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Putt-Putt Joins the Circus

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About The Game

Send your kids to the Big Top with Putt-Putt Joins the Circus, featuring a crazy cast of circus characters for kids to interact with, entertaining puzzles, and mini-arcade-style games. Putt-Putt Joins the Circus also contains a number of beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds, hundreds of entertaining computer animations that are activated with the click of a mouse, and a few musical surprises.

Game Features:

  • Kids will learn problem solving, kindness, teamwork and friendship while having fun.
  • The adventure takes place in one of kids' favourite places: a circus.
  • Lots of fun animals to encounter: flying pigs, diving hippo, painting elephant, acrobatic flies.

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Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Game Walkthrough

Version 1.4 9/1/04
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Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2004

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough 
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Putt-Putt
Joins the Circus.  Putt-Putt has been to the moon, traveled
through time, and so, joining the circus was the next
logical thing for him to do.  To contact me, e-mail
ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank
if you do. 

And the picture at the top of this page is supposed to be a
magnifying glass, but it looks more like one of the sticks
you blow bubbles with.


Putt-Putt: He's back and just because a new person (Nancy
Cartwright) does his voice doesn't mean he's not as
annoying as ever!  Putt-Putt is a purple car who likes to
help people and say dorky things like, "Wowie zowie!"

Pep: Putt-Putt's best friend, Pep is a dog that rides
around in Putt-Putt.

B. J. Sweeney: He's the most famous ringmaster in the world
and he owns the circus Putt-Putt and Pep are going to.

Cassidy: He's a train that's going to deliver sawdust to
the circus.  Unfortunately, a goat is in the way.

Goat: This big jerk of an animal is on the railroad tracks,
at the part where a road crosses the tracks, so he's
preventing Cassidy AND Putt-Putt from getting to the

Bart, the Peanut Cart: He gives you peanuts for free if you
can beat his easy challenge.

Lester the Flea Janitor: A flea with a big mustache that
gives you info on how to find Phillipe the Flea.

Reginald Cornelius Andronocles III: Reggie is a stuck-up
snob of a lion.  He refuses to act without his flashy

Terri & Marie Tiger: Two tigers who work alongside

Sebastian the Seal: He can juggle four juggling clubs at
once, but can't juggle anything else, which seems weird.

Belobrodnik Bear: A bear that does ballet, but is discoing
instead because he has fleas.

Phillipe the Flea: He refuses to perform without a new
tent.  For some reason, he has a gold tooth.

Baby Jambo: An elephant from the game Putt-Putt saves the
zoo, Jambo has given up being afraid of everything and has
started painting.

Hank, the Security Guard: He seems nice, but doesn't allow
anyone to pass him unless they have signed papers.

Honko the Clown: He cannot speak, only honk, so you need to
get a translation book to find out what's wrong with him
(his rubber nose is missing).

Pectoro the Strong Van: The original strongman, Pectoro has
a secret recipe to make you super strong.

Mama Mombassa: Baby Jambo's mother, who is sleeping on the
trapeze artists' safety net.

Marvin the Marvelous: A magician who isn't very good, but
he's nice so he's not a bad fellow.

The Flying Porkowskis: Three pigs that refuse to do their
act without a safety net.

Bette Bandwagon: She does all the music for the circus, and
has a book trapped in her pipe.  If you fix her
out-of-order keys, she gives you the book.

Katie Cannonball: She's the character in this game who's
most likely to become Putt-Putt's girlfriend.  She kisses
him after he helps her, and Putt-Putt is frozen in space
for quite a time after that.

Francine the Hippo High-Diver: She's trapped on the
high-dive because there's a hole in the pool.

Ivan the Semi-Strong Van: For a strongman, he's a wimp,
until he gets a power shake.

Eunice the Unicycle: She can't do the high-rope walk
because her umbrella is too small.


Hot Diggity, Putt-Putt and Pep are off to the circus!  Pep
is taking good care of their ticket.

You start off by a big sign that says "B. J. Sweeney's Big
Top Circus".  It's coming to Apple Valley, which is where
you're heading.  Go down the road to the right.

