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Secret Weapons Over Normandy

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About The Game

Flight combat game designed by Totally Games and Larry Holland, the creative force behind the 1991 classic Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. In the role of Chase, an American pilot serving with the RAF at the start of the Dunkirk evacuation, players jump into the cockpits of more than 20 different aircraft, including Japanese Zekes, German Messerschmidts and English Spitfires. They're all brought to life with realistic engine sounds, handling and weapon payloads. To balance the extreme realism of the airplanes, the game allows players limited freedom to select the aircraft they want for a particular mission --once they've been unlocked -- upgrade different parts of the plane and select specific secondary weapons.

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Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Secret Weapons Over Normandy Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

In 1991 Larry Holland released a great flight sim for the PC. Titled Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, it offered a nice change of pace for those of us used to the less speculative titles like Red Baron or Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. Instead, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe presented us with a chance to try out lots of experimental planes that never saw any (or much) service during the Second World War. Though Larry's team was better known for their subsequent work on the TIE Fighter and X-Wing franchises, in the back of our minds we'd always hoped that they'd someday return to the skies above Europe for more classic dogfight action.

And though that's largely what we're getting with the sequel Secret Weapons Over Normandy, a few changes have been thrown in to the mix, not all of them for the better. First and foremost, Secret Weapons attempts to bridge the gap between historical accuracy and arcade sensibility. Part of this can be explained by the downward spiral of the profitability of sim genre over the last few years. LucasArts can realize much higher returns on their investment development with the PS2 and Xbox versions and it's apparent that that's the target for this game.

You'll play as Chase, an American pilot serving with the RAF at the start of the Dunkirk evacuation. (As Hitler's armies rolled across Northern France, the English had to perform a miraculous and rapid evacuation of their forces on the continent.) After showing your mettle in this mission, you're recruited into the Battlehawks, an elite international squadron designed to counter-act Germany's infamous Nemesis Squadron. And though this concept of an elite Allied squadron fighting on all fronts provides a great survey to the action and planes of the war, it also offers very little in the way of narrative cohesion.

For one thing, there's very little sense of character or story in the game. Since you're traveling from one area of the war to another, it's hard to tie one mission to the next. A History Channel-style presentation gives you context for the particular engagement but the game might have made better use of the actual characters from your squadron (and your enemy's) to create some meaningful emotional connections here but instead we're simply presented with a variety of players who are only differentiated by their names and accents. There's the plain-speaking American pilot, the stuffy Brit, the arrogant German and few others but none stand out as particularly memorable or engaging.

Some continuity is provided by the letters Chase writes between the missions but these have their own problems. Though the game makes certain allowances with the history, I still can't swallow the fact that a member of an elite air squadron would write such detailed descriptions of his plans to his parents. "Hey, mom! Tomorrow we're attacking a V-2 rocket plant! Don't tell Jerry!" It might sound nitpicky, but these small inconsistencies go a long way towards reminding you that you're just playing a game.

The missions themselves are fairly diverse, ranging from ground support actions where you have to protect the advance of your tanks from enemy forces on the ground to ship strikes where you have to torpedo certain destroyers or transports while keeping others safe. And of course, there's plenty of aerial action here as well. Dogfight and bomber intercepts are definitely the main course here. The team makes good use of scripting within the missions to give them a more dynamic character and a handy checkpoint system ensures that you won't have to start from scratch if you auger in during the last few minutes of a mission. A range of hidden bonus objectives are included for you overachievers out there and these can help unlock extra upgrade tokens for your planes.

Throughout the course of the war, from the Miracle at Dunkirk to the assaults on secret German weapon labs through to the D-Day landings, you'll find yourself in the office of a number of different aircraft, some of which are based on cutting edge models in production at the very end of the war. Standbys like the Mustang and Zeke are par for the course here but the more fanciful additions like the Komet and Flying Pancake lend a certain element of fantasy to the game. Each is modeled according to a range of performance characteristics including speed, handling, firepower and armor and each can be equipped with formidable secondary weapons like torpedoes, cannons and the like. There are even some of the titular secret weapons here with guided rockets and such.

Secret Weapons Over Normandy Cheats

Enter the following during gameplay:CheatEffectUp, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, J, LUnlimited Ammunition
  • CodesIf the code worked, the phrase "Secret Code Accepted" will be spoken.CheatEffectPress (Right), (Up), (Left), (Down), (Right), (Up), (Left), (Down), (Right),J,L,J,L at the menu with "Continue" and "New Game" options.Big HeadsPress (Up), (Down), (Left), (Right),J,L,J,L at the menu with "Continue" and "New Game" options.All Instant Action LevelsPress (Up), (Down), (Left), (Right),L,L,J,J at the menu with "Continue" and "New Game" options.More Instant Replay Views
  • InvincibilityAt main menu, press- Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, J, J, L, L, PageUp, PageDown.
  • UnlockableHow to UnlockFinish all 15 missions of main campaign and all 21 challenge missions.X-WingFinish all 15 missions of main campaign and all 21 challenge missions.TIE

