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About The Game

Screamer shuns the pit stops, personnel moves, and car equipment upgrades that have become familiar to racing fans in favor of colorful, straightforward, hard-driving action.
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Screamer Review

By James Archuleta |

As computer games become more advanced, and consumers more sophisticated, the trend has been toward higher extended play value through immersive, painstakingly realistic simulation. These days, comprehensive statistics and piles of information to digest seem to be the only way to Get Your Money's Worth.

In response, the makers of this hot racing title simply say “Let's race!” Screamer shuns the pit stops, personnel moves, and car equipment upgrades that have become familiar to racing fans in favor of colorful, straightforward, hard-driving action. I, for one, am happy to see it. All you need to do is choose your car, choose your track, and hit the gas.

All this fun is not without its weak points. The graphics are good (despite the lack of apparent car damage and some polygon cutout in the tunnels), but the game slows noticeably in SVGA mode, where it looks best. In addition, the manual transmission cars perform noticeably better than the automatics, requiring you to master the more complicated driving style to succeed. Not a huge problem, but it's ironic considering that the game prides itself on its simplicity.

So where's the extended play value? It's in the variety of courses and it's in the four modes of play: the championship mode, the time trial mode, the cone mode (where hitting cones adds seconds to your time), and the slalom mode, where you have to drive between gates to add time. Each of these can be played on three difficulty levels.

But none of this is the point of this game. Screamer is for people who don't have five hours to spend analyzing which struts perform best in the snow on mountain terrain. They've got ten minutes, they're on the run, and they want a race. Whether it's against the computer or up to seven networked friends, a race is exactly what they're going to get.

Screamer Cheats

Enter the following code at any menu for the desired effect.CheatEffectINVERAll Normal Plus Inverted TracksVTELOAll Normal Tracks AvailableTAZORBullet Car AvailableMIRROMirror ModeMONTYNew Obstacles Set 1JOINTNew Obstacles Set 2CLOCKStop ClockUPDOWNTurns Graphics Upside DownABURNEvery driver uses the Bullet Car

Screamer Game Walkthrough

T H E   H I G H L Y   U N O F F I C I A L   G U I D E   T O :

      /####  /####  /####  /#####  /##    /#/#/# /##### /####
     /#///  /#///  /#///# /#////  /#/#   /##### /#//// /#///#          #
     /###  /#     /####  /####   /####  /#/#/# /####  /####           #/
       /# /#     /# #   /#///   /#  /# /#/#/# /#///  /#/#         ###//
   /####  /#### /#  ## /#####  /#   /#/#///# /##### /# /#########///
   ////   //// ///  ////////  ///  ///// ///////// /// /////////
(Someone please come up with something better than this!!!)

		SCREAMER by Virgin Interactive and Graffiti

Table of Contents.

1.  Introduction
        -Umm, Like what's new?
2.  Legal Disclamier
        -Umm, Like is this thing free or what?
3.  Minimum and Recommended Setup
        -Ok, hotshot, what is the real minimun RAM requirement?
4.  Cars
        -So what's the deal with Top Secret Rocket Car?
5.  Tracks
        -Backwards!  I'm quite confused!
6.  Game play modes
        -So, um, like how do I play this?
7.  Stragety & Cheats
        -Like what's the winning stragety, mon?
        -Just what is the best car to drive mon?
        -OK.  What's the deal with MONTY?
8.  Bugs
        -Are there like more bugs or something?
9.  Misc.
10.  Top Racers.
        -So, who's the hot shot around here, huh?
11.  Conclusion.
        -So like what's the version man, and this question stuff?

*:indicates a new or changed item.

1.  Introduction.

        Imagine your car running at 330 km/h (that's about 180 mp/h for
people who still uses the old system of feets and yards.  :) ), whizzing
the traffic.  You keep one hand on the wheel (or thumb, for the rest of us
who do not have the Thrustmaster T1 or T2) the other on the gear shaft,
eye on the road, and the other on the map (No rear view here folks).  All
of a sudden, WHAM!!  You slam your lovely Toyota (There are other high
performance cars, so don't worry folks.) on the wall, but you come
back, only shaken a bit.  In a few seconds, you will break the speed limit
again, so it really doesn't matter, does it?

