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Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen

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High-concept is one thing; bad concept is another altogether.
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Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen

Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen Review

By Alan Cranford |

Taking the phrase "space opera" a bit too literally, French developer Cryo has created this science-fiction adventure game based on Richard Wagner's The Ring. And while Wagner's opera seems like a questionable premise for a computer game even as it stands, setting it in the "40th century AD" just seems like a mistake. High-concept is one thing; bad concept is another altogether.

Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen is an adventure game in the Myst tradition, filled with strange locations and environment-based puzzles. The graphics engine is actually quite good and provides the sort of freedom of view that was the Holy Grail about two years ago when games such as this were still commonplace. While you still can only move along predetermined paths, you can look all around at will from each stopping point, with little degradation in graphic quality.

And while this technical accomplishment is notable, it would be more so were the game better looking. The technical quality of Ring's graphics may be great, but the design itself is uninspired despite the influence of French comic book artist Philippe Druillet, whose distinctive work influenced the look of the game. Characters look bizarre but not very interesting - Alberich the dwarf tyrant looks suspiciously like a cyborg version of a Blue Meanie. For the most part, the environments are bland and colorless.

The confusing story, which takes elements from the source material and mixes them with a paper-thin science-fiction premise, doesn't help matters either. For instance, in the first chapter of the game, you must steal gold from the Rhinemaidens in order to forge the titular ring. This pretty much follows Das Rheingold, the first opera of Wagner's cycle. But in order to steal the gold, you must first drive around in a little mine car that uses a monster for an engine, and find some antigravity cells for your boots.

Further, the lackluster puzzles serve only to drive the final nail into the coffin. The puzzles essentially involve hunting around the screen for hotspots then trying every object in your inventory with every object you can interact with. There's very little rhyme or reason to the logic behind the puzzles and, worse, there's little to no information as to what exactly you are supposed to be doing at any moment. This means progressing through the game becomes a process of blindly stumbling upon some successful string of actions. But to make matters even more frustrating, not only can you die in the game whilst blindly stumbling, but you will undoubtedly do so dozens of times without warning. And dying in Ring doesn't even refer to death in the traditional sense: The only evidence that you've made a fatal mistake are eulogies like "To renounce love, you must have a love to renounce. You have failed." Heavy stuff indeed, but perhaps a bit too severe a punishment for trying to open a door.

Of course, the one great part of Ring is the soundtrack. Performed by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the sound quality is good and makes playing the game more bearable. Unfortunately, its presence is sporadic, but welcome nonetheless when it does come in to underscore some moment in the game.

There are many problems with Ring, but the greatest one is that it is so utterly uninviting. A cold world filled with uninteresting, incoherent characters, bad voice acting, puzzles involving little or no logic, and an almost absolute lack of direction all add up to create a world that is unpleasant for all but its musical accompaniment.

Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen Game Walkthrough

                    _______   |__|    ____      ____
                    _  __   |  |   /        / ___
                    |  | /   |  |  |   |    / /_/  >
                    |__|      |__|  |___|  /  ___  /
                                         /  /_____/

                   T   H   E    L   E   G   E   N   D   
                           O   F    T   H   E

      N     I     E     B     E     L     U     N     G     E     N 

                             version 1.2

                Walkthrough written by Bostjan Cigan.
                 Copyright (c) 1998-2003 Bostjan Cigan.
                         All rights reserved.


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       2. Font Check
       3. Author info
       4. Contact info
              Section 1: Story, game info
              Section 2: Family tree
              Section 3: Game walktrough
                      3.1 Alberich walktrough
                      3.2 Loge walktrough
                      3.3 Siegmund walktrough
                      3.4 Brunhilde walktrough
                      3.5 End
              - Addon -
              Ring Tips
              - FAQ Section -

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                   II. W A L K T H R O U G H   I N F O


*version 0.9* - BETA

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To read this document you must have a compatible font. The advisable
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The author of this walkthrough is Bostjan Cigan.