    Secret Weapons Over Normandy Game Walkthrough

            | S E C R E T   W E A P O N S   O V E R   N O R M A N D Y |
                 GENRE:  WAR/ACTION/SHOOTER
               CREATOR:  LucasArts Copyright 2003
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.03
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1.  Legal Stuff
     2.  Version Information
     3.  Acknowledgements
     4.  Welcome
     5.  Overview
     6.  The Missions
     7.  Getting Started
         7.1  Main Menu
         7.2  Main Menu:  Campaign
         7.3  Main Menu:  Instant Action
         7.4  Main Menu:  Two Player
     8.  Taking Control
         8.1  The Controls
         8.2  The Main Screen :  Campaign and Instant Action
         8.3  The Main Screen :  Two Player
         8.4  The Pause Screen:  Campaign
         8.5  The Pause Screen:  Instant Action and Two Player
         8.6  Aftermath
     9.  General Strategies
    10.  Specific Strategies for Campaigns and Challenges
         10. 1  Mission  1
         10. 2  Mission  2
         10. 3  Mission  3
         10. 4  Mission  5
         10. 5  Mission  5
         10. 6  Mission  6
         10. 7  Mission  7
         10. 8  Mission  8
         10. 9  Mission  9
         10.10  Mission 10
         10.11  Mission 11
         10.12  Mission 12
         10.13  Mission 13
         10.14  Mission 14
         10.15  Mission 15
    11.  Specific Strategies for Instant Action
    12.  Specific Strategies for Two Player
         UNIT   V:  APPENDIX
    13.  Aircraft Database
         13.1  American
         13.2  British
         13.3  German
         13.4  Japanese
         13.5  Russian
         13.6  Chart for Quick Aircraft Comparison
    14.  Weapons Database
    15.  Conclusion
    To find a particular chapter or subchapter do the following:
    1.  Highlight the chapter or subchapter name you wish to find.
    2.  Press CTRL-C
    3.  Press CTRL-F
    4.  Press CTRL-V
    5.  Press CTRL-F
    5.  You will arrive at the desired chapter or subchapter.
    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2004 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.  If I don't respond or
    I say no, accept it as fact.  This especially goes out to Dave at since he has a habit of taking guides without permission.  In
    addition, do not modify this guide in any way whatsoever to suit your purposes.
    The latest version can always be found at .
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
    e-mail me.  If you wish to ask questions or give input to this guide, please
    e-mail me.  Just have SWON as the subject so I know it isn't another kooky
    vendor trying to sell me hair gel or another XXX site telling me I have new
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0    4/19/04:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.01   4/19/04:  Fixed a couple of errors.  Thanks to partimegamer for
                             pointing out the error on the RADAR section in Chapter
    Version 1.02  10/12/04:  Fixed some Chapter formatting problems.
    Version 1.03  12/10/04:  Added to the allowed list.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    LucasArts for making a great historical simulator
    GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ
    Various sources for aircraft data
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for Secret Weapons Over Normandy (SWON).  Since this is a
    war/action/shooter type of game, there is no walkthrough per se.  Instead, this
    FAQ is broken up into parts.  First you will be given an explanation of choices
    you have for playing the game.  Next, you will be given all the possible
    commands you can give with a brief description of what those commands are.  The
    last part is dedicated to strategy.  This strategy will give you an idea on how
    to fulfill the requirements for getting the various items or doing the various
    tasks required to complete each area.  Input is appreciated along with
    constructive criticism.  If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ, better
    ways of doing things, other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you put
    SWON in the subject.  If you don't, I'm liable to discard the e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    SWON takes place in both the European Theater of Operations (ETO) and Pacific
    Theater of Operations (PTO). You will be able to fly historic fighters and
    bombers through the campaign, instant action, or two-player modes.  Campaign
    mode will allow you to go through 14 historic places and/or battles to the
    final showdown on the shores of Normandy during D-Day.  You will be part of an
    elite group of pilots called the Battlehawks (or Hawks) for short.  Your
    purpose in life is to take on and defeat Nemesis in a series of battles.  Of
    course, some of these battles are in the category of "what if..." which makes
    these campaigns even more interesting.  You will be given primary and sometimes
    secondary and bonus objectives to complete.  During the instant action, you
    will get to choose several things from the type of plane to the quality of the
    pilots you will face.  Score is kept to see if you or your opponent is the
    better pilot.  In the two-player mode, you can battle with a friend in a split-
    screen environment to see who the better pilot is.  In addition to flying
    historic planes, you will also be able to use the historic weapons such as
    bombs, rockets, and torpedoes on various targets.  There are also extra
    missions you can do to get upgrade points (called requisitions) for your planes
    to improve such things as performance, armament, and protection.  For any of
    the things you choose to do, it will be a combination of the plane that you
    choose and your skill as a pilot that will determine victory or defeat.  So get
    ready to strap yourself into the cockpit and do battle with an opponent who
    would love to see you going down in a ball of flame.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  THE MISSIONS |===========================================================
    SWON will require you to go through fifteen missions.  Within each of these
    missions there are primary, secondary, and bonus objectives.  You must only
    satisfactorily complete the primary objectives to move onto the next mission.
    The missions are aptly named Mission 1 through 15.  Your success or failure in
    these missions will greatly impact future events.  In addition to the Campaign,
    you can also play in Instant Action or Two-Player.  Instant Action allows you
    to use planes and landscapes you have unlocked during the game.  Two-Player
    also allows this.  In addition, there are seven two-player missions that have
    the players working cooperatively or against each other.  All these are
    discussed later in the FAQ.
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 7.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================
    Once the game has loaded, you will be able to Start a New Game or Continue.
    Either choice will take you to the next menu.
    / 7.1  Main Menu /_____________________________________________________________
    Whether you started a new game or are continuing an old one, you will be pre-
    sented a menu with the following choices:
    | CAMPAIGN |
    Allows you to start or resume a Campaign already in progress
    Allows you to test your skill against the game.  More about this in Chapter 11.
    | TWO PLAYER |
    You must have both controllers in the machine for this to be an option.  More
    about this in Chapter 12.
    | OPTIONS |
    The following options are available to make your gameplay more enjoyable:
    CONTROLLER:  You get the following choices:
                 CONTROLLER SETUP:  Allows you to choose the controller setup from
                                    Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3, and
                                    Advanced 1.
                 CONTROLLER SENSITIVITY:  You get to choose from Arcade, Balanced,
                                          or Realistic.
                 Y-AXIS   :  Choose whether the Y-axis is inverted or not.
                 VIBRATION:  Choose from High, Off, Low, or Medium
    SOUND:  Set the following audio attributes:
