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Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion

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About The Game

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion is an expansion to the real-time strategy game Rome: Total War. As its name implies, this expansion takes place near the end of the Roman Empire, when it was being ravaged by a multitude of 'barbarian' hordes.
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Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion Review

By Alan Cranford |

If you managed to create a mighty ancient empire in Rome: Total War and you're looking for the next big challenge, then Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion should fit the bill. The expansion to last year's hit strategy game, Barbarian Invasion ups the challenge considerably from the original game. And you'll discover that the decline and fall of Rome is much tougher than its rise ever was.

It's supposed to be the decline and fall of Rome, but rewrite history your own way.

Barbarian Invasion introduces a ton of new content to the core game, as well as countless improvements. The expansion begins several hundred years after the campaign in Rome: Total War. The Roman Empire has become so large and unwieldy that it has split apart into eastern and western halves. Meanwhile, barbarian tribes and migrations of powerful newcomers introduce challengers to Rome's supremacy. You can play as either Roman faction, and you also can play as the barbarians themselves. The good news here is that you don't have to "unlock" them first by winning as a Roman faction, like you had to in the first game; these barbarians are playable from the get-go.

Pretty much any faction you choose will immediately highlight the main difference between Barbarian and the original game, though. Barbarian Invasion is a much more challenging game, partly because every faction starts out at some kind of disadvantage, and partly due to the improvements in the artificial intelligence. For example, if you select any of the barbarian tribes, such as the Saxons or the Franks, you'll quickly discover that you start with a very small amount of territory, and you're surrounded by lots of potentially hostile neighbors. Meanwhile, things aren't much easier for the two Roman factions, as Western Rome has a huge, vulnerable empire that's in decline, which makes it hard to defend. Eastern Rome, on the other hand, starts off on a much stronger position, but it'll need every resource at its disposal to fend off challenges from mighty rivals, such as the Sassanids and the dreaded Huns.

In order to carve out an empire in Barbarian Invasion, you're going to need to balance diplomacy and war to a greater extent than you did in the first game. That's because strategic-level artificial intelligence has improved considerably from the first game. Neighbors won't hesitate to stab you in the back if they see an opening, even if you're supposedly "friends." And when war happens, the AI no longer sends armies at you piecemeal. Instead, it amasses huge armies and sends them at you like some gigantic horde. Even on the "easy" difficulty level, the AI is relentless. For example, it will keep the pressure on a besieged city constantly, forcing you to send a relief force to lift the siege.

Battles are still full of carnage as thousands of men fight it out.

You can also win and lose cities through revolts. If a populace is unhappy, it may decide it's time to switch sides or simply rebel. Though you can manage the populace by constructing various buildings or lowering the tax rate, one of the new features in Barbarian Invasion deals with managing religion, which was an element that was somewhat missing in the first game. By the era of Barbarian Invasion, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and paganism all vie for followers. Religion is now a tool by which you can keep your people happy by constructing shrines to their faith. It can also cause problems for your side, as well. For example, if you capture a city with a different religion, you may cause unrest, especially if the official state religion and the religion of the people are different.

There are many welcome improvements in the strategic portion of Barbarian Invasion, particularly with the AI, which was always a bit too scatterbrained in the original game. That said, the naval combat in the expansion still feels a bit random; you can wage battle after battle and hardly ever see ships sink. Also, one perennial complaint still remains: When you queue up production for a city, the game immediately charges you for every building you add to the queue, even though actual production of many of those buildings won't begin for many turns. In other words, you're charged when you order the building, not when production of the building actually begins. This raises the micromanagement level a fair amount, since you might need to revisit cities constantly to add new production orders.

The real-time combat portion of Barbarian Invasion picks up nicely from the original, and, once again, you can lead huge armies in glorious 3D battle. There are some new formations and battlefield abilities at your disposal, such as the ability to have light infantry swim across a river. The biggest new battlefield feature, though, are night battles, and these are nice from both an aesthetic and strategic aspect. Night battles look spectacular, and you see the flickering torchlight illuminate your formations in the dark. You can also use night battles to divide up a superior force, as armies with generals who lack the night-attack ability can't reinforce one another at night like they normally do during the day.

