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About The Game

Escape to experience the new fantasy world of ancient Persia. Masterful storytelling and sprawling environments deliver a brand new adventure that re-opens the Prince of Persia saga. Now you have the freedom to determine how the game evolves in this non-linear adventure. Players will decide how they unfold the storyline by choosing their path in the open-ended world.

In this strange land, your rogue warrior must utilize all of his skills, along with a whole new combat system, to battle Ahriman’s corrupted lieutenants to heal the land from the dark Corruption and restore the light. Also, history;s greatest ally is revealed in the form of Elika, a dynamic AI companion who joins the Prince in his fight to save the world. Gifted with magical powers, she interacts with the player in combat, acrobatics and puzzle-solving, enabling the Prince to reach new heights of deadly high-flying artistry through special duo acrobatic moves or devastating fighting combo attacks.

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Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia Review

By Catherine Black |

Forget what you know about the Prince of Persia series. Let go the Sands of Time. Release your Warrior Within. Ubisoft Montreal has created a new Prince, in a new world, with a new female companion and a very different design philosophy. The longer you hold on to the style of last generation's Prince of Persia, the harder it will be to master the new one. Embrace the change and you're likely to fall in love with the new Prince (or at least his lovely companion).

When we meet the new Prince, he hardly seems princely at all. Little more than a smooth-talking thief, the Prince gets lost in a sandstorm while searching for his donkey, Farah. Of course, this is no ordinary sandstorm. This mystical phenomenon transports the Prince to another land, one seemingly made more of myth than reality. It's here where he fatefully runs into Elika, a beautiful barefoot descendant of a clan sworn to guard the prison of the evil god Ahriman. As bad luck would have it, the two meet just in time to witness Ahriman's release from his prison inside the Tree of Life. His escape releases corruption across the four areas of the world. This corruption will spread further unless the Prince and Elika can heal the infected lands. And so begins your adventure.

This is a story about love. Not the love between the Prince and Elika, but between you and Elika. She is your constant guide, able to cast a spell at any time to show you the path to your goal. Come across a gap too great for the Prince to leap? Elika can assist with a double-jump move. Want some help in combat? Elika patrols the arena, ready to attack at your command. Miss a ledge and about to fall to your death? No sweat. Elika will always save you. Elika teaches you about corruption and the battle between Ahriman and Ormazd, about the history of the four infected areas and the tragic tales of all four bosses you must battle. She's your greatest asset and far more likeable than the boorish Prince. If Elika were just a little bit more real or I was just a tad more insane, I'd marry her.

Watch our video review of Prince of Persia in HD.
With Fable II, Peter Molyneux attempted to make us care so greatly for our dog that we would sacrifice everything to protect him. He didn't fully succeed. But Ubisoft Montreal got it right. Elika is so significant to the story and gameplay that I found myself caring far more for her safety than that of my own character, the Prince. And the real genius is that Elika is as easy to control as pressing a single button. That's all it takes. Double jumps, combat moves and magic with Elika are all assigned to one button. Her AI is perfectly designed so that she never takes the lead and never gets in the way. And that's saying something, considering how quickly the Prince moves about the world.

In truth, Elika is really just a manifestation of actions we've been performing in games for years. We've all seen a double jump before and heroes who mix in magic with their swordplay. All Ubisoft did was take these very standard gameplay elements and give them a physical form. It's because Elika is such a natural extension of the gameplay that it's easy to care for her.

The rest of the Prince's actions are just as simple as commanding Elika. Each is assigned to its own button. There's one for acrobatics, your sword and your gauntlet. These work both while free running about the world and in combat. So when you are battling the Warrior -- a massive creature made of stone -- you instinctively know that if you want to slide between his legs, you're going to use the acrobatic button. Ease of use is a primary focus of the Prince's design. In fact, it's so easy, some may subconsciously overcomplicate things.

When you're running about the world, performing acrobatic sequences, it's difficult at first to shake off years of training in action platformers. But Prince is actually simpler (and in many ways better) than previous iterations of the series or other action games. You never need to hold down a button -- there is no pre-loading your jumps. That's because you can jump off a wall at any time. So if you jump to a wall and then hold down jump as you are landing, you aren't preloading the next jump, you're actually going to jump again.

Prince of Persia Cheats

UnlockableHow to UnlockAt the Choose Skin Manager, Enter Passcode 13372805Assassins Creed Altair SkinAt the Choose Skin Manager, Enter Passcode 52585854Sands of Time Skins (Prince and Farah)Collect the 1001 light seed after beating the final bossPrototype Prince Skin & Prototype Elika SkinBeat the game onceJade Skin

Prince of Persia Game Walkthrough

	  PPPPP   ***   PPPPPP
	  PPPPP     PPPPPP                                              
	  PPPPP                      I  NN        N         
	  PPPPP    RRRRRRRR         II  NNN      NN    CCCCC      EEEEEEE
	           RR     RRRRR   II    NNN    NNNN    CCCCCCC    EEEEEEEE
	           R              I     NN       NN     CCCCCCC

      OOOO      FFFFFFFF       *****************************************
     OOOOOOO   FFFFFFFF       * Game:         Prince of Persia ( 2008 ) *
    OO   OOOO  FFF            * Type:         FAQ/Walkthrough           *
    OO    OOO  FFFFFFF        * For:          PS3, Xbox 360, PC         *
    OOO  OOO   FFFFFF         * Author:       Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
     OOOOOO    FFF            * Email:  *
      OOOO     FFF            * Web:  *
               FF              *****************************************

	  PPPPP  ***  PPPP
	  PPPPPPP                                              I       AAA
	  PPPP     EEEE        RRR  RRR           SSSSS     IIII  AAAA   AAA
	 PPPP       EEEEEEEE   RRR   RRR   SS      SSSS     III   AAA    AAA
	 PP          EEEEEEEE  RR     RRR  SSSSSSSSSSS      II    AA      AA
	 P                              RR  SSSSSSSS        I     A          


Version 1.0 - the whole game, doubt I'll cover every seed, like I did for 
those dam flags in Assassin's Creed, but I'll need a lot of help I'll bet.