            MUSIC VOLUME, VOICE VOLUME:  Choose the volume for these various
            SPEAKER CONFIG:  Stereo, Mono, or Surround.
            RADIO CHATTER :  Choose from None, Voice only, Subtitles only, or Voice
                             and Subtitles.
            RADIO CHATTER LEVEL:  Choose from Normal or Reduced.
    CAMERA:  You get the following choices:
             1ST PERSON:  Your view through the window
             3RD PERSON - CHASE:  Gives a big view around your plane.
             3RD PERSON - NO HUD:  Nothing is displayed, realistic piloting.
             3RD PERSON - TARGET LOCK:  View action through permanent target lock.
             3RD PERSON - BOMBING:  Allows you to get the bombing bombsight
    RESET TO DEFAULTS:  Undo all the changes you made.
    | LOAD |
    Load a game.
    | SAVE |
    Save a game.
    | GALLERY |
    Shows the different movies that are unlocked as you progress through the game.
    / 7.2  Main Menu:  Campaign /__________________________________________________
    Once you have chosen Campaign, you will get another menu of choices:
    | MISSION # |
    This is the current Mission you are on.  If you are just starting, it will be
    at Mission 1.
    This enables you to play the Challenge Missions.  You don't have to complete a
    Mission to access these and it is usually recommended you play these before the
    Mission.  Only Mission 1 has this as Tutorials.
    | HANGER |
    This allows you to go to the hanger to modify the aircraft currently within it.
    You must have 1 or greater Requisitions available in order to upgrade your
    selected aircraft.  To upgrade, choose the aircraft and press the CIRCLE
    button.  You will be able to choose from the following upgrades:
    ARMOR I - III     :  Adds 25% increase in damage protection and a 10% loss is
                         speed and maneuvering.
    ENGINE I - III    :  Adds 20% to speed and increases climb by 5%
    AIRFRAME I - III  :  Improves flight controls by 10%
    EXTRA GUN AMMO    :  Doubles your ammunition capacity.  Engine performance in-
                         creased to compensate for extra weight.
    DOUBLE BOMB RACK  :  Doubles your bomb capacity.  Engine performance increased
                         to compensate for extra weight.
    DOUBLE ROCKET RACK:  Doubles your rocket capacity.  Engine performance in-
                         creased to compensate for extra weight.
    EXTRA CANNON AMMO :  Doubles your cannon ammunition capacity.  Engine
                         performance increased to compensate for extra weight.
    | HISTORY |
    Allows you to re-play missions that you have already played.  This also
    includes the Challenge Missions.
    / 7.3  Main Menu:  Instant Action /____________________________________________
    This allows you to set up different factors to play against the game.  These
    factors are:
    SCORE      :  You set the kills at 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or None for no
                  scoring limit.
    TIME       :  You set a time limit of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes or
                  None for no time limit.
    ENVIRONMENT:  You start off with one environment.  As you progress through the
                  Campaign, you unlock more environments for a total of 15.  These
                  environments are:  Dunkirk, Dover Cliffs, Brittany, North Africa,
                  Siam, Burma, Pacific Ocean, Denmark, Eastern Front, East Germany,
                  Norway, Northern Germany, Peenemunde, Deep in Germany, and Utah
    The next screen allows you to choose characteristics for you and your opponents
    aircraft.  These are:
    CRAFT TYPE      :  Initially, you will only start with the Hurricane as yours
                       or your opponent's aircraft.  As you play through the
                       Campaigns, you can acquire more aircraft for a total of 26.
                       See Chapters 10 and 13 for all the aircraft you can acquire.
    SECONDARY WEAPON:  You get to choose yours and your opponent's secondary
                       weapon.  See Chapter 14 for more details on secondary
    WINGMAN         :  Choose from 0 to 5 wingmen.
    SKILL           :  Your or your opponent's skill as a Cadet, Regular, or Ace.
    The next screen allows you to choose upgrades for yours and your opponent's
    aircraft.  You can choose from Armor I-III, Engine I-III, and/or Airframe
    After this screen, you are ready to play.
    / 7.4  Main Menu:  Two Player /________________________________________________
    You can choose from Instant Action (which is played like Chapter 7.3 except
    your opponent chooses everything versus you) or Two Player.
    If you choose Two Player, you can choose from one of seven challenges (see
    Chapter 12 for more details).  Once you have chosen the challenge, then you and
    your opponent (or ally) choose your aircraft and characteristics.  The only
    things different from instant action are that you don't choose the Wingman or
    the Skill level.
    You then choose the Controller layout.  It is the same as the Controller layout
    from the OPTIONS menu.  After you and your opponent (or ally) have chosen, you
    are ready to start.
    | 8.  TAKING CONTROL |=========================================================
    / 8.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________
    The controls for this game will take some getting used to.  The key, of course,
    is practice to become proficient with them.  The controls are:
                                     << FLIGHT >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   | FLY YOUR CRAFT IN THE    |
                  | (L3)                | IN THE DESIRED DIRECTION |
                  | RIGHT ANALOG STICK  | PRESS UP OR DOWN TO      |
                  | (R3)                | INCREASE OR DECREASE     |
                  |                     | THROTTLE                 |
                  | PRESS RIGHT ANALOG  | LOOK BEHIND AIRCRAFT     |
                  | STICK (R3)          |                          |
                  | L1                  | ZOOM IN CAMERA           |
                  |                     | TARGET LOCK (PRESS TO    |
                  | L2                  | KEEP CURRENT TARGET IN   |
                  |                     | VIEW                     |
                  | TRIANGLE            | CYCLES THROUGH DIFFERENT |
                  |                     | CAMERA ANGLES            |
                  |                     | PRESS ONCE TO SLOW TIME  |
                  | CIRCLE              | DOWN.  HOLD DOWN TO      |
                  |                     | ACCELERATE TIME          |
                                    << COMBAT >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | R1                  | FIRE PRIMARY WEAPON      |
                  | R2                  | FIRE SECONDARY WEAPON    |
                  | SQUARE              | CYCLE THROUGH GROUND     |
                  |                     | TARGETS                  |
                  | X                   | CYCLE THROUGH AIR        |
                  |                     | TARGETS                  |
                                 << MISCELLANEOUS >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  |                     | INSTANT REPLAY MODE.     |
                  | SELECT              | PLAYS LAST 15 SECONDS OF |
                  |                     | OF YOUR FLIGHT           |
                  | START               | BRINGS UP THE PAUSE MENU |
                  |                     | (SEE BELOW)              |
    ATTACK MY TARGET    :  Press left on the directional keypad.  They will attack
                           the target you currently have marked.
    DEFEND ME           :  Press right on the directional keypad.  They will attack
                           the enemy that is currently attacking you.
    TARGET AT WILL      :  Press up on the directional keypad.  Allows your wingmen
                           to attack any available targets.
    LANDING GEAR UP/DOWN:  Press down on the directional keypad.
    / 8.2  The Main Screen:  Campaign and Instant Action /_________________________
    This is the view when you are in the cockpit (unless you have HUD disabled):
    |   ____                                                     ________    |
