico has not seen.
		Examine the manuscript and in the close up select each 
		different named drawing or text, the text will show up 
		on the PDA as well.  Do this after reading the historical 
		database to trigger the ability to travel to the next 
		destination.  Talk to Anna, and itís out the door to 

Pasha Palace Hotel, Locating Citadel
		Examine the items on the reception desk, and then talk 
		to the nameless receptionist.  Examine the map she 
		mentioned to the right, then walk into the screen and 
		down to the restaurant.  Talk to the waiter at the back 
		and be sure to pick up that stray knife from one of the 
		tables before itís needed.  Look at the PDA historical 
		database since new information is there now about 
		Constantinople.  Leave the hotel for Topkapi Palace.

Topkapi Palace, Gaining entry
		Talk to the guard, return to the hotel.  At the hotel there 
		is a new item on the reception desk, but George canít 
		pick it up with the receptionist watching.  Talk to the 
		receptionist about Eamon.  Talk to Anna about Eamon, 
		which sets up the theft if George can distract the 
		receptionist.  Use the golf club on the receptionist, donít 
		worry he doesnít hit her with it, just shows off his 
		putting stroke, going with the golf trophy picture clue, 
		while Anna is doing the grab.  Talk to Anna about 
		Eamon to get what was in the letter, and examine the 
		bundle to separate the items.  Examine each item and 
		note the loose photo on the ID.
	Topkapi ID, use the knife on the bail bond ID, then use the 
		picture of George on Eamonís ID.  Examine the map of 
		the palace and select each named item in the close up 
		view.  Talk to the waiter again about items from the 
		map and security.  Go back to Topkapi Palace, it is now 
		nighttime.  Talk to the guard about the ID to get through 
		the first gate.  The guard at the second gate says to stand 
		aside for VIPs soon to be leaving so George must sneak 
		in.  Talk to Anna about the guard and she will distract 
		the one to the left of the inner gate, George must walk 
		behind him but not so close to the pair at the left 
		walkway that they send him back.  At the first scaffold 
		going left climb up to the railing of the wall, there is a 
		guard on patrol here but something else if the railing top 
		is searched carefully.  As the guard moves away out of 
		sight pick up his cell phone and examine it for the 
		number.  Now use the cell phone on the spot it came 
		from to put it back.  The PDA should have his number 
		but George canít climb the wall here so go back down 
		and left to the next scaffold which is next to missing 
		railing.  From the top of the second scaffold make the 
		call to the guard with the PDA; watch for George to put 
		away the PDA and the cursor to return then climb the 

Topkapi Palace, Sneaking through the Palace
		Hide behind the near buttress on the right side.  Watch 
		the guard for his pattern and search for a spot on the far 
		wall that George can climb.  Move to the wall section 
		while behind the guard, climb up, and walk to the end 
		of the hall.  A pan shows the area and the guard with his 
		dog, but sharp eyes are needed to spot a clothes line 
		here as well.  There is a blue spot on the window sill 
		close to George so examine that.  Use the knife on that 
		patch of plaster and the guard will leave to go 
		investigate taking the dog with him.  The guard will be 
		back very soon however and George will not make it to 
		the exit with this diversion.  George needs to go left 
		from that window sill to the right hand passage, along 
		that hall past that cup the guard had, down the stairs to 
		the right and into a passage in the middle of the 
	Removing the guard, examine and interact with that cup the 
		guard was using then return to the spotted window sill.
		During these movements, when the camera is pointed at 
		the walkways from the center of the courtyard, look for 
		the clothesline.  It is easier to see from the courtyard but 
		George must return to the walkway to interact with the 
		clothesline and untie it.  When George drinks all the tea 
		the guard will leave to make more, but he will post the 
		dog to watch the exit George needs.  George is safe 
		anywhere in the courtyard now but the dog blocks the 
		exit, what he needs is some dog food.  Use the knife on 
		the salami to add slice to inventory, no need to repeat 
		this, as George will always have a slice available now.  
		Use the slice on the dog, but he still wonít let George 
		pass, use the salami slice on the untied clothesline to 
		lure the dog away from the exit.  Now George can use 
		the passage and come out overlooking the fountain 
		courtyard from the Palace map.  Going right leads down 
		to the Museum entrance and a different kind of security.