Cassidy, a train, can't move down the track because a goat
is in the way.  The goat doesn't want to move.  The goat is
also standing on the road to Apple Valley (that road
crosses the train tracks), so Putt-Putt can't get to the
circus.  Stupid goat.

Go right and pick up the bush.  Go left and use the bush on
the goat to get the goat off the train tracks.  While the
goat eats furiously, Putt-Putt and Cassidy talk.  Cassidy
says he's delivering a lot of sawdust to the circus.
Putt-Putt is intrigued.

Just then, the goat eats the ticket Pep is holding.  Cold
Diggity, now they can't get to the circus because they
don't have a ticket (or money to get another one)!  Cassidy
is nice and gives Putt-Putt and Pep a ride to the circus
anyway.  Hot Diggity!  This is great!

When you get to the circus, Cassidy recommends seeing B. J.
Sweeney by the gate.  BJ owns the circus.  Go right and
you'll find BJ, who is crying hard.  The spectacular show
he was going to have can't go on.  Everything's in the
wrong place, including BJ's moustache and eyebrows.

All five of the main acts (Honko the Clown, the Fly
Porkowskis, Phillipe the Flea, Reginald the Lion, Katie
Cannonball) can't go on.  Putt-Putt offers to help, in
exchange for free tickets to the circus for life.  Hmmm...
I wonder if Putt-Putt is really being helpful or if he's
just milking the opportunity...

Enter the main tent.  Move in the direction of the
bottom/right corner to talk to Bart, the Peanut Cart.  He
challenges you to a minigame in which you must toss peanuts
to hungry crowds.  Hit three people and when the game is
over, you get a free bag of peanuts.

Next, click on the area with the magnifying glass.  This is
the flea tent, which is actually a small umbrella, not a
tent.  It's broken and Lester, a janitor flea, is cleaning
up.  He gives you a magnifying glass to find Phillipe the
flea, and to convince Phillipe to come back, you'll need to
find a new tent as well.

Go out the up/right tent flap.  Your way is blocked, but
click the hanging rope to open the way.  Go inside to reach
the animal area.

Go inside and you'll meet Reginald the lion and Terri and
Marie the tigers.  Talk to them, and Reginald is sad
because he doesn't have a good costume.  All he has is a
large bathing suit, which he gives to you.  Gee, thanks a
lot Reginald .

Go right and you'll reach the main animal area.  Click on
an animal to learn some factual information about that
animals (horses like carrots, giraffes have long necks so
they can eat leaves out of trees, monkeys are silly).

You can go into three doorways here.  The far left one has
a buzzsaw machine, which is missing a saw.  That's too bad.
The middle one has Sebastian the Seal, who can juggle four
juggling clubs, but he's got a clown nose instead of a
fourth juggling club, so he can't juggle.

The right doorway has Belobrodnik Bear.  He is disco
dancing instead of ballet dancing, because he's got a bad
case of fleas.  Fleas...

Grab your magnifying glass and use it on Belobrodnik to
look for Phillipe.  He's hiding somewhere in the fur.  Look
in the fur, all around, for Phillipe.  When you find him,
he agrees to travel with you (on Pep) until you get a new
tent for him.

Go right to exit this big tent and meet Baby Jambo, an
elephant who's from another Putt-Putt game.  Pick up the
broken piece of paper on the ground; it's half of a recipe.

Go all the way back to the tent where you got the peanuts
from.  This time, go through the up/left exit.  Talk to
Hank, the security guard there.  When you try to pass, he
gives you a form for you to get filled out in order to

Go back to BJ Sweeney and have him fill out the out the
forms.  Then go back to Hank and give him the forms.  Then
go down the left road to the trailer park.

Pick up the umbrella on the ground and continue down the
road.  You reach Honko the Clown's RV, but you can't do
anything there so go down the road to Pectoro's hut.  Grab
the trampoline on the ground there.

Go down the lower of the two roads here.  You find Mama
Mombassa, Baby Jambo's mother, who is sleeping on the
trapeze artists' safety net.  Give her the peanuts to get
her to move, then take the safety net.

Enter the shed to the left and grab the other half of the
broken piece of paper.  It's a recipe.  Grab the saw here
as well.  Go back to Pectoro's hut and enter it.  Using the
recipe, make Pectoro's power shake.