Table Of Contents
Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough			( FAQ4444 )

	Into the Storm:		The Temple
	Ruined Citadel: 	King's Gate
	The Vale: 		The Cauldron
	Royal Palace: 		The Cavern

	The Temple:		Step of Ormazd
	City of Light: 		City Gate
	Ruined Citadel: 	The Sun Temple
	Ruined Citadel: 	The Windmills
	The Vale: 		Machinery Ground

	The Temple:		Wings of Ormazd
	Ruined Citadel: 	Marshalling Ground
	Ruined Citadel: 	Martyr's Tower
	Ruined Citadel: 	Hunter's Lair
	The Vale: 		Reservoir
	Royal Palace: 		Royal Gardens
	Royal Palace: 		Coronation Hall

	The Temple:		Breath of Ormazd
	The Vale: 		Construction Yard
	The Vale: 		Heaven's Stair
	The Vale: 		The Observatory
	City of Light: 		Tower of Ormazd
	City of Light: 		Queen's Tower

	The Temple:		Hand of Ormazd
	Royal Palace: 		Spire of Dreams
	Royal Palace: 		Royal Spire
	Royal Palace: 		The Palace Rooms
	City of Light: 		Tower of Ahriman
	City of Light:		City of Light
	City of Light: 		Warrior's Fortress

	The Temple:		Darkness to Light

5. FAQ / Author Info / Copyright  

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Well, I've played all of the last generation PoP games, and I must say this 
one is both weaker and stronger. I also played Okami, and I've played 
Assassin's Creed. 

For one, the element of Okami, the beautiful graphics, are worth the play all
on their own. The contrast between pure and corrupted highlights the cel-
shaded graphics that were beautiful in previous generations and are only 
that much better in high definition. You almost want to cleanse each area just
to see the crisp, sharp shadows from the shining sun.

From Assassin's Creed you have the easy jumping around, where most of the 
paths are set before you and you only need to push the stick over and press a
button most of the time. There are like five or so difficult jumping sections,
and that may be a vast over-estimate. Where the AC combat was a bit difficult,
this system is more or less very simple, with just a little explaining and 
you can essentially fight the same fight for the entire game. 

If you were diehard about the last series, for one, you can toss out the second
game, Warrior Within. You can include most of Two Thrones, but for some reason
that one didn't work as much as the first. The first game was linear, the 
combat had more depth than this game, and the puzzles and platforming was 
worth owning.

This game is not worth owning, like Assassin's Creed, but if not for the story
elements for something later, you at least must give this game a try. The 
story was nice, the characters a bit too smarmy, but I enjoyed the game and
the set-pieces were nice. You can always pop on the old PoP skins and call it


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

X - jump, jump to thrown enemy, roll around in combat
SQU - attack (should not use much)
O - use, grab in combat
TRI - Elika attaks, light your path set on map
R1/R2 - block, grip-fall, drop, counter
L1/L2 - Talk to Elika
RS - look
LS - move
START - pause/save
SELECT - map (you can teleport to clean areas)

XBox 360
I'm just guessing on these, assuming they match the PS3

A - jump, jump to thrown enemy, roll in combat.
X - attack (should not use much)
B - use, grab in combat
Y - Elika attaks, light your path set on map
RB/RT - block, grip-fall, drop, counter
LB/LT - Talk to Elika
RS - look
LS - move
START - pause/save
BACK - map (you can teleport to clean areas)

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. You can't die, so get over it. But really, rather than use the time 
feature of the previous games you just don't die here at all. It hurts if you
"die" in a boss fight, but other than that you are free to do as you wish; so
long as you don't care about the trophy/achievement for not "dying" 100 times.

#2. Combat is simple, you have an attack button, grab button, jump button,
and magic button. You can mix and match these for some nice combos. There
are shields that the enemies will eventually run that require you use one 
attack to chase off the shield, and that's as far as the combat system goes.

#3. The last part of combat is blocking, but of course you have two outs if 
you don't want to block; one being not dying and the other being the random
button press after two consecutive hits to "save" yourself. You block as the 
enemy is attacking to counter so that you can attack again while they are 
briefly stunned. Of course it's easier to block in real time than when they
counter you and it's either really fast or you have time to wait for it.

#4. All normal enemies can be tossed over an edge for death, and even blasted
against a wall. Even a few bosses can be ringed out. Watch out for the goo
on the sides during boss fights as it kills combos and will save the boss.

#5. For the platforming, there is always somewhere to go, so look up, down,
and all around, and nothing will be so obscure you can't just pan the camera
around to see a place to go. You can always use your compass, the Elika button,
to find your path.

#6. One thing to get used to is the "lunge" with every wall contact. This is
easily seen in the wall run, but when you hit a wall directly you will take a
short hop up the wall before sliding down. So basically, when you hit a wall
and wish to grab a fissure above you, don't press jump, you'll get up there
on your own. You can cancel this lunge by pressing the grip fall button.

#7. While jumping along the game will "stack" your button presses, but don't 
like try to press three buttons and expect to end up somewhere good. All it
means is you can press a button slightly before you get to the point where
you need to press it, and if you are afraid you can press it twice to be safe.

#8. Under options you'll find the combo list and you'll notice a "leads to:"
column on the right. Well, if a combo leads to an aerial combo that means you
can do an aerial combo to keep it going. Keep in mind that no combo goes longer
than three buttons, unless it ends the combo or is the second part of a bigger
combo. You can try the more complex combos if you want, but it's not required
to beat the game.

#9. One easy thing to remember is that for any time you want to do a x3 Elika
button combo, the straight Elika as I call it, you can mix in a grab for the 
last button and go into an aerial combo. It should go: Elika, attack or Elika,
grab, jump, and two more attacks or magic. 

#10. Should be obvious, but please save your game in the pause menu before you
quit, as the autosave may not be anywhere near where you end.

#11. Note to the light seed hunters, your totals for each area are in your
map. There are 45 for all 20 areas, plus the 100 for beating all the bosses.
Since there are 1001 I can't spoil where the last one comes from.

#12. If you are seperated from Elika during a fight, just get over to her. You
can press the jump button to roll faster around the arena too. 

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

Prince of Persia Walkthrough

No, you don't need to follow this step by step, and you can go in any order you
wish. If you got the powers out of order, just jump to the area you are on
and follow from there. Remember, command Ctrl + F is the search function.