Topkapi Palace, Getting through the Museum
		Examine the computer, alarm warning signs, doors, 
		cash register, and even the post cards from the last 
		Broken Sword Adventure.  Use the PDA and solve the 
		hack puzzle for museum security, it wonít turn off 
		but there is a test mode so choose that.  The museum 
		doors are open now so walk inside but donít go 
		far.  From inside the museum George needs more 
		smoke to see the lasers, looking around there is a 
		vent to the right of the entry doors.
	Lasers, interact with the vent cover to open it.  Use the New 
		York Hotel flyer on the vent and George will close 
		the cover.  Use the lighter on the vent with the hotel 
		flyer trapped there to make smoke and have George 
		advance into the room until the red laser emitters are 
		visible in the wall(s).  In the smoke the lasers will show 
		lines right from the emitters while they are on but not all 
		the way across the room.  When the lasers turn off the 
		lines go away and George can cross that field and move 
		to the next set, repeat until George reaches the Loverís 
	Loverís Door, the puzzle is a set of 4 levers controlling 4 posts 
		that hold up the door bar.  To solve, see which posts are 
		moved with only one lever down at a time.  At each 
		lever pull the posts controlled will change position so it 
		will go back up if already down.  Once known the 
		patterns could be watched for while making random 
		lever changes and when a known pattern is up just pull 
		that corresponding lever, could be faster than 
		calculating lever results and looking for one of the 
		patterns that way. Or pull lever 1, lever 4, then lever 2.
		Anna will join George when the door opens, examine 
		the door on the right side with its two-headed 
		control.  George will say he needs help with this door 
		that the waiter mentioned, so talk to Anna and select the 
		icon of this door.  Together the door is opened and both 
		walk into the fountain courtyard.

Topkapi Palace, Courtyard fountain
		Locate the interacting items here, there is a pipe at the 
		edge of the fountain closest to Anna, and a power 
		switch on the wall to Annaís left.  Power switch first, 
		George can reach the switch hugging the wall staying 
		inside the columns.  Examine the switch, interacting 
		with the switch George will turn it off and while the 
		guard from the bench moves over to the switch he has 
		time to visit the pipe and even jump into the dry 
		fountain to play with the centerpiece.  George canít 
		move the centerpiece alone however and the guard on 
		the bench will turn the power back on to refill the 
		fountain before long and the centerpiece is not active 
		with water in the fountain.  The pump has to stay off 
		longer.  Pump off, use the paperclip on the pump switch 
		and both the pump and the guard from the bench will be 
		out of action.  This time when George approaches the 
		dry fountain Anna will follow.  Use Anna on the 
		fountain centerpiece and drop down into the hole.

Topkapi Palace, Searching the Catacombs
		Examine the valves and piping running down the wall to 
		the left, not much to go on for this puzzle that I found.  
		Starting at the left there is a valve to let water go up, 
		and a discolored set of blocks to the left of the pipe as it 
		goes into the curved wall.  There is a leak in this part of 
		the pipe that will force open the Ďdoorí but with no 
		water flowing and no other hints to examine just start 
		playing with the valves.  Next over from the valve is 
		water flow meter, what is needed here is as much water 
		flowing as possible.  After the meter comes another 
		valve that lets water escape the pipes and flow out down 
		into the stream of water below, interact to close this 
		valve.  Some water flow should be indicated on the 
		meter, and by a spray of water at the leak.  Further right 
		are a pair of valves and George will tell where the water 
		is going as he move them, down is needed on the upper 
		one and left on the lower.  The next valve in line must 
		be set for water doing down, and the one after that set 
		for left.
	Water Pressure, with a lot of water flowing at the meter interact 
		with the far-left valve to close then open it.  The loose 
		blocks should now fall out, and George can climb 
		through the opening.  Move into the catacombs and 
		watch the floor for the drawing of the two knights 
		mentioned in the manuscript.  Some of the clues are 
		also translated and listed in the PDA notes.  When 
		George walks over the drawing of the knights there is a 
		pressure plate sound as a clue.  Use Anna on the active 
		stone panel beside the door then walk George back on 
		the drawing to open the door.  Enter the next room.  The 
		statue to the left has the first of several shield puzzles 
		with visual clues shown on the manuscript.  The 
		solutions are continuations of sets or patterns starting 
		with those shown on the manuscript and continuing on 
		the shields of the statues.
	Symbol Shield, the first shield has a line of 4fixed characters 
		along the top and 4 for George to set below.  This 
		pattern is discernable just with the fixed row of the 
		shield as there are only three symbols and they follow in 
		the same order; cross, star of David, crescent.
		Solution: crescent, cross, Star of David, crescent.
		Once solved another statue is uncovered.
	Fleur de Lys, this shield uses the Fleur de Lys patterns continued 
		from the manuscript.  The solution requires the next two 
		patterns formed in the series.  The pattern is changing 
		by only one of the red (inner) or blue (outer) Fleur de 
		Lys in each set with a yellow dot showing the center of 
		each pattern.  The quick way is to take the last pattern 
		on the manuscript and move the Fleur de Lys that did 
		not change from the one above that 90 degrees 
		counterclockwise and that is the pattern for the upper 
		part of the shield.  Now move the other Fleur de Lys 90 
		degrees counterclockwise and that forms the pattern for 
		the lower part.
		Solution: I up, II down, III left, IV down.
	Shield quadrants, A third statue appears, its shield needs to 
		match the hidden shield on the manuscript.  There are 3 
		patterns to work out comparing the same shield 
		quadrants on each of the visible shields.  Colors of the 
		background then color and numbers for the images on 
		that quadrant.  The numbers are sequences with the 
		upper right stuck on an easy 2, the upper left is 3, lower 
		left 2, and lower right 1.  Color patterns are repeating 
		sequences of 2 or 4 colors.
		Solution: I 3 gold on blue, II 2 red on gold, III 2 blue on 
		white, IV 1 white on gold.
		Talk to Anna about the alcove and ride down to the 
		treasure room.  Enter the treasure room.  Treasure map, 
		this puzzle relates to the third Latin section of the 
		manuscript.  After translating George should give the 
		names of the first 3 cities right now.  If not be sure to 
		have looked at all PDA historical database downloads 
		and links, the database is needed to find the 4th 
		anyway, so look at the de Molay link again for the name 
		of the 4th location.  
		Solution: Acre, London, Paris, Cyprus.
		George should step on each of these locations in turn, 
		(not just look at) listen for the pressure plate audio clue, 
		and free the cherub from the plinth.  Remove the cherub 
		from the plinth, now for the door out.
	Door out, this is from the 4th part of Latin from the manuscript.
		Turn the arrow on the plinth in the directions indicated 
		and push down to mark the correct direction.  If there is 
		no sound from the push down the sequence is not 
		correct.  Most of the directions were given in the 
		manuscript, the starting direction is north with that part 
		of the compass to the upper left of George and the 
		Solution N, E, W, S, but there seems to be a catch here 
		in that I had to push down while on N during the transit 
		between E and W.  Bug or my glitch, it does not seem 
		to fit the clues.  Exit the open door for a quick escape to 
		the hotel.