    |  /                                                       /           |
    |  |   |<-AIRSPEED                                        /            |
    |  +---^+<-THROTTLE                                                  /  |
    |  |####|<-ALTITUDE                                         ________/   |
    |  +----+                                                     RADAR      |
    |  | __ |                                                                |
    |  |/  |<-AIRCRAFT  / <-LEAD RETICLE                                   |
    |  |__/|  TRIM       /                    TARGET DISTANCE & LOCATION   |
    |  ____/                                      +-------+    <-OFF-     |
    |                               / |           |       |/    SCREEN   |
    |                    GUNSIGHT-> -- --          +-------+/<-TARGET       |
    |                                | /                       //  HEALTH   |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |   _______                                              ____________    |
    |  /                                     PRIMARY AMMO->[____________]   |
    | /         <--DAMAGE                                   ____________    |
    |          /  INDICATOR                SECONDARY AMMO->[____________]   |
    |  _______/                                                             |
    |                                                                        |
    | AIRSPEED |
    How fast you are going.  It is indicated by both analog and digital means.
    | THROTTLE |
    Indicates how much "gas" you are giving your plane.  The higher the faster
    unless you are climbing.
    | ALTITUDE |
    How far above the ground you are.
    Your plane in relation to the horizon.  Shows climbing, diving, and banking.
    | RADAR |
    Shows where your friends and foes are.  Yellow are untargeted enemies, red are
    targeted enemies, and green are friends.
    In addition, it shows offscreen things such as Partisan airfields and off-
    screen enemies.
    Indicates where you should aim your shots to hit the target.
    | GUNSIGHT |
    Where your shots will go.
    Tells what the target is, distance to target.
    Starts off as a green circle and becomes progressively unfilled and changes to
    red as you do more damage.
    | OFF SCREEN |
    Indicates where the enemies are off screen.  The more arrows means farther
    away.  It also has an indication, in feet, where the target is located.
    How much damage has been done to your aircraft or AA gun.  It starts at green
    and gradually becomes unfilled and changes to red as you sustain more damage.
    How much ammo, for your primary weapon, you have left.
    How much ammo, for your secondary weapon, you have left.
    / 8.3  The Main Screen:  Two Player /__________________________________________
    The screen is split horizontally so this is the same view for both the top and
    |   ______                                                ____________   |
    |  [______]<-SPEED-THROTTLE GAUGE        PLAYER 1 KILLS->[____________]  |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |  __                                                                    |
    | |  |                                                                   |
    | |  |<-DAMAGE GAUGE                                       ___________   |
    | |  |                                         AMMO LEFT->{___________]  |
    | |__|                                                                   |
    |                                                               +-----+  |
    +----------------------------------------------------TIME LEFT->|     |--+
    |   ______                                                      +-----+  |
    |  [______]<-SPEED-THROTTLE GAUGE                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |  __                                                                    |
    | |  |                                                                   |
    | |  |<-DAMAGE GAUGE                                      ____________   |
    | |  |                                   PLAYER 2 KILLS->[____________]  |
    | |__|                                                                   |
    |                                                                        |
    Most things apply to Two Player such as off screen and target identification.
    There are some additional things on these screens:
    Combines your throttle and speed gauge.
    How much damage your plane has taken.
    | TIME LEFT |
    How much time you have left for this mission.
    Indicator to show how many times the other player has died either through your
    intervention or them getting destroyed by something else.
    / 8.4  The Pause Screen:  Campaign /___________________________________________
    You get the following choices by pressing the START button during the Campaign
    RESUME    :  Resume your game
    OPTIONS   :  The OPTIONS from Chapter 7.1.
    CHECKPOINT:  Restart your game from the Checkpoint.
    RESTART   :  Restart the Mission.
    HANGER    :  Go back to the hanger to choose your plane and/or secondary load.
    QUIT      :  Go back to the main Campaign screen.
    / 8.5  The Pause Screen:  Instant Action and Two Player /______________________
    RESUME       :  Resume the game in progress.
    OPTIONS      :  The OPTIONS from Chapter 7.1.
    SETUP MISSION:  Re-setup the mission Chapters 7.3 or 7.4.
    RESTART      :  Restart the mission.
    QUIT         :  Go back to the main Instant Action or Two Player screen.
    / 8.6  Aftermath /_____________________________________________________________
    After you complete any Campaign Mission, Challenge, Instant Action, or Two
    Player game, you will get a page of stats indicating what you have done.  In
    addition, when you complete all Primary, Secondary, and Bonus Missions in
    Campaign mode, you could win the following awards or promotions (this in
    addition to other things you can gain):
    Mission  1:  Air Medal
    Mission  2:  2nd Lieutenant
    Mission  3:  Distinguished Flying Cross
    Mission  4:  Distinguished Flying Cross with Gold Star
    Mission  5:  1st Lieutenant
    Mission  6:  Silver Star
    Mission  7:  Distinguished Service Medal
    Mission  8:  Distinguished Service Medal with Bronze Oak Cluster
    Mission  9:  Captain
    Mission 10:  Distinguished Service Cross
    Mission 11:  Major
    Mission 12:  Distinguished Service Cross with Bronze Oak Cluster
    Mission 13:  George Cross
    Mission 14:  Lieutenant Colonel
    Mission 15:  Victoria Cross
    ******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************
    | 9.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |=====================================================
    SWON is a fast paced game.  You must be able to think quickly and react
    quickly to every changing situations.  These general strategies hopefully will
    help you accomplish the mission objectives so that you don't have to deal with
    a lot of frustration.  These specific strategies are not all-encompassing and
    there are many other things others have done.  I have found, however, that
    these worked for me since I shared in the frustration.
    Some general strategies are:
    -  First, and foremost, learn how to operate your fighter.  You are fighting in
       a three-dimensional environment, which means that you can be attacked for
       several directions at one time.  Sometimes the difference between life and
       death is being able to fly evasively to accelerate/decelerate quickly.  As
       you progress through the campaigns, the enemy comes out with newer and
       faster planes that can take you out quickly if you aren't prepared.  As you
       get farther in the game, the enemy gets more precise with their shooting and
       they become a lot deadlier.  Failing to learn how to fly will prevent you
       from getting through the later missions.
    -  It's good to be a hero but being stupid in how you do it can be the
       difference between coming home from battle or becoming part of the
       countryside.  You need to be very familiar with all aspects of your fighter
       since you won't have much time to think about what you are doing.  This way,
       you don't play chicken with another fighter who is coming at you.  Instead,
