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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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About The Game

T Energy has been flowing through Ancaria since time itself. This mysterious power forms the beginning of all life, is the source of all magic and the origin of all thought. For an era, it was the angelic Seraphim who watched over the T Energy and therefore over the fate of the entire world. They passed their knowledge on to the High Elves, so that they could benefit from T Energy. But the High Elves let the power over T Energy tear their society apart, and war and strife broke out. Worse than that, the T Energy itself went out of control, turning negative and creating destructive evil in the land.

The nobility as well as the clerical caste of the High Elves struggled to seize power over the high-elvish imperium, so that they alone might hold the T Power in their rule. The land once more faced with war; a war that was much larger, and more far reaching consequences than all previous wars and battles. Two thousand years before Shaddar the cry for heroes arises to avert this war and to regain control over the T Energy. Will those heroes prevent the world lapsing into final chaos, or will they instead deepen it with their actions?

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

By Daniel Kershaw |

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a loot grind, no doubt about it. In that sense, this isn't a game that's going to offer anything compelling in terms of narrative or quest structure. Its aim is to offer a gigantic world for you to run around, whack stuff with weapons and spells, grab the loot it drops, and repeat. Developer Ascaron Entertainment's sequel definitely delivers on those elements, and offers up six interesting character classes to build and customize however you see fit. So if you're looking for a good old-fashioned loot grind to play by yourself or, better yet, with others online, this'll satisfy, though you can expect a number of technical problems both minor and major.

If you've played Blizzard's Diablo, Iron Lore's Titan Quest, or Ascaron's 2004 original Sacred, for that matter, the setup here shouldn't be surprising. You click mouse buttons to attack foes, hack away at their power bars, quaff potions like a madman against hard-hitting boss characters, and greedily scoop up all the cash and loot the fallen spill onto the battlefield. Sacred 2 does manage to distinguish itself in a few ways from the other types of high-fantasy, hack-and-slash action RPGs out there, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

The Temple Guardian's class mount.First you've got the game world, Ancaria, which is impressively massive. Though the locations you travel through, from forested Elven areas to jungles, desert plains, and dragon caves laced with rivers of magma, aren't particularly novel, the world is nicely detailed. Yet mixed into this seemingly standard high-fantasy universe filled with orcs, kobolds, lizardmen, evil wizards and monstrous, fiery demon bosses, you get this strange magical substance, called T-Energy, that gives rise to some of the more interesting bits of the fiction. You'll be walking across a field of trees and swaying green grass and suddenly see a pipeline jutting from the earth carrying this glowing blue energy that's the source of conflict in Ancaria.

In some cases this only affects appearances, so instead of fighting a giant beetle you fight a giant beetle with glowing blue limbs, but it also accounts for the dog-headed cyborg Temple Guardian character class. This guy, perhaps modeled on a combination of the Egyptian god Anubis and Donald Sutherland from Virus, runs around Ancaria with a laser blaster. Honestly, this seems a little odd, because everyone else is tossing around magic or smacking each other with medieval weaponry, yet here's the Temple Guardian with his laser gun who, for some reason, still feels the need to carry around old-tech bladed weaponry.

His personality differs from the rest of the field as well. For main quest missions he'll call out sarcastic responses with a Mooninte from Aqua Teen Hunger Force vocal cadence to the quests given to him by NPCs, and in the field he'll randomly exclaim absurd phrases that work to break down the fourth wall. For instance, don't be surprised to hear him say things like, "Look, a number over your head," referring to the genre-standard damage totals that appear as you whack at foes, or "Another step closer to level-up" after killing an enemy, or humming a ridiculous song to himself if you leave him idle too long. It's definitely a refreshing change after playing something that feels more traditional, like the Dryad or Seraphim.

Slash, kill, and upgrade your gear.The Temple Guardian's quirky personality aside, each class gets some interesting ways to level up and customize how they work. There's the standard statistic-boosting level up where more strength bumps up the damage you do, and more dexterity affects damage and defense ratings. While you'll be managing hit points, you don't have to deal with mana or magic points of any kind. Instead, you'll make customization decisions to decrease the cooldown timers of your abilities, called combat arts. As you move through the world you'll find runes to learn new combat arts, and can power up each individual combat art's level and spend skill points to add other special effects. You can also sell combinations of the runes to vendors and buy different ones. On top of that, combat arts can be combined into combo templates to chain attacks together, which turns out to be useful as the game only lets you slot a specific number of active combat arts at a time.