Topkapi Palace, Jailbird George
		Examine the interactive spots, oops lost the rat.  Well 
		the rat is gone and George wonít even pick up that 
		cheese so reach for the rat in his hole.  Got him and lost 
		him again, but pick up the bracket from the rat hole.  
		Use the bracket on the weak mortar around the stone 
		block on the right wall.  Grab the loose block, the 
		guards were betting on George here but they also say 
		that the hole is just into the next cell.  George can go 
		there anyway, and interacting at either cell door will 
		bring the guard over for a visit.  George should get a 
		visit by a priest and a nun, bringing some escape tools 
		that draw a laugh from the guards and a parting message 
		that he has to get busy.

Topkapi Palace, Escaping Cell
		Examine the marble bag and mouse to separate the 
		items, examine each to find it is indeed an escape kit.  
		Set a trap for the guard with the marbles by using them 
		on the drain.  Interact with the cell door for the guard, 
		but if George did that already you saw that the guard 
		stopped short of the open drain and wonít reach the 
		trap.  Enter the cell to the right and interact with the cell 
		door to get the guard to walk over those marbles.  
		Return to your cell and interact with the guard for his 
		keys and use them on the cell door.  Use the bag string 
		on the guard to bind his hands.  George will warn that 
		the guard can still call for help after he wakes up.
	Guard wakes up, use the bag on the guard as a gag.
		Check the empty table on the way to the stairs for
		George to comment on the stuff he is missing.  See 
		the empty dog dish at the top of the stairs?  This dog 
		has his food right there on the table, which is good, 
		since George doesnít have the salami back yet.  George 
		canít reach that can though, so use the toy on the dog 
		and pick up the can.  Use the mouse key to open the can 
		and use the can on the dog dish.  George will grab the 
		toy back as all this goes on, now leave the room.
Topkapi Palace, Escaping Palace
		George is back at the museum entrance, and the 
		computer has been fixed so no hacking here.  Go up 
		the stair and look at the courtyard, George wonít go 
		back toward the tea drinking guard and dog, but 
		there are some vines up to the roof that are active as 
		well as all the guards in the courtyard now.  George 
		needs a diversion to climb those vines, go back to the 
		museum doors.  
	Divert guards, use the mouse on the museum doors and return to 
		the walkway next to the vines.  When the mouse gathers 
		all the guards to the museum interact with the vines and 
		climb to the roof.