Let me give a few rules if you are sending questions by e-mail.


e-mail: ringwalkc@yahoo.com

                      III. W A L K T H R O U G H



In the beginning was the legend of Eddas, the founding mythology of the
Germanic people - an extraordinary 'chanson de geste' relating the
birth of the cosmos and laying bare the complexity of the human soul.

And then there is Richard Wagner, a towering figure of the 19th century.
Wagner immersed himself in the Eddas. He transformed them, made them
his own and presented them, to an age imbued with an ardent, excessive
spirit, in the form of an immense operatic work; the four days of the
Cycle of the Ring, the legend of the Niebelungen, with which his name
Would forever be associated.

For the very first time, a musician wrote the 'scenario' and libretto,
designed costumes and scenery, and even dreamed up a theatre capable
of staging his work. In short, Wagner impased his own, intensely 
personal vision of the world on the long saga of The Ring.


The Cycle of the Ring is formed by a long series of journeys back and
forth between past and present in search of 'formed worlds' - the 
world preceding that of men for the Germans, the world of the
Ancients and oral tradition for the author of Eddas, the world
of ancestors for Wagner.

Faced with the world developed by Philippe Druillet - a flamboyant
universe turned squarely towards the future - we have endeavoured
to make use of the constant temporal bottomless pits.

Druillet's universe is that of 'the after-world': in our addaptation,
his search becomes a quest for all these vanished worlds. The earth
has been left in ruins, and so too has our 20th century obsession
for storing, keeping, filing away and preserving. But if the earth
is no more than a distant memory, what shape does this memory take?
An impalpable deposit, a tiny yet infinite treasure: the memory of
a man, the brain of a 'metascient' - ISH.


One character will act as our guide through the Wagnerian labyrinth -
our link, our motivation and our reward. ISH, the Metascient, the
human survivor, who has been entrusted by a Goddess to search in the
treshold of his memory for the threads of the legendary opera.

You are going to embody this Metascient from space and take control
over four different key characters who will allow you to revive the
great saga.

But beware: the cursed Ring will not unfold easily its secrets to


Future generations will luckily never experience the anxiety and 
emptiness that haunted us from birth. We were Earth's orphans. Poor 
indeed was humanity deprived on its planet, of its archives. Crushed
under the tyranny of the FOUR, the universe itself, was a little

Today, one wonders how we could sacrifice our lives to this daunting
task of reconstitution rather than trying to improve our sorry living
conditions. Learn that nothing is worse for a man than being born
without memories. And so we worked as desperate slaves for our own
utopia, seeking the faintest traces of our culture, therebye our very

Thanks to 'Mnemogenetics', a science for which the origins and
creators we still ignore, we embarked in our own memories as pilgrims
looking there for the heritage of humanity.

I don't know how we had the intuition that we would find ourselves again
in rediscovering our legends. No doubt ERDA had patiently prepared the
way. The Four let us pursue our efforts in exchange for the theatre
performances; for them it seemed like an innocent way of keeping their
populations entertained.

I understood only much later why I had been chosen to put back together
the RING cycle. The FOUR saw it as an apology of power, vindication for
the force that would convince me to take a part in their game. I now
recognise the subtle influence of ERDA in this error. As I played both
parts of hero and villain, I was but an empty page upon which one would
print humanity's faults and virtues. ERDA wanted me to understand Evil
in order to fight it and to choose Good for myself so that I might know
how to defend it.

May the generations to come remember that the greatest threat lies
primarily in forget.

Any horror, any catalysm can repeat itself.

Each and every one of us is a Keeper of the human temple. 


In the game Ring you will play different characters but they are
all connected. Here is the family tree to show you.