Into the Storm

To The Temple

Okay, so the controls are much easier than you would think. For one, just 
move up and jump along the gaps. When you reach the wall, just jump onto the
wall, aim to about mid-way over, and the Prince will finish off the action by
wall-running the rest of the way. Just keep following, you'll do a wall run and
a wall jump, then you meet some bad guys.

*NOTE: For all of these starter fights, you have to do the action on the 
screen, then you can fight as you wish. For example, if block is on the 
screen you must block before you can do anything else.*

For you first fight you have an attack button, claw button, and block button,
but the combat is also easier than even these three buttons would make it 
seem. When you grab and toss the guy into the air, press jump and you can keep
attacking him. Farah, get it? Girl from the last games? Funny.

After that, follow this girl's movement to get up the narrow gap, though you
may need to jump a few more times. Then follow her along, the double-wall run
may be tricky, but you will keep running after a jump, so it's pretty simple.

After the scene, just move forward for the next fight. You are told that you
can press the jump button, press the attack buttons, and by doing so you can
create easy combos. For example, jump, attack, and attack again. You can even
jump and grab. Of course all of this is overkill as you only need to defeat
the guy. 

You can now talk to Elika, so I'll let you know now that you can press this 
button at any time to see if there is anything to talk about; you can do so 
three times right now. Climb up and do two wall runs, then you hit a narrow 
gap with no ground. Just jump to the right, wall run, jump and wall run to the
next fight. Just claw, block, and then fight. Remember, you can string together
moves, especially after a grab. If you didn't catch the combo-ing of moves, 
the second fight here will force you to. After the scene, walk to the ledge,
hang on, and press the button to grip-fall.

#The Temple#

Follow Elika to the temple, try to talk if you want, and follow her up the 
wall. If you played Assassin's Creed this will be very similar. You don't hold
the A button or press it a lot, you just press it to climb, press it while 
holding up to run up, and you'll be fine; if you press the A button while 
moving up the wall you will "die," meaning she will save you, but it's best not
to be a complete idiot. You can climb those vertical parts on the ledges.

At the top, turn the crank, let go, and then gripfall down and go inside. Go
to the door and jump up the vertical line to slide down the ring. Go through,
talk to her twice, and then approach the tree.

You fight the big guy, and my favorite move is jump, grab, jump, and keep 
tapping attack until the combo is over. After each you'll need to block his
attack, then do it again until over.

For this fight with the demon, all that is new is the added button of Elika's
magic, which is just a way to twirl her around, but you can combo it with the
rest all the same. Kill it and then jump along until you reach the wall. You
will jump, jump again, grab the fissure, get to the end, and then press over
to jump to safe land. Jump over and go up the ramp, jump across the gap, and 
fight another demon; maybe you luck off and can toss him off the edge by just
using Elika's magic attack three times. Jump to the ring to open the door. 

Go through and now the place will start to break apart. Jump over the first 
gap, wall run the second, wall run the right side of the third as the wall will
open, then jump to the exit and press the Elika button to swing to safety.

*NOTE: You save in the pause menu, in case you thought there was going to be
a save point.*

To King's Gate

You will then be given the map tutorial, so have fun. Set you destination to 
the left and exit (if you set it elsewhere we may have problems). You can 
now press her button to have a magic ball light your path. Then we have about
20 "real" conversations with the fixed camera, then about 20 repeating talks
that end after he hums a little; achievements/trophies for going the distance.

So, let's go left. Don't bother with the structure along the way, you can't 
climb it. Approach the opening to the path and there is a brief scene, and 
after you have more talking if you want, less than the last time though. Elika-
jump the chasm, climb the fissure up the left side, and then use the ring and
the grab button to get up higher. Next you will jump to the ledge and wall run
up it without having to press a button. Now you must wall run, grab the ring,
press the grab button to continue, and then jump to get on solid ground.

You are still going left. You will jump a pole, use some rings, jump from a 
beam to ledge, then up a fissure, and the rest is more beams climbing fissures
until you all stop on a platform and Elika talks.

Ruined Citadel: King's Gate

Talk to her from the platform a few times. Jump the boards and pole to hit a
spot where the left is blocked by the goo, but the right path is open. Jump to 
the column, make sure your back is pointed to the surface, and press jump to
get over. Go up the wall and climb the vines, gripfall on the other side to 
get off. Jump the two columns, run to the vines and run off, and then a column
you need to climb up, then jump to get on flat ground.

For the next column, climb up to the top, then press the jump button to do a
roofrun, hit the ring, and you'll land on the other side. Jump to the next 
column, make sure you turn, and jump. To reach the vines, jump to the bend in
the wall and you should wall run, even if you hit pretty low. Climb around, go
up, and wall run to the top.

#Corrupted: Hunter#

Approach the enemy. This battle is fairly easy, and if you are afraid you can
hold down block to keep safe. First, blocking is hard, so you may be best to 
just hold it down when he's coming at you or after an attack. My attack up 
choice is grab, press jump, then keep pressing the Elika button until the 
combo is over or he goes into his button-mashing sequence. These things will
pop up whenever you inflict a certain amount of damage, so be ready to hit
whatever button flashes on the screen; you are warned by a sudden change of 
camera and a slight pause, such as before his attack. 

A tip on the blocking, as soon as he pulls back his hand, press block and you
should hit it just right, then feel free to grab of just abuse Elika's power.

After that, press her button and then repeatedly for OKAMI! Cel-shaded, grass
grows, beautiful, the only question is where's the brush? You can talk some 
more, some fine conversation at that. Then pick up the light seed, then the
one on the ring slide. From the beam, Elika-jump to the column, slide down,
then jump to the leaves at the top, come down to get a seed, and then gripfall
on the right to drop onto the other seed.

Now you must choose a new destination, and you can only pick from the first 
four spots, so pick the next one to the right of here. But since we are here,
let's get as many light seeds as we can.

There's one on the beam, then turn and jump to the wall over the gap on the
left. Jump the beams and poles and then Elika-jump to the vines. Go up, run up
a wall for a seed, turn around, and go along the poles, Elika-jump, and then
slide down the vines.