Topkapi Palace, Crossing roofs
		Use the toy on the loose stone to the left of the dome, 
		the guard will investigate walking around the left side of 
		the dome so George must escape around the right side 
		and jump to the next roof where Nico the nun is 

Pasha Palace Hotel, Gaining entry
		As Nico talk to the receptionist about rooms, herself, 
		and Eamon.
	Pasha Palace Hotel, Looking for clues
		Talk to Nico, exit through the active window.  Outside 
		walk right till past the awnings of the floor below 
		and use shimmy cursor on the ledge.  Drop to the 
		balcony below, cause trouble going left so go right out 
		to the end of this balcony and drop down one more 
		floor.  Walk back left but there is a guard at one 
		window.  Use the shimmy cursor on the ledge by 
		George and shimmy left past the guard to the active 
		window of Annaís room.  Climb up on the ledge and 
		enter the window.  Search the room, pick up rosary 
		from the bedroom floor and search the bathroom 
		wastebasket finding a receipt.  When back downstairs 
		with Nico talk to her and examine the new inventory 
		items.  Use the PDA to hack the credit receipt for 
		Annaís address.  Leave for Rome.

Rome Apartment, Trying to enter building
		Examine the apartment sign, door, & plants, interacting 
		with the door will bring Brother Mark into the picture.  
		Interact with the door buttons and speakers up and 
		down the street for some local color.  Talk to Brother 
		Mark, examine the car, interacting if you must.  Talk to 
		Mark about the movie subjects.  Talk to the bum,
		Archie.  Archie reveals the location of the key but Mark 
		wonít let George get it.  More than one distraction 
		coming here, and Archie already seems pretty distracted 
		by Nico.
	Distractions, talking to Nico now should have options to distract 
		both Archie and Mark.  My first playthrough choice of 
		Archie seems to fail though I may have missed a double 
		vision view of Nico that was the trigger, both times 
		asking her to distract Mark gave an opportunity to pick 
		up Archieís bread instead so I never tried for the key 
		while she talked to Mark.  Using the bread on Marks car 
		will really distract him so George can grab the left plant 
		and find the key.  Use the key on the door and enter the 
		building.  Up the stairs and both Annaís and Markís 
		apartment are locked so open the doors to the balcony 
		at the end of the hall.

Rome Apartment, Gaining entry to room
		Step out on the balcony, there is a ledge George can 
		shimmy on, but it is broken in the easy left direction so 
		shimmy right all the way to the pole that runs over the 
		street.  Drop down and jump to shimmy on the pole 
		over the street and drop to the balcony there.  The climb 
		balcony cursor on this railing shows that George can get 
		past the balcony dividers, but likely not that nun 
		standing on the middle balcony.  George has a rather 
		poor window washer impression that will put him on the 
		street in front of this building should she get the chance 
		to talk to him.  Save here, skip his impression, or 
		shimmy back over here to try again.  
	Balcony nun, Interact with the door on the balcony, but do not 
		wait for the nun to leave, go over the rail and edge right.
		Keep going right until George reaches the last balcony 
		before going back over the rail.  At the end of the 
		building there is a walkway back over the street that has 
		a ledge to shimmy on so return to other side and a door 
		to Annaís apartment.  Look through the small window, 
		there is a bolt on the upper part of her door.  Use the 
		golf club on the bolt to unlock the door.  Look through 
		the small window again to return to the outside view 
		and open the door.

Rome Apartment, Searching apartment
		George will let Nico in.  Pick up the picture on the 
		fireplace, pick up the airline ticket stub on the kitchen 
		table, and the metro ticket on the bed.  Examine the 
		laptop computer and the various books scattered 
		about, interacting with the laptop provides nothing new.  
		After leaving the room Mark mentions a package he has 
		for Anna, file for later, itís in the PDA notes.  Walk 
		outside and travel to the Vatican.  

Rome Monastery, Finding a way through wall
		Examine the doors, Swiss guards, signs, & search the 
		trashcan.  Talking to the guards does not yield much, 
		interacting with both doors will get some more from the 
		guards.  Look through the small window, there is a 
		schedule on Sister Angelicaís desk that might be key to 
		getting inside.  Talk to Angelica, ring the bell and talk 
		to Sister Serena to learn this location is communion 
		wafer factory.  Talk to Angelica again, and try to pick 
		up the schedule.  George needs to pull Angelica away 
		from that desk, maybe with a phone call.  Need to be 
		close to a computer or some kind of Ďhot spotí as was 
		mentioned in the Pasha Palace Lobby, return to Annaís 
		apartment and talk to Nico then using the PDA, Hack 
		the Vatican server for the factory phone number, and 
		return to the Vatican.  Move George out of view 
		through the window and call the wafer factory asking 
		for Angelica.  When George puts away the phone run 
		back to the window, look through and pick up the 
		schedule.  Health Inspector is the answer, talk to 
		Angelica again.