                                  ALBA                       RIESEN
   Erda                ______     ______                ______   ______
     |                |      |   |      |    Loge      |      | |      |
     |                |      |   |      |   ______     |      | |      |
     |                |      |   |      |  |      |    |      | |      |
     |                |______|   |______|  |      |    |______| |______|
     |                 Wotan      Freia    |      |     Fafner   Fasolt
     |_________________|| |||______|       |______| 
     |          ________| ||_______________________________
     |         |          |                ________________|____________
     |         |          |               |                |            |
     |         |          |           ______           ______       ______
     |         |          |          |      |         |      |     |      |
     |         |          |          |      |         |      |     |      |
  ______   __  __  __  __ |          |      |         |      |     |      |
 |      | |  ||  ||  ||  ||          |______|         |______|     |______|
 |      | |  ||  ||  ||  ||          ______         Rheintochter
 |      | |  ||  ||  ||  ||         |      |
 |______| |__||__||__||__||         |   ?  |
Brunhilde                 |         |      |
                          |         |______|
            WALKUREN      |            |
                                |         ______       ______
                                |        |      |     |      |
                                |        |      |_____|      |
                                |        |      |     |      |
                                |        |______|     |______|
                                |        Alberich       Mime
                                |              NIBELUNGEN
             ______             |             ______        ______
            |      |            |            |      |      |      |
            |      |____________|____________|      |______|      |
            |      |                         |      |      |      |
            |______|                         |______|      |______|
            Siegmund                         Sieglinde      Hunding
               |                                | |            |
               |________________________________| |____________|
                           WALSUNGEN                NEIDINGEN



The first adventure starts with Alberich.

After the movie ends, talk with the Dwarf. Now look for the entry on the 
right and go in. Click on the jar and you will get a frog. Look for the 
title on the wall and try to take it. The Mime won't give it to you. Use 
your brutality on the Mime and you will receive it. Also take Loge's Flame 
(the triangle fire shaped thing).

Now go out of the room and you will see a motorbike. Ride on it and click 
on the pannel (a button is on it). Insert the creature in from your 
inventory and then give him the minerals. The bike will start.

Now you must go all to the end of the tracks and then turn back and go all 
the end to the tracks. You will end up in a room with a control panel.

Click on the button and a virtual pannel will appear. You will notice that 
a piece is missing. Take it from your inventory (if you haven't got it, go 
back to Mime, look in the corner and try to take it; Mime will refuse to 
give it to you so use brutality on him and then return to this control 
pannel) and place it in. Now you must push the button in the exact order 
shown here:
        ______ ______
       |      |      |
       |  2   |  5   |
       |      |      | 
|      |      |      |
|  1   |   4  |   3  |
|      |      |      |
       |      |
       |  --  |--> This is just the pannel where you have to push these 
       |      |    buttons in the order showed above.

Now the computer is active. Click on the 2nd button on the pannel and a 
picture will appear, but only for a second. Use brutality on it. Now a map 
of the mind will be shown. You will notice a blue pipe. Move the blue pipe 
to the yellow one so that a new tunnel will appear (save your game before 
going down if you don't know which one exactly and then try again).

Now go down the tunnel back bellow and you will stop at a door. You have to 
shape it so that a mouth appears (all three block are red).

Now open all the compartments. In one you will find a diving helmet. Now 
check the big egg and take the anti-g materia from it.

Now go back to the control pannel and alter the map again. Move the tube 
that you have moved before back to its original position (a blue pipe will 
reapear again). Now move the block right from this pipe and the room should 
be floded. Now go back to your bike and to the end of the tracks.

Go inside and look for two pannels (one is on the left and one is on the 
right). Turn the lever to green.

Now go to the end of the room and click on the headed-like button. Insert 
Loge's tear in it (a triangle fire shaped thing in your inventory). Then go 
to the right and press the lever.

When you come into the room, use the diving helmet on the water. When you 
are inside the water click in any direction.


In the magic world you will find four women that will try to distract you. 
Whenever a woman says anything to you, don't click on it, just click the 
path to go on. When you will go on and pass all the four women you should 
have four keys in your inventory.

Now you will come in a cave. Use the last key on the door and go on. You 
will notice a fish on the right. Take this fish and put it in the bigger 
aquarium on the left (a big circle is located there; put the fish in 
there). A dolphin will appear and you will receive a medallion. Enter the 
new room and use the key 'Disgust' on the back of the door and go on.