The barbarians don't mess around. When they come at you, they really come at you.

Barbarian Invasion only ships with two historical battles, but the value of this expansion is in the overall improvements it makes to the core game, as well as the sheer challenge of the new single-player campaign. In many ways, Barbarian Invasion feels like a graduate course in Rome: Total War, and it'll appeal mainly to Rome fans looking for a fresh new challenge. Meanwhile, newcomers to Rome should familiarize themselves with the original game first, before tackling the barbarian horde.

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion Cheats

First push the "~" key then enter the following code:CheatEffectadd_money 20000get 20000 denariprocess_cq citynameComplete all buildings in queue in 1 turncreate_unit <settlement/character> <unit ID> <amount> <exp/armor/weapon>Create unit with given statstoggle_fowtoggle fog of war on/offadd_money 40000Receive 40000 denariadd_population Town/City 4000Adds to population, 4k max at a time though, and a _ needs to be used between two named cities/townscharacter_reset NameGives your player a second go (or more depending on how often you use it) just insert the characters name where name is ie. Klorni_Gastrousgive_trait "Character" "Trait" numberthe traits can be found on the board if you like and for number, some go up 2 5 some 4 and most are 3 so just experiment.give_ancillary Character ancillarySome ancillaryies only work for certain characters/factions so play around a little. this gives you retinue ie. bodyguards or oracles.
  • Family member traitsWhen in game press the ~ key, and enter the codes (replacing the words character name with your character's name) to give/remove the character trait in the right column.NOTE: use quotation marksNOTE: space between last " and number is optionalCheatEffectgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"1Confident Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"2Good Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"3Superior Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"4Great Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"5Legendary Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-1Remove Indifferent Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-2Remove Incompetent Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander" -3Remove Poor Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-4Remove Pathetic Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"1Confident Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"2Good Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"3Superior Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"4Great Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"5Heroic Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-1Remove Indifferent Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-2Remove Incompetent Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-3Remove Poor Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-4Remove Pathetic Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"1Confident in Defencegive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"2Good Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"3Superior Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"4Great Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"5Heroic Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-1Remove Indifferent Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-2Remove Incompetent Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-3Remove Poor Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-4Remove Pathetic Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"1Social Drinkergive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-2Remove Likes a Drinkgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-3Remove Drunkardgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-4Remove Drunken Loutgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-5Remove Sotgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-6Remove Paralyticgive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"1Strong Languagegive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"2Foul Mouthedgive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"3Swears Like a Troopergive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"4Irredeemably Foul Mouthedgive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-1Remove Miniongive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-2Remove Catamitegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-3Remove Aggressively Perversegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-4Remove Grotesquely Perversegive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"1Casual Adulterergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"2Sneaky Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"1Good Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"3Exceptional Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-2Remove Blatant Adulterergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-3Remove Womanisergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-4Remove Won't Take No for an Answergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-5Remove Sexual Predatorgive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"1Sobergive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"2Abstemiousgive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"3Teetotalgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-1Remove Poor Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-2Remove Rotten Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-3Remove Pathetic Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"1Obessional Trainergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"2Drillmastergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"3Martinetgive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-1Remove Poor Disciplinariangive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-2Remove Too Considerategive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-3Remove Kills With Kindnessgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"1Gate Breakergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"2Wall Breakergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"3Into the Breachgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"4Legendary Siege Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-1Remove Dislikes Attacking Wallsgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-2Remove Useless Besiegergive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-3Remove Pathetic Besiegergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"1Gate Keepergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"2Strong as Stonegive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"3None Shall Passgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"4Legendary City Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-1Remove Cowers Behind Wallsgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-2Remove Pathetic Defender of Citiesgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-3Remove Liability in Defensegive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"1Untouched by Feargive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"2Bravegive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"3Famously Courageousgive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"4Utterly Fearlessgive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"5Insanely Bravegive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-1Remove Doubtful Couragegive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-2Remove Morbidly