Rome Monastery, Getting through Wafer factory
		After the pan tour talk to Serena and examine the parts 
		of the machine, interact with the parts to find a clue for 
		diverting Serena, and Angelica who wonít let George 
		walk past her office.  Donít miss that mixing port up by 
		the platform that was shown on the pan tour.  Several 
		diversions are needed here, try that door in the right 
		wall then examine the shipping area boxes for the plan 
		to unfold, Serena first then Angelica too need to be kept 
		really busy.  Interact with the emergency supplies box, 
		and the half packed box for more information on each, 
		George just knocks over the stacked box but he can do 
		this all day as Serena never stacks it properly.  Talk to 
		Serena one last time about the emergency box.  George 
		has plenty of inventory items that would contaminate 
		the batch of dough, but a colored liquid, like red, would 
		be very effective.
	Wafer diversions, getting the bottle of wine.
		Line up the moldy bread for easy reach in inventory and 
		interact with the precarious box.  When Serena moves 
		to restack the box, use the bread on the open shipping 
		box.  Now that Serena is busy George can use the knife 
		on the emergency supplies box to get the wine bottle.  
		Interact with the loading hatch to open it and use the 
		wine bottle on the port.  The batch is soon ready, but 
		does not look so good, now both Angelica and Serena 
		are busy so exit through the door beyond Angelicaís 

Rome Monastery, Information on Anna Maria
		The gate at the top of the stairs is locked, climb the 
		boxes to the left up to the roof ledge and shimmy left to 
		the missing railing.  Climb up over the ledge and a pan 
		will show that monks cover pretty much all possible 
		paths to the doors at the far end of the garden.  I never 
		discovered what the interactive spots were high on the 
		right building since George just started walking toward 
		the nearest monk when I told him to examine them.  
		George needs one of the standing monks to move in 
		order to find a path to the door unseen, and those large 
		planters are the only things active.
	Moving the monk, there are pigeons here that will flock to bread 
		used on the planters.  The standing monk at the far end 
		of the garden will come watch the pigeons flocking to 
		the upper right planter.  That is the opening needed, but 
		George must use the bread on that planter then hide 
		behind the upper left planter as the monk turns and 
		moves.  Now watch the moving monk going between 
		the plants on either side of the door George needs to get 
		through, and time a run while his back is turned.  Once 
		inside examine and interact with the crypt door and bar 
		on the floor, no way to open that yet though.  Up the 
		stairs, shouldnít use that door going right back outside, 
		and walk down the windowed hallway.  The door 
		halfway down on the left is locked but the one on the 
		end is not.  Examine each bookshelf and the painting 
		over the desk.  This painting has clues for a later trip 
		here, so note the angels of death in each lower corner.  
		The hourglass positions, including where the sand is are 
		needed much later.  Examine and interact with the desk 
		drawers to find the file on Anna Maria, pick up the file.

Rome Apartment, searching apartment
		Go visit Mark to get that package he has for Anna 
		Maria, Talk to Mark.  Use Gregors card on Mark and 
		talk again about the package.  See that white pen on 
		Markís table?  Examine the white pen and use the white 
		pen in inventory on Mark.  Mark wonít talk about that 
		black cat with Nico here, go back to Annaís apartment.  
		Examine the package and the DVD that was inside.  
		Use the DVD on Annaís laptop to watch the video.  
		Nico leaves for Phoenix so now George can ask Mark 
		about the black cat on the pen.  Visit Mark and use the 
		pen on him, talk until all subjects are covered, and the 
		Black Cat Club is on the travel map.  Go outside and 
		travel to the Black Cat Club.

Rome Black Cat Club, Entering Club
		The door buttons and speakers on this street have a 
		more interesting story with some local color.  Examine 
		and talk to the doorman and the fire door around back, 
		George needs that membership card from Mark so head 
		back to the apartment.  Talk to Mark about that 
		membership card, use the Photo of Lucy on Mark then 
		leave.  After Mark closes his door or from inside 
		Annaís apartment use the pen on the photo of Lucy, 
		which should work better.  Visit Mark again and use the 
		now autographed photo of Lucy on Mark to trade for 
		the Black Cat membership card.  Return to the Black 
		Cat doorman and use the membership card on him.  
		Inside the club the desk man moves to the side window 
		right away and George must change first.  Enter the 
		locker room.  There is one interactive locker but it is 
		empty now, examine the flowers and go into the shower 
		area.  Beside the in-use shower is the towel George 
		must need to get past the desk.  Pick up the towel but 
		George is spotted, need a way to take it unseen.  
	Taking towel, this place has steam baths, must be some hot water 
		somewhere that will steam up the shower.  There is pipe 
		coming out of the shower area on the right side of the 
		locker room (looking toward the showers anyway).  
		Follow this pipe behind the lockers to the plant, now 
		George can grab the plastic plant moving it aside for 
		access to the valve.  Examine and interact with the 
		valve, the man in the shower is having a better time now 
		and there is steam to cover picking up that towel.  Pick 
		up the towel and George will change.