For the next order, let's go back onto the tower. Instead of going left when
you get over, go right. Go beyond the column for one, then go back up. At the
roofrun column, there is one on the back side, then go along the ring side. Now
just go back to the top and then return to the nexus in the path. Press the 
Elika button to see your path, which is over the poles and has more seeds. Go
that way, but stop when you see some vines on the wall to the right. Go up, 
go over, jump to the column, get to the vines, and slide down, then go back
across the poles to the other side with the seed. You should have 30 seeds from
this area.

*NOTE: There is a back path from here that leads to an area that you can do
nothing in, so no reason to go, but there are a few light seeds, but again,
there is no reason to go. Feel free to get the few lights seeds and come 
right back, because I will not go over it.*

To The Cauldron

You're opposite the side you entered, FYI. Wall run and use the ring, then use
the fissure to get down; you'll pick up another light seed. From here you could
go back to the Citadel for those two seeds along the way, but let's not. Just
jump, wall and ring to a fissure, and you get one more seed going down.

From this fork in the road, you will take a left, which is going down the dark
path. Climb the purple vines, then wall run, hit fissure, wall run, and jump.
For the next two wall running parts I will tell you that you must jump at the
end to get over. Climb the vines and wall run and jump to the surface. Go up
the next set, wall run, jump, and then jump to the fork in the road. Go left
to hit the next area.

The Vale: The Cauldron

More talking if you wish. You can only go left and up the vines. Talk with 
her then keep going and you'll hit a slide, which is just you slide down and
then jump at the very bottom. Keep going, but there is no timer, so relax. 
Hit the columns, roofwalk, hit the ring, and get up. Jump right, slide, jump to
the wall to run, and you'll land on solid ground. 

#Corrupted: Alchemist#

Just another fight. Only thing you need to know is that when he is close and
you see his shadow under him extend, press block. You can just get close and 
tap the Elika button for the easy combo until he's dead if you want, but it's
slow. I just say, block, jump, grab, press jump again, and then Elika button
for good damage. Use the straight Elika combo only when he's got a sliver of 
health for easy damage. 

*NOTE: For the future, all bosses have these button press things, all enemies
in fact, so I shouldn't have to mention it throughout.*

*NOTE: Another important note, while the straight Elika combo is easy, you can
press her button, do another of your attack or hers, and then go into a grab 
combo in the air. Keep that in your back pocket for extra damage.*

Some new talk, then go do the cleansing. More talking right after, then grab
the four free seeds up here. Elika jump over to the vines and take them down.
Set a marker to that place on the right, the Cavern.

*NOTE: Hopefully you've gotten the idea of how to jump around, but I will
still help you out when needed.*

From here, jump over like you are going down that tunnel, but don't because 
that is NOT YOUR PATH. Take the seeds on the wall and above the vines you can
jump to another. Then just go along the wall around the middle spire and you're
back to the start of this area.

*NOTE: For vines, it's best to keep better track of where your thumbs are on
the analog sticks because sometimes your previous view had you pressing up
or something, but when you get to the edge of a vine you'll jump up when you
want to jump over. So just know where you're pushing the sticks is all I'm

There are a few lights seeds worth getting. Go back up the path you came to
get to the top, and after the second slide just drop down it instead of jumping
for the see. There is another around the corner, then go along the wall to a
ledge and look across from it. Elika jump over there for a seed, then jump
down to the start.

To The Cavern

Go out and to the right is the path you came from the gate, so go to your left.
Do the jumping to hit the intersection and keep going down the left path.
There are a just columns and a few other jumps, nothing hard.

*NOTE: If by some miracle you did a few extra seed grabs, you may get to 
shoot back to the temple along this path. However, there is no need since you
don't need a power for the remaining two areas, and we will go there after 
this area. If you do go back now, please pick the red plate.*

Royal Palace: The Cavern

Jump the poles, then Elika jump the columns to hit the nexus point. From how
you got here, if you go left you're heading to the rest of the palace from
which you can do nothing (face it and check your map if you're confused, you
don't want to head north). All you have to do is jump to the roof column and 
jump again to hit the furtile ground.

#Corrupted: Concubine#

You have to reach her first. On the other side of the platform, opposite Elika
and not behind her, is a beam on the edge. Take it up and climb up the column,
then follow the path boss and try to swipe at her.

Now jump to the center and back up the column, but this time follow the ramps
to her illusion. Now jump back and this time take the beam behind Elika. Follow
it to the final illusion.

Jump back and start the fight, or jump away if you want to hear her talk. 
Her "tell" for her attack is just a motion backward, so if you see that hit
the block. The fight is just the same as the rest, except don't even try to 
get her to the edge and knock her off, it just kills your combo, so try to 
stay in the middle. Watch out for that double-strike if you get only a block
and not a counter. Again, the grab, hit in the air, and Elika combo is the
choice, with the straight Elika combo only when she's close to death, or you
need time to heal.

*NOTE: When you hit the 60 Light Seed amount and get the message to return to
the temple, do so after you've gotten all of these light seeds.*

More talking, then you have the same two beams to get out of here. The path 
with the ring right after the column is where we will start, so take it. When
you get up, drop off the right side for two seeds, then jump right for a slide 
to get back to the middle. Go back up and this time go up the rings, but don't
go all the way up or you'll be at the entrance to this area.

Instead, go left along the ramps to a dead end. Jump back and take the other
beam. Go up the beam, get the seed on it, and to get the seed on the wall
you will jump to it and then jump back. At the top go either left or right
just like you did to reach those illusions, and come back to this spot a 
third time and take the rings up to the top. 

From here you can go right taking the narrow path with columns for a few 
seeds, but don't that path leads to a place we will reach soon. Just go left
to the column, roof run behind it, then go along the roof rings, slide down
the column, and then jump along the poles. Look to the left and Elika jump the
columns to get two seeds, then come back. Go left for a seed atop a column,
then either jump back or return to the entrance. 

*NOTE: Since the power doesn't matter, feel free to head to City Gate 
now, then go to the Temple.*

The Temple: Step of Ormazd

*Requires 60 Light Seeds

Since you have over 60 seeds, and if you don't you'll just have to remember
this spot for when you beat the next area. Open the map and teleport to the 
temple (Elika button?).

For the training, just run along the right side wall, press her button, and off
you go twirling through the air. Then you can talk for a while before doing
a double jump and then run through the light to get out. There's a scene with
that guy, then talk some more if you wish. You also have a new set of standard
sayings, a few of which that are worth hearing. 