Go on to the next room and click on the first water circle. Give the 
medallion to the woman and go to the second circle. You will receive your 
medallion again. Go to the third circle and use the diving helmet on it. 
Give the medallion again to the woman.

Now the door should be open. Go on and use the key 'Mistrust' on the back 
of the door and go on. Now use the brutality on the mirror and you will 
receive the anti-g cell. Pass the door (use anti-g on you) and use the key 
'Selfishness' on the back of the door.

You will find another woman. Click on her and then click on her again. At 
the end of this sequence enter the last door and use your last key on it.

Enter the lift and put your diving helmet on before proceeding. Take the 
gold and you should reaper back at the mine.


Now go back to where you have been talking with Mime on the start of the 
adventure. Now go back the pannels again (one on the left and one on the 
right) and put both levers to green again. Use Loge's tears on the 
compartment again. 

Note: You could have talked to a Dwarf in the part before you go in the 
room where you have to put Loge's tears in it. It is not so important 
because you can finish the adventure without it.


3.2 LOGE

After the movie you will reapear at the mines again. Talk with Mime and go 
to the first room on the left. Go down the elevator.

Talk to the Dwarf and at the end of the talk hit him with your fire attack.

Head to the computer room. Press the second button again. Change the blue 
pipe to the yellow pipe. Now turn back on go down the tunnel.

Don't try to solve this puzzle. Just use your fire attack on it.

Open all the three compartments and take the 'Dragon', 'Centaur', and the 
'Phoenix' buttons. Take the 'Gold' from the cages right from the egg.

Return back up to the control room. Flood the compartments by moving the 
block on the right up.

Return to where you have talked with Mime. Give him the 'Gold' and you will 
receive a cage. Go out the room again.

After the long talk with Alberich, a fight will begin. In the first fight 
use the 'Centaur' button. In the second fight use the 'Dragon' button and 
in the final fight use the 'Phoenix' button.

You will be with Wotan again. You will notice an egg on the right of you 
and then use fire on it. You will have to solve the 'Four seasons puzzle'. 
Solve it like this:
 __| 6|______
|            |
|  1      2  |
|            |
|            |
|  3      4  |

1 - SPRING (the picture with a tree and a house)
2 - SUMMER (Sun)
3 - AUTUM (the picture with an old tree)
4 - WINTER (winter picture)

It might take a few minutes so be patient. In the end put the final block 
(6) down.

Another puzzle will reapear. This is a tough one. I have been struggling 
with this one for days until I have just been pushing the numbers one by 
one. Put the solve was very simple. Just put in the combination '365' or 
'366'. As the previous puzzle were parts of the year, here are days. There 
are 365 days or 366 days in a leap year.

Now put in the crown and the ring and you will save Freia.

Now go up on the stairs and use the strange machine. You have to have the 
combination 'The Rainbow Leads to Walhalla'. Use the little boat and if a 
part isn't the wright word, go with the boat on another level and press the 
title so that it will move around.

This puzzle is also though. I've had no clue in the beginning until I 
finaly started to listen the music in the background. The keyboard is 
divided into fourteen strings. Use the picture bellow to help you and type 
the combination 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,14,13,11,12; I hope it is right.
 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
|1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 |9 |10|11|12|13|14|--> Enter the combination:
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,14,13,
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |    11,12

Now the rainbow should appear.



The third adventure starts in a forest. Go straight to the path (away from 
the house in the south direction) and you should see a house in front of 
you. Go into the house. Now go up the stairs. Open the drawer, take the 
mould and the metals then head to the strange machine on the left. 

Push the left part of the sink and the water will go on the left. Put 
Loge's flame on it and then put the mould and after that the metals. Go to 
the sink again and click on the left of the sink to release more water.