Go down the upper of the two roads here to meet Marvin the
Magician.  He scrambled his magic cards.  Click on the
cards to help him sort the cards into pairs by selecting
two cards and hoping they match.

When you sort the cards, one (a juggling club) is left
over.  Marvin turns the card into a real club for you.  Go
back to where you met Hank the security guard and go down
the right road.

You see the Flying Porkowskis, who won't do their trapeze
act without a safety net.  Give them the net you have, and
they leave to get to work.

Go right, into the tent to meet Bette Bandwagon. She does
all the music for the circus, and there's a book jammed in
her top pipe.  Besides that, her organ pipes are out of

Help her out by going to her organ pipes.  Click on two
pipes to switch them.  Click on the musical note below a
pipe to see if it's in the right place (if it is red, it is
not, if it is green, it is).  The notes are supposed to be
from highest to lowest; click on the green button to hear
all of the notes in order.

When you finish, Bette is working fine and gives you the
book, which is a translation book that lets you speak
Honkish, the language Honko the clown speaks.  If you feel
like a song, click on Bette's microphone.

Exit the tent by the right to meet Katie Cannonball.  She's
putting on an "innocent Southern girl" act, but you know
that she's got the hots for Putt-Putt.  Or maybe she's just
taking advantage of him.  Anyway, Putt-Putt volunteers to
get the blueprints for her, and she sits around and does

Go left to meet Francine, the Hippo High-Diver.  There's a
hole in the tank she's supposed to jump into.  Remember
what shape the hole is in, then go left.

You reach a sand pit.  Use the trampoline on the sand to
cross the pit, then continue down the road.

You reach Ivan the Semi-Strong Van.  He's the current
strongman of the circus because Pectoro retired.  Give him
Pectoro's power shake, and Ivan becomes happy.  He lifts a
one-ton block that was covering the blueprints that Katie
Cannonball needs.

Go down the road once more to reach the high-rope.  You are
lifted up to it, and on the rope is Eunice the Unicycle.
She can't go down the rope for some reason.

Give Eunice the umbrella you have.  It's big and works
better than the small one she had.  She thanks you and
gives you the small umbrella she had.

Click on the gear there to get the second rope up, allowing
Putt-Putt to freely travel across the wires.

Go back to Katie Cannonball.  Give her the blueprints.  She
doesn't know how to thank you.  Nervous, Putt-Putt says,
"Just say thank you."  She gets Putt-Putt to agree to set
up the controls.

Go to the controls, which aren't hard.  Plug in the number
to open the lock, click the button that is the color of the
button on the blueprint, then press the red and white
button to set off the cannon.

The cannon works, and Katie thanks Putt-Putt by kissing
him.  WOO-HOO!  Way to go, Putt-Putt!  He remains frozen in
place for quite some time and regains his senses after
Katie leaves.

Go back to the main tent, where you got the peanuts.  Go up
to where you met Lester.  Use the umbrella you have on the
messed up umbrella there to get Phillipe to rejoin the

Go to Sebastian the Seal and give him the juggling club you
have.  Pick up the clown nose he has left over.  Go to the
buzzsaw and put the saw in the buzzsaw.  Then make a piece
of wood in the same shape as the hole in the diving tank
Francine is trying to dive into.

Go back to Francine and put the piece of wood in the tank
to fill the hole.  She dives into the pool.  Use the
swimsuit on Francine and she gives you the suit she was
wearing, which is Reginald's suit.

Go the Honko the clown's trailer.  Use the book on the
trailer door to talk to Honko.  Using the translation book,
Putt-Putt learns that Honko is missing his clown nose.

Use the clown nose on Honko, and he rejoins the circus act.
Then give Reginald his suit to get Reginald to rejoin the
circus.  That's everyone!

When the circus starts, BJ Sweeney gives a special
announcement about how good Putt-Putt is.  Putt-Putt can
then play with pies or trampolines (or both).  When you
want to stop, press the red and white button, like the one
you saw on the cannon, to end Putt-Putt's act and start the
real circus.  This is the end of the game as well.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2004.  This game
is copyright of Humongous Entertainment, 2000.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
(instructions under general information)


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