So clearly there are a lot of methods for diversifying how your particular character performs in battle and the game offers a range of useful and diverse skills, from the Shadow Warrior's ability to summon spectral soldiers to the Temple Guardian's devastating archimedes beam. And on top of all that you get to choose god powers when first creating your character, which can have incredibly powerful effects, though have much longer cooldowns than any of your combat arts. Altogether, it's an interesting system that should keep people busy and provide an incentive to level the six classes in different ways to enjoy the various play styles.

When taking these classes out into the large, open world you'll find there are very few load times, but will also find little that's surprising about the overall structure. The main quest can be aptly described as rambling and unfocused. Though the NPC text boxes along the main quest line are fully voiced, they're not voiced particularly well. Before long you'll be whipping through towns and collecting side quests with little regard to what's written in the text logs, because a large number of them are "X went missing, please retrieve Y things from Z types of enemies!" or some derivation thereof. That being said, a few of the quests are more interesting, like one to retrieve the lost instruments of the game's licensed band, the German metal group Blind Guardian, so they can play a show in Ancaria. You might also discover strange underground chess boards, a mission to test chemicals on a pumpkin that winds up causing a garden to explode with gore, and other types of easter eggs that will reward the more intrepid gamers or those willing to read the quest descriptions.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Cheats

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. Achievements are available after the 2.40 patch.UnlockableHow to UnlockYour Temple Guardian reaches Level 15.The Living Monument (20)Your Inquisitor reaches Level 15.The Dreadful (20)Your High Elf attaining Level 15.Tyr Lysia's Hero (20)Your Dryad attaining Level 15.Treehugger (20)Your Shadow Warrior attaining Level 15.Vengeful Spirit (20)Your Seraphim attaining Level 15.Blessed (20)Any Hero attaining Level 35.Legendary (25)Any Hero reaching the Orc region and accepting a quest there.Ambler (10)Any Hero reaching the Dragon realm and accepting a quest there.Wanderer (10)Any Hero reaching the Marshes of Hissil'Ta and accepting a quest there.Journeyman (10)Any Hero reaching the Deserts of Bengaresh and accepting a quest there.Adventurer (10)Any Hero reaching the Jungle region and accepting a quest there.Globetrotter (10)Any Hero reaching Dyr-Lain, the Isle of Dryads and accepting a quest there.Explorer (10)Any Hero reaching the Wastelands and accepting a quest there.Discoverer (10)Any Hero completing the Light Campaign.Ancaria's Lightbringer (40)Any Hero completing the Shadow Campaign.Ancaria's Dark Lord (40)Any Hero completed 20% of all sidequests.Diligent (25)You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.Survivalist (30)Any Hero completed the main quest without exploring more than 20 % of the map.Dedicated (30)Any Hero slayed 25 boss monsters.Dreadnought (30)Any Hero has explored 30 % of the map.Junior Cartographer (20)Any Hero has explored 50 % of the map.Master Cartographer (25)Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves).Tomb Raider (30)Any Hero has discovered all 20 temples.Polytheist (30)Any Hero has read 33 Books.Bookworm (30)Any Hero completed 40% of all sidequests.Extremely Diligent (30)Any Hero has found the secret halls of Ascaron.Ascaron Fan (30)Any Hero has visited all 42 towns.City Guide (20)Any Hero fighting alongside 3 other heroes in multiplayer mode.Group Hug (10)Host your first multiplayer game.Hospitable (10)You successfully traded with another user.Hawker (20)Any Hero has maximized one modification of one aspect.Expert (10)Any Hero owning 1,000,000 gold.Millionaire (20)Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time.Fashion Police (20)Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time.Annealer (10)Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything.Scrooge (30)

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Game Walkthrough

Ranged Dryad Guide 
Version 2.5
Copyright 2009-2011 John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski.


