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Rhythm Zone is the future of real music gaming -- pick any song from your music library and experience the exciting falling-note beat-matching gameplay set to surreal background visuals. Rhythm Zone even supports USB-based plug and play controllers.

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Rhythm Zone

Rhythm Zone Review

By Daniel Kershaw |

Let's all be honest here: there's no shortage of music/rhythm games out there. With so many different franchises competing against one another, it can be difficult for a new game to come along and earn its place among the competition. But that's exactly what developer Sonic Boom Games is attempting to do with Rhythm Zone, a Guitar Hero-style rhythm title that's available on Steam for approximately ten dollars. While Rhythm Zone is built on commendable ideas, the execution is totally disappointing.

On the surface, Rhythm Zone is identical to every other music game on the market today. Colored notes come streaming towards the player from the top of the screen and the corresponding keys must be pressed as the notes cross over the target line at the bottom. There are only four notes to worry about, which can be tapped out with either A, S, D, and F or J, K, L, and the semicolon. If you properly hit silver-colored notes, a focus meter will fill on the right side of the screen. Activate focus power to potentially double your current multiplier. The multiplier, of course, builds as you accurately hit multiple notes in a row.

The catch in Rhythm Zone is that players can import their own music into the game and it will generate tracks to play on, similar to what Audiosurf did in 2008. With four difficulty levels and a seemingly unlimited number of songs (anything in a music library) to use, one would think Rhythm Zone is the ultimate music game. But it's not.

It's impressive how accurate Rhythm Zone is when it comes to creating notes in time with the song's beat, but that's also the game's biggest problem. Rhythm Zone only seems to analyze the beat and doesn't take into account anything else about the song -- at least from a gameplay perspective. There's nothing engaging or fun about the generated notes; they don't have any identifiable or iconic pattern to them, nor do they reflect the song's melody. After importing several tracks into Rhythm Zone, I came to realize that all of them felt about the same. I was just tapping my fingers to a stream of generic note patterns that didn't capitalize on the uniqueness of the song being played.

That isn't the only problem with Rhythm Zone. The game only comes with eight featured tracks, and only one of them is available from the start -- the other seven need to be downloaded one at a time. These downloads don't take long, but it's still surprising that more wasn't included in the original package. I understand that Rhythm Zone is only ten dollars, but an initial eight song library is weak.

Although the actual button inputs in Rhythm Zone feel accurate and in time with the music, the notes on screen appear to stutter and don't seem attached to the scrolling track underneath. This is a minor complaint, but it can be distracting when trying to keep up with the harder tunes.

What's more troubling is the general lack of content and modes in Rhythm Zone. There's really no system of progression to be found here, as the only game types are Quickplay and Play Your Music (which are generally the same). The only rewards a player can aim for in-game are high scores on the leaderboards, but even that feels hollow compared to the structure of other music titles.

Rhythm Zone Cheats

CodeEffect100% 50 songs on any difficultyZone Mystic100% 100 songs on any difficultyZone GodComplete 100 songs on HardThe Harder They ComeComplete 100 songs on EasyTakin it EasyEarn a 1000 Note StreakPro StreakScore 100 million points in totalPlatinum ArtistDeploy focus power 1000 timesOverpowered!Add 10,000 SongsMusic BuddhaComplete 100 songs on MediumMiddle of the road100% a Featured song on MediumMedium Feature CompleteAdd 100 of your songs to the gameMavenEarn a 2000 Note StreakMaster StreakAchieve level 50Level 50!Achieve level 250Level 250!Achieve level 100Level 100!Finish 30 featured songsKeep em Comin'Add 5000 songsJukebox HeroComplete 100 songs on ExpertI Came to Rock!100% a Featured song on HardHard Feature CompleteDeploy focus power 250 timesFocused!Add 500 songsFanatic100% a Featured song on ExpertExpert Feature CompleteDeploy Focus Power while track is flashing Red and save yourself, 250 timesClose Call MasterDeploy Focus Power while track is flashing red and save yourself, 100 timesClose CallFinish 50 featured songsCatalog EnthusiastDeploy focus power 500 times2x AddictAdd 1000 of your songs to the game1000 Steps to Heaven100% 25 songs on any difficultyZone KingEarn 2000 MultipliersScores Piling UpAchieve level 25Level 25!Play a song on Expert, and achieve at least 95% accuracy while having a streak of 250 and using Focus Control at least onceEasy StreetAdd 50 SongsCollectorFail a song on medium after completing 95% of itThat HurtsFinish 10 featured songsSupply and Demand100% 10 songs on any difficultyIn The Zone100% a Featured song on EasyEasy Feature CompletePlay 10000 Chords(2-3 notes at once)Chord ChampPlay a song on Expert at 100% AccuracyTrue SuperstarPlay 5000 Chords(2 -3 notes at once)So many Chords, so little timeFail a song on Expert after completing 95% of itOMG That Hurts!Fail a song on easy after completing 95% of itBurning Sensation100% 3 songs on any difficultyZoning InComplete 10 songs on ExpertWhere's the Stage At?Fail a song on Hard after completing 95% of itPainful SensationComplete 10 songs on EasyStarting Off EasyPlay and finish a song on either Hard or Expert with your keys set to W,A,S,DF.p.sPlay a song on Hard at 100% AccuracySweet Session PlayerAdd 25 songsFanEarn a 500 Note StreakSerious StreakPlay a song on easy at 100% AccuracyPiece of CakePlay a song on Medium at 100% AccuracyAmateur Note DestroyerScore 10 million points in totalRising StarComplete 10 songs on HardProfessional in the MakingComplete 10 songs on MediumGetting the Hang of ItFailed a song within first 25 secondsShot DownPlay 1000 chords (2 - 3 notes at once)Power Chords are all you needEarn a 250 Note StreakWelcome StreakAchieve level 10Level 10!Earn 500 MultipliersScores Stacking UpAdd 10 of your songs to the gameAppreciatorFinish a featured songCatalog ShopperScore 1 Million Points in TotalGarage Band WizEarn 100 MultipliersScores Going UpEarn a 50 Note Streak in a gameNovice StreakEarn a 20 Note Streak in a gameRookie StreakAdd a Song to your libraryLibrary Grand OpeningAchieve level 1Youlre Ready to Rock

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