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About The Game

The legendary Prince of Persia breaks into the third dimension with this remake of the classic. Guide the prince through environmental dangers and puzzles on his quest to save the life of his wife, the Princess. The game plays much like Tomb Raider, requiring you to move the Prince through the levels and engage in occasional combat from a third person, over the shoulder view.

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Prince of Persia 3D

Prince of Persia 3D Review

By Catherine Black |

It's been well over a decade since Jordan Mechner and Broderbound released the first Prince of Persia. Since that time, the industry has grown exponentially, feeding on itself over the years by retooling the titles of the golden age of videogaming and releasing them again and again in a thousand unrecognizable forms. Now it seems that there is a deep thirst in the PC gaming collective unconscious to return to the games that started it all. Hasbro is releasing new versions of Pong and Missile Command. Intellivision Productions Inc. has appeared out of nowhere and released a compilation of early titles for the system of the same name. And finally, Jordan Mechner has returned to retool his original masterpiece, an event that, at least for the geekiest of us, is akin to the Second Coming.

Prince of Persia 3D makes a half-hearted attempt (in the first pages of the manual) to carry on the storyline that started with Prince of Persia all those years ago. As the game begins, you (now a true prince) are invited to a banquet featuring some pretty risqu (okay, risqu for 12th century Persia) entertainment. During the course of the meal the dancer goes crazy with the knives and rapidly wipes out the guard sent to protect you and the king. Helpless, you are dragged off to a dark dungeon and chucked into a cell without and weapons or equipment. From here, you must escape your prison, stop the plans of the evil vizier and reunite yourself with your new bride. As with the original game, every so often cutscenes pop up to let you in on what's happening elsewhere as you continue your escape. While I found the tale to be well written, the story didn't really offer much except an explanation as to why you were back in the damn dungeon again and a reason for you to bother with getting back out. Still, the cutscenes (although a trifle skimpy) worked well as a carrot to keep me wanting to make it just a little bit further into the game.

What's really impressive about Prince of Persia 3D (or distressing, if you weren't a fan of the original) is how the Red Orb design team have managed to bring so old a game into the third dimension without changing the feel of the gameplay at all. In many ways identical to the original release, Prince of Persia 3D is a classic platform game that has you jumping over pits, grabbing onto ledges and dodging insidious traps through 15 long levels. Unlike the first game, all of the movement options available to you are a lot more precise in their function and veteran players will be happy to note that their character will jump exactly when they hit the jump key rather than hurtling over the edge of a deep pit. One new feature that was added was swimming, which I liked but found limited in its presentation. In one very large room that was filled with water, I hit an invisible barrier when I tried to swim too far in one direction. While I understand the need to keep players from avoiding important game elements, it should be done in a manner that doesn't disturb the suspension of disbelief. If they wanted to keep me from going in that direction, they might have provided a reason in the form of dangerous currents, deadly sea life, spiked traps or a conveniently placed wall. Overall though, all of the motion options available in the original game are here as well and work faster smarter and better than they did the first time around.

Another area that has been improved (although less than you might imagine) is combat. The original game offered the player only a couple of options. Once you drew your sword, you could shuffle forward, shuffle backwards or block your opponent's attack. While there's no doubt that the fighting system in Prince 3D is more advanced, it's only more advanced because of the addition of the third dimension. Once your sword is drawn you have the ability to shuffle in any direction (although you will always, for the most part, face the same direction), strike to the left, strike to the right, strike overhead, and block your opponent's attack. While there is a new feint option that allows you to fake an attack in a certain direction, I didn't use it a lot as it just seemed to get me killed. Even with this somewhat limited approach to combat though, fighting in Prince of Persia is still a lot of fun. First off, you've got more weapons this time around. In addition to your trusty sword, you'll get access to a bow, a staff and dual assassin's blades during the course of the game. Better still, you can also find shrines that can give your arrows different magical powers. While I was a little surprised that the design team didn't do more with the combat system, the fact is that Prince of Persia was never about combat it's about puzzle solving and, if possible, avoiding the enemy altogether.

Which brings us to the meat of Prince 3D puzzles. From the first seconds of the game, you'll have to push and pull crates, hit secret levers, unlock treasure chests, avoid traps, and most of all, not get lost. While most of the puzzles were fairly intuitive, I found the difficulty level set way too high for the first few levels of the game. The fact is, unless you're very, very good at problem solving (and orienteering I was lost for most of the game) or very, very patient, you're probably going to get pretty pissed off at this game within the first hour after opening it. The real test of whether or not Prince of Persia 3D is a good type of game for you is whether you're the type of person who throws down the controller and comes back later or whether you're the type of player who throws down the controller and deletes a game from your system. The good news is, the very challenge of the game gave me a thrill I haven't experienced in years. This difficulty (and accompanying thrill) should come as no surprise to veteran gamers. The original Prince of Persia was a damn difficult game to beat and Prince of Persia 3D stays true to the formula.

Perhaps the biggest changes in Prince of Persia 3D were in the graphics and sound. While it may seem that the move to 3D would be the most noticeable change, it's really the textures and lighting that are the big eye grabbers. The team has also stayed true to the feel of the original title by offering up amazingly smooth animation sequences for the Prince and all of the other characters in the game. The game's soundtrack is equally impressive serving up a beautiful Middle Eastern meets Drum and Bass soundtrack that changes from level to level. While I had no actual problems with the sound effects and voice acting that was included, there didn't seem to be very much of it, and because of that I never really identified with my character all that much. Perhaps Mechner was uncomfortable with adding vocals to a character who has been mute for so long.

In the end, Prince of Persia 3D does exactly what it promised it would do it brings Prince of Persia up to date. The problem is, games have changed so much in the past fifteen years that many of today's players may not appreciate the amazing difficulty and straightforward nature of the end result. If you're looking for an hardcore action game or you're looking for a console-style platform adventure, you should leave this one on the shelf and keep walking. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a very challenging adventure game that will keep you occupied (and perhaps frustrated) in the classic style, you'll find Prince of Persia 3D to be an exciting and very well-designed return to the roots of video gaming.

-- Trent C. Ward

Prince of Persia 3D Cheats

Start the game and bring up the -console command line parameter. During gameplay press F5 to display the console window. Then enter any one of these cheats for it to take effect. NOTE: Patch version 1.1 is required for these cheats to work. Or simply type in the level you want to go to: Dungeon - ''geometry oomsprisonfix'' Ivory Tower - ''geometry oomsivorytwr'' Cistern - ''geometry oomscistern'' Palace 1 - ''geometry oomspalace2'' Palace 2 - ''geometry oomspalace3'' Palace 3 - ''geometry oomspalace4'' Rooftops - ''geometry ooms oof1'' Streets and Docks - ''geometry oomscityanddocks'' Lower Dirigible 1 - ''geometry oomsdirig1a'' Lower Dirigible 2 - ''geometry oomsdirig1b'' Upper Dirigible 3 - ''geometry oomsdirig2'' Dirigible Finale - ''geometry oomsdirigfinale'' Floating Ruins - ''geometry ooms uins'' Cliffs - ''geometry oomscliffs'' Sun Temple - ''geometry oomssolar1'' Moon Temple - ''geometry oomsmoontemple'' Finale - ''geometry oomsfinale'' NOTE: Patch version 1.1 is required for these cheats to work. CheatEffectimmortal (mortal to deactivate)God ModeversionShow Version # of GameflycamFlying Cameranext levelSkip Current Level

Prince of Persia 3D Game Walkthrough

Prince of Persia 3D 
An FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version: 1.1
Created on October 30, 1999 (Can ya believe it? ^_^)


1. Introduction
2. Thoughts on the Game
3. Movement
4. Weapons
5. Potions
6. Traps
7. Enemies and Combat
8. General Play Tips
9. Level 1 - Dungeon
10. Level 2 - Ivory Tower
11. Level 3 - Cistern
12. Level 4 - Palace 1
13. Level 5 - Palace 2
14. Level 6 - Palace 3
15. Level 7 - Rooftops
16. Level 8 - Streets and Docks
17. Level 9 - Lower Dirigible 1
18. Level 10 - Lower Dirigible 2
19. Level 11 - Upper Dirigible
20. Level 12 - Dirigible Finale
21. Level 13 - Floating Ruins
22. Level 14 - Cliffs
23. Level 15 - Sun Temple
24. Level 16 - Moon Temple
25. Level 17 - Finale
26. Final Thoughts
27. Updates
28. Legal Junk


1. Introduction

What does one do when one looks on the Internet for answers on a game 
and can't find them?  One makes his own walkthrough.  Sh'yeah.  Yep.  
This here's my mostly-complete walkthrough for the recently released 
game, Prince of Persia 3D.  I WILL update this as I learn new things.  
So, learn and enjoy, won't you?  WON'T YOU?