[int]   Introduction 
[dis]   Disclaimer
[aim]   Play style & Focus
[bid]   The Build
        -Combat Arts
[sbs]   Step by Step 1-75 silver-niob allocation guide
[use]   Other useful Combat Arts
[bos]   Boss Strategy
[she]   Shrunken Heads
[bas]   Basic Strategy & Tips
         -Same Xbox Co-op
         -Character Related
         -Item Related
         -Bosses (main story bosses and all Dragons)
         -Leveling & Item Finding (areas)
         -Build Tips
[his]   Version/History
[tys]   Thanks

[int]   Introduction

This guide is for those interested in the Dryad, a ranged dryad specifically 
with Nature Magic as a secondary damage output. It is written for the Xbox 
360 version of the game and parts of the guide or it as a whole may or may 
not apply to the Play Station 3 and PC versions. The guide is solely my 
opinions based on my personal experience with Dryads in game only, any 
opinions or discoveries of the class from any outside sources at all have 
been added to the guide and have been modified by me in such a way as I deemed 
fit, with credit given where it is due. The Dryad is without a doubt the most
entertaining class in Sacred 2 for me; hopefully I can shed some light on her 
abilities and use. Some information on game mechanics (difference between CAs
and skills for example) can be found in the new Basic Strategy and Tips area.

Also included in the guide is a step by step skill and combat art allocation 
list. This list details in level intervals of 5 where your skills and arts 
should be. This allocation portion was determined by me by running a fresh 
Dryad character from level 1 to level 75. This Dryad ran solo and only 
completed the class quest and main quest for each difficulty, and completed 
platinum difficulty at level 74 with zero deaths. The character had no hero 
chest usage. To preserve the integrity of the guide, she only used gear she 

* Anything found or added in the expansion "Ice & Blood" is not and will not be
included in the guide. The reason for such an exclusion is that the expansion
for Sacred 2 is PC only, and I do not own nor have I played the PC version or
it's expansion. 

* The Guide is based off of my experience playing a multitude of Dryads since 
the release of Sacred 2. I have played many through niobium difficulty with 
ease and little to no deaths. I have spent countless game hours testing combat
arts, skills, and weapons. This guide is my dedicated constant work and pride, 
thank you for taking the time to look into it.

[dis]   Disclaimer

This character guide is my own work, and has been created by me for use on
. However, as long as it is unaltered and left in plain text 
form with credit given to myself, anyone may use it for their site. For 
questions, comments, additions contact by email: ,
credit will be given for any additions or comments by you if they are 
integrated into the guide in any way, shape, or form.

[aim]   Play style & Focus

The idea behind this build is to have a character that specializes in bows, 
blowguns, or even throwing stars and can drop normal and elite enemies 
quickly and easily without taking too much damage yourself. Speed and power 
is what we are looking for people, somewhat of a balance between the two. We 
will also be using the Nature Weaver Aspect to single handedly provide our 
defense and take out our bosses. You will not have to 'kite' anything you can 
stand in the midst of your enemies if you want, pelting them with projectiles 
without worry of death. You will be using four different combat arts to take 
down bosses however, so management and memorization of your hotkeys is 
important. Just remember, you can take down bosses as easily as big groups of 
goblins so item/exp runs are both well covered with this Dryad. There are also 
several other combat arts and skill choices I haven't used in my build much, 
I will try explain the usefulness of all of these as well.

[bid]   The Build

This is a solid build based on my efforts and completions of niob, listing 
attributes, skills, and character arts used. Details on each will be listed 

Attribute Distribution: All points into dexterity, the extra damage, defense 
and attack is all needed. Any other choice for attributes is irrelevant to the
ranged dryad as health, regeneration times, and spell resist are all taken 
care of through skills and Cas.

  Skills                           Hard Points invested by level 100
  ______                           _________________________________   

Level 2 Capricious Hunter Focus        63
Level 3 Ranged Weapons Lore            1
Level 5 Tactics Lore                   63
Level 8 Combat Reflexes                5
Level 12 Armor Lore                    1
Level 18 Concentration                 1
Level 25 Nature Weaver Focus           88
Level 35 Nature Weaver Lore            85
Level 50 choice skill
Level 65 choice skill

You will have extra skill points for your own use, those are needed for mod
points only.

Skill Choices & Reasoning

* Capricious Hunter Focus- Reduces Regeneration times for the entire aspect,
and allow for higher combat art levels without penalty. Since we are going
to maximize dust devil and sinister predator levels 75 mastery is recommended
but 63 will grant you the mod points you need. 