        Welcome to Screamer, the fastest Arcade-style racer in the World
PC.  The graphics of this lovely little jewel will impress you, and the
sounds will flatten you like a roadkill.  However, its more than eye or
ear candy.  This game rocks!  This game is very exciting, and has been
getting rave reviews from the press so far.

        "..takes Ridge Racer and turns it on its ear.." 
        DIMENSION 3

        "Screamer gives ... Daytona and Ridge Racer a run for their
        money."  PC Entertainent, Jan. 1996

        These are only few samplings from the press who rave wildly about
this game.  Speed is the only thing that matters, and this game is,
in essence, speed...

What's new?
        What's new you ask, besides the new version number (1.3ish!) there
lots of neat things!  Now, you can brag about your racing skills here, and
proclaim that you are the best on the net!  Read on!

2.  Legal Disclaimer

        The author, Yong Choe, is not responsible for injuries, murders,
suicides, madness, etc. caused by this little gem.  Also, I will not
be held responsible if this gem goes berserk and destories your computer,
floppies, CD and CD-ROMs, joysticks, T1 and T2, etc. etc.  Caveat Emptor!
Let the Buyer, or in this case, reader beware!

        In other words, don't go running around and come at me if your
computer goes berserk and eats your Screamer CD.  I will not be held
responsible if that happens, or something similar happens.  OK?

        Screamer: Breakneck Road Racing (C) 1995 Graffiti di Antonio
Virgin is a registered trademark of Vigin Enterprises, Ltd.  Thrustmaster,
T1, T2, and such are registered trademark of Thrustmaster Co.  If there is
something I missed, then it also belongs here.  (i.e. If I mention
about X-Wing, then it is a trademark of LucasArts, but you knew that.  ;) 

        Last word.  I only want to mention that this file is solely
for good use only!  If you use this file to take over the world, then
on you!  Shame, shame, shame!!!

        -Umm, Like is this thing free or what?

        Yes, this thing is free, but like all things, it comes with some
strings attached.  Here goes.

        You may distribute this guide/faq as long as nothing is changed
the original version.  YOU MAY NOT distriubute this guide/faq by non
electroinc means, including, but not limited, to books, magazine articles,
word of mouth, etc. without EXPLICIT PERMISSION from the author.

        When distributing this document, do not add any external items, or
remove any items from this guide/faq.  Do not credit yourself for any
items in here, unless you received an e-mail from me, because others found
and not you.  Yada, yada, yada.

        Also, when distributing this document via mass media, ie CD-ROM
magazines, newsletters, etc; let me know about it, and if it's not too
costly, send me a copy.  Remeber, e-mail me for more info.
3.  Minimum Setup and Recommened Setup

Minimum Setup (by Virgin)

* 486 DX2/66 or greater
* 8 MB of RAM  or 16 MB of RAM for SVGA play and Time Attack Mode
* DOS 5.0 or highter
* SVGA video card (16 MB of RAM necessary for SVGA)
* SB, GUS or SB-Compatible card
* Single Speed CD-ROM  (for Music)
* Mscdex 2.2 or greater.

Minimum Setup (by Author)

* 486 DX4/75 or greater or Pentium
* 16 MB of RAM
* VLB or PCI Video card with 1MB of VRAM
* Joystick (analog or digital), Gravis Gamepad, or Thrustmaster T1 or T2.

Recommended Setup (by Virgin)

* Pentium 90
* 16 MB of RAM
* SVGA card with 2MB of VRAM (PCI, of course, its with Pentium)
* Thrustmaster T1 or T2

Recommended Setup (by Author)

* Not much.  If you can meet or exceed the recommened setup, then you will
be really satisfied with this game.  This game in SVGA really knocks
and Ridge Racer (Arcade Versions and Home Versions) on to its buttocks.

Minimum RAM requirement:
I didn't notice this until I ran the setup tonight:  On setup screen, the
program shows one less megs than your total megs of RAM.  Meaning, if you
have 8MB of RAM, like I do, you'll only get 7MB in Screamer.  So, _16 MEG_
is really the true "minimum" setup, if you want to really enjoy it.  You
enjoy the game at 8MB, but after this, I'd really suggest 16MB or greater.