Fearfulgive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-3Remove Craven Cowardgive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-4Remove Ruled be Feargive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-1Remove Rather Lazygive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-2Remove Lazygive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-3Remove Indolentgive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-4Remove Indolent Lardy Arsegive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"1Livelygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"2Very Livelygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"3Energeticgive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"4Blessed With Vitalitygive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"1Axebittengive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"2Sheildbitergive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"3Berserkergive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"1Distrusts Outsidersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"2Hates Strangersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"3Loathes Foreignersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-1Remove Welcoming to Foreignersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-2Remove Likes Strangersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-3Remove Fascinated by Outsidersgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-1Remove Faithlessgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-2Remove Atheistgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-3Remove Despises the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-4Remove Hates the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"1Devoutgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"2Religiousgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"3Honors the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"4Venerates the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"1War Chiefgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"2Mighty War Chiefgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"3Warlordgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"4Legendary Warlordgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"1Bureaucratgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"2Skilled Bureaucratgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"3Superb Administratorgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-1Remove Jobsworthgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-2Remove Administraively Ineptgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-3Remove Stunningly Incompetentgive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"1Outstanding Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"2Famous Oratorgive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"3Great Oratorgive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-1Remove Tedious Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-2Remove Boring Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-3Remove Boring Beyond Beliefgive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-4Remove Boring Little Titgive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"1Fluent Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"2Skilled Debatorgive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"3Rhetorical Exportgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"1Fond of Ribald Rymesgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"2Poetgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"3Epic Poetgive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"1Understanding of Strategygive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"2Stategic Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"3Stategistgive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"1Understanding of Tacticsgive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"2Tacticiangive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"3Understanding of Taticsgive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"1Tactical Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"2Tacticiangive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"3Understanding of Mathematicsgive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"1Understanding of Natural Philosophygive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"2Epert on Natural Philosophygive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"3Natural Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"1Political Animalgive_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"2PoliticianPoliticsSkill"give_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"3Consumate Politiciangive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"1Understanding of Logisticsgive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"2Logistical Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"3Logisticiangive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"1Philisophically inclinedgive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"2Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"3Abstruse Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "RabbleRouser"1Agitatorgive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"2Tub-Thumpergive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"3Rabblerousergive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"4Demagoguegive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"1Draughtsmangive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"2Architectgive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"3Great Architectgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"1Vanquishergive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"2Great Vanquishergive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"3Conquerorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"1Vistorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"2Famous Vistorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"3Conqueroring Herogive_trait "Character Name" "Epicurean"1Gourmet of Lifegive_trait "Character Name" "Epicurean"2Refined Tastesgive_trait "Character Name" "Epurean"3Rarified Tastesgive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-1Remove Restrainedgive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-2Remove Cold Mannergive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-3Remove Stoicgive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"1Sterngive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"2Spartangive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"3Austeregive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"1Lover of Beautygive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"2Connoissergive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"3Aesteticgive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-1Remove Gourmandgive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-2Remove Gluttongive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-3Remove Apician Gluttongive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-1Remove Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-2Remove Pig Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-3Remove Willfully Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-1Remove likes a fluttergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-2Remove Gamblergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-3Remove Inveterate Gamblergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-4Remove Ruled by luckgive_trait "Character Name" "IanR"1Self publicised
  • Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion Game Walkthrough