* Ranged Weapons Lore-Increase attack speed, and attack rating with all ranged 
weapons. One point is good as long as you can increase all skills, offensive 
skills, or ranged weapons itself through items (+offensive and ranged skills
are extremely common). I stress to the fullest extent not to put points into 
this skill as the mods +ranged weapons and +offensive skills are common as 
dirt on jewelry and gear.

* Tactics Lore- increases damage and chance for critical hits with all weapons
but more importantly it stacks with Cap. Hunter Focus for gaining 
modification points. level 63 will grant you the mod points you need, not 
recommended any higher than 75 because of diminishing returns on the +damage.

* Combat Reflexes-Increases chance to evade attacks and reduces chance for 
enemies to score critical hits on you. Need 5 points here only to gain access 
to armor lore, the evade chance does have great effect in higher difficulties
but let it be boosted by gear since a Dryad has other means of evasion.

* Armor Lore-Increases the level of armor you may wear without speed penalties.
Also decreases the regeneration penalty on armor pieces. I have found during 
my time in Sacred 2 that raising this skill is almost as useless as raising 
ranged weapons. The modifier +defensive skills or +armor lore is common on 
items and the regen penalties are not noticable with the build. Increase past 
level 1 at your own risk.

* Concentration-Lowers regeneration times for ALL of your combat arts, and 
allows the use of 2 buffs at once. 3 at once with mastery. One point only for
the 2 buff allowance, if you decide on having a third buff, you want this
mastered at 75. If you are not taking a third buff then leave it at one for 
the build. The modifier +concentration isnt very common but your regen times 
will take care of themselves. This skill in this build is not for the regen 
but for the buff allowance of 2 or 3.

* Nature Weaver Focus-Lowers regeneration times for the aspect and increases 
the max level allowed for ca's. This is where your points will go; you want 
mastery for this skill. As soon as you choose the skill an immediate point
boost is required, to start modifying and increasing combat art levels. This
skill increases Ancient Bark's armor and defense values.

* Nature Weaver Lore- Increase damage, cast speed, and chance for critical 
hits for the aspect. Also needs to be maximized, this is your skill for bosses. 
You need this for your Edaphic Lances' damage. It also increases healing for 
Ancient Bark and Golden Glade touch.

To be more specific, you are going to be keeping the two nature skills the 
same level as you (hard points mind you). Between the 2 nature skills, 173 
skill points will unlock a total of 15 mod points for the nature tree. This 
will allow you to fully modify every combat art except for acute mind which 
only gets 2 mods. 

As for the two choice skills, they are just that. While it is up to you, here
Are skills useful to the ranged Dryad:

* Combat Discipline: Increases damage and regeneration time for combat arts in 
combos, also allows 3 combat arts in a combo and at level 75 4 combat arts in 
A single combo. Since the Dryad uses combat arts to deal damage, this skill is 
Very useful especially with vines/curse/lances in one combo for bosses.

***Thanks to Pipboy2k for the combat discipline info.***

* Voodoo Focus: decreases regeneration times of the aspect and allows higher 
Combat art level without penalty. Only 2 of the voodoo skills rely on the lore
To increase damage/efficiency, twisted torment and malicious totem and possibly 
Viperish Disease (I cannot be sure it does not). So if you take the focus alone 
you can have a powerful summon at your side as well as higher quality black 
curse. This is always one of my two other skills as I enjoy the minion pet.

* Enhanced Perception: Increases chance to find valuables. Also opens up the 
modifiers for EP on items which include +exp per kill and +chance to find 
valuables. 1st tier General Skill.

* Bargaining: Merchants offer better gear in shops. With high levels in this 
skill, you can find a whole list of rare (**) items for sale. Better quest 
rewards (or chance for?) with the 75 mastery. 2nd tier General Skill

Of all the extra skills for a dryad, these four seem to be the best choices. 
If you do want bargaining to shop however, you must put 5 points into a 1st 
tier general skill such as the EP listed above. While constitution may be 
tempting, for a Dryad it is not needed. You already have high in combat health 
regeneration and high armor rating/defense so taking it would simply be 

               Combat Arts

I am only listing the Combat arts used for the build, their modifications 
and recommended levels versus regeneration times. Unused CA's will not be 
mentioned at all here. Listed levels are applied to eaten runes only, socketed 
runes can increase the CA with little change in the build or its strategy. 