       you can out-maneuver them instead and get in your shots.  Learn to fly by
       using the HUD and only use visual when you know there is a target that needs
       to be dealt with.
    -  Altitude is a big key in this game.  If you can get higher then your
       opponents, it will give you an opportunity to swoop down and rake them, pull
       up and come in for another pass.  If you are forced to climb after an
       opponent, you make yourself a vulnerable target.  This is especially true if
       your plane has a poor climb rate.  In addition, if you try to climb too
       fast, you run the risk of stalling your fighter, which could lead you being
       put into a very deadly situation.  For defensive purposes, altitude can be a
       lifesaver.  Many American planes were able to save themselves by out diving
       their opponents.  This was the only time the American planes outran the
       enemy planes.  When you are doing this, make sure you are looking at your
       altimeter or you could end up a greasy spot in the ground.
    -  Speed is another factor in this game.  Just because you have the fastest
       plane on the planet doesn't necessarily equate to being the best plane to
       fly.  If you are dealing with an opponent who flies much slower then you,
       then you must throttle back so you don't overshoot them and give them a free
       shot.  This also works in reverse where you are dealing with a faster
       opponent.  Speed equates to turn radius and you can make a much tighter turn
       radius when you are going slow.  This can work to your advantage when
       dealing with faster planes (i.e. jets) because you can turn inside them and
       always have a chance for a shot.  Of course, don't keep up the slow speed
       too long or you will become the hunted instead of the hunter.
    -  Make sure you use the right plane for the right job.  Some planes are better
       suited for interceptor use while others excel at ground attack.  The mission
       at hand will determine what the right plane is.  Sometimes, you can
       "customize" a plane and use it for most of the game because it balances most
       aspects of a plane and it allows you to use it in multiple roles.  Again,
       this one is up to you.
    -  Requisitions can turn a mediocre plane into a deadly machine.  Although you
       can only increase things such as speed, armor, etc. by only three points,
       this could be the difference between making it back to base or just becoming
       another statistic.  Just remember to use your requisitions wisely and don't
       try to "beef" up all of your planes.  Just upgrade the ones that you will
       use the most.  This usually takes it down to two or three planes that a
       player uses.  Again, this one is up to you as to how you want to use your
    -  Learn how to do multiple things at once.  You will not only have to pay
       attention to what is outside of your canopy, but you must also pay attention
       to the plane itself.  Always check the dials and other indicators to make
       sure you always have the "big picture" of the condition of your plane and
       where it's at in relation to its environment.  Sometimes the game will warn
       you of bad things while other times you must figure them out for yourself.
    -  Pay attention to in game messages since they will tell your what you need to
       do.  In addition, they also may provide clues as to how to deal with a
       particular situation.
    -  Learn how to cycle through targets quickly in order to take care of the most
       immediate threats first.  This will be especially true when you are de-
       fending something against aircraft or rockets.
    -  Learn the weaknesses of the enemy.  This will go a long way in being able to
       defeat them with minimal damage and effort on your part.  If you find that
       you are struggling against a particular enemy, change tactics.
    -  Remember the "Law of Conservation of Ammunition".  If you hold you finger on
       the trigger, you will burn through your ammunition very quickly and usually
       without the desired results.  This could result in being put into a very bad
       situation without any ammunition.  Worse, it could mean having to land at an
       airfield to reload.  Some missions are tightly timed so you may not have the
       chance to reload.  Also, use your secondary ammunition sparingly since you
       have a very limited amount.  Even getting the double ammunition upgrades
       doesn't mean you have infinite ammunition.
    -  When shooting or bombing a target, remember to "lead" the target.  Leading
       is when your shots will be at the same point as your target (which is moving
       toward them).  If you fire straight, then you will be firing at the point
       where the target has been, not where it will be.  The same applies to
       bombing except you also must account for your movement.
    -  When you are badly shot up or you need to reload your ammunition, make sure
       you make a quick journey to your airfield.  Also ensure that  there are no
       timed events and you don't have too many enemy aircraft following you or you
       will have a bad reception as you take off again.
    These strategies not only cover the 15 campaign missions, but they also cover
    the challenges (if any) contained within each of these campaign missions.  It
    is not necessary to complete these challenges to finish the game; however, if
    you want more requisitions and possibly new planes, then finishing all of the
    challenges is a must.
    In addition, you only need to complete the primary objectives in order to
    successfully complete a campaign mission or challenge.  Of course, the same
    rule applies as it did for the above, you will lose out on more requisitions
    and new planes if you only do the primary objectives.
    In addition, completing all objectives can be rewarded with medals and/or
    Remember, once you finish all the primary objectives, the mission ends
    regardless of whether you have completed the secondary or bonus objectives.
    This is why you should leave one primary objective (or the only one if
    singular) until you have completed all the other objectives.
    It's usually better to finish the Challenges before going into the main
    mission.  The reasons are several but include possibly gaining a better air-
    craft, requisitions, and most of all...experience.  You start the game with the
    Hawker Hurricane Mk. I.
    The Missions and Challenges will be set up like this:
    / Mission # /
    Overview of mission
    | Main Mission Title |
    Date of Mission:
    Primary Objective(s):
    Secondary Objective(s):
    Bonus Objectives(s):
    Total Requisitions Possible:  Maximum requisitions for that particular Mission
                                  or Challenge
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  What aircraft are unlocked for the hanger and/or
                                 instant action
    | Challenge Mission Title |
    Date of Mission:
    Primary Objective(s):
    Secondary Objective(s):
    Bonus Objectives(s):
    Total Requisitions Possible:
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):
    NOTE:  If there are multiple Challenge Missions, then these will be listed in
           the order that the game has them.
    /  10.1  Mission 1 /___________________________________________________________
    This mission will use the Challenges as a training area to familiarize you with
    the games mechanics.  After you are done with the Challenges (and a few more
    requisitions), you will get your first taste of battle with this mission.
    | 10.1.1  Dunkirk |
    Date of Mission:  May 26, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Stop the JU87 Stukas from destroying the transports
                           2.  Destroy the Bf-109s
                           3.  Protect the defensive lines
                           4.  Shoot down Krieger
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all German AA guns
                             2.  Destroy Nemesis Bf-109s
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Destroy recon group
                          2.  Destroy recon group 2
    Total Requisitions Possible:  5