Now, since we have one more "free" area to clean, let's open the map, set a 
course for the city gate, and head there.

*NOTE: Other than the game telling you when you have chats ready, but just
so you know you can hit some now and when you hit a clean area.*

To City Gate

From the temple the path is just rings and fissures. 

From the Cavern it's mostly a column path.

When you arrive at the nexus point between the two, head into the dark and jump
to the slide. Take the slides toward the end, and the final slide you will 
hit the wall and go up, so don't jump again.

City of Light: City Gate

Jump over the slides and talk with her about the Warrior. Now when you take
this slide, watch out for when it breaks, so press jump when there is nothing
in front of your feet. Take the vines up and vine over. Take the columns and
then jump to him.

#Corrupted: Warrior#

It's very simple, you cannot attack him for damage, all you can do is knock
him off the edge. You can hold block to not take damage, but if he swings back
you can press block to parry. Simple lead him near the edge, then maneuver
around him so he is near the edge, then block and do a simle Elika three hit
combo to knock him off, but be sure to tap whatever button is shown, and do
it fast.

A quick chat, then go purify the area. Drop over the edge near the one seed
and move near the two below to pick them up, and don't miss the one by the 
wooden door. Take the slide, jump for a seed, and follow the vines to the 
column. To get the two by the wall it's simple. Slide down the column, almost
to the bottom, jump over there, and then jump back. Roof run along the columns
to get to a flat platform. 

Jump right for a free seed, but DON'T follow this path to a locked area. Just
take the slide over to the nexus point. Now taking the path back to the 
furtile ground just yeilds two seeds, but you may as well get them now since
you're here. Tip for the column one, jump to the wall and jump back. Also, 
don't jump off from too high on the column or you'll die. Then return all the
way back to the nexus. 

You can take these slides back and forth for the seeds. But for that one seed
on the wall, stand by the returning slide path, jump over, and jump back.

*NOTE: I have 114 seeds, but 10 probably came from my going to places I 
shouldn't have, so you should at least be close to this number.*

To The Sun Temple

Now, I assume you have the first power, the red one called the Step of Ormazd,
and on your map there should be two red glowing areas over at the Ruined 
Citadel side, along with two at the Vale. If not, then you must have some 
other power and should go to wherever. 

Teleport to the King's Gate. From here you may notice that those red plates
are now live. Jump down to the nexus point below. Head back to the tower and
go right. Climb the column to almost the very top, jump, wall run to the
first red plate, press her button, keep until you hit the rings, use them,
and hit the final plate to get one the path you need to go.

Follow this path, Elika jump the ramp, do wall runs and jumps, and if you
were fast enough you can swipe at that swirl to kill the enemy before he 
appears - Elika combos off the edge if you have to fight him, or just treat
him like any boss. You can turn and follow the upper path to two seeds in an 
alcove, then Elika jump back to this platform. 

Jump to the fissure, wall run and jump to a slide, and Elika jump off the 
slide to hit the main protion of the Ruined Citadel.

Ruined Citadel: The Sun Temple

Jump from the beam to the first plate, then the second, then the Hunter.

#Corrupted: Hunter#

First Half
The tried and true, grab, attack in the air, and Elika combo is the choice
for this fight. 

However, he is faster, so your blocking may be off. If you parry, do the 
combo, but if you just do a quick hit away of his attack be ready for another
attack because you didn't parry. If you do get damaged, again, use the triple
Elika combo when he gets close to buy yourself some time and inflict easy

One more thing, he can spit ink onto the screen, where you can only faintly
see him moving around, but the thing that sucks most is you can't see him
while he's attacking (though it's not impossible to kinda time it if you know
he's close). But when he does this you can either hold block or do an Elika
combo to chase him away.

Half Time

Halfway through there is a quick scene, then talk to Elika a few times. Then
use the nearby plate and another to get to a ledge. He sprouts wall creatures
along the cliff fissures. You can actually wall run passed this first one,
or climb, just time it so it won't be in your path. Then go along, up a 
fissure, split two blobs, then take the plates to a platform.

Seems like that plate around the left side is the answer, but if you climb
up the fissure, jump up the top, then jump again you'll hit a pole. Climb it,
hit the wall to climb up, and do the same to reach the next part and up to
the top fissure. Another blob, then going down the set of three blobs may
seem impossible, but once you pass the first one the rest won't hit you. Then
turn to the left, wall run passed the blob, and hit the plate. 

Be ready to jump, then do some Elika jumping to hit the Hunter for part 2 of
this fight.

Second Half
Now he will attack with less predictability, but since you will wait for him
to throw his arm back you won't have any problems parrying his attack, then
doing a combo, but watch out for the button mash sequence after a good first

Then just do combos, be ready for the ink to Elika combo him, and combo some
more, not hard at all.

They no longer tell you to press her button nearby, but you should know to 
stand on that spot and do so, also to tap that button. Then take the plates
back to the entrance nexus. Set a marker up to The Windmills area.

To The Windmills

From here you have two options, both lead to the other area on the opposite 
side the the ruins; grab the easy seed on the left side. Then get back on
that first plate and ride it to the first stop. To get this seed you must 
climb up the opposite wall, then Elika jump over, but what you may not realize
is you can keep doing this to the top to get two more seeds, so keep the 
pattern or hitting the wall, jumping, then using Elika over and over. Then
just follow the fissures to the next plate. Go up the fissures like before, and
when sliding down move around so you grab both seeds. Drop over the side to
grab another. Then follow the rest of the path like you did before.

When you're back to the starting point either go left or right, all paths lead
to the other area, but I'll go right, along the column path. Follow them to
the roof column, slide down it, then jump to the beam for the seed. Take the 
ceiling rings to the enemy, since you won't be there in time to cut him, so
just get him near an edge and Elika him over the side.

*NOTE: I sure hope you realize by Elika I mean pressing her button for that 
attack three times, and when he's close.*

When you reach the fissures, remember to not jump when you hit a wall. Get up 
to the surface and press her button to see the light go inside the tunnel. 
Go up the fissures and wall run to the other side. Elika jump down the left 
tunnel as the other path leads to the Vale. From here, wall run by the blobs
and hang from the pole. This part is tricky because you need to tack about 
2 seconds onto your estimation of when you can split the blobs and hit the 
rings, so basically do it right after they leave the spot on the wall you 
intend to run through, and then you hang on the next pole to do basically 
the same for the next blob. 