Go to the most left of the room, open the drawer and a strange creature 
should appear. That is a golem. You must put the metals in in the right 
order. Put them in in this order:

  1   2   3                ----------------------------------
  |   |   |               | Put the metals in in this order: |
 ____________              ----------------------------------
|            | -- 4       | 1 - Lead             | 
|            |            | 2 - Steel            |
|            | -- 5       | 3 - Silver           |
|            |            | 4 - Gold             |
|            | -- 6       | 5 - Tin              |
|            |            | 6 - Copper           |
|            | -- 7       | 7 - Quicksilver      |
|____________|             ----------------------

You will receive a GOLEM for all of your hard work. Go to the top of the 
house and go out. Go to the 1st part of the bridge and take the fishing 
stick from the box. Now go back up. Go to the end of the bridge and use 
'Wolf instinct' on the tree. Use the golem and the tree and the golem 
should bring you 'Poison berries - violet colour' and a worm and an ingot 
for all your work.

Now go back on the 1st floor, open the closet and take the bow and the 
chicken out. Go to the right of the room and put in the purple berries. Now 
press on the button and you will receive 'POISON'.

Now look at the drawer where you have taken the mould out. Look at the 
bottom of that closet and you will se a hole. Use the golem on it. He will 
come out. Give him the poison and send him in again. You should receive an 
ingot again.

Now go back to the forest and give a chicken to the dog and you will 
receive another ingot. Now go back to the path but don't go to the right 
again, take the left turn and you should see a pyramid. Go up and take all 
the pamphlets out (papers with writing on it). Put them in in this order:
-|-  Put the 'LOVE' pamphlet in the hole with this symbol on the top.

/   Put the 'IMAGINATION' pamphlet in the hole with this symbol (it is a      
     half circle)

 | _
 |/  Put the 'PATIENCE' pamphlet in the hole that has an H symbol above 
| _
 |   Put the 'JUDGEMENT AND DIRECTION' pamphlet in the hole that has a  
      four symbol above it.
( . ) Put the 'MOVEMENT' pamphlet in the hole with the symbol on the left.
( )   Put the 'DESTINY' pamphlet in the hole that has a circle with an 
      arrow above it.

( . ) Put the 'WILL' pamphlet in the hole that has a circle and a circle in 
      it above.

Now you should go in a dark cave. Use your wolf instinct and put the 
picture up like this:
| . |
| | |--> The picture must be above

Then press the button and you should reapear at Siegmunds house.

Now go out the house, use your boat and go to the berries sight. Take some 
orange beries from it. Now go to the 1st floor of your house, use the 
berries on the machine and make a 'BERRY DRINK' out of it. Now ride your 
boat in the house and press the lever.

Go out, use the bow on the fire and then fire at the boat.

Now go up on the bridge (the 2nd floor of the house and then go out) and go 
there where you have taken the fishing stick. Now go and put the stick in 
it and you should catch a fish with a key in it.

Now go back to the pyramid, use the key on the 7th brick and place the 3 
ignots in the hole (if you don't have 3; 1 is located in the lower corner 
of the drawer; one is located at the strange dog; one is located in the 
berry bush). You will receive a wolf bandage.

Now go to the house, knock on it and talk to Siegmunds sister. Talk to the 
man, use the GOLEM and the sleeping potion on the cup bellow the table. 
After the man is asleep, go out, place the two wolf bandages on the sword 
(it is located south from the house on a strange rock place) and you will 
receive it. Now go back to the house. Watch the ending.



Enter the palace and go two spots up. Then turn left and talk to the 
monster in the Necropolis. Now go one spot up. Go into the room on the left 
and use your magic lance on it. Now go out, go on the top of the stairs, 
look front and use your magic lance on the falcon. The mummy will go into 
the water. Take the bark. Go out.