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  Junkers Ju-87 B-1 and Curtiss P-40F Warhawk
    This mission is broken up into two parts.  The first part has you primarily
    dealing with air targets while the second part has you mainly dealing with
    ground targets.
    -  After the cut scene, press the X button to determine where the Stukas are
       coming from.  Hover over the fleet and climb.  Wait until the Stukas are
       within 5,000 feet before going after them.
    -  You should be able to clear out the first wave on one pass if you drop your
       airspeed to the bottom.  Just watch out for defensive fire and be aware that
       the Stukas will attempt to twist and turn out of your sights.
    -  Between the two waves of Stukas, deal with the Bf-109's.  Also be wary of
       them as you go after the Stukas.  If you do it right, you can clear out the
       Bf-109s.  If not, wait until after the Stukas to deal with them.
       (Pri Obj 2).
    -  After you have cleared out the Stukas, you will go back to base to rearm
       with bombs.  (Pri Obj 1).
    -  The next part has you flying over the French countryside.  Your job is to
       neutralize two bridges to prevent the Germans from getting a foothold.  As
       soon as the cut scene ends, head toward the East Bridge.
    -  Use the SQUARE button to target ground targets.  You should see the Recon
       cars coming down the road.  Throttle back and when you get within 1,600
       feet, open fire.  If you do this right, you can clear out all the cars in a
       single pass.  (Bon Obj 1).
    -  Go over to the bridge and drop two bombs.  This will take care of the bridge
       and the Panzers that are on it.  Continue past and plaster the two AA guns
       on the other bank.
    -  Turn around and head toward the West Bridge at maximum speed.  Veer to the
       right and head for the village of Dunkirk since there are three more Recon
       cars lurking there.
    -  Go and clear out those cars in Dunkirk.  It may take a couple of passes
       since they are close to the town.  (Bon Obj 2).
    -  Continue toward the West Bridge.  On your way, help the British 25 pounder
       crew by blasting the three Panzer III's in front of them.
    -  Go past the West Bridge and plaster the AA guns on the far hillside.  This
       takes care of all the AA guns.  (Sec Obj 1).
    -  Turn around and drop the West Bridge with a couple of bombs.  This will take
       care of all the German armor on the bridge.  Pick off any stragglers that
       made it off the bridge.  (Pri Obj 3).
    -  After dropping the West Bridge, a cut scene announces that Nemesis is on the
       scene.  Keep in mind that the Nemesis pilots are more skilled then their
       "regular" pilot brethren.  Use X to identify which plane is Krieger's and go
       after him.
    -  It will take a few more hits then the normal Bf-109 to bring down Krieger.
       Before going after Krieger, take care of the other Nemesis Bf-109'2.
       (Sec Obj 2).
    -  Once you have cleared out the other Bf-109's, clean Krieger's clock.
       (Pri Obj 4)
    | 10.1.2  Orientation Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  May 16, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy balloons over airfield
                           2.  Land at airfield
                           3.  Destroy Stuka
                           4.  Destroy three Stukas
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Destroy all balloons in under two and a half minutes
    Total Requisitions Possible:  3
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    This part teaches you the basics of shooting.  You just need to shoot down the
    air raid blimps in some semblance of order to beat the time requirement.  You
    will then learn how to land your fighter.  You will then take to the air and
    take down a crippled Stuka, then take out three more that appear on the
    | 10.1.3  Bombing Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  May 18, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all ammo dumps
                           2.  Destroy all recon cars
                           3.  Destroy all AA guns
                           4.  Destroy all tanks
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  None
    Total Requisitions Possible:  3
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    Here you get to drop bombs on wooden targets.  This teaches you to use your
    bombing view (press the TRIANGLE button).  After you have landed and taken off
    again, you get to practice your gunnery and bombing skills against some recon
    cars, AA guns, and tanks.  Be wary around the AA guns since they can do some
    big damage if you aren't careful.
    | 10.1.4  Wingman Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  May 20, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Issue all wingman commands to Dadigan in the correct
                           2.  Destroy all Ju87s
                           3.  Destroy all Bf 110s
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Trevor isn't shot down
    Total Requisitions Possible:  3
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    You learn your wingman commands here.  You will also be able to cut your teeth
    on some Ju-87's and Bf-110's so let your wingman roam at will to chew them up.
    /  10.2  Mission 2 /___________________________________________________________
    Things start to heat up in this mission.  You will be operating an AA gun and
    then you will take to the skies to deal with the German bombers and fighters.
    This time, you will have to learn to bounce from place to place to make sure
    you can prevent as much damage as possible.
    | 10.2.1  Aldertag |
    Date of Mission:  August 13, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  One hanger survives
                           2.  One radar station survives
                           3.  Destroy all Nemesis Bf-109s
                           4.  Shoot down Krieger
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Half of Hytha survives
                             2.  One hanger survives second attack
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Outgun Lyle
                          2.  Half of New Romney survives
                          3.  Two radar stations survive
    Total Requisitions Possible:  5
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  Ju-88 A-4
    | PART 1 |
    You get to sit behind an anti-aircraft gun and blast at the German planes that
    are attacking your airfield.
    -  The primary planes you want to go after are the Ju-87's and Bf-110's since
       these can do the most damage to both the hangers and to your gun position.
    -  When you start this part of the mission, cycle through the targets (using
       the X button) until you get to either the Ju-87's or Bf-110's and start
       hammering away.  Go after the closest aircraft first.
    -  If the Bf-109's or Bf-110's decide to make a strafing run on your position,
       disengage from whatever you were doing and take care of them because they
       can do some heavy damage to your anti-aircraft gun.
    -  This will go on for several waves of German aircraft.  After it is over, you
       head to your plane to continue the fight. (Pri Obj 1 and Bon Obj 1).
    | PART 2 |
    -  You start by being faced by three Heinkel He-111 medium bombers.  They are
       relatively close so attempt to shoot them down as quickly as possible.
    -  You are then ordered to go after the Ju-87's while the others handle the
       next flight of He-111's.  Head as quickly as you can toward New Romney to
       take care of the waves of Stuka's that appear.
    -  Be wary of the Bf-109's that may appear.  Take shots at them only if it
       doesn't interfere with your primary concern of bringing down the Stuka's.
    -  A squadron of three Ju-88's will appear and head toward the radar stations.
       Speed over as fast as you can and bring them down.  For medium bombers, they
       can take quite a pounding so be persistent and make your shots count.
    -  Once you have cleared all the Ju-87's and Ju-88's out, finish off the rest
       of the Bf-109's to end the mission.  (Pri Obj 2-4) (Sec Obj 1 & 2)
       (Bon Obj 2 & 3).