Kill the next monster by using the edge, and did I mention you can instant 
kill enemies if you get them against a wall? So basically get any enemy to the
side of your arena to kill them quicker. Then run along the wall using the 
rings on the corners, then climb up. Though the distance looks far, you can
hit the wall with a run and reach the ring. Do so again, jump to the pole, and
then you are at the next area.

Ruined Citadel: The Windmills

After she talks, talk to her some more, but you have to be near that gate,
which can look weird, but oh well. 

Run down the wooden ramp and jump to the first plate. Be ready for rings, then
another to go up. Talk with her and then jump forward. Then talk to her some
more. For this puzzle the left crank changes the direction the gears turn, and
the right one turns them set to the tiles above. If one is red that means it
turns twice. 

With the left one the same, with both blue arrows pointing right, turn the 
right crank until the circle on the right gear is to the right of the plate
and the opening on the left gear is on the opposite side. Then go to the 
left crank and turn it until you have the red on the left tile and the blue on
the right tile. Then turn the right crank until the circles are over the plates
which should be just one turn.

*NOTE: I apologize if that's hard to handle, I'll try to get the crank turns

Use those plates to get to the ledge across the way. You have to wall run to
get on the pole. To climb the narrow gap, hit it, let yourself run, then jump
again. From here look to the wall blobs, then notice the turning gear beyond
the ring. There is only one side of it that will stop, the side with a surface,
so wait for it to get close, go split the blobs, and you'll hit the beam. Then
you let the gear's surface point up, run up it, and jump to the beam to hit
the next puzzle.

Talk some more, here is the solution to this three-plate puzzle:

Turn the left crank to show a blank on the left and two blue tiles.
Turn the right crank once to the left (or down on you joystick.
Turn the left crank to show all three blue.
Turn the right down once, so the middle plate is open.
Turn the left crank to show blue on the left, red in middle, and blank.
Turn the right so that all three openings are on top.
Now turn the left to all blue and then turn the right to clear it.

*NOTE: Not sure what I did, why I did it, or what it did, but it worked!*

Jump up the left plate to follow the path. Go left and time you jump through
the blobs. Jump to the path and then up the rings with a nice timed jumps to
avoid these blobs. Then jump into the arena for another fight with the boss.

#Corrupted: Hunter#

The fight is the same as the above one at the Sun Temple, only this time
he can change into a state where only pure sword attacks hurt him, and all
else will not even go through, so don't try to even grab. It's only when he's
got that stuff around him, so when he's clean you can resume the grabbing
and tossing. 

When he is in this state, wait for a block, hit it, and then just press the
attack button for your combo, but be ready for his counter attack at any
moment which you can also counter if you see it in time, just don't hit it
too soon. Also, he may turn his form into that ink, but at least he loses
that form and you can just Elika when he's close, or hold block.

However, since he regains some health with this and it goes away when he's
hit, try to stay near him for this whole fight and swing at him while he's 

At this time I would like to introduce you to the attack, attack, grab, jump,
Elika combo. This inflicts more damage, but of course is a little tougher to
pull off, but it's needed do to his health regaining. 

After the fight, jump up the ring and jump out to hit the furtile ground. Go
left after for some seeds, which require an Elika jump. Drop down over the 
edge, and get between the gap of the wall and the thin wall with the seed on
top. Jump up the solid wall, then jump to the other and grab the seed. Then 
jump over to the walkway and follow it to the rail. Get on and jump to the pole
and hit the slide, then the wall, then a ring, and you'll land on a platform 
of three seeds. Then follow the wall to another spot with a seed, and from
here you can run the wall left back to the part with the wall gap.

Drop over the edge of the corner for more light seeds. Then drop down and
just run up the opposite wall for the final seed. Returning to the wall gap,
head back to where the furtile ground was and Elika jump to the pole and
hop down to be back at the start of the Windmills.

From here you should be close to 170 light seeds, so I'll give you the option 
to either hunt this newly refreshed area for seeds, revisit the windmill for
seeds, or just head on the next area in the Vale.

Returning to the windmill nets you a seed, then you can wall run for another
inside by using the turning gear surface; you have to jump at the end of the
wall run, and you have to go back. There are only four by retracing your plates
in the tower, then make your way back to the furtile ground and out.

To the Machinery Ground

*NOTE: I know some of you will have the ability to return to the temple for a
new power, but there is no need, so keep reading.*

To reach the Machinery Ground at The Vale, you go right of the dark gate - set
a mark on your map and use where your marker is pointing if you are unsure of
the directions. Going this way you slide down two ramps and Elike jump off the
second. If you then turn around you can go up a ring for two seeds on a 
beam (you jump to it) and two more along the wall runs. Then wall run among
the poles and rings until you hit the wall blobs. Again, timing is key, but I'm
fairly certain all of them sync up to allow you one clear shot. When you hit
the tunnel part, Elika jump both sides of the pole, then take a left into the 
carvern, not back into the ruins.

It's just basic jumping until you hit the wall gap. Hit the right side, then do
it again for the next gap. More blobs, but you need to read the second pair 
on the right; you just need to go when the second one is on the part of the 
wall you need. Then one more, a wall run, and then an Elika jump and you're 

The Vale: Machinery Ground

Talk with her once, then take the wall on the left, you hit a sliding ring,
then a wall to one more plate, and then a fight. 

#Corrupted: Alchemist#

This fight is just like the previous with the Hunter. Same standard rules of
a fight, and then the added bonus of the changed states, and it should still
be to the attack button. Again, stay close, be ready for blocks and attack when
he's changing. 

One thing to note, his button press may summon a blob monster, and it should
require an Elika attack to fend off. But when the fight is almost won he will
infect you.

Now jump over to the side, up the wall ring, up the wall, and then follow the
rings to the spinning gear. Here you should be able to talk with Elika a bit,
then leap over the goo when the gear stops. Wall run as the blobs go up, 
run, jump to the pole, jump a few more times, and Elike jump to solid ground. 