By the by, if you haven't downloaded the most recent patch, I suggest 
you do so immediately, if not sooner.

A year and a half later: Hoo boy...  Guess it's time to dig out the old 
CD, eh?  Those FAQ writers out there will know that this game's now on 
the Bounty List, so now I have a reason to complete the FAQ... :-P


2. Thoughts on the Game

If any of you out there are like me, I'd be scared.  Seriously, I'm a 
real retrogamer.  I love the classics and the remakes of the classics.  
This is why I bought Prince of Persia 3D.  I loved the original, 
especially the version for the Super NES with a whole new atmosphere.  
Naturally, I was drawn to this game, and this is what I found:

This game's graphics are phenomenal.  I mean, the Persain/Arabic decorum 
in the palace-type areas is just beautiful, and there are so many little 
nuances that lend to the atmosphere.  I'd go into them here, but they 
really should be in the context of the game.  Der.  All this razamatazz 
presents a few problems with framerate, slowdown, and large loading 
times that may detract from the lure.

The music is lovely, too.  General moving around in this game presents a 
haunting, moody, and, of course, Persian melody.  When engaged with an 
enemy, the beat picks up and a battle-type ditty ensues.  Think of a 
fast-paced Persian/Arabic tume.  Now, turn it into a dance mix, complete 
with the hip-hop percussion.  That's cool.

Play control in this game is a mite awkward.  It's realistic, plain and 
simple.  You can't immediately break into a sprint from the moment you 
start moving forward in real life, so it's the same in this game - The 
Prince begins with a bit of a lope to pick up speed, and skids a bit 
when he comes to a stop.  This happens with jumping, too.

The play control while fighting is very interesting.  I'll get to that 
in the Combat section.

Overall, this game is quite a pretty ride, and the combat really draws 
you in.


3. Movement

Our Prince is a really strong, agile guy.  He can hang by his fingertips 
indefinitely.  He has a vertical jump that about as high as he himself 
is, and can swing from ropes and poles with the grace of an acrobat.  
What girl wouldn't want him?

Most of this info will be found in your manual, and I won't give 
specific keystroke commands for each movement, but I'll embellish on key 

General Movement:

Some of this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, dagnabbit!  
Walk in any areas where the ground is narrow.  In his zeal to save the 
Princess, our Prince may run himself right over the edge of a cliff, if 
you're not careful with the running.  Running in large open areas is 
usually okay, but sometimes, in tight corridors, running will run you 
afoul of the odd trap.

Don't forget your crouch function either.  If some area seems too tight 
a squeeze, or there's a nasty trap blocking your path, it could possibly 
be due to the fact that you're just not crawling like the Persian cobra, 
assuming there is one...


Get used to it quick, because you're going to be doing a lot of it.  
There are a few basic types of jumping.  First, the standard vertical 
leap.  This will access to ledges above you, which is invaluable, yet 
that's all there is to it.  Second, the standing jump.  You can do this 
in any direction, and, indeed, some situations will call for you to leap 
to your side.  I haven't found any situations requiring you to leap 
backwards, but it's nice to know it's there.  Finally, the running jump, 
when the standing jump isn't enough.  Of course, using this will latch 
you onto distant ledges.

There are non-basic jumps, too.  These are done while not in a standing 
position, such as while holding onto something.  The first is a jump off 
a stationary rope.  Facing away from the ledge you want to drop on, let 
go of the Jump key and you'll drop to the ledge.  It's important to note 
that the Prince can't push himself back very far while jumping off a 
rope, so you should be high enough past the ledge that you won't miss 
it, but not so high as you'll take damage from the drop.  You'll figure 
this out quickly though.

Second non-standard jump is the jump off a swinging rope.  The time to 
let go is just before the rope reaches the end of its arc.  If you let 
go on your first swing over, you may not carry as far as if you let go 
on the second swing, where you've picked up momentum.  After the second 
swing, you'll start over at the lesser swing, so pay attention to your 
swing momentum.

The last type of jumping is off a horizontal pole.  When hanging from 
one of these, pushing forward will set you in a swinging motion.  First, 
forward, then back, and then forward a second time.  The top of that 
second time is your cue to let go of the jump key which was holding you 
here.  It's as easy as that.


You won't be swimming too often in this game, but for those times you 
will, it's helpful to know that the foward/back/left/right will orient 
you in your underwater world:  Forward will pitch you down, and back 
will pitch you up.  The Jump key will push you forward in the water, 
whether it's down and deep, or up and out.  Once on the surface, holding 
the walk key will allow you grab onto a low ledge and pull yourself up.


The CTRL key is the defualt interaction key.  You can use it to activate 
switches, grab things to push or pull, pick up items, and later use them 
at their proper spot if they're event items.  If you think you can 
interact with something, and it doesn't look like part of the background, 
try using CTRL.


4. Weapons:

Ah, yes, the good stuff.  Gone are the olden days when the Prince had to 
rely on only his blade to get him out of scrapes.  Now, he has a variety 
of toys to help him in his quest.

The Sword: Of course, you knew the Prince would still rely on his trusty 
scimitar to ventilate his enemies.  The sword is a balanced weapon that 
has average power, speed, and reach.

The Staff: This weapon is a three-foot long pole that springs open to a 
six-foot, double-barbed staff.  A slow weapon, but unsurpassed in reach 
and power.

The Double Knives:  The favored weapon of the speedy assassin, these 
twin knives have three blades each.  One blossoming from each side, and 
a third blade pointing straight from the handle.  These blades are 
incredibly fast, which is good, because you'll be fighting a long time 
with their low power, and you'll be right in your enemies face with 
their reach.

More about the close-combat weapons will be explained in the Combat 

The Bow: Here's an interesting weapon.  The longbow was made to be a 
sniper's weapon.  You should never enter a direct confrontation with 
your bow in hand.  The cool thing about the bow is that there are 
several different arrow types to play with.  Let's look at them, shall 

Standard Arrow: What can I say?  Not flashy or powerful, but it's more 
plentiful than the specialty arrows.  Each hit on an enemy will drain 
one life bottle.

Call of the Swarm Arrow (aka Wasp Arrow): Shooting this arrow will 
release a swarm of wasps upon the nearest person.  If that's you then 
watch out.  Arrow itself hits for one life bottle, but the wasps can hit 
the enemy for up to three more.  Very useful.

Atar's Fiery Messenger (aka Fire Arrow): An arrow encased in a blue 
flame.  Does two life bottles damage, and has a special use later on in 
the game.

Arrow of Freeze (aka Ice Arrow): This arrow freezes your enemy in his 
tracks, putting him out of the fight until the spring thaw, and 
reputedly freezes any liquid it comes in contact with.  I have found no 
need to freeze liquid, yet.

Snare of the Unwary Soul (aka Possession Arrow): This arrow, if it 
strikes an individual, will allow the shooter to possess the body of 
that individual.  It has a special use at one point in the game.

Ahura's Fury (aka Explosion Arrow): This arrow creates a small explosion 
when it strikes.  I don't know how much it takes away, yet.