Rome Black Cat Club, Searching Club
		Examine some of the paintings.  Talk to the man at the 
		desk now and enter the club, inside the steam room is an 
		old friend from Broken sword 2 by the name of Duane.  
		Talk to Duane and trouble arrives.  
	Rome Black Cat Club, Escape
		Tied to chair, canít roll onto the carpet and the only 
		things active are the power switch down low on the 
		wall and that harness hanging from the ceiling.  
		Examine the switch and chair, then interact with the 
		power switch.  That was not fun, but now the big box is 
		active so examine and talk to whoever is resetting the 
		shelves.  It may not be easy to see while confined to the 
		white floor, but there is a non-interactive battleaxe on 
		the far wall that might do for a rope cutter.  
	Escape, it is a Rube Goldberg set that needs the black taser lying 
		down and oil on the carpet to reach the axe.  George 
		should have the hook that fell on him so interact with 
		the bottle of baby oil on the right hand table to get it 
		covering the carpet.  Now George can roll around the 
		room but the battleaxe is not useable. Interact with the 
		harness to knock over the taser, without this step 
		George gets hit with the taser when the bunny falls and 
		etc. etc.  Without the oil George gets a whack from the 
		Murphy bed as it falls.  Ok, oil on carpet and taser lying 
		down, now interact with the power switch and the 
		Murphy bed should knock George over to the axe and 
		cut the ropes.

Rome Black Cat Club, Finding clothes
		Interact with the curtain, now a view of the steam bath 
		and a button on the left side of the window is revealed.  
		Interact with the button to open the secret door and exit 
		the room.  Duane will try to get your attention, he is still 
		in the steam bath on the right.  Move down to bottom of 
		the bath well and talk to the drain/Duane.  Duane has 
		the escape key but George needs his inventory back 
		before he can get it from Duane.  Go back to the locker 
		and interact with it to change and pick up the inventory 
		again.  Return to the drain, use the paper clip on the 
		rosary, then the combination on the drain.  Examine the 
		combined items to separate them, and use the key on the 
		staff door in the red hallway.  Once inside the laundry 
 		room examine the washers and escape through the fire 
		door.  Travel back to Annaís apartment.

Rome Apartment, Defuse Bomb
		Use the PDA to hack for the bomb disposal files, now 
		read each section of the downloaded files, ok ok but 
		donít skip displaying each file and link or continue on 
		the PDA.  Talk to Mark and get his gloves.  When 
		ĎGeorgeí knows which wires to bridge and cut interact 
		with the bomb to start working.  Use the paper clip to 
		bridge the negative battery to secondary trigger, then 
		the positive to primary trigger wire which is listed as 
		Live trigger wire in the options given to George as the 
		second half of the bridge.  Use the knife to cut the blue 
		wire between the timer and the trigger box.  If too much 
		time is taken the bomb does go off.

Phoenix, Getting into the compound
		Search the jeep to get a jack handle in inventory.  
		Examine and interact with the gate, then use the jack 
		handle on the lock.  Walking down the white road a 
		raised fire escape ladder comes into view on the left 
		building.  The ladder is active so examine it and the 
		door to the left building near the far gate.  The ladder 
		may be the way past that locked door, examine the silos 
		on the right and the boxes up against the right side 
		building.  Nico can drag those small boxes around but 
		not over the road.  Move both boxes away from that 
		wheeled dumpster, now Nico can see and interact with 
		the brake lever.  With the brake off Nico can interact 
		with the dumpster to move away from the low spot on 
		the roof.  Grab one of the other boxes and move it under 
		that roof low spot, climb up on the box then up on the 
		green roof.   Climb atop the green awning to the right 
		and jump to the rail in order to shimmy left around the 
		corner and onto the small awning.  Climb atop the small 
		awning and jump to the next one on the left.  Climb 
		onto the corner awning and walk around the corner to a 
		gap in the barbed wire.  Go onto the roof and look 
		ahead at a pile of interactive rubble, pick up a piece of 
		rubble.  Examine the pole and bracket, interacting with 
		it will turn it around and examining it a second time can 
		give an even bigger clue to its use.
	Dish Holder, see what happens when Nico interacts with the dish 
		holder in the other direction.  Now line up a shot at that 
		red lever on the fire escape, the holder arm must be 
		straight out left, and use the rubble on the holder.  Have 
		Nico go back down the way she came up and climb that 
		ladder once it is extended.  Once the rooftop of the left 
		side building have Nico examine the gray box and green 
		tube.  Interact with the box to get it out of the way and 
		see how deep that hole is.  Grab the tube and move it 
		forward to where the box was then interact with the tube 
		to crawl through.  There is another pile of rubble at the 
		edge of the next hole, interact with it to judge the depth 
		and Nico can drop down inside the building.