* Also, your CPU or computer should be equipped with FPU.  Go to the bugs
section to find out!

4.  Cars

a.  Comparison of Cars Side by Side.

|       Name of Car         |  Manual Transmission | Automatic
Transmission |
|       SHADOW              |                      |                      
|      Top Speed            |       343            |      340             
|        Grip               |       ***            |      ***             
|      Acceleration         |       **             |      **              
|        TIGER              |                      |                      
|      Top Speed            |       340            |      336             
|        Grip               |       ****           |      ****            
|      Acceleration         |       ***            |      ***             
|         HAMMER            |                      |                      
|       Top Speed           |       336            |      332             
|          Grip             |       ****           |      ****            
|      Acceleration         |       ****           |      ****            
|       RISING SUN          |                      |                      
|       Top Speed           |       324            |      319             
|         Grip              |       *              |      *               
|      Acceleration         |       *****          |      *****           
|        PANTHER            |                      |                      
|       Top Speed           |       332            |      329             
|         Grip              |       **             |      **              
|      Acceleration         |       ****           |      ****            
|         YANKEE            |                      |                      
|       Top Speed           |       343            |      338             
|         Grip              |       **             |      **              
|      Acceleration         |       *              |      *               
|      ROCKET  CAR          |                      |                      
|       Top Speed           |   Sorry fans.        |      357             
|         Grip              |   Just automatic,    |      *****           
|      Acceleration         |   No manual mode.    |      *****           


        SHADOW, Lamborghini Diablo, is one heck of a car.  This is the 
	fastest car, bar none.  Even the R.S. can't out run this thing
	SHADOW is in top speed.  Unfortunately, It's acceleration isn't 
	that hot.  But this lack of acceleration is balanced by good

 c.  TIGER

        TIGER is all machine.  This Ferrari F-40 is, pound for pound, a
        match for Shadow and Yankee.  Its great handling and great
        acceleration makes this car a machine that you should be fearful


        HAMMER Bugatti EB110 literally hammers the competition with its 
	great handling and acceleration (No puns, I swear!).  This may not

	be the fastest car, but when it comes down to that tortous (Curvy)

	course, this car is the one to choose.


        RISING SUN, Mitsubishi GT-3000 (The exact same model used in Sega
        Rally.), is a fast thing!  None can out accelerate this puppy.
        Unfortunately, it has no grip, and you'll find yourself spinning
        every which way.  I'd stay away from this car.

	One note:  I just started playing with this car, and its fairly
	fun.  But, do stay away from manual.  When you downshift without
	slowing down a bit, this car skids out of control.  Never had any
	trouble with any EUROPEAN car... hmm, a conspiracy?


        PANTHER, the once hot Porsche, is respectable machine, with
        decent top speed.  It has average handling and great acceleration.
        Comes in handy in courses where you need quick boost of speed.
        In essence, it's a litte slower, but grippier version of R.S.
        IMHO, both R.S. and PANTHER is a waste of time.  BTW, some people
        have used PANTHER to achieve victory... hmmm

        Afterthought and some apology:  I usually don't like to eat my
        words, for this purpose, I'll have to eat it, with ketchup.
        I underestimated this car.  This car can take tough turns at top
        speed without losing traction.  I'll really have to eat my word.
        Say, can I have that medium-rare, with some horseradish.


        Why is it that the awesome Corvette gets the lousiest rating?
        Poor acceleration and average handling!  HA!  Sorry.  Ravings
        This car is, top speed wise, a match for SHADOW, but don't expect
        this car to win a drag race with the SHADOW.

	Did you notice the fact that in any races, the computer refuses to
	race with the Yankee?  Is it just me, or is it another part of
	Euro. Conspiracy?  Or am I getting way to paranoid?

        If you have finished the profi-league, you will race versus the
        car.  If you win this race, you will get the rocket car	for
        I won (in normal game mode) using the Porsche.  But to use the
        car does not amuse me, because the computer drivers did not have a

	chance to fight with you.