Arrow of the Thief (aka Lifestealing Arrow): Particularly useful if 
you're low on health and there are no potions around.  This arrow will 
not only decrease the enemy's health by one bottle, but it will increase 
the Prince's health by one bottle.

Arrow of Despair (aka Death Arrow): This arrow is quite simple.  Shoot 
someone with it, and they die.


5. Potions

Well, they've come up with an excuse.  It's seems you HAVE to drink a 
potion where it is, because they are a delicate mixture of rare oils and 
spirits, which can't stand violent shaking.  Ah, well.  Here are the 
lovely potions you'll encounter, and their color, which allows you to 
identify them.

Some of these potions have actual names.  Some I made up.  The ones I 
made up have a (*) in front of them.

Soma's Tisane (Blue): What's a tisane?  You got me, but drinking this 
quite plentiful potion can restore anywhere between one and three life 
bottles.  It's not random, though.  If you drink a blue potion that 
restores two life bottles, that potion in that spot will always restore 
two life bottles.  However, I won't go so far as to telling you which 
blue potion heals how much.  You can usually assume that a blue potion 
will restore one bottle.

Dahaka's Blood (Yellow): This potion reportedly increases your strength 
and ferocity in battle.  I have no mathematical proof that this is true, 
but I have come across a couple of these and I can't remember having 
lots of trouble in battle shortly afterward.

*Rendalim's Elixir (Purple): They say in the manual that this one is 
Malak's Tears.  I think it's the next one, personally.  Drinking this 
lovely lavender potion will fully restore your health.  Quite a 
refreshment after a hard day's combat, eh? (I named it after a good 
healing potion in one of my fantasy books)

Malak's Tears (Red): Drinking this potion will make you immune to all 
arrow attacks for a limited time, it's better than becoming a human 
pincushion I s'pose.

Gaokerena's Sap (Green): Green means GO!  Get this potion whenever you 
see it!  This is that potion, folks.  Drinking this sweet, sweet nectar 
will refill all your life bottles and, as an added bonus, will add an 
extra bottle onto your health meter.

Note:  Although very helpful, green potions are not at all required to 
complete the game.  Smart combat and watching for traps will allow you 
save your bottles and stay alive, so don't panic if you can't find green 

Ahriman's Oil (Gray): This sludge will render you invisible to your 
enemies.  Attack all you want, they won't fight back.  Heh heh.

*Phoenix's Breath (Orange): Ever wanted to be Superman?  This takes you 
close.  Drinking this potion will give you a little extra spring in your 
step, and make your jumps extra high and long.

*Chameleon's Bile (Brown): This is an awfully unusual potion.  Drinking 
this stuff will allow you to assume the form of an enemy in the area.  
You won't be attacked by bad guys if you look like one.

*Pegasus' Vintage (White): This potion will make you a breaker of the 
law of gravity.  Once you imbibe this potion, you will fall downward at 
a much slower rate.

Poison (Light Blue/Green): I mistook this for green the first time I saw 
it.  This potion will decrease your health by one bottle.  Solution: 
Don't drink.


6. Traps

If you enjoyed the other Prince of Persia's, you know that the thing 
that made the game cool was the kill-o-matic traps.  The traps in this 
game don't show up as frequently as in the other games, but they're 
still here.

Spikes are a classic.  In the old game, walking could get you past 
spikes.  Not in this game, boyo.  Getting too close to the spikes will 
leave you with a few extra holes than before.

Slicers are back too.  You have to time your way through the vertical 
blades, just like the old games.

Also, a more prominent trap is the horizontal rotating blades.  Most are 
neck high.  Gee, wonder what happens if you get too close?  There are 
also some that are ankle level, which won't put you in much of a state 
to continue.  Crawl under or jump over, respectively.

Another commonplace trap is a dart trap.  A dart shoots out of a hole in 
the wall.  They hurt.  They may be activated by a pressure plate, 
proximity, or they may be timed.  Stay alert.

There are also a whole bunch of traps that show up once or twice in the 
game.  I'll explain them as we get to them.


7. Enemies and Combat


Despite all the walks of life of the combatants, all minor enemies fall 
into five basic categories, one-handed weapon users, two-handed weapon 
users, double weapon users, archers, and unarmed adversaries.

All armed adversaries increase in skill as you progress through the 
game.  They become more and more efficient at blocking and counter 

Archers perch in high places and let loose standard arrows down on you.  
They beg to be shot off with arrows.  Sometimes that's your best option.  
Other times you can avoid their arrows and get close enough to them to 
strike.  They do have their own melee weapons, but it takes a while for 
them to put their bows away and pull out their weapons.  You can get 
plenty of licks in at that point.

Unarmed adversaries refer to certain monsters.  They can't block, so you 
can slash away with abandon to kill them.  If they get close, though, 
they'll hurt.  Muck monsters like to stay out of your range and dash 
forward to attack.  Right slash as they dash to hit them.


Combat's not all that difficult if you know the intricacies.

Beginner's Combat:  The basic thing you need to learn is how to block.  
To successfully block an attack, you need hit the block key as your 
opponent moves to strike.  As soon as your blades connect, launch a 
counterattack.  The best way to counter strike is to attack in the 
direction your weapon is at the time.  If the blade is to your right, 
attack right.  If your blade is above you, attack high.  This way, 
you'll get off the quickest hit.

Intermediate Combat:  Once you get more effective at blocking, add 
dodging to the mix.  Dodging is effected by hitting back, left, or 
right, twice or more.  This is more effective in wide areas.  

Also of import are some of the effective counterattacks of specific 
weapons.  Attacks with the sword can be combined into one fluid 
movement, increasing the chance for greater damage.  The staff can be 
used to execute a deft spinning manuever.  When a side strike is 
blocked, the attacker can use the blocking weapon as a fulcrum and use 
it to give an opposite strike more leverage.  Having the double blades 
is better than having one, as you can parry a blow with one, and then 
quickly strike with the other.  Also, pressing both left and right 
attack will make you lunge forward in a double strike, unblockable, but 

Expert Combat:  Now this is stuff that goes really well when it works, 
but it's tough to pull off and requires pinpoint reflexes.  Feinting 
requires some good keyboard movements, but it's a good tactic to throw 
off your opponent.  To me, it seems a bit unnecessary.

Stijn van Empel says: "Feinting is basically useless with twin blades, 
since a succesful counterattack with the blades is so lighning-fast it 
can't be blocked. It's very useful with the staff. Since the staff's 
fastest attack is the left-handed one, the best strategy is to do a 
right-hand feint then a left-hand attack." 

Probably the hardest combat maneuver to hit right is anticipating your 
opponent's movement and striking first.  This can end a battle really 
quick, but it leaves you open to attack, so it's quite risky.

Finishing Moves:

This is the fun part about combat.  Once you have your opponent down to 
one half health bottle, you can execute a killing manuever.  All you 
need to do to execute these is wait until your attacker slumps from his 
wounds, and then hit any attack key, as opposed to finshing him off with 
rapid strikes.  These can be deceptively simple, brutally grotesque, or 
exceedingly showy.  Just for fun, I'll point out what happens with each 
type of enemy when you kill it with different weapons.


8. General Play Tips

Goes without saying.  Save OFTEN!

Always keep an eye on your surroundings.  Look up and down all the time.  
You never know when you'll find a ledge to climb, or an archer above you 
trying to shoot you down.

If you find yourself in a really dangerous situation with multiple 
enemies, there may be times where you can avoid combat altogether by 
running past the whole mess.

Always flip switches.  No bad comes of flipping them.

The designers tried to give the impression that you were in a real 
palace, so there are a lot of doors lying around that you'll never open.  
Assume that unless you can see beyond the door, you won't open it.

If you run into a lousy combat situation, and you come out seriously 
wounded, consider restoring your game and giving the combat another 
shot.  It helped me get through the game my first time.