    --__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--Rome Total War__-__--__--__--__--__--__--__--
    __--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--Barbarian Invasion__--__--__--__--__--__--__--_
    ---------------------------- ----By Alek Kettenburg------------------------- /
     --------------------------------Start Date:12/06/10------------------------/
      -------------------------------end Date:12/12/10------------------------ /
       ------------------------------Type: Historical Battle FAQ--------------/
        -----------------------------Version 1.00--------------------------- /
         ----------------------------As of 12/05/10------------------------ /
          ---------------------------------------------------------------- /
           -------------------------------------------------------------- /
    --------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------
    Table of Contents----------------------------------you're looking at it genius.
    What are Historical Battles?---------------------------------------------[WAH3]
    Tips and Advice----------------------------------------------------------[TAA2]
    Battle of Badon Hill-----------------------------------------------------[BBH1]
    Battle of Chalons--------------------------------------------------------[BOH5]
    My Other Guides----------------------------------------------------------[MOG1]
    ------------------------------Introduction [ITO1]------------------------------
    Hello and welcome to my ninth guide. This is going to be a guide on how to
    beat all of the historical battles in the game. I decided to write this guide
    for 2 reasons. 1. The total war series is my favorite strategy game of all
    time. 2.there aren't many other places to find help for these battles and I
    know from personal experience that the hostorical battles can be hard at times.
    --------------------What are Historical Battles [WAH3--------------------------
    So now your probablly asking yourself, What are historical battles? Well
    historical battles are battles in the game with preset units that are meant
    to reenact battles from roman times.
    Unlike campaign battles or custom battles you do not get to deploy your units
    but you do get 15-30 seconds to reform your men before you come under attack.
    In almost all of the battles you will be at some sort of disadvantage like
    either have 300 less men or your opponents soldiers have double the upgrades.
    There are some historical inaccuracies between how the game portrays it and
    what actually happened Such as most of the battles where fought with 10,000 or
    more men on each side rather then 900 on each side.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the guide.
    -------------------------------Tips and Advice [TAA2]--------------------------
    I highly suggest you read this if you are new to the game.
    1. Use all of your units to your advantage. It doesn't matter if you only have
    100 men at the end of the battle, the only thing that matters is that you win
    the battle.
    2. Never leave Cavalry in combat for to long especially against spearmen. So
    charge the flanks of the enemy soldiers then if they don't mediately route
    pull your horses out and then charge them again.
    3. Archers can work as melee units if you are running low on infantry.
    4. Always keep your general out of danger. Keeping your mens morale up is very
    important when your opponent has 500 more men then you.
    5. Even though at times the odds seem bad the game will usually give you some
    sort of tactical advantage so try to figure this out Or continue to read this
    guide and I will tell you.
    6. Never charge cavalry in to spear men head on!
    7. You can pause the game and still order your troops. This will let you make
    better decisions because you won't be under pressure.
    8. Never chase enemies with infantry. If your enemies infantry starts to route
    do not chase them because you have very limited amounts of soldiers and chasing
    a few soldiers of cavalry is pretty low on your priority list.
    -------------------------------Walkthrough [WKT3]------------------------------
    Before I start the guide there are a few things you should know.
    1. For the most part the computer is very predictable but the computer is not
    guaranteed to do what I say they will do so be prepared to think on your
    2. Do not expect to win any of these battles on your first try so stay calm
    and persevere.
    3. listen to the computers intro to the battles because they sometimes give you
    helpful information.
    4. There is more then one way to beat any one of these battles so my way may
    not be the easiest way of doing it.
    5. If you have a alternate strategy  please don't hesitate to e-mail me at (Note: make sure to include rome total war in the