        More info on this baby:
        Drives all courses in reverse while in normal game mode,
        and the advertisements varies from Euro version to US version.
        Euro version has an ad for a cola company that is very real,
        while US version seems to have been plastered with adds from
        a "Tiger Beer" or something.

	BTW, what is the model of this car?  Never saw it, I'm still
	struggling on PRO mode.  THIS SUCKS!

5.  Tracks
 a.  The Tracks

  * Palm Town
        Your basic, Indianapolis 500, round circular course.  Nothing much
        to rant about except that third turn.
	  Recommendation:  Any car will do.

  * Lake Valley
        Drive through the Alps in this high speed course.  Fairly curvy,
        pretty fun to drive through.  One of the prettier courses in the
        whole game
	  Recommendation:  Shadow, Tiger, Hammer.

  * Lindberg
        Always wanted to drive through the Europe but no car or cash? 
        here's your European Drive, complete with Castles, Dangerous
        Hotels, and Helicopters!  An awesome track to behold, but one of
        the most difficult courses in the entire game.  Manual
        is highly recommended.
	  Recommendation:  Manual mode: Tiger, Hammer.
  * Palm Town Night.
        This town is a were-city!  During the day, its tame, but at night!
        IMHO, this is one of the most beautiful courses I've seen. 
        headlights, bright buildings, and even a carnival, complete with
        ferris wheel (Texture mapped, of course!) and that hammer thingy.
        This course is available in the Normal game after you beat the
        Beginners in Championship mode.
	  Recommendation:  Any car will do, but go with Manual
  * Sunbeach Hill.
        Pretty, long, and fun.  Take a long drive, and enjoy the scenary.
        Fairly tortous, and pretty hairy at some spots.  This course is
        available to the Normal game after you beat the Amateur in
        Championship mode.
	  Recommendation:  Manual Mode: Shadow, Tiger, Hammer

  * Sandrock.
        The mother of all courses.  Hairpin curves and an S-curve to ruin
        your lovely day.  The land bridge (you'll know it when you see it)
        is a marvel in programming.  Awesome course, not for the meek or
        with abnormal heart conditions.  Manual Transmission is highly
        recommened here, along with a vehicle that handles like a dream.
        This course is available to the Normal game after you beat the Pro
        in Championship mode.
	  Recommendation:  Manual Mode: Tiger or Hammer.
   * New tracks:
	Tracks :
	Screamer comes with 6 'normal' tracks.
	If you have finished a championship, you will
	get more tracks (at least 6 new ones).
	This new tracks are the same as the first ones,
	but has to be driven in the opposite direction
	(which you can also see on the names of the
	new tracks).

6. Game play modes

   * Normal
        Just a stroll around the course, great for practice.  Numbers of
        lap customizable through Options.

   * Champ Mode
        Arcade a la PC.  The great driver all come here.
        Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd to proceed to next course.
        Achieve certain amount of points, and you proceed to next league,
        and get a new track in the Normal Game in the prcess

   * Special Modes
        They are special.  TIME ATTACK (Requires 12mb of RAM), Cone
        Slaughter (actually its Cne Carnage) and Gateway of death and time
        (Slalom).  The tracks availabe here are equiv. to Normal game.  If
	you have won Amat. league, then you can drive upto Sunbeach Hill,
	so fourth.

7.  Stragety and Cheats

-General Strats.

 * Always choose Manual if you can drive it.  The first two courses, you
 can get away with Automatic, but trust me, go with manual.

 * Play their game.  Wreck their cars until they scream mercy!  This way,
 have less cars to deal with should you fall behind.  One of the worst
 that can happens is when you are in 7th ot 8th spot, and there are five
 gazillon cars at the same spot that you have to negotiate through.  It's
 really tough to negoitate through that mess, and you've lost!

 * Go inside during curves. Hang inside when you enter curve, drop a gear
 decelerate when you enter the curve, and accelerate or up a gear when you
 are about 5/8th - 3/4th through the curve.  Play the demoliation game in
 curves if you have to.  Sacrifice others before you sacrifice yourself.

 * Toggle map to the max. zoom and press F4.  If you time it just right,
 have a tailgater handy, and slam the breaks unexpectedly...
 Look ma!  I can see my house from here!!!!  You will be airborn.  It's
 to do it in the computer game, since computer really doesn't tailgate, so
 try it in the NETWORK GAME.
 If you have a time proven stragety then send it in...  More info on that

Like, what do the winners use anywho?