Don't drink the poison.


9. Level 1 - Dungeon

General NOTE:  I won't point out how to advance if it's an obvious route 
later on in the game.  In this level I'll point out how to get around, 
though.  However, I won't tell you how to reach a new area if it's 
really obvious.


Opening movie: 

Camera pans down onto Assan's palace.  Zoom into a chamber next to a 
large pool.  Cut to a close-up of a belly dancer with a sword.  Dancer 
begins dancing against a black background.  Moves back and then close 
again.  Scene swithces to a lavishly decorated throne room.  Musicians 
play their instruments as the dancer continues her dance.  Pan past 
Assan on his throne smoking a hookah over to the other spectators of the 
dance:  the Sultan on a square cushioned stone, his two bodyguards, and 
to the Sultan's right, on a cushion, looking quite bored with the 
spectacle, sits the Prince.  The dancer comes close to him, and he 
begrudgingly looks up at her, as she balances her sword on her head and 
smirks at him.  He inches over to the Sultan:

Prince: "Excuse me Sultan, the Princess was expecting me..."

Sultan: "And I expect you to remain seated.  Would you insult my 
brother?  Refuse his hospitality?"

The Prince returns to his seat and casually fidgets with a tassle on the 

Cut to the Princess walking down a hallway to the throne room.  A guard 
pivots his spear to block her entrance.  She begins a terse arguement 
with the guard, unheard to the Prince due to the noise of the dance.  
The guard slams the door behind him, leaving the Princess and the guard 
out of sight.  One of the bodyguards notices and turns to his comrade, 
who has noticed the slamming door as well.  They begin to move, when the 
dancer steps between them.  She performs a particularly provocative 
move.  The guard is clearly aroused, but his look of astonishment soon 
turns to a scream of pain.  The dancer has plunged her sword into his 
gut (who knew?).  She quickly withdraws it and strikes the other 
bodyguard down.  The Prince stands but is quickly detained by the 
suprisingly strong musicians.  Both the Prince and the bewildered Sultan 
look to King Assan.  He nonchalantly releases a puff of smoke from his 
hookah.  The camera focuses on the smoke, from behind which the Prince 
of Persia 3D logo appears.  Cut.


Well, it's not that you haven't been in this situation before.  Yeah, 
you, the Prince.  This time, you have to get yourself out of prison.  
Fortunately, your exit from your cell is clearly defined.  Note the 
outlined portion of the wall.  Try pushing it.  You're free!  Kinda...

The guard outside the gate apparently doesn't notice your breakout.  The 
only way for you to go would be the cell area to the left.  Stepping on 
the plate shuts the gate behind you, but don't worry about it.  Walk up 
to the two prisoners to speak to each of them.  Above and to the right 
of the entrance as you walk in is your way out.  See the hole?  Shimmy 
yourself up there.

You're now in a small room with a prisoner seated at the far wall.  
He'll mention that you'll need a sword.  Please.  You think you can 
figure that out, huh?  Continue past Captain Obvious to a room with a 
trough of water suspended above the floor.  Hmm...  What could this be?  
There's a pressure plate near the far wall.  Hey.  Get used to looking 
for these, they're everywhere.  Step on it.  Of course!  You've found 
the showers.  As the amount of water decreases in the trough above you, 
a door will open up next to the trough to maintain the water level.  
That door up there is your destination.  Climb up on the bench, and then 
to the trough.  Proceed through the now open door, and you'll enter the 
reservoir for the showers.  

Swim to the stone ledge on the right.  Climb up to the bridge across the 
rocks.  Run across this bridge, as, you guessed it, it collapses.  Don't 
worry if you can't make it.  It's jumpable.  Climb up the rocks up to 
the passage that leads out of the reservoir area.  The small alcove off 
to your right as you exit contains nothing.

Well, here's your first trap of sorts.  All it really is is a jump that, 
if you don't make it, will kill you.  There are spikes laced along the 
bottom of this small pit.  Just take a running leap and you'll clear the 
spikes.  No prob.  At the end of the passageway, crawl through the small 
opening to enter the main cell area.

You'll find a prisoner here that tells you how brick stupid these guards 
are.  As you exit his cell, there will be a guard patrolling the cell 
block to the right of you.  To your left is your way out, a locked gate 
with spikes in front of it.  The pressure plate to open this gate is 
beyond the patrolling guard.  All you really need to do is walk behind 
the guard as he paces back and forth.  On a walkway suspended above him, 
you'll find a gray potion, but invisibility really isn't necessary for 
this occasion.  Once you hit the pressure plate, the gate will open.  
The guard who threw you into your cell will come out of a door nearby 
and chase after you.  Just run to the gate, jump over the spikes, the 
gate will slam shut behind you, and you'll be home free.

In this next corridor area, there are plenty of floor traps to make life 
miserable for you.  Just walk around them and there shouldn't be a big 
problem.  You'll come to a big door that you can't climb over.  However, 
the nearby awning you CAN climb on, from which you can leap to the 
ledge.  Drop down on the other side.

You're now in a room with three exits.  Take the exit to your right.  
You'll pass a guard snoozing next to a switch.  Leave him be for now and 
continue onward.  You'll come to a corridor with two side rooms.  One 
room has a slave working at a smith who reiterates about the sword.  The 
other room has a slave sitting at the bottom of a shaft singing to 
himself (no, really!) and a box along the wall.  You can pull the box 
away and crawl in the hole for a blue potion if you need it.  Continue 
along the corridor and you'll come to a crane-type contraption.  Turn 
the crank.  Yippee.  You lifted a box.  No, that didn't do anything, but 
now you know what cranes can do.  Climb down to the sunken mining area.  
Flip the switch on the wall to open a way to a large room.  The wall 
will shut behind you, but don't panic.  Using the middle platform, climb 
up to the door on the opposite wall and hop across the gap.  Below is an 
area with a blue potion and a crane, but there's no way to pick anything 
up.  Unless you need to go to the area, don't bother.  Take a flying 
leap to the wooden platform across the room.  Down below you'll see a 
guard.  Quickly run past him to the corridor on your left.  Don't move 
too far, though, as there's a rotating blade trap.  Crawl under it, the 
guard won't follow you.  Follow the short passage, and climb up onto the 
far ledge.  You'll be situated above the guard now.  Notice a movable 
box near you.  Hmmmm....  Push the box over the gap in the wall.  That 
sounded like it hurt...  Wait.  What did he drop?  Yes!  The sword!  You 
can drop down on top of the box (and listen to the satisfying squish as 
you apply more pressure to the already broken body), and grab the 
shining blade.

You'll see a small cinematic where a guard runs in to a previous room 
yelling "What's that noise?" to no one in particular.  Retrace your 
steps to that room and battle the guard.

Finishing move (same for all these specific armored guards): The Prince 
rears back his sword and comes forward in a flashy slice across the 
guard's chest, striking a pose as the sword spins to his other side.

Follow the newly opened passage until you reach a crane.  Push the box 
under the crane.  Climb up and turn the crank.  Huzzah!  A green bottle!  
Right after your first combat, too!  Drink, won't you?  Continue further 
along the passage and you'll be back in the first mine room.  Retrace 
your steps (battling another guard along the way) until you reach the 
sleeping tatooed guard.  Advance towards him.  Battle.

Finishing move (standard sword finisher for most enemies, assume that 
this is the finisher if I don't bring it up): The Prince swings downward 
across the guard's body, grabs the sword with his other hand, and shoves 
the blade through the guard's chest.  On thinner enemies, the sword will 
be visible sticking out from the other side.  Yeah, baby.