Ravaged Impact

A single powerful strike to one target
CA level - 1 Regen under 1 second

Keep this mapped to one your main face buttons (i.e. hot keyed without having 
to press left or right trigger). Useful for finishing small groups, killing 
elites, and if you want a more intense fight, bosses. Just hold down the 
button and watch this CA tear apart anything.

1. Perforate- Gives chance for an open wound which is DOT
2. Breach- Gives chance to ignore enemy armor values.
3. Double Shot- This is what makes it worth a Damn, you fire 2 shots in 
   quick succession with this mod, it glitches and fires 3 when it should fire 
   2 while mounted. You cap out at around 6 shots/second with low regen

Darting Assault

Multishot attack starts at 3 projectiles shooting in front of the dryad
CA level 1 Regen less than 1.5 seconds.

Your group attack, since the damage on this CA is a little less that RI it 
is useless against less than 4 enemies, again hold down the button and watch 
the large groups fall!

1. Reload- Adds one additional projectile to DA (goes from 3 arrows to 4)
2. Throwback- Chance to knock back enemies works well most of the time and 
   gives you some breathing room if you get too surrounded.
3. Rotate- Allows you to fire at targets all around the dryad, instead of just
   the ones in front of her.

Suggestion/Info for Ravaged Impact/Darting Assault by Phadin:
Regen per hit + x.x. Once a player has this mod at 0.5, they can start eating 
runes for RI and DA. Keeping RI bellow 1 second and DA at 2 will allow for
spamming of these combat arts with this mod kicking in. As players are able to 
increase this mod further, they can increase their CA levels with it. It should 
be noted this mod can be purchased on rings from merchants without Bargaining 

Forest Flight

Teleports the Dryad with a chance to root enemies in place (must be targeted).
CA level 1

This CA is a teleport/escape move only, it is very useful when needed though. 
Use it to root elites and bosses that get too close whilst you escape from 
their grasp.

Dust Devil

Create a wind cloud that provides increased evasion to the dryad and allies
in the cloud. Starts with a 45 second cooldown time.
CA level maximum allowed by focus

Very effective/helpful in platinum and niob.
1. Recondition- lowers the cooldown time by an initial percent, and lowers it
   further with additional CA levels.
2. Spell Shield- Provides protection from spells
3. Spread- Increases the Protective cloud's radius

Suggestion/Info for Dust Devil by Phadin:
This skill with the mod to reduce cooldown time becomes very useful, 
particularly in the high difficulty levels where evade can be critical to your
survival. The regen mod is a bronze mod, so it can be picked up fairly easy as 
players move into platinum and niob. Once you have that mod, you can devour 
runes for the skill and actually REDUCE the overall regeneration time, as the 
cooldown usually drops faster then regen rate grows. At level 68, I have this
over level 30 and a total cooldown+regen of about 25 seconds. I imagine itll be 
very close to regen=duration by the time I decide to move up to platinum.

Sinister Predator

Buff. Increases Attack Rating and Attack Speed with Ranged Weapons. 
CA level maximum allowed, penalty from buff N/A

Ok this is one of your two main buffs, it increases effectivness with ranged
weapons while active and when fully modded will actually lower the regeneration
times for the Cap. Hunter Aspect! Good Deal.
1. Eagle Eye- Increased Chance for critical hits
2. Marked Shot- Chance that enemies cannot evade attacks
3. Hunting Focus- Decreases Regeneration times of the Cap. Hunter aspect. 
   This actually lowers the time with each additional CA level.

Marked Shot over Perforate: The other silver mod for SP grants a chance for
projectiles to pierce targets and potentially hit others. With perforate you 
will indeed see your arrows pierce often but the chance that another enemy is 
in the flight path is slim and blowpipes cannot pierce regardless.
Edaphic Lances

A Stream of thorns shoot forth from the ground towards the target.
CA level whatever your focus limit will allow with the Regen less than 10

*Avoid pumping runes beyond your limit because if you don't 1 shot a boss you 
 will need the regen to be under 10 seconds at the very least. (the 10 seconds
 will be lessened with acute mind running).