    | 10.2.2  Dogfight Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  August 13, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Defeat Trevor twice
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  None
    Total Requisitions Possible:  2
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  Supermarine Spitfire Mk. V
    This is your basic one-on-one dogfight.  You each have 100 possible hits on
    your planes and the first person to drop their opponents counter to zero wins
    the match.  You must take Trevor "down" twice to get his plane.  Just remember
    tight turns and you will constantly have him in your sights.  Head-on tends to
    work also.  (Pri Obj 1).
    /  10.3  Mission 3 /___________________________________________________________
    You get to do a little clandestine work in this mission.  You will fly in with
    a captured enemy plane and attempt to cause as much confusion and destruction
    as possible.
    | 10.3.1  Sea Lion |
    Date of Mission:  September 28, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all landing craft
                           2.  Capture the reserve airfield
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy the fighter hanger
                             2.  Destroy the bomber hanger
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  At least one UK destroyer survives
    Total Requisitions Possible:  5
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  Bf-109 E-1, Fairey Swordfish Mk. I
    Well, it seems that one of the Ju-88's has crash landed and the technicians
    were able to make it airworthy again.  It seems like the perfect cover for
    going into enemy territory and guess who is going to be flying it.
    -  You start this mission by being in a formation of Ju-88's with Bf-109
       escorts.  They had given "you" up for dead but they are glad you are not.
       During this first part, just fly in formation and don't look suspicious.
    -  Soon the coastline will come into view.  Remember, you are flying at night
       so you don't have the range of vision you would have during the day.  As
       you approach the coastline, you will see the landing barges at the pier.
    -  The Bf-109's will announce they are leaving from their escort duty as the
       Ju-88's start their landing approach.  Your approach will carry you over
       the landing barges.
    -  As soon as the first barge comes into view, change to bombing view (press
       the TRIANGLE) and start your run.  Try to hit as many barges on this pass as
       possible since the Germans will go on alert.
    -  As soon as you let loose, the alarm is sounded and the Germans start firing
       at everything (including their own planes).  After you make your pass, head
       immediately to the reserve airfield and take out the gun towers so the
       partisans can capture the field.  After a few seconds, Cedric will call to
       inform you the airfield is ready for business.  (Pri Obj 2)
    -  While you are waiting for Cedric and his friends, you can head over to the
       bomber airfield.  Watch out for the AA fire and drop a couple of bombs on
       the hangers to stop any bombing attacks.  In addition, you can strafe the
       bombers already on the runway.  (Sec Obj 2)
    -  By this time, you are probably getting badly shot up.  If not, you can
       tangle with the closest Bf-109's and perhaps even down a couple.  Do not
       head back toward the landing craft or you may not make it to the reserve
    -  Once it is secured and your Ju-88 looks like Swiss Cheese, land and get a
       Bf-109 and load up some bombs.  You will just have enough time to take out
       the fighter airfield to stop the flow of fighters.  Again, watch out for
       the AA fire.  (Sec Obj 1)
    -  Try to take care of any Bf-109's in your path to make your life easier.
       Once you are over water again, make a pass over the landing craft and sink
       as many as you can.  If you don't sink them all, home in on the German
       destroyer bearing down on the British fleet.
    -  Turn and take out any landing craft still afloat after the barrage by both
       the British fleet and yourself.  The mission ends with the last craft
       sinking.  (Pri Obj 1)
    | 10.3.2  Junkers 88 Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  September 11, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all bomb targets
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy targets in under four minutes
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Sink German U-boat before it goes to sea
    Total Requisitions Possible:  3
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    -  You will be given wooden targets with bulls-eyes on them.  Your job is to
       hit each target in turn.  It is best to go at medium speed and don't miss
       a target or you won't be able to finish in under four minutes.  (Pri Obj 1)
       (Sec Obj 1)
    -  When you hear about the German U-boat, high tail it over and drop a couple
       of bombs on it.  It will take it two-three to put it under the waves.  If
       you didn't miss with your other bombs, you should have enough.  (Bon Obj 1)
    | 10.3.3  Eagles Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  September 15, 1940
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Outscore the Eagles
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  None
    Total Requisitions Possible:  2
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    -  This is a contest between the Battlehawks and the Eagles to see who can send
       the most planes down.   Just remember your lessons in dogfighting and you
       should have no trouble taking home the prize.  (Pri Obj 1).
    /  10.4  Mission 4 /___________________________________________________________
    You get to travel from the temperate zones of Europe to the deserts of North
    Africa.  Here you get to deal with German U-boats and convoys and stop the flow
    of supplies to Rommel.
    | 10.4.1  Rommel |
    Date of Mission:  February 12, 1941
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy the freighters
                           2.  The White Rose survives
                           3.  Knock out the roadblocks
                           4.  Pauline's C-47 escapes
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Sink destroyers and U-boats
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Destroy the German airbase
                          2.  Destroy the Ju-88 cargo planes
    Total Requisitions Possible:  5
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  Lockheed P-38F Lightening
    You start by sinking ships and end this mission by escorting Pauline's plane
    out of Africa.  Talk about being well-rounded.
    | Part 1 |
    You are armed with your trusty Swordfish, it's time to sink some ships.
    Remember, don't sink the White Rose's freighter.  It is plainly marked.
    -  The convoy comes in two lines.  If you can time your approach right, you can
       "walk" one line with torpedoes, go back and rearm, and "walk" the other
       line.  This will take some practice since you will have to speed up and slow
       down (in addition to avoiding the AA fire).
    -  There is a time limit but you should be able to make it if you get good hits
       on the first go around.  (Pri Obj 1) (Sec Obj 1)
    | Part 2 |
    Now you are in a better plane to destroy ground targets and dogfight with.  You
    need to clear a path for the White Rose to follow.
    -  Use the SQUARE button to identify your ground targets and let loose.  You
       will have to take out three checkpoints.  If you can time your bombs right
       and put them in the middle of the two towers and tanks, it should only take
       two bombs.
    -  Do this with the other two roadblocks and then go after the recon cars with
       gunfire to take them out.  If you are quick enough, this will give you time
       to head to the fighter airfield.  (Pri Obj 3)
    -  Don't think the Germans are sleeping.  Bf-109's will try to divert you from
       the airfield.  Knock them down and place a couple of bombs into the hangers.
       While you are at it, take out the Ju-88's on the runway and ones that are
       taking off to finish the job.  Watch out for the AA fire.  (Bon Obj 1 & 2)
    -  By this time, the White Rose should be at an airfield and readying the C-47