Right.  Flip the switch.  This will open a door back in that three-exit 
room.  Go back to that room, but take the remaining exit, with a guard 
beyond its threshold.  Deal with him (blue potion in the corner) and 
proceed to the next room.  You'll watch as a guard sticks his hand in a 
stone face's mouth and the gate will open.  You can save the game and 
see what happens if you stick your hand in there, or you can check out 
that small box on the table.  No way to open it, eh?  Go to the room you 
previously opened, the torture chamber (watch the blade trap).  Flip the 
switch on the wall.  Ick.  Good thing you're head's not going there.  
Hmm...  Place the box on the table with the head crusher.   Now flip the 
switch.  Why, inside is a rather tacky bracelet!  Grab the bracelet.  
NOW stick your hand in the stone face's mouth.  Go through the gate.  Up 
the stairs, you'll face an unhappy guard.  Do him in.  Continue through 
the gate and you've escaped the prison!


Assan's throne room:

Sultan: "Traitor!  I will have you--"

Assan: "My dear brother, your tongue betrays a forgetful mind.  We have 
a pact.  Is today not your daughter's twenty-first birthday?"  (And they 
didn't invite her to the party?)

Sultan: "You don't mean... your son?"

Assan: "My son is not the problem, your WORD is the problem!"  (smashes 
glass bottle)  "Has it grown as weak and impotent as your mind?   You're 
daughter, as promised, shall marry my son, Rugnor."

Sultan: "Have you forgotten that I am still the Sultan?"

Assan: (wipes hands) "Of course not.  But, with your entire 
bodyguard.....relieved?  It would be most advantageous of you to honor 
our agreement."



10. Level 2 - Ivory Tower

Note: From now on, I'm going to assume you can navigate areas.  For 
example, if you see a ledge above you and there's nowhere else to go, go 
that way.  I'll only bring up specific problems or special instances, 
and I'll still point out where the bad guys are.

Proceed up the passage.  Hey!  Who's shooting at you?  Fortunately, your 
agile and can automatically avoid the extra holes in your person.  
Another fortunately is that the archer up there has run out of arrows.  
(I told you we should've bought more than three!).  There will be an 
interesting-looking pool in front of you, with tusks poking out of it.  
To the right of where you came in is your ultimate destination, but as 
you proceed towards the bridge, a guard pulls the switch and raises it.  
Now what?  The only option is to the left of where you came in.  Proceed 
along the pathway, jumping across ledges, until you reach some medieval 
floor-situated paper shredders.  This is tough.  First, jump up to the 
ledge where there are shredders above you.  Don't climb all the way up.  
Inch over to the right where the ledge has no shredders.  Now, climb up, 
IMMEDIATELY turn around, and do a forward jump.  You'll hit the ledge in 
the distance, and the wall that was gonna push you into the lower 
shredders has failed its purpose.

Proceed along the platforms.  Soon, you'll reach a passage with several 
plates on the ground and several odd-looking holes in the wall.  Do 
yourself a favor.  Don't step on them.  Lightly-poisoned darts shoot out 
of the wall if you do.  Continue past this area and you'll reach an area 
with two gates.  The pressure plate in front of you as you enter the 
room will open the first gate, and the one in the back of the room will 
open the second gate.  Simply stand on the first one, aim at the second 
one, and turn (while running) and you should be able to make it through 
the gates.  Just STOP once you pass them.  A small jumping puzzle awaits 
beyond.  There are certain parts of the thin ledge above you that will 
crumble away.  Be careful and be sure to save.

Once you reach the top, you'll see a familiar face.  The archer who was 
just trying to plug you is perched here.  Advance on him.  He sees 
you!....whoops.  Man, that guys gotta switch to decaf.  So, what score 
do you give that dive?  Not very high, as he missed the pool.  Grab the 
bow lying on the floor.  Yes, you need it.  Maybe you can perform a 
better dive?  Well, just try to hit the pool, and save first, of course.

While you're down here in the pool, explore a bit.  There's a rather 
well-defined passage that leads you to a blue potion and some arrows.  
There are also some arrows lying by the archer's heap.  Now, pull out 
your new toy and look over at that bridge that was pulled up earlier.  
Notice that symbol on the winch mechanism?  Let fly a shaft.  Presto!  
Cross the bridge.  Be sure to switch back to your sword, as the guy who 
pulled the winch is still hangin' around.  After you dispatch him, 
continue along, avoiding the blade trap.  You enter a courtyard with a 
big door.  You notice a prisoner being led in.  A VERY familiar looking 
prisoner.  The guard tells the gate controllers to open the door.  The 
two guards on gate control each step on a pressure plate to open the 
door.  Don't worry about tailing the guard and the prisoner, you won't 
catch up.

Anyhoo, there's a door to your left as you enter.  Enter that room and 
take a look at the ceiling.  Yep, spikes at certain points on the 
ceiling.  Perhaps you shouldn't walk under them?  If you do, the floor 
tile rises to the ceiling, crushing you against the spikes.  So, 
carefully navigate around the danger zones and onto the ramp.  At the 
top you'll square off against a staff-wielding guard.  After you kill 
him, proceed along the hallway.  As you reach the end, the guard you 
just killed wants to get back at you for killing him and hits a nearby 
pressure plate before breathing his last.  Pieces of the corridor floor 
will fall away.  Don't panic.  Just time your leaps and you can reach 
the far doorways.  In one, there's a blue potion.  In the other, there's 
a desk you can pull out of the way to crawl in a hole in the wall.  In 
this room, there's hole in the ceiling and a crate you can push to climb 
up the hole.  After you do this, make a running jump across to the guard 
station.  There, you'll fight another guard.  Kill him, please.  Step on 
the pressure plate in the station.  You need to hit the other one, too, 
remember?  No worries.  Turns out the guard is a supreme loyalist to 
Assan and doesn't move from his post, EVER.  Just pull out your bow and 
stick it to him.  Turns out that this man is a wuss, too.  One arrow 
drops him on the plate in front of him (Did I mention that this man is 
such a loyalist that he will perform his duties TO THE DEATH?).  Right.  
Climb down the platforms (walk backwards off them and you'll climb down, 
and proceed through the now open door.  Hit the floor switch behind the 
door to open the drawbridge.  Hope you're not afraid of water!


11. Level 3 - Cistern

As I just said, this place is mostly water.  It's not a big level, but 
there are a few tricks to it.

Stijn van Empel says: Use the rope to get down the well at the start. 
Go right at the intersection. The arrows are near the end of the 
passage. Since they're "under water", they're easy to overlook. As you 
go back towards the rope, you'll meet your first muck monster. 

You'll begin at one end of the underground harbor.  At an ornate guard 
post on a bridge from far off, an archer will be firing at you.  Ooh, 
your first archery combat!  He takes three arrows, so plan accordingly.  
You may also opt to dodge his arrows and deal with him close up.  Once 
you deal with him (be sure to pick up the arrows by the boxes), you'll 
come across your first swinging rope.  Stay calm, have faith, and refer 
to the section on swinging jumps.  You have water below you, so don't 
panic if you miss, and you can always save and reload.  Once you reach 
the broken staircase, hop up the broken steps. (Hmm... Notice one part 
of the staircase does not seem to be connected to ANYTHING?  What the 
heck?)  Pick up the purple potion and the arrows dropped by the archer.  
Step on the elevator to lower yourself to the dock next to the boat.  
Stand next to the boat and make a standing jump onto it.  Press the 
Action button next to the pole and you'll operate the boat.  This ain't 
no pleasure cruise.  As soon as you get underway, a sword-wielding 
Darkhold Assassin descends on the boat.  He's better than your average 

Finishing Move (for Assassins with swords):  A downward slash, and a 
neck-high left-to-right slice.  You can guess the result.

After you beat the Assassin (there may be more than one depending on the 
difficulty) the boat cruises into the other harbor.  Jump off the side 
of the boat and climb up on the crates in the water.  Hop up to the 
perimeter docks.  Don't fall in the water outside the docks.  There are 
muck monsters swimming around that will make life miserable, and short.