Now wall run as the blob goes away and the gear will stop on it's own. Climb
up the vines, up the rings, then over one more sliding ring past a blob. You
stop for a brief chat, then hit the column, roof run, hit the two rings, and
you're on some vines. Hit the ring and jump to the column, turn, and then roof
run along more rings. Elike jump over the gap, then drop down to hit ring, and
then hit solid ground.

Run along the rings and you'll hit a fissure. Slide down it, then wall run to
the right for a ring. Hit the rings, the beams and poles, and then Elike jump
to a fissure. Drop down again, follow the rings, and then up to the top. 
Approach the ground and clean it up like the others.

There are a few free seeds, then stand on that beam at the tip of this ship-
like platform for an easy trophy/achievement. Hit that plat on the side to 
get back to the lower level. You can grab an easy seed or two, but I fully 
expect that you have 170 seeds, and if you don't you can go right of here for
a few seeds. If you don't have 170 and don't get them on your way to the 
Reservoir here in The Vale, then just do the Reservoir and then go to the 
temple - mainly because you'll have to. 

*NOTE: If you are short of seeds and don't make the amount when reaching the 
Reservoir, consider returning to clean places and scooping up the seeds on
their branching paths that you didn't take. If not, you'll need to complete
the Reservoir and either get back on track for when we finish the Citadel, or
skip ahead to when we finish the Vale and pick up the green power now. It 
can get messy, but just use the Ctrl + F command to find any location you

The Temple: Wings of Ormazd

*Requires 170 Light Seeds

But we are returning the the Temple now so we can take out the Citadel in full
next. With 170 seeds teleport to the Temple. You fight the father, but it's
just a fight like with the other two bosses in that he changes form to only
allow attacks. It's harder because of his flurry of attacks, but counter
one and you're safe, then attack, grab, jump, and keep attacking. Soon Elika
will stop the fight.

Talk with her some more, then you have the choice of any new power. You can
step on all of them and she will tell you what opens where, or you can check
the bottom nodes of your map to see exactly what each power opens. I'll give
you the option the green or yellow, but this guide will continue as if you
chose yellow. Yellow means you can beat the Ruined Citadel; green allows you
to finish The Vale.

Again, pick yellow, the Wings of Ormazd so we can finish the Citadel. The 
training is similar to the first one. The only thing to keep in mind is 
that you can move around as you fly along your rail. You'll need to move on the
second plate to avoid crashing; you go right, left, up, then down. 

Set a course for the Mashalling Ground at the Citadel, then teleport to the
Sun Temple.

To Marshalling Ground

From the Sun Temple take the plate down and then go left, along the poles. 
The seeds along the wall gaps are easy, just jump from one wall to the other,
and watch your grip-fall down. 

When you hit the fissures you're in the area. When you hit the top of the 
fissures you fight an enemy. The thing about these guys is you have to do
the counter block when told, there is no other way to defeat them because they
put on their shield so quickly. You can only attack, hit block half a second
after they deflect your attack, then go after them, then go after them, 
hopefully into the edge.

Then follow the fissures through the many blobs, and you have to go downward.
When you hit the platform, get to the vines and wall run right. Go up the
vines, over, and from this solid ground you can use your locator to see you 
must run the wall point outward. Do so and hit the plate. The pattern is: 
left, right, and right. Before the first plate was the start, but you talk
to her now.

Ruined Citadel: Marshalling Ground

Take the plate; down, up, down, and right. Then the next plate; right, down, 
left, down, right, and then the Hunter.

#Corrupted: Hunter#

It's very simple, ring this dude out. Same rules apply as always, but if you
can get him near an edge, just Elika him out. Easy. I only wonder if we could
have ringed him out other times. 

Talk, then up the wall and talk some more. Heal the ground, then talk some
more. Pick up the free seeds, then hop on the plate.

*NOTE: I believe if you dropped off the right side you could have just landed
back at the start, but we will get there anyway so it matters not.*

If you want quite a few free seeds, hop on the plate back to the ground. At
the first stop there are a few along the sides. To get the three on the wall,
Elike jump over there, hop up, and then Elika jump back. Take the plate for
more on the ride, then two more at the stop. On the final plate are a few 
more seeds.

To Martyr's Tower

When back at the start of the area set a course of the final area of the Ruined
Citadel, the Martyr's Tower. For the sake of seeds you can retrace your path
to the Sun Temple, or take the new path to the Windmills for seeds. Or just
teleport to these areas, up to you, but I say take the path to the Windmills.

Simple wall run and jumping, then an Elika jump off a column. On the beam
facing the next column, Elika jump left to the fissures and then wall run the
tiny strip of wall for the seeds, and you drop back on the beam. A few seeds to
roof run for, and one column you can jump to for a free seed. Take the pole
path on the side of the slope. Then you'll notice there are seeds all over the
place and even a path below you, but just follow the poles forward. When you
jump off the second pole, Elike jump and take the ring and you'll be back to
the Windmills area.

The path to the next part is the same as before, just no seeds in it. Take the
slope path and do this quickly so you can whack the monster before it 
materializes. Do the blob wall runs one last time, but instead or going through
or into the tunnel, go right and Elika jump to the yellow plate.

Ruined Citadel: Martyr's Tower

Hit the yellow plate and the next three for some pretty easy riding, nothing 
too serious. Then just drop all the way down to the dark chamber. Talk with
her a few times, then run along the wall with three blobs; go when they are 
down (the key to all the blob jumps is letting them get completely out of the
wall area you'll jump to). Then it's just simple wall runs with single blobs.

At the corner, go to the beam, stand, turn, and jump to another along the 
pillars. Follow the beams around into the middle and face the wall. Elike jump
to it and onto the fissure. Follow the wall right to the fissure, get on the
beam, jump to the fissure, and then go up. 

#Corrupted: Hunter#

This fight is the same as the rest. Just watch out for that more unpredictable
attack of his, the timing and when to block that is. Again, only swords hit
his changed state. Yet again, gotta work on the timing of your block when he 
counters; you only need to wait a second, then press it to counter back. A 
good tip is to just press the block button twice during this thing, once as 
it starts and then soon after (not 100% to work but it does work).

Watch out for when he extends his arm, be ready for a button press, most likely
Elika's button. If he goes into a mad flurry of attacks, mash your attack
button before the icon pops on screen. 