1. Density - Greatly decreases distance between thorns, allowing maximum
   effectivness against smaller targets and bosses with small hit boxes 
2. Stings- Damage Increase
3. Barbs- adds Bleeding Damage Over Time

Density over Thorns bronze mod:
At level 105 with level 50 lances the number of thorns went from 15 to 19
when taking the thorns mod and only went up to 21 thorns 26  CA levels later.
The density percent is at -49.5% at 76.x CA level. When testing Density
at CA level 50 the distance of thorns (density) went to -70% (very thin line
of thorns) so if one were to take the density mod over thorns they would 
likely not have more than 17 thorns but be able to use the lances effectivly
vs small minibosses and elites which is hard to do with a wider spread of 
thorns. Also with acute mind running thorns hitting for 2x,xxx damage, 4 less
thorns will not make all that much of a difference.

Tangled Vine

Vines Shoot up from the ground to hold an enemy in place, inflicting light
CA level 1 
use this to hold bosses in place, it works on every boss in the game except
for one miniboss and ghosts.

1. Sprawl- Increased duration
2. Impair- Decreases rooted enemies' attack speed
3. Encroach- Small AoE effect around the target (approx 4 enemies).

There is another option for TV since you can cast multiple vines on bosses,
duration mod is not so needed, we can mod vines to damage mobs as well as hold 
our bosses. Again this is just one more option that does work.

CA Level- High as allowed by focus
1. Tendrils- Increases the damage of the roots (physical)
2. Singe- Roots add Fire Damage
3. Encroach- Small aoe effect around the target (approx. 4 enemies if close)

Since we have such great lore value and +damage already, this will make a fun 
diversion when your strangling vines can actually strangle and kill. And with 
the high amount of runes into vines versus high nature skill levels, the
duration will still be easily managed for bosses.

Golden glade Touch

Healing Spell
CA level High as possible while having the regeneration 
time at least .1 seconds below the duration. You can have this running mostly
all the time, and especially against mages/elites. Can heal in the xxxx's per
second at low-mid levels, I have had it at around 12,000 HP per second.
1. Flow-increases hp regen (more hp per second)
2. Persevere- Adds an invaluable willpower bonus while active
3. Diligence- Increases Duration, which allows you to keep dur. under regen.

Acute Mind

Provides an intelligence boost as well as lowering regen times for all CA's.
CA level High as possible regen not an issue regardless of mod choices.

This is the most important part of your build when it comes to bosses, don't 
be afraid to eat runes, you need the intelligence boost to be in the 

1. Insight - increases intelligence
2. Insight - increases intelligence further

Additionally you can take the proficiency bronze mod and lose 1/2 potential
INT increase in trade for lowering the cooldown time with CA level. With the
Pro. bronze mod the regen/duration ratio will equal out eventually. 

Ancient Bark

Buff. Increases Defense Value, Armor Value, & HP Regeneration.
CA level as high as allowed by focus, Regen penalty N/A
The regen penalty isn't going to affect anything except nature skills in the
long run because Sinister Predator balances out Cap Hunter regen times versus
buff penalties. And while fighting bosses, acute mind lowers the regen of all
CA's so even the nature CA's are not affected in a way.

1. Rugged- Increases armor value
2. Divert- chance to reflect close combat
3. Invigorate- Improved healing

All modifications listed that increase, decreases or give chance for a bonus
are raised by a small % with each additional Combat Art level. (all CAs)

Now here is the catch, you need to have the 2 nature skills maxed as much as 
possible so you can have 10 mod points as quick as you can. Here are the 
first 10 to mod:

Sinister Predator- Eagle Eye,Marked Shot, Hunter Focus.
Ravaged Impact- Perforate, Breach, Double Shot.
Darting Assault- Reload.
Dust Devil- Recondition
Ancient Bark- Rugged,Divert.     
Golden glade- Flow, Persevere
Edaphic Lances- Density, Stings
Acute Mind- Insight
Golden glade- Diligence
Edaphic Lances-Barbs
Acute Mind- Insight

After you mod those, you can mod out the rest whenever you want, you will have
15 mod points for nature weaver. You want to mod Sinister Predator and at least 
Ravaged impact fully first, darting assault & Dust Devil can get by for awhile 
with only the Bronze mod. The above mods are chosen in order of
importance for Convenience.


Now comes the choice of weaponry, will you wield a bow? Blowpipe? Perhaps a 
Shuriken? There are differences between them all. 