Read on.  Strats that Jurgen Winters used to the road of victory

>I start Screamer championship with normal mode and most of the time used
>Porsche car.  The Porsche is good in end speed and is at the most races
>easy to drive through the curves.

>I cannot provide you any strategies I have used, but (I am at work now ,
so I
>cannot tell you the correct track names) :

>- the Porsche can beat the rocket car in end speed.
>- on the track with the two 90 degree curves (in town with the tramway) I

>released the speed button some meters before the curves. I recommend not
>crash with other cars there, you can get them later (and more safely).
>- on the first track (the short one with the moving helmet) I did never
>release the speed button. 
>  At the first curve left I slide at the first yellow sign, also I did in
>tunnel. The long curve left I begin at the most right  wall, and if the
>began to fall down a little, I steered to to most left (sometimes coming
>the grass there).

>- on the track with the downhill grade after the tunnel, you have to
>the speed button at the beginning of the grade.  Otherwise you are too
>to get the slalom curves.
>- on the track in the alps you also start the curves at the most opposite
>site and then get in the curve.  The last curve before the finish you can
>do with full speed.
>- using the Porsche, do not use the brakes!  The car will then slide and
>be not drivable.
>- the track with the fun fair sliding with the Porsche is recommended.
>I hope this will help you. Tell me your race times for the tracks to
>against mine.

May not be the best strats, but good enough to be enlisted here.


 MONTY:  Type it in the main screen, then hear the game say:
         "Wanna play dirty, then let's play dirty!"  Hmmm...
         One result of this cheat that was quite noticable-
         Bunnie cones!  MAKES CONE CARNAGE much MUCH more fun.
         Want more, how about bikini-clad babes or baby carriages?
         The thingy that litters the starting position of
         Palm cities have been replaced by baby carriages, and
         Slalom cones are replaced by bikini clad maniquins.  Hmmm.

If you have a great strat. or a great cheat, then e-mail it to
Your name will be plastered through the whole net.  May be you can print
out and say:
 "Look ma!  I'm famous!"

8.  Bugs.

Couple of bugs (features) I've seen so far.

        Camera on the replay likes to chop cars into its primordial
        pieces.  (VGA, REPLAY CAM)

        No midi music with GUS ACE.  Anyone figure this one out?

One SIGINIFICANT BUG(Feature?) was found:

>>	I have a problem with Screamer (which I just posted to
>>c.s.i.p.g.action).  I thought you might want to know:
>>	"I just purchased Screamer and I can't get the SETUP program to
>>It crashes every time I run it.  I have a NexGen Nx586 P90 (no FPU,
>>which is most likely the problem), 8MB RAM, STB Lightspeed VL 2MB DRAM
>>video card, and a cheap SB Pro clone.  I ran an FPU emulator (q87),
>>and that didn't fix the problem.  I also have 2 other programs that
>>are intended to fix conflicts with games ("idon" which makes it so CPU
>>ID instruction doesn't return 80386 and "exton" which is supposed to
>>fix conflicts with DOS4GW).  Neither of these helped...
>>	However, I think the game might run, so I was wondering if someone
>>could mail me a configuration file for Screamer using an SB Pro on IRQ
>>5, DMA 1, I/O 220.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!"

	For people with Computers that has no internal FPU, ie NexGen,
forget it.  Really!  This game makes use of FPU, though to what degree I 
don't know.  So if you don't have FPU, then you're kinda outta luck,
you have 16 MB of RAM.  Then you can run an emulator, but I really don't
what the result would be.  In other words, stick to Intel Pentium

	Thanks to Dan Ginsburg for pointing this problem out.

	BTW, have anyone tried to run a networked game?  Here's the

	Couple of people on the net are disgruntled.  Why?  Everytime they
try to run the net game, it goes fine, until they try to start the race.
When anyone presses enter, the things goes berserk, and dumps the entire
network to the previous screen.  So, what's the deal here?  Well, I shall
proceed to mail this problem to Virgin, but I really doubt they will try
to fix this.  But then, I can be wrong here.