Now go up for one spot and enter. Take the flower on the ground. Look at 
the hanging man. Look at the bottom and click at the pannel. First put the 
golem parts in the right place and then a puzzle will apear. Solve it like 

  |     1      2      3      4      5      6      7      |
1 |                          H                           |
  |                                                      |
2 |    HD1                                       HD2     |
  |                                                      |
3 |                                 HE                   |
  |                                                      |
4 |                          B                           |
  |                                                      |
5 |                                                      |
  |                                                      |
6 |                                                      |
  |                                                      |
7 |                  F1             F2                   |

H   - Head
HD1 - Hand 1
HD2 - Hand 2
HE  - Hearth (place it at the end)
B   - Body
F1  - Foot 1
F2  - Foot 2

Now the phoenix will appear. You will receive a feather.

Now go up again. Take the apple and the dragon sword.

Go to the place where the mummy was, go to the left room and place the 
dragon sword in the dragon. Next, take the horn. Take the dragon sword 
back. Go back to the first room, cut the ropes with your dragon sword and 
use the horn on the sky. The phoenix will appear and you will receive a 
leaf. Now you should have a leaf, a flower, an apple and a board. Go to the 
room where the man is and place these items on the boards (just try each 
one on every one). You will receive a thread.

Go to up one level and you will be able to open the door. All you have to 
do now is click on the clock and place the items in the bottom one in 
another. It isn't so hard. When you come in, look at the table (down not 
up). Stop the ball in the middle (just try all buttons). When the ball 
stops, put a thread on the wall wheels on the right.


3.5 END

You'll find yourself at the Ring circle again. Check your inventory and you 
will see 'Death' in it. Place the death in the center of the circle and see 
the final sequence. Congratulations, you've just finished Ring!

Ring Tips

Tip 1: Scanning locations

Scan each location carefully for areas you can explore, while keeping a 
close eye on the cursor to see if it changes to the Movement icon. 
Sometimes the "hot spot" indicating a new location is quite small.

Tip 2: Cursor changes

If the cursor changes to indicate that an item in the game screen can be 
manipulated with an inventory item, try using every item you have in your 
inventory, even if it doesn't make sense. 

Tip 3: Order of play

Although you can play any of the four Ring segments in any order you like, 
you can avoid some continuity issues if you tackle them in this sequence: 
"Alberich," "Loge," "Siegmund," and "Bruennhilde."

Tip 4: Synopses

Check out synopses of the four operas that make up the Ring Cycle--The 
Rhine Gold, The Valkyries, Siegfried, and Twilight of the Gods--to get a 
better idea of what's going on in Ring. (Unfortunately, you'll also 
discover how much has been left out of the game.)

FAQ Section

Q: Ring sometimes stops. Why?
A: Install the latest version of Direct-X, update your drivers, maybe you  
   do not have a compatible machine (166mhz is recommended), or install a 
   patch from www.arxeltribe.com.

Q: Who made Ring?
A: Well a silly question, but: Ring was made by Arxel Tribe, a company 
   located in Slovenija (eastern Europe) and this game was their first that 
   made them famous.

                    IV.   F I N A L   N O T E S

I think that this is one of the best mind thinking games available. It 
received 76% at PC GAMER but I give it 80%. Definitely worth your money.

                  V.   C R E D I T S   S E C T I O N

I would like to thank first to all of you readers out there that are
reading my faqs! Thanks for all of your support and your constant
e-mails are giving me the energy to still update this walkthrough.

I would also like to thank CjayC for making the best FAQ site for
all us FAQ writers and constantly updating it.


| Cheatbook.de/Cheatcontainer.de | 
   For the hints section of Ring.

| Gamefaqs.com |
   Mostly CjayC and all the other people constantly publishing and
   updating our guides.

| SmallTown |
   For great walkthrough improvements and hints!

| All readers |
   All readers for supporting me and reading this guide!

               VI.   O T H E R   W A L K T R O U G H S

---Ring II Twilight of the Gods WALKTROUGH is comming soon!---

If you are interested, I have also written these walktroughs:

- Gabriel Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned
- Unreal Tournament
- Gunman Chronicles
- Moorhuhn 3 Es Gibt Huhn!
- Sheep (hints, tips & cheats + walktrough)


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