       to escape.  (Pri Obj 2)
    | Part 3 |
    This is just an escort mission.  Keep close to Pauline's plane and take out any
    German fighters that want to stray too close to your guns.  Have your wingman
    Target at Will to splash any other German fighters.  (Pri Obj 4)
    | 10.4.2  Swordfish Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  February 2, 1941
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all U-boats
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  None
    Total Requisitions Possible:  2
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    This will be one of your harder challenges.  The Swordfish is slow and
    lightly armored.  It is ideal against ships but lousy in protecting itself
    from enemy fighters.  This also teaches you about how to use torpedoes.  For
    the torpedoes to be effective, you must be flying less then 150 mph and must be
    150 feet or less from the surface of the water.
    -  Go after the closest U-boats and drop your torpedoes.  These targets are
       moving so they should make easy targets.
    -  Next some U-boats will surface, rush over and take care of them.  By this
       time, you probably need to reload.  After you reload, three patrol craft
       head toward the airfield.  Sink them with gunfire and resume going after the
    -  For the U-boats in the pens, they are not only guarded by the AA fire from
       the U-boats, but also by shore based AA guns.  You may have to go to your
       airfield a couple of times due to being shot up.
    -  If you take too long sinking the U-boats, Bf-109's come around to make your
       life miserable.  In addition, a convoy of trucks may come to take the air-
       field.  Use your slow speed to your advantage since you can out-turn the
       Bf-109's.  Persistence will pay off.
    -  Sink the remaining U-boats to win the challenge.  (Pri Obj 1)
    | 10.4.3  The Rescue Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  February 5, 1941
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Prevent the kill/capture of four or more pilots
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  None
    Total Requisitions Possible:  2
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    You will be in the fighter of your choice to take care of the German air and
    sea units that are trying to kill or capture your pilots.  Your job is to fly
    top cover and prevent either of these from getting to your downed pilots
    before they are rescued.  This means you not only shooting down planes, but
    also sinking German ships to accomplish this challenge.  (Pri Obj 1)
    /  10.5  Mission 5 /___________________________________________________________
    Things start to heat up in this mission.  You will be operating an AA gun and
    then you will take to the skies to deal with the German bombers and fighters.
    This time, you will have to learn to bounce from place to place to make sure
    you can prevent as much damage as possible.
    | 10.5.1  Flying Tigers |
    Date of Mission:  December 26, 1941
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy crates
                           2.  Shoot down all Zekes
                           3.  Shoot down all Nemesis planes
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Sink all freighters
                             2.  Sink all destroyers
                             3.  Destroy all trucks
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Destroy more Zekes than the Flying Tigers
    Total Requisitions Possible:  5
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    There are quite a few objectives to achieve on this mission.  In addition,
    you may be heading back to the airfield a couple of times for reloads since
    this is a target rich environment.  The 37mm cannon makes a great choice for
    taking out those pesky ground targets (and air targets also but ammo is
    -  Before going after the crates, it's time to do some good old-fashioned
       dog fighting.  It's time to clear the road.  Although the Zeke's are faster,
       you can slow down and out turn them and let loose since the Zeke's aren't
       as heavily armored.
    -  Work your way toward their airfield and take out their hanger.  If you
       don't, Zeke's will constantly harass you.  After you clear the skies of
       Japanese planes, it's time to get to work on those crates.  (Pri Obj 2)
       (Bon Obj 1)
    -  Each set of crates has some freighters and destroyers guarding them.  There
       are three sets of crates in all.  In addition, there are trucks also moving
       around the three areas.  Use the SQUARE button to target the trucks and take
       them out.  Two sets are on the roads while the third set is on the dock.
       (Sec Obj 3)
    -  On the dock that has the trucks parked on it, take out the gun towers and AA
       pits.  Then use your 37mm cannon to make short work of the destroyers and
       freighters.  Finish the job by destroying the crates.
    -  You may want to reload before going after the other two sets of crates.
       Follow the same pattern of taking out the gun towers and AA pits,
       destroyers, freighters, then the crates.  (Pri Obj 1) (Sec Obj 1 & 2)
    -  For the grand finale, Bf-109's will appear on the horizon.  Flame them to
       end the mission.  Of course, a couple of your pilots were shot down and
       captured.  (Pri Obj 3)
    | 10.5.2  Tigers Challenge |
    Date of Mission:  December 23, 1941
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Two destroyers survive
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Hawks shoot down more Zekes than the Tigers
    Total Requisitions Possible:  2
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  None
    Seems that a U.S. destroyer group is coming home after making a delivery.  Your
    job will be to make sure that the Japanese Zero's don't do any harm to the
    destroyers.  Of course, the Tigers are also there to ensure the same thing.  It
    is a contest of who can make the most kills while achieving the Primary
    Objective.  (Pri Obj 1) (Bon Obj 1)
    /  10.6  Mission 6 /___________________________________________________________
    Apparently Pauline and a few other fliers have gotten captured.  It's time to
    go back over the dense jungles and break them out and allow them to escape.
    The enemy, though, isn't too happy about this and will try to prevent you from
    accomplishing your mission.
    | 10.6.1  Prison Break |
    Date of Mission:  December 31, 1941
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Rescue Pauline and the POW's
                           2.  Destroy the POW camp's gun towers and gates
                           3.  Clear the way for the POW's to take off
                           4.  Destroy the FW-190's
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy the POW camp HQ
                             2.  Destroy all trucks
    Bonus Objectives(s):  1.  Destroy the Japanese destroyers
    Total Requisitions Possible:  5
    Aircraft Unlocked (if any):  Grumman F4F-4/FM-3 Wildcat, Douglas TBD-1
                                 Devastator, Mitsubishi A6M2 Reisen 21 Zero (if you
                                 didn't get it during the challenge.  Just land at
                                 the airfield and fly it to unlock it)
    There are a lot of things to do in this mission.  You can, however, take care
    of a big majority of things before you let the POW's loose.
    | Part 1 |
    -  You will first have to clear out the air space.  This means tangling with
       more Zekes.  Make short work of them and turn toward the structure along the
       road from the POW camp to the Japanese airfield.
    -  Take down the structure and the alarms at the camp will sound.  By this
       time, the other pilots are busy working over the gun towers so it is no
       secret you're in the area anymore.
    -  You will see two truck head down the road toward the airfield.  Slow down
       and strafe the trucks to prevent the pilots from reaching the airfield.
       (Sec Obj 2)
    -  Head to the airfield.  DO NOT destroy the hanger or you will fail the
       mission.  Instead, destroy all of the planes on the runway.  Then go after
       the gun towers and AA pits to preven 

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