If you find bugs, contact Virgin and the author of this thing at
CMStr@AOL.COM so that others can benefit.  BTW, I am not the darned
support. OK?  OK.

9.  Misc.

        Joystick Setup

        I use Gravis gamepad, and the game is much easier with it then

      /   ____________________                 R=Brake
     /          GRAVIS                          B=Accelerate
    /   /|     GAMEPAD     B                  Y=Gear Down
   |  <-   ->      /     R    G   |             G=Gear up
       |/       /        Y     /
     ___________/_________     /

          I use this setup, since its easier for my fingers.  I just put
          my index finger on the blue button, and use my thumb to control
          the gear shaft.  Easy and comfy.  Left handers just reverse.

Wish list

        Well, this certainly belongs under Misc.  Anyway, I'd really like
        to try the TIME ATTACK and SVGA mode, yet this thing asks for
        16 MB of RAM, but I only have 8!!!  Sorry about my ranting, once
	  NOTE:  You can try playing in SVGA mode with 8mb of ram by
	  typing in "starth" instead of "screamer" but it did not work
	  for me.  You are forewarned.  If your computer blows up, it
	  ain't me fault.  You tried it, you failed, and it all yo' fault!

        One thing that I'd like to see is to lower the memory req. of TIME
        ATTACK to 8 MB.

        Also, a car paint shop, the same one that is featured in NASCAR,
        would be also cool, and more tracks couldn't hurt either.

	Is it just me, but the replay, after once or twice, its a bore.
        Savable Replay and Customizable Camera Angle is needed.  But once
        again, this is not NASCAR.  It's better.

	* Hmmm, how does that thing go, not so well on network, not so
	on individual.  Well, if Virgin want to sell this game, they have
	get to work on this game, eh?	
10.  Top Racers.  Whoowhee!

So, you think you're a hot shot?  Eh?  Comeon!  Send your time in, see
the hotshot!

When e-mailing your time result, be sure to include the following:
Your name or callsign

The winners will receive a harty pat on their back, as well as the
of the most vicious racer on the 'net.  Want that title, go for it.
Each course will have one champ, and of course, that title can be changed
anytime, so, keep on yer foot.

11.  Conclusion

        Here we are.  We've reached the finish line without a scratch! 
        a show!  Anyways, comments, suggestions, erors (Heavens no!),
        what ever, e-mail the author at  Hey!  You might
        see your name here!

        You can contact Virgin at
        FTP site:
        Snail Mail:
                Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
                18061 Fitch Av.
                Irvine, CA 92714
                ATTN: Customer Service
        BBS: 714-833-3305  8-N-1  up to 14.4 KBPS


Not so new here.  A special section where people who contributes to this

	Thanks to Dan Ginsburg for pointing out that the game will refuse
to run on computer without FPU.
	Thanks to Juergen Winter for adding new info on tracks and on
car, as well as new strats!  Way to go!
        Thanks to Gary C.K. Lam for Monty cheat.
        Thanks to D.Jay for more info on Bullet car.
        Thanks to all who've sacrificed time and life to send in items,
for some reason (too little too late!  Author goes mad!) was not included
here.  Sorry, after all, I am a person, not a freak, or a fanatic.
	Havoc77 of AOL provided the correct car models, and someone else
did mention the STARTH, but I do not recommend this or support this. 

        Special thanks to Virgin for pumping out games like Screamer and
Command and Conquer.  Hehehe.

	This faq can be found at Comp.Sys.IBM.PC.Games.Action,
C.S.I.P.G.Sports, C.S.I.P.G.Misc, and America OnLine.  Coming soon,
Screamer Guide Homepage.  Look for it!

        Looking for a home FTP site, as well as a home BBS, but for the
I have an ace up my sleeve.  hehehe.  Of course, you can join the ranks of
offical home for this guide.  Email the author for more info.
        Until next version of this ghastly thing, cya!

SCSTG v1.3 1896

CMStr@AOL.COM         Run for you life!  It's the C-somethingmabob.
"umm..wha?"  CMStr             BTW, smile if you like seashells.
The only reason why AOL doesn't suck too much.


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