Climb the chain over the water, near the front of the docks.  You'll 
land on a small bridge with a box and a switch at one end.  Flip the 
switch, which will set the box on a crane in motion.  Move the box under 
one of the suspended platforms above you.  Climb up onto the platform 
and jump across to the next one.  Jump over to the moving box as it 
slides towards you.  Timing is everything, of course.  Jump off the box 
onto the side of the harbor opposite the one you started on.  There are 
two ways to travel along this platform.  The left side has collapsing 
platforms.  The right side has shooting darts.  Opt for the left side at 
a full run and you'll be fine.

At the top of the harbor, right before the door, you'll meet another 
part of Assan's welcoming committee.  Finish him.  Proceed through the 
door to finish the level.  Quick and easy, eh?


The Princess paces back and forth in her "cell", complete with canopy 
bed.  She lies down on the bed.  A dark figure, Assan's son Rugnor, 
approaches the bed.

Rugnor: "My royal cousin.  You are to be my bride, and yet, your beauty 
is such that I cannot look upon you."

The Princess sits up.

Princess: "Bride?  Has no one told you?  I am already married."

Rugnor steps forward, exposing his were-tiger form.

Rugnor: "Widowed..."

Her eyes widen and she gasps at the sight of Rugnor and her worry for 
her husband.


12. Level 4 - Palace 1

Well, now weve finally reached the Palace proper.  Things only pick up 
from here, so stay alert!

As you enter the drawbridge area, the bridge will be raised.  From the 
passageway beneath it, a guard runs forward to challenge you.  Deal with 
him and get the yellow potion he leaves behind.  Proceed along the 
hallway that he came from.  At the end, youll see a switch to your 
left.  Flip it.  The drawbridge will now lower. Flip the switch further 
to your right to open the gate, and crawl to avoid the blade trap.
Its timed, however, so youll have to hurry.

Another bad boy waits at the top.  Rub him out.  Flip the switch up here 
and the drawbridge rises.  Climb the bridge, watching out for the dart 
trap.  Climb up into the window.  Youll come across a wall of crates, 
one of which you can push.  This will, through a rope mechanism, raise 
the entire wall and you with it.  Youll be in an open hall, with a 
bubbling fountain and a blue potion, not to mention a couple of archers.  
One stands on the floor off to your right.  The other is above and 
behind to the right.  Kill the first one using conventional methods, and 
you can either kill the other with arrows or you can get to him later.  
There is a crate here.  Push into the spot the first crate used to be 
and the wall of crates will descend.  Climb up to the gate on the far 
side.  Itll close before you get there.  Doh.  Look to the side of the 
drawbridge that has the guard patrolling.  Its time to give him an 
unwelcome surprise.  Hop through the window and fight him.  Cross the 
crumbling bridge.  Youll be on the ledge above the fountain hall.  Note 
the arrows next to you.  That's actually just one arrow, but it's a 
Call of the Swarm, so it's pretty useful, so pick it up, won't you?
Across from you will be the other archer.  Getting across to him is 
tricky.  It starts with a horizontal pole jump, followed by a swinging 
rope jump.  Deal with the archer if you havent already.  Climb through 
the open window and continue onto the hanging chain.  Work your way up 
to the roof.  The camera will shift to show the raised, slanted 
drawbridge.  Yes, you can make it.  Hop down to the drawbridge and slide 
down.  (Whee!)  Let the guard at the bottom have it.  In the darkened 
room off to the side, theres a blue potion.

Inside the door youll see a library.  Youll watch as an odd 
elevator/platform thingamajig ascends to parts above.  Speak to the 
standing monk.  Hell tell you about the elevator and that theres 
another way out, through the bookcase.  Its rather easy to see where 
the secret passages are.  But, which one?  You can try all, but save 
first, of course.  You can ask the seated monk and hell tell you that 
the correct one is the one behind him.

Behind the bookcase youll find a passageway.  Continue along until you 
enter a REALLY big library!  Across from the floor, youll see a stack 
of books.  Thats your way up.  Proceed on up until you come to the 
doorway above.  Climb the spiral staircase and take down the guard.  
When you return to the library, hit the switch.  Quickly step on the 
platform and youll be carried to the other side.  Watch out for an 
archer throughout this next part.  Climb up the shelves until youre 
within range of the rope to the right of the shelves.  Take a guess what 
you do next.  Youre going to have to jump on the second swing, and hold 
forward or you wont make it.  Cross from the platform and grab the 
chain.  Climb up and leap backwards onto the horizontal chain.  Here's 
where it gets nerve-wracking.  Sidestep along the cahin to the archer's 
platform.  Climb up until youre behind a tapestry and you can see an 
orange potion.  Drink.  Hop down a step to the platform below the one 
you're standing on.  With the super jump ability, you can make it to 
the platform with the blue potion on it, then further out to the 
platform across the library, then up to the elevator/platform 
thing.  Hit the switch on the platform to rise up to the final room of 
this area.  Face off against an axe-wielding guard up here and pass 
through the open door to the next level.

Oh, wait.  There's a green potion here...

Stijn van Empel says: Walk towards the center of the room until you 
stand on the trapdoor that closed after you entered the room. Make a 
big vertical leap straight up and climb on the platform above you. (if 
you miss, you might lose some hp) Climb on the small pedestall in the 
center of the platform and make another jump straight up.  Pull 
yourself on the edge and you are on a narrow platform with a green 

Finishing move: You rear back, skip all flashiness, and ram the sword 
into his gut, lifting him as you do so.


13. Level 5  Palace 2

For those of yall whove played the demo, youll recognize this level 

Theres a guard rushing you right from the start on this level.  Show 
him how good a swordsman you are, and move on.  You have three choices 
once you enter the split passageway room.  Take the high route up the 
middle.  Step on the pressure plate in the alcove.  Immediately turn 
around and walk straight off the edge.  There is a blade trap that 
covers certain areas here, but if you stay in the middle therell be no 
problem.  Do an about-face and hit the pressure plate.  Both gates ahead 
will now be open, and they WONT stay open for long.  Rush out of the 
area, but BE CAREFUL of the blade trap, not to mention the slicer to 
your left, which you will have to pass.  Bound up the steps and leap 
across to the rope.  Its further out than you think.  Swing to the 
other side and climb the rope on the ledge.  

In the next room, therell be tiles with spikes folding out from them.  
Avoid them.  Attack the staff-wielder in the next room.  Swing across 
the rope afterwards.  Continue onward until you hit an empty octagonal 
room.  You fall into a pit and the ceiling descends on you.  Dont 
panic.  Theres a discolored section of the wall that pushes open.  Make 
use of it.  Push the wall all the way out.  Proceed left along the 
hallway until you reach a room with a walkway above.  Climb onto one of 
the alcoves and jump to the walkway.  From where youre standing, take 
the left doorway.  At the end will be a switch.  It opens a gate at the 
end of this level.  Go back and take the other route on the walkway.  
Youll open a gate leading back to the last rope you swung across.  This 
time, jump down into the pool of water below you.  Youll be in the area 
you would have reached had you gone left in the split passageway.  Run 
past the stairway towards the key member of Assans staff.  Run through 
the gate and youll watch as the belly dancer assassin jumps into a 


14. Level 6  Palace 3

Right.  Straight ahead of you is the pool the assassin just dove in.  
Dont try to follow her just yet.  Instead, go past the pool.  Note the 
archer above you and to the right.  Enter the doorway situated below 
him.  Inside, you can speak to a monk, who begs you not to hurt him.