Bows tend to have the highest damage of the 3 but have a slower firing rate 
than a Pipe or Shuriken. There are plenty of unique bows to be found and they 
usually have impressive stats! Also, the class quest reward for a Dryad is 
indeed a bow,so you can find one easily throughout your first campaign!. Bows 
are a good choice for beginners since they are common, have high damage, and 
have unique variants. 

My personal favorite. Their damage is considerably less than that of a bow,but 
they have 2 things going for them: faster attack speed and lack of a visible 
projectile. This means that when you shoot your pipe, the hit is instantaneous. 
The problem is finding a good pipe, they are rare to see in the first place and 
there are no unique versions (from what I've seen).

I like to socket a lava piece into blowpipes as the fire damage and high rate 
of fire seem to take down most enemies quickly. Note that blowpipes tend to 
cause thier status effects often whether they have a mod that increases that
chance of not.

Also, a common modifier on blowpipes is chance to inflict damage type    type
(fire,poison,freeze,weaken) mods, this and their attack speed make them great 
for setting enemies on fire or poisoning them. 

Shuriken/Throwing star:
Their damage is somewhere between a pipe and a bow, not a bad choice if you 
don't mind being too close to your enemies since their range is extremely 
short. They have slightly faster attack speed than a bow and almost always 
have a modifier that adds open wounds chance. There is a unique star, The 
Poison Star. An interesting thought would be using a throwing star and a shield
together for the added shield defense and modifiers.

*****Thanks to L. Tizzard for the Poison Star confirmation!!*****

The three main sets for a Dryad are based on the three aspect trees, Daerwins 
for voodoo, Detheya's for Capricious Hunter, and Leaves & Twigs for Nature 
Weaver. The Detheyas set is perfect for a Ranged Dryad and as such I will list 
the general stats of the set pieces.

-Detheya's Cowl (head) Grants a Willpower bonus and Bonuses to the Capricious 
Hunter Focus & Sinister Predator.
-Detheya's Protection (chest) Grants bonuses to Vitality & the Capricious 
Hunter Aspect.
-Detheya's Should Plates (shoulders) Grants bonuses to all Combat Arts, Darting 
Assault, and it reduces regeneration times for Capricious Hunter Aspect.
-Detheya's  Wrist Guards (bracers) Grants bonuses to Ravaged Impact and 
increase your attack value.
-Detheya's  Girth (belt) Grants bonuses to Stamina and Sinister Predator.
-Detheya's  Greaves (legs) Grants bonuses to Dust Devil & Forest Flight and 
also increases chance for critical hits.
-Detheya's Footwear (boots) Grants bonuses to Dexterity & Forest Flight and 
also reduces regeneration time for aspect Capricious Hunter.

Set bonuses unlocked for wearing partial or complete set:
Wearing 3 pieces Bonus- grants Health Regeneration
Wearing 5 pieces Bonus- increases aspect Capricious Hunter (also gain above 
Wearing 6 pieces Bonus- increases all skills (also gain above bonuses)
Wearing 7 pieces Bonus- grants life leech (also gain above bonuses)

Exact values I didn't list, because the stat values vary with the level of the 
set pieces. If you cannot obtain the Detheya's set through any means (farming 
bosses, trading) Then you can look for good modifiers on other armor pieces, 
here is a list of ones I recommend:

+ all skills
+ offensive skills
+ ranged weapons
life leech
Increased attack speed
+ chance for critical hits
Opponents level for deathblow % (when an enemy reaches the listed deathblow 
percent in hitpoints you will do double damage to it)
Chance for poison/burn
run speed + %
+ experience per kill %
+ chance to find valuables %
Chance for enemy to evade -%
Chance that enemies cannot evade attacks %
Enemy armor -%
Enemy defense -%
Armor +%
Defense +%

Regen per hit x.x seconds (the x's are values in terms of seconds so every hit
on a enemy with a .5 sec regen per hit modifer from your equipment recharges 
all of your character arts by .5, or half a second). This modifier is a must to 
have on at least one piece of equipment, though you can get by without.

All of the above are good modifiers to find for you rings and amulets as well. 
While the armor set Detheya's Agility is hard to find, the listed modifiers are 
common on items you may find in the field or in shops so building an armor set 
from one and two star items can be as effective if not more so than putting 
together an armor set.

Other notable set pieces/partial set combos:

*Eternal Flames Set

Wearing 3 pieces Bonus  

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