Phoenix, Searching loading bay
		Examine the picture, the computer on the nearby desk, 
		and the flowers on the filing cabinet.  Interact with the 
		computer, no luck but maybe the PDA can hack in.  
		Examine the other end of the office for Dr Maynardís 
		desk, pictures, and gun cabinet.  Use the PDA to hack 
		into the local files, just emails but a clue for the door 
		and its number pad.  Interact with the number pad using 
		the reversed wedding date to exit the office.  Jump the 
		gap in the catwalk and shimmy on the rail around the 
		corner until over the pile of boxes where Nico can drop 
		down.  Examine the large cracks in the floor and 
		explore the area.  When Nico get too close to the 
		hopper funnels, tries to examine one or pick up the 
		piece of paper on one edge she will end up down one 

Phoenix, Investigating facility
		Examine the elevator controls on the side of the elevator 
		cage.  Across the hallway explore the kitchen, there is a 
		butchers hook to pick up, and something on top of the 
		shelves on the right.  To examine the item, grab the 
		yellow table and move it under the shelf.  Climb on top 
		of the table and pick up the stick of gum, oh well maybe 
		she will have a use for it anyway.  There is also an 
		examine available on the sill of the window that forms 
		the near wall of the kitchen.  Back to the hallway and on 
		up the hallway to the locker room.  Inside the locker 
		room there is something going on somewhere, but no 
		one else here in this room.  Examine the locker, interact 
		with it, then use the butcherís hook on the locker to 
		open it.  Pick up the can of oil from inside the locker 
		and go back to the door.  The door is locked now with a 
		security indicator light shining red. 
	Locker room door, maybe the security system can be hacked.
		Use the PDA and hack into door security to open this 
		and the stairwell doors.  Open the locker room door and 
		go down the hall to the stairway door with its green 
		light showing unlocked as well.  Inside the stairwell 
		examine the door latch on the floor that holds the door 
		open, and the light switch to the left.  Interacting with 
		the light switch will turn most all the stairway lights out 
		leaving everything quite dark, and even more so if the 
		door is shut.  Not a good thing now if the cursor was 
		moved far away, but something to remember, as is 
		keeping the cursor on any interactive light switches later 
		when things might get really black.  Down one flight of 
		steps is an open door, down another to the bottom and 
		the door is locked tight.  Go back to the open door and 
		examine a setup similar to the one above with a door 
		latch on the floor and light switch to the left.  Enter this 
		hallway, the first two doors are locked so enter the third 
		door and try to open it after it closes behind Nico.  This 
		is the other end of the conversation George heard while 
		tied up at the Black Cat.

Phoenix, Trying to open safe
		Talk to Maynard.  Examine and interact with the safe, 
		time to haul it upstairs.  Climb up on the desk and 
		through the hole in the ceiling.  There are hoist controls 
		and some of its chains along the wall to examine and 
		interact with but the chain is rusted and wonít move so 
		use the oil can on it.  Now Nico can control the hoist 
		so interact with the controls and move the hoist right 
		and down.  Jump back down to the safe and use the 
		butchers hook on the safe.  Climb back up and interact 
		with the hoist controls again, up and left should leave 
		the safe on those rollers.  Examine the rollers, and walk 
		around the right to the roller control panel.  Walk 
		around to the panelís control surface and examine then 
		interact with them, needs some work.  Maynard has a 
		response to your request for help at this point but you 
		may not want to walk all that way and back just to hear 
		it.  Examine the open back of the control panel to find 
		the problem, use that stick of gum on the panel opening 
		to hear a whine but that problem is solved anyway.  
		Interact with the controls on top again, still nothing 
		though the symptoms are different.  Now it is worth the 
		trip to talk to Maynard as he comes back to apply the 
		fix needed.  There are hoppers on the rollers 	already 
		which make it difficult to move the safe to far the end.  
	Safe rollers, the key is to trap the hoppers so that they canít move 
		while the safe is moved, or are out of its path.  Look to 
		clear all the hoppers from the path to the centrifuge so 
		that the safe is on that path alone.  Trap some hoppers 
		behind the open sections of the rollers and even on the 
		path to get all the hoppers out of left right sequence 
		with the safe then with the path clear move the safe 
		back to the path and forward to the centrifuge.  Interact 
		with the safe to push it into the opening, nope better use 
		Maynard on the safe for an extra push.  Interact with the 
		centrifuge panel after the ok from Maynard, then go in 
		and pick up the pieces.  Note that Nico mentioned some 
		keys as well which are now in inventory, examine them 
		quickly as the chase is on when you exit the centrifuge.  