Now, to your right as you enter the inside portion is a dead end, but 
you can make out the outline of a pushable block.  Once you push it, a 
rope will drop from the archer perch to the circular room opposite the 
monk.  Also in that room is your first arrow shrine.  You can charge as 
many arrows as you want, but the enchantment will wear off after a 
while.  The enchantment of this shrine is explosion arrows.  If anyone 
has found any use for the explosion arrows, besides killing guards more 
effectively, let me know.  Anyway, the arrows the archer drops are Life 
Stealers, so it may behoove you to attack him hand-to-hand, instead of 

Take a left around the rope chamber and you'll see a passage with a 
blue potion at the end.  Get on your belly and crawl in the passage, 
because the darts will be flying overhead.  To your left will be a hole 
with a rope and a platform in the middle.  Back up to the wall and leap 
out to the rope.  Let go after the FIRST swing and you'll land short, 
grab the ledge, and see the reason why I said first swing.  Spikes pop 
out of the platform.  Shimmy to the left or right on the platform and 
climb up on a spikeless area.  Walk to the edge of the platform and 
standing jump across to the doorway.  You'll make it.

Proceed along the passage.  You'll see a platform on your right, and a 
pressure plate in front of a gate to your left.  The gate leads back to 
the monk.  Hop up onto the platform and deal with Mr. Mustache.  Right 
after you beat him, a Darkhold Assassin will drop down to challenge you 
as well.  Once both are dealt with, hop up to the platform above.  A 
switch is there, and there's also a curious-looking item on the ground.  
Why...  It's the double knives!  Finally, a new weapon to play with! ^_^
Pull 'em out and fiddle with them for a while if you like, then flip the 
switch.  Note as it shuts off the cogs nearby, as well as some chopping 
blades in the water.  That's what would have happened if you hopped in 
the drink earlier.  Wouldn't have been pretty.  So, trot on back to the 
open area and jump up to the central platform.  Hop in the water.  
You've got quite a long swim, and it'll probably take most of your air. 
Once you get to the blade area, you can go either left or right and 
you'll eventually surface in a round room.

Note: The standard finisher with the knives is the Prince crosses the 
knives in his hands, stabs the enemy with both together, twists them, 
and slices apart.

The finisher using knives versus bandits or assassins wielding a staff 
is the prince strikes his opponent behind the ankles with one blade, 
tripping them on the floor.  Then he plants his other blade in the 
victim's gut (the opponent grabs the blade) and yanks it downwards, 
causing the place where the opponent's legs start to be just above his 

This is an interesting room.  Smell "puzzle" yet?  We've got three 
closed gates.  One with a triangle, one with a circle, and one with a 
square on the gate.  The open doorway leads to three buttons with the 
same markings.  Let's not beat around the bush.  Hit the triangle button 
and go through the now open gate.  Proceed and you'll see a room with an 
alcove flanked by two torches, but one is quite obviously a switch, 
since it's unlit and horizontal.  Flip it, and the alcove opens.

This next part requires a bit of timing and luck.  What happens is that 
a Darkhold Assassin rushes up, sword drawn.  Sure, you can draw your 
sword right away and attempt combat, but the alcove closes in a matter 
of seconds.  Sure, you can rush right through, but you won't have time 
to stop and draw your weapon before the Assassin makes shiskabob out of 
you.  So, run right in and jump past the Assassin.  When you hit the 
far wall, then it's relatively safe to draw your sword and battle.

Once you finish the Assassin, climb up the ledge at the far end.  Run to 
the end of the passage, and hop up onto the table-like thing in the 
middle of the room.  Put your back to the doorway, and climb up the far 
left ledge into the next room.  Why?  Because that's the only side that 
doesn't have a dart pressure plate on it.  Climb on up.  Walk your way 
around, avoiding the plates, and head towards the doorway leading 
outside.  You're on a ledge now, overlooking two guards on the platform 
below.  Take out your bow, and turn the one on the right into a 
pincushion.  It should take four standard arrows.  You can shoot down 
the other guard, but it's not necessary, and you probably should save 
your arrows.  So, why did we kill just the one guard?  If you took that 
passage normally, you'd face off against one, and the other would walk 
up and stab you from behind.  Not a good day...

Anyway, once he's down, run back to the main shape room and step on the 
circle button.  Head through the circle door.  Hop up onto the outer 
ledge and take the exit out of the room.  Get a running start, and take 
a flying leap off the ledge.  You'll sail over some spikes.  Continue 
down the hall and outside.  Face off against the remaining guard, if 
you didn't attack him earlier.  Once he's done, head towards the 
platform and step on the pressure plate.  A drawbridge will rise up and 
you can head over to the tower.  Unfortunately, there's nothing going on 
here.  So, just hop onto the outer ledge and head out the left window.  
Take a flying leap across to the balcony, walk in, and take out the 
guard standing there.  Step on the pressure plate, which will raise the 
gate, and you're back in triangle land, only this time, there's a 
circle gate here that's open.  Run allll the way back to the first 
triangle gate and go through the now open circle gate.  You'll ride an 
elevator up.

Run through the passage and you'll come upon a ledge with a swinging 
rope leading to an opposite ledge.  Swing across, and in the next room, 
walk around the ledge and push the vase into the lower room.  As you'll 
soon see, you're above the triangle button, which will now stay pressed 
no matter what.  Head back into the ledge room, and walk off and you'll 
safely splash into the pool.  You're in the main shape room.  Head to 
the button room and step on the square one.  Head through the square 
gate, and the following triangle gate.  Don't worry.  You're almost 

Run through the passage and down the stairs, and you'll see you've 
finally caught up with the belly-dancer.  After an impressive little 
spin, she'll attack.  She's rather skilled, so be on your guard.  Sadly, 
after whatever impressive battle you have with her, the finisher is 
still just the standard chest thrust, but at least you get the 
satisfaction of the sword sticking out the other side... ^_^  Pick up 
the potion she drops if you need it, and proceed.  Be careful though.  
After you climb the steps, you'll see three spikes in the floor, they 
blossom into spinning blades of death, so take a flying leap past them, 
then run into the throne room.



The Prince bursts into the throne room:

Prince: (yelling) Where is the Princess?

Sultan: Forgive me, my son.  I am to blame.  You shall have any other 
woman in the kingdom, ten, if you like, but I had no right to marry you 
to my daughter.

While the Sultan speaks, Assan draws a hidden dagger from the sleeve of 
his robe.

Prince: There are no others for me...

Sultan: I'm sorry, but that is the only choice...

Assan holds up his dagger to throw...

Sultan: Brother!  No!

The Sultan rushes in front of the Prince and takes the dagger meant for 
him.  He collapses in the Prince's arms.

Assan (off screen): Guards, come quick!  That beggar has killed the 

Sultan: Forgive me...  As I die, so dies the pact with my brother.  Go...
Your fate is with the Princess...

The Sultan gestures towards an odd balloon contraption in the distance.

The Prince leaps out of the throne room, slides down the trunk of a 
tree, and rushes off, while several guards chase him...


15. Level 7 - Rooftops

Now, there aren't really any guards after you.  Apparently, you shook 
'em, so just relax.  Run across the bridge.  Note the green potion on 
your right.  Tempting, eh?  Shall we go get it?  Sure, but we do have 
to go a little roundabout to get it.

As you cross the platform, the gate opens up, and there's a guard 
standing behind it.  He won't attack until you cross the threshold, so 
draw your sword and inch across and attack.  After you finish him, 
proceed (don't flip the switch).  When you come to the stairway, climb 
over the banister, and drop down the other side.  There's a blade trap 
there for you, so no need to deal with it.

Continue on, and an Assassin ahead will shut the gate in front of you.  
Climb out the window on your right (Ha ha!  Outwitted them again!) and 
drop down on the ledge to face the Assassin.  Kill him, and follow the 
ledge past the gate, and cross the odd-colored stone bridge, which, 
naturally, collapses.  Take a leap off the bridge and run into the 
room on the right.  On the right side of the room is a pressure plate.  
Step on it to open the nearby windows.  Climb out.  You'll see a 
platform opposite you that has an Assassin patrolling it.  Jump over to 
the platform, then scale to the top.  Kill the Assassin.  Note the 
rope across the way.  Take a swing across it.  Now what?