    This is the basic format I will use for the rest of the guide.
    --------------------------Name of the battle-----------------------------------
                               Battle info (game description)
                    List of all the units in the battle.
    Name of unit
    soldiers per unit
    experience 1-9
    Attack upgrades bronze, silver, gold
    Defense upgrades bronze, silver, gold
    Number of units
    -------------------------------Battle of Badon Hill  [BBH1]--------------------
    If your having trouble check out this video:
                                  ---Game Description---
                                       Badon Hill
    Objectives: Keep both your General and the allied general alive. Destroy or
    rout the enemy
    Although we have no proof of King Arthur's Existance his legend is enduring.
    The following battle is a recreation of a possible battle between a
    Romano-British Warlord called Artorius and the Saxons.
    Artorius Castus (Arthur) the leader of the Britons is at war with the Saxons
    invaders of his land. If he fails, then the Pagan Saxons will plunge the people
    of Britannia into a new dark age of cruelty and Slaughter.
    Artorius' Ally, Lord Almalric, has chosen to make a stand against the Saxon
    mob on Badon Hill. Now he is surrounded by warriors baying for his blood. If
    he goes down, Artorius will have lost a friend, and may have lost his kingdom.
    With Covering fire from nearby Onagers, You should order Artorius' Troops to
    ford or swim the river and then fight their way through the gathering
    darkness. Only speed adn the courage of your men can save Amalric, rally the
    people of Britannia, and Secure Artorius' throne!
    General: Artorius Castus
    Warlord      | Graal Knights | Coastal Levies | Sarmatian Auxilia|
    Soldiers: 12 | Soldiers: 20  | Soldiers: 40   | Soldiers: 27     |
    Experience: 5| Experience: 2 | Experience: 2  | Experience: 2    |
    Attack: Gold | Attack: bronze| Attack: bronze | Attack: bronze   |
    Defense: Gold| Defense: none | Defense: bronze| Defense: none    |
    Units: 1     | Units: 1      | Units: 1       | Units: 3         |
    Bucellarii     | Monks          | Mercenary Equites Veteranii|
    Soldiers: 40   | Soldiers: 12   | Soldiers: 27               |
    Experience: 2  | Experience: 2  | Experience: 2              |
    Attack: bronze | Attack: bronze | Attack: bronze             |
    Defense: bronze| Defense: bronze| Defense: none              |
    Units: 1       | Units: 1       | Units: 1                   |
    Hounds of Culann| Buccellarii  | British Legionaries| Archers        |
    Soldiers: 16    | Soldiers: 40 | Soldiers: 40       | Soldiers: 40   |
    Experience: 2   | Experience: 2| Experience: 1      | Experience: 2  |
    Attack: bronze  | Attack: none | Attack: bronze     | Attack: bronze |
    Defense: bronze | Defense: none| Defense: bronze    | Defense: bronze|
    Units: 2        | Units: 1     | Units: 2           | Units: 2       |
    General: Amalric
    Chosen Warlord  | Onagers         | Spear Warband|
    Soldiers: 12    | Soldiers: 16    | Soldiers: 60 |
    Experience: none| Experience: none| Experience: 2|
    Attack: Gold    | Attack: none    | Attack: Gold |
    Defense: Gold   | Defense: none   | Defense: Gold|
    Units: 1        | Units: 5        | Units: 4     |
    ---Saxons 1---
    General: Captain Sido
    Warlord      | Saxon Hearth Troops| Levy Spearmen | Mountain Nobles|
    Soldiers: 12 | Soldiers: 41       | Soldiers: 60  | Soldiers: 27   |
    Experience: 3| Experience: 3      | Experience: 1 | Experience: 3  |
    Attack: none | Attack: Silver     | Attack: bronze| Attack: Silver |
    Defense: Gold| Defense: Gold      | Defense: Gold | Defense: Gold  |
    Units: 1     | Units: 1           | Units: 2      | Units: 1       |
    Hunters        |
    Soldiers: 40   |
    Experience: 1  |
    Attack: Silver |
    Defense: bronze|
    Units: 2       |
    ---Saxons 2---
    General: Captain Marcuui
    Saxon Hearth Troops| Levy Spearmen | Warlord       | Hunters       |
    Soldiers: 41       | Soldiers: 60  | Soldiers: 12  | Soldiers: 40  |
    Experience: 3      | Experience: 1 | Experience: 1 | Experience: 1 |
    Attack: bronze     | Attack: bronze| Attack: bronze| Attack: bronze|
    Defense: Gold      | Defense: Gold | Defense: Gold | Defense: Gold |
    Units: 3           | Units: 6      | Units: 1      | Units: 2      |
    Saxon Keel    |
    Soldiers: 81  |
    Experience: 1 |
    Attack: bronze|
    Defense: Gold |
    Units: 3      |
    This battle can either be very easy or very frustrating depending on how
    stupid your allied general decides to be. Since your allied general must
    survive in order for you to win you have to make a mad dash to him since he