Phoenix, Escaping the Goons
		Use Maynardís keys in the door to the left of the control 
		panel and enter, the white stairs lead right to the Goons.  
		Nico is now at the bottom of the stairwell from before, 
		time to use what she saw there.  Go up one flight then 
		turn off the light before opening the door.  A Goon 
		guard, retreat left into the darkness.  If Nico interacts 
		with the door latch to close it the Goon will investigate 
		and reopen the door, hide in the darkness to the left.  
	Goon trap, use oil on the latch to set a trap for him, then release 
		door.  The Goon will slip on the oil and when the cursor 
		returns it is time for Nico to run down the hall.  Keep 
		going to an open door, unlocking and entering the ones 
		on the left is a fast track to the Goons.  Once through 
		the open door turn and use the keys to lock it giving 
		Nico time to find and interact with the elevator controls 
		and escape.

Phoenix, Escaping loading bay
		Just run left and out the door.

Rome Monastery, Breaking back in
		Examine Archieís bottle, might be useful so talk to 
		Archie and see what he will take in trade.  Maybe 
		George can find something else, so examine the other 
		things here.  No Sister Angelica, but the trash can is 
		different so search it again.  Those guards need a 
		diversion but the paper is too wet to light the trashcan as 
		it is, however now George can pick up something 
		Archie might take in trade so go back and talk trade 
		again.  Pick up the bottle of Meths and use it on the 
		trashcan, then use the lighter on the 	trashcan.  George 
		and Nico will move to the corner of the wall and the 
		Monastery door while the guards go past.  When the 
		cursor returns run to the wafer factory door and enter.

Rome Monastery, Searching for Clues
		The door George used before is locked, as is Angelicaís 
		office.  Come back out to the factory floor and try that 
		door that was locked during the health inspection.  Now 
		the door is unlocked open it and enter.  Examine the 
		wafers and the parts of the small machine, examine the 
		pile of gold dust between the ingredient chambers.  Talk 
		to Angelica about the machine and the gold powder.

Rome Monastery, Following Cardinal Gianelli
		Dodge the monks as they make their rounds of the 
		Garden, and enter the same doors at the end as before.  
		Head toward the offices again but now the first office 
		has a door ajar, look through.  Enter the door.

Rome Monastery, Finding Nico
		Note the new manuscript added to inventory, examine it 
		for translations and the drawings. Talk to Mark and 
		head back to those large doors in the floor George has 
		passed by twice already.  Examine and interact with the 
		doors, help is needed.  Use Mark on the doors, while 
		George interacts on the latch.  Try again using Mark but 
		this time use the golf club on the latch.  Now the 
		hourglass positions from the painting frame earlier are 
		Solution: Both statues, left side gold down, right side 
		gold right.

The Vatican, Gaining entry
		Locked door, come back to the light switch at the last 
		intersection.  Examine but realize that this place really 
		goes black if George interacts with that light switch.  
		Examine the junction box to the right of the switch, then 
		use the knife on the box to open it.  Examine the box 
		again, use the gloves on the box so George can work on 
		the wires.  With that light bulb right by the door off now 
		George can remove it, using the fire blanket on it 
		anyway.  Now use the C-4 explosives on the light 
		socket to blow the door.  Return to the junction box and 
		use the gloves on it to set off the explosives.  Enter the 
		Now open door.
The Vatican, pushing on
		Talk to Spallaci and Mark.  I didnít like taking the time 
		for the history lesson from the plaques on the pillars and 
		walls but I read them anyway unsure of what might be 

The Vatican, Searching for the Ark
		Cross puzzle, this pattern relates to the drawings of the 
		cross in the new manuscript.  The cross positions from 
		the drawing are those to fill in the empty squares of the 
		puzzle, the top line rotated 45 degrees, line two by 90 
		degrees and the bottom line by 135 degrees, all counter-
		Solution: 45 degree cross, 225 degree cross, 135 degree 
		cross (measured clockwise this time, a 180 degree cross 
		is upside down)
	Stepping stone, instructions are in the new manuscript, George 
		gets back from the crusher at the first wrong step and 
		after that it reloads itself.  Though the path through 
		follows the rules, there seem to me to be places where a 
		legal step is crushed as well.
		Legend Templar T, Turk C, Assassin A, Malmuk M, 
		Hospitaler H, sidesteps < & >
		Solution path:HH<AM>TH<T>H<CM>HT<CM>H
		The trap door crusher does not seem to be translated in 
		the manuscript though the rules for the stepping stones 
		may be the key here too.
		Solution: Templar, Turk, Malmuk, Assassin
		Talk to Anna Maria.  
	The de Molay statue needs fire, and will accept the tourist map 
		or hotel brochure which can then be lit with the lighter.
		In the chamber that contained the Ark, after Anna kick 
		starts the gas, use the rosary on the emblem at the side 
		of the ark pedestal.  

For the final battle, have George ready the golf club in inventory and use 
		it on both cherubs.


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