Look down and to your right.  Nice open window for ya.  The leap is 
tough, though.  You'll need to leap from the corner of the platform 
near the stained glass windows.  Once you're across, climb up the 
spiral staircase, and you'll soon reach the green potion.  Yay! ^_^

Run up the nearby stairs and you'll reach a window that will drop you 
outside the stained-glass windows you recently opened with a plate.  
There's another plate right in front of you.  Step on it to open the 
windows once again.  Proceed through and back to the open area from a 
while ago.

Don't worry about much of this open space, just hop across to the ledge 
opposite and climb up to the windows right above.  Walk onto the ledge 
and look down.  Note the Assassin.  Face him and side-hop down to the 
lower floor.  Pull out your weapon and teach him a lesson.  Continue on 
and you'll reach another open area.  Rugnor will be here with the 
Princess and he'll tell a bare-chested Assassin to stop you.  The 
Assassin will do so by closing off the nearby gate.  What is it with 
people and their thinking they can stop you with gates?

Anyway, there's a rooftop off to your left that's your new destination.  
Hop up onto one of the brick pillars lining the roof you're on, and hop 
over.  Note the Archer above and to the left.  Kill him if you want, 
but it's not necessary.  Look to the right and you'll see a small window 
with a blue ledge.  It looks far, but you can make it with a leap.  
Climb up and jump onto the chain in the middle of this new room.  It's 
actually connected to a lamp, so you'll have to jump off when you reach 
the bottom.

You have two exits in this new room.  Take the one that has a dark room 
in the distance.  DON'T enter this dark room!  There's an invisible bad 
guy there that will dice you up nicely, and you can't return the favor!  
Instead, climb the staircase and you'll eventually reach a pressure 
plate.  Step on it and you'll open up the first set of bars in a grille 
above you.  To open up the other set of bars is a little more 
complicated.  Get to the room below you, either by dropping or going 
back down the stairs and going the other way, and head outside.  There's 
a tower immediately to your right that you need to get to.  To get up 
there, you need to push a box, but it's at an odd angle.  Push it one 
space to the right side of the tower, and push it towards the tower the 
rest of the way.  You can scale the box and then the tower.

As you look across the nearby passage, you can see you're in Trap City.  
There are floor spikes first, then a blade trap just after.  Save, 
natch.  Leap across the spikes and stop short.  Drop to the ground and 
crawl under the blades, then watch out again, for there's a timed dart 
trap in the wall.  Such fun...  Proceed out the doorway, avoiding the 
darts, and hit the pressure plate to remove the other set of bars.  
Climb up to ledge, shimmy over to the now open grille and go through.

Where the heck are we now?  There's a ledge above you.  Get to the very 
edge of the ledge you're on, turn around and jump up.  Note the potion.  
Note the greenish-blue color.  That's poison.  Get it?  Good.

Turn around and jump onto the next ledge.  Get a good running start and 
leap onto the rope, swinging across.  Nothing to do here, but jump onto 
the roof off to your right.  Enter and descend the stairs, but watch out 
for a floor spike trap at the bottom.  Tough to avoid on stairs, so get 
at the very bottom of the stairs, and make a standing jump across them.  

Once you're in this new area (looks like the exit would, doesn't it, 
well, tough...), hop off the ledge and look across.  You'll notice an 
Assassin has seen you.  Now would be a good time to use some good 
arrows.  If you picked up a Call of the Swarm arrow, use that.  Jump 
over to the ledge, climb the stairs and you'll eventualy hit a switch.  
This will drop a lantern into the dark room, and you'll be able to see 
your adversary.  Run back down the stairs, around the right side, and 
you'll hit the plate for a gate that'll lead to Mr. Black.  He's armed 
with a staff and he's actually pretty good, so beware.  Once you finish 
him, continue forward and you'll ride an elevator up.  Go out, turn 
left on the ledge and carefully enter the doorway at the end, avoiding 
the spikes in front of it.  Turn right and run head down the passage.  

Look out when you get the stairs and note the rafters hanging overhead.
Jump and grab onto one of them and shimmy your way across.  As you'll 
see, the stairs will open up below you, so it's a good thing you used 
the rafter.  Once you make it all the way across, drop down and exit 
the hallway to the outside.  Jump across to the waterway you'll see 
across from you.  Go forward down the waterway and down the stairs.  
You'll see a rope and the bare-chested Assassin across from you.  To 
get across, you need to make a run from the stairs, and leap at the 
bottom, grab the rope and swing across.  Regain your composure and draw 
your weapon as soon as possible.  The battle with the Assassin is 
tough, because you'll have to learn to deal with a knife wielder.  
Remember to back up whenever he tries the double stab.

Once he's dead, pick up the potion he leaves behind, hop onto the 
balcony behind him and head for the double doors to finish!  Yay! ^_^


16. Level 8 - Streets and Docks

Time for some street combat.  You'll notice immediately that directly 
across from you are two ruffians.  They're not friendly, and fighting 
them is very tough, since you can only concentrate on one at a time...

You have a couple of options.  You can try fighting them using fancy 
dodging techniques to avoid both of them, which is risky and hard, or 
you can climb up on the box next to you, and either shoot them with 
arrows or just plain avoid them.  This is, by far, the safer choice...

Once you're on the box, climb up to the ledge above quickly, because 
the bad guys can still hurt you from this height.  Walk along the ledge, 
and be prepared to jump past the first wooden section of the ledge (it 
gives way).  Walk onto the gate next to you and cross to the other side 
of the street.  The reason you're up here is to get a Call of the 
Swarm arrow, so if you feel you don't need it, just drop down.

Anyway, on the opposite side of the street are several traps.  First, 
there's a floor spike, as you'll be able to see.  Right after that, 
there's a plate that'll activate a dart shooter.  Across the way, on 
the next ledge, is another plate that'll activate another dart shooter.  
It doesn't help that the camera likes to pick an angle for you here, 
either.  Anyway, hop over the spikes, then sidestep to the edge of the 
ledge so you can avoid the dart, then jump over to the ledge, hopefully 
close enough to the edge so the next dart misses you, as well.  Cross 
over to the alcove here, and claim your Call of the Swarm arrow.

Anyway, drop down and head towards the fountain.  Note that past the 
fountain, are a couple of gates.  Note also the keyhole.

Continue down the street, and there will be a small alcove off to your 
left.  You can see the misting of a potion there.  It's a brown potion.  
Chugging it will make you look like any of the ruffians on the streets 
at this point.  Let's not use it yet, though...

First, let's kill the thug down the small alley to the right.  With 
him out of the way, you don't have to rush as much.  Anyway, take a few 
cautious steps down the long alley to the left, and you'll see that the 
camera man is on your side, for you're given a shot of the area at the 
end of the alley.  There are two guys, which can make life very 
complicated.  Naturally, this is where the potion comes in.  Drink it.  
You'll be a thug for about thirty seconds.  Run down the alley.  Follow 
it all the way to the end and climb up the opening into a building.  
Run up the ramp, and you'll notice a key on a table.  Pick it up, and 
the blue potion nearby, and hop down out of the window.  Head back to 
the fountain and use the key on the keyhole.

Note: You CAN make it without killing the first thug, even chugging the 
blue potion and picking up the key, but it's a tight squeeze, so you're 
better off in the long run just getting rid of the first guy ASAP...

Once you open the gates, you have two choices.  Left or right:

Right:  Don't go this way.  You have to jump over some spikes, avoid a 
guard, and jump over another set of spikes, and your reward is a bottle 
of poison.

Left: Go this way.  Both ways lead to an area with some wooden rafters.  
There's a lot of dart-shooting going on, but you don't need to worry 
about that.  Just run off the edge, face the far end and draw your 
sword, so you can deal with the old coot with the staff.

Once Old Guy's dead, walk over to the grate and press the Action key to 
open it.  Hop down into the sewers.  Watch that first turn.  See the 
holes in the doorway?  Those have nasty spikes.  You'll have to time 
your run through them.  Wait until they poke out, then hit forward.  It 
may t 

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