    tends to act really reckless and stupid and will jump into a wall of spears in
    about 5 minutes.
    This is a river battle so normally I would say that you should just sit back
    and wait for them to come to you but since this is timed and not to mention the
    fact that the friendly onagers will most likely kill a good portion of your
    army. Luckily your opponents infantry is very low quality your cavalry should
    have no problem bashing their way threw them.
    Once the battle begins move your General and all of your cavalry down the hill
    and line them up behind your infantry. Move all of your infantry and cavalry
    across the river and engage the enemy infantry.
    Now Continue to engage then enemy infantry with your infantry then flank them
    with your cavalry. Once you have defeated a about 30% of the enemy army move
    your General and 3 units of cavalry to meat up with your allied general and
    keep one unit of cavalry to continue to support your infantry.
    Once your cavalry reaches the hill the enemy soldiers will probably be engaged
    with your allied infantry so move your cavalry around and flank them and they
    should route easily.
    Afterwards some more soldiers will come out of the forest so use one unit to
    distract them and then flank them with the other 3 and they should also route.
    Now all you need to do is finish off the rest of the enemy army and mow down
    the enemy archers.
    Note: make sure to keep a unit of cavalry around your allied general because
    he is really stupid and tends to get himself killed.
    If your having trouble check out this video:
    -------------------------------Battle of Chalons [BOH5]------------------------
    If your having trouble then check out this video link:
                                 ---Game Description---
    The fate of a once mighty Western Roman Empire hangs in the balance.
    For Years, Attila the Hun, Supreme commander of a terrifying nomadic horde,
    the man known as the 'Scourge of God', has plagued the Continent of Europe.
    City after city has been sacked, tribe after tribe destroyed as Attila's
    peerless horse warriors have relentlessly crushed any foolish enough
    to stand against them. Even the Still-powerful Eastern Roman Empire quails the
    relentless Hunnic horde, paying huge sums in tribute for the Huns to just stay
    The Romans of the western empire have looked on with growing horror as the Hun,
    with there scarred devilish faces, thrust down through Roman-occupied Gaul.
    Burning, looting, and pillaging as they draw even closer to the unprotected,
    rich cities and soft, fertile farmlands of central Italy.
    The Roman general, Flavius Aetius, has raised an army to oppose them. Having
    also persuaded his erstwhile enemy Theoderic, King of the Visigoths, to join
    him in repelling the invaders, Aetius marches to relieve the besieged city
    of Orleans, offering battle at nearby Chalons.
    Attila and his host of Huns must crush the Roman force which stands between
    him and his destiny as master of an entire continent.
    General: Attila the Hun
    Warlord        | Steppe Spearmen| Steppe Swordsmen| Steppe Heavy Spearmen|
    Soldiers: 24   | Soldiers: 120  | Soldiers: 81    | Soldiers: 80         |
    Experience: 6  | Experience: 2  | Experience: 2   | Experience: 2        |
    Attack: Silver | Attack: none   | Attack: none    | Attack: none         |
    Defense: Silver| Defense: Silver| Defense: Silver | Defense: Silver      |
    Units: 1       | Units: 2       | Units: 2        | Units: 1             |
    Hunnic Heavy Cavalry| Hun Lancers     | Tribal Cavalry  | Hunnic Elite Warriors
    Soldiers: 66        | Soldiers: 66    | Soldiers: 66    | Soldiers: 66
    Experience: none    | Experience: none| Experience: none| Experience: none
    Attack: none        | Attack: none    | Attack: none    | Attack: none
    Defense: none       | Defense: none   | Defense: none   | Defense: none
    Units: 3            | Units: 1        | Units: 2        | Units: 3
    Hunnic Archers  |
    Soldiers: 66    |
    Experience: none|
    Attack: none    |
    Defense: none   |
    Units: 1        |
    Warlord         | Goth Noble Warriors| Goth Horse Archers| Gothic Spearmen |
    Soldiers: 24    | Soldiers: 54       | Soldiers: 54      | Soldiers: 120   |
    Experience: none| Experience: none   | Experience: none  | Experience: none|
    Attack: none    | Attack: none       | Attack: none      | Attack: none    |
    Defense: none   | Defense: none      | Defense: none     | Defense: none   |
    Units: 1        | Units: 1           | Units: 1          | Units: 1        |
    Imperial German Bodyguard| Limitanei       | Foederati Infantry|
    Soldiers: 24             | Soldiers: 80    | Soldiers: 81      |
    Experience: none         | Experience: none| Experience: none  |
    Attack: none             | Attack: none    | Attack: none      |
    Defense: none            | Defense: none   | Defense: none     |
    Units: 1                 | Units: 2        | Units: 2          |
    Comitatenses    | Auxilia Palatina| Mercenary Golden Band| Scholae Palantinae |
    Soldiers: 81    | Soldiers: 81    | Soldiers: 80         | Soldiers: 54       |
    Experience: none| Experience: none| Experience: none     | Experience: none   |
    Attack: none    | Attack: none    | Attack: none         | Attack: none       |
    Defense: none   | Defense: none   | Defense: none        | Defense: none      |
    Units: 3        | Units: 1        | Units: 1             | Units: 2           |
    Foederati Cavalry| Alan horse Archers| Catholic Priest | Mercenary Alan Cavalry
    Soldiers: 54     | Soldiers: 54      | Soldiers: 24    | Soldiers: 54         |
    Experience: none | Experience: none  | Experience: none| Experience: none     |
    Attack: none     | Attack: none      | Attack: none    | Attack: none         |
    Defense: none    | Defense: none     | Defense: none   | Defense: none        |
    Units: 2         | Units: 1          | Units: 1        | Units: 1             |
    Carriage Ballistae|
    Soldiers: 30      |
    Experience: none  |
    Attack: none      |
    Defense: none     |
    Units: 1          |
    This battle is a little tricky to explain because the enemy army is very
    unpredictable. The following strategy should work about 75% of the time.
    Since at the start of the battle the Roman infantry will murder your infantry
    So you will have to divide the enemy army in order to win.
    So at the beginning of the battle send your horse archers on your right flank
    and the 2 units of cavalry that are with your mane infantry force over to the
    the hill to the right of your army. Also form your infantry into a line with
    no gaps in it and move the line about 5 meters back.
    Now have your archers on the left flank go into in loose formation and have
    all your horse archers start to fire on the enemy cavalry. Now lets take a
    look at the 2 horse horse archers and 2 units of heavy cavalry that you sent
    out earlier. Since you have heavy cavalry with them your opponent will continue
    to send single units of cavalry and infantry to attack. So when this happens
    wait for them to come up the hill and then distract them with your archers then
    flank them. keep doing this till the enemy army reaches your infantry line.
    Once your opponents infantry meats your infantry move the hidden cavalry on
    the left flank and the cavalry you sent to the hill to come and flank the
    infantry. Just the amount of Cavalry is enough to cause the enemy to route.
    Note: if you see a unit of gothic spearmen in a circle do not attack them with
    your cavalry instead surround them with whatever infantry you have left.
    After the mane infantry force routes its just a matter of superior infantry
    against low quality cavalry.
    If your having trouble then check out this video link:
    -------------------------------------FAQ [FAQS]--------------------------------
    1.Q. What are Historical Battles?
      A. Look at the table contents, I have a section that explains this.
    2.Q. I found some spelling errorssomethig you missed how can I contact you?
      A. If you have found a spelling error you can e-mail me at
    3.Q. Your strategies suck!!!
      A. not really a question but if you have a alternate strategy please e-mail
    me at the address in the previous question.
    4.Q. Your strategies are really hard to follow.
      A. again not really a question but I am working on some youtube videos on
    how to go threw these battles but first i'm going to see if people want it. So
    if you would like to see some youtube videos please e-mail me at
    ------------------------------------My other Guides [MOG1]---------------------
    God of war chains of Olympus-
    X-men Origins Wolverine- (PSP)
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    --------------------------------Credits [CS23]---------------------------------
    1. for making such a great site.
    2. My brother for always for being my battle buddy.
    3. the makers of this game, keep making these great games.
    4. My MOM for buying this game for me for Christmas.
    5. Monster hunting freedom unite for sucking so much that I returned it and got
    the money to buy this game.
    --------------------------------Copyright [CYT2]-------------------------------
    This guide may not be reproduced or changed in any way whatsoever except for
    personal or private usage. It should not be placed on any website without my
    written permission.
    Copyright 2010 Alek Kettenburg
    Thanks for reading

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