But always remember, you can grab and go into an aerial combo before he blocks
you at any time so long as you've attacked and shaken off that shielded form.
Also remember the straight Elika when he's normal to shake him off you. Also,
when going into your attack combo, feel free to toss in a few Elika shots if 
you think you're too far to grab and just want sure hits. And gettting him to
the sides does help get big damage.

On one side of the wall there are two fissures to climb up. Climb to the second
one and run right and jump to the pole. Elike jump over, and from the fissure
to right to the fissure on the wall. Take it up and hit the upper level. 

Go right and jump the beams over the hole in front of the plate. Grab the 
fissure and let the fast blob go by before running left, hit the sliding 
ring, and then just wall run left of the fissure to grab the pole. Jump to the
beam, jump to the hole beam, and hit the plate. Jump the two poles, jump from
the wall, and jump the next two to the fissure. Climb up and heal the furtile

You are free to grab the seeds and hit the plate to go to the black gate, but
you need quite a lot more seeds to reach 340, so find the hole and take it 
back down into the dungeon; you may want to grab that seed on the plate now
but just not take it back down. Falling down there are seeds on both sides of
the hole, so hit each side to get them. In the first part, just get on the
ground and jump the back set of pillars to get the two seeds, then climb up.
From here, take the path up the top level, but this time to left to get on a 
balcony area. Grab the seeds, but stand on that "view point" at the corner for
a nice little trophy/achievement. Go back in for a seed over the hole, but
there is no reason to go back up to the ground. Instead, come back out to the
balcony, find the broken side of some steps, and slide down the wall for some
seeds. Go right, drop down the fissures, and then jump to the start of this

To Ruined Citadel Black Gate

If you want you can teleport to the windmills and be done with it. If you want
some seeds, go right of the plate. You may wonder how to grab the seed on the 
wall. You hit the fissure on across from the beam, then wall run, and at the 
end of the run jump. Then you follow a familiar path to the windmills.

Ruined Citadel: Hunter's Lair

Approach the gate for the scene to play. Go right, on the railing, and jump to
the plate to hit the first yellow ride. There are just two left pushes. Then
follow the red plates to a yellow one, and you just avoid the easy obstacles
and some cages to the other side. 

BOSS: The Hunter

Main tip, when he spits ink at you, just use Elika when he's close. At any
time when he's close and not shielded, grab and go into an aerial combo. Keep
in mind when he's beating up on you in a little scene, just mash the attack
button before the icon appears. And just be ready for any button sequence at
any time, they are all kinda hard to predict. He also loves to do a quick 
counter attack and give you little time to react, so be ready to hit the block
at any time you are attacking him; press it twice, once to start and again
if it's a slow counter.

*NOTE: Holding the block button for counters helps to block, but not to put
on a counter of your own.*

He will break the ground twice. The first time it just makes the arena smaller.
The second puts you in a little platforming part. Jump over to the slide and
Elike jump off of it, and again for the next one. After two wall runs, Elika 
jump to the next, and then you can Elika jump to the final arena.

Don't even try to ring him out, doesn't work and it kills your combo. Just
keep up your same tactics, but more than ever you must keep your eye out for
his quick button press sequences, they are hard to see coming. At this point,
if you can get through all his changing forms and insane counters and get in
one good aerial combo, that should be close to over.


Talk a few times, then go and hit the red plate. Follow them to the yellow 
plate, and the rides are fairly simple with just some tricky obstacles to go
under among the rest. And then at the end you're done with the citadel.

You may be able to look right and see a few seeds, so go get them if you want;
there is just like one if you drop down those poles on the side. 

To the Reservoir

Anyway, you should be about 80 seeds from your next power. Bring up your map
and set a course for the Reservoir at The Vale. Then teleport to the Machinery

Take the red plates down to the three-way intersection. If you have your 
locator on, use it to see you can take that middle path to get on your way. Hit
the pole and do the jumps to a platform, then take the left slide path to 
quickly reach the enemy and cut him out before fighting. Follow the slide to
the solid platform.

Hit the column, Elika jump to the next, and then roof run along the rings 
to the next one. Roof run or jump to the next, slide down a bit, and jump to
the other column (yes, they are more like poles, but I can't get these terms
switched up). 

You reach the Observatory, but of course you cannot enter, but feel free to
talk about it with her. Hit the columns, run to the fissure, jump to the 
vines, cross the blobs, hit the columns, wall run along the rings, and it's
unlikely you'll be able to cut the monster before he appears. But again, just
ring him out for a quick kill. I hope you realize you just move around, then
Elika combo him off the edge, right?

Check your map or use your locator to check your path, as either side looks 
the same. More columns and rings, then some wall blobs flanking a patch of 
diseased vines. And you're close to the nexus point of the Reservoir, but at
this platform you can talk to her about it. There are just slides and fissures
from this point to reach the nexus of the Reservoir.

The Vale: Reservoir

Step down and get near the red plate, then ride it and the next one to a spot
where you can talk some more. Watch for the slides along the next few plates,
and the fourth slide has an Elika jump at its end. 

#Corrupted: Alchemist#

His attacks are hard to counter, but the trick is as soon as he you see the goo
below him move. 

For his changed state only Elika attacks will repel it, and that's great news
because her attacks are the easiest to pull off. To tell the difference 
between the sword-only shield and the Elika-only shield, he will glow blue 
for the sword, and he is covered in a lot of goo for Elika. 

This battle is tough because you must stay away from the sides, and his 
button sequences are very hard to catch, but most involve Elika, and if he 
grabs you you need to mash attack, well hard to explain as one grab could be
any button but the other is mash attack only. 

Your most friendly combo is the attack, grab, jump, Elika when he's in the 
attack state, or at any time because you want to avoid having to hit a counter
with this guy, it's very hard. Not how to help you counter better, but so long
as you stay aggressive the fight shouldn't last too long.

Talk a little after and take the plates out of here. When back to the nexus,
get back on the plate and hit the platform with a yellow and red. Take the 
yellow one for a ride where you can grab five seeds and void about five 
obstacles. The into the sun part is tough because you can't see the seeds, but
they are there. When you return, just follow the path back to the tank, getting
the few slide seeds you have to move to get, and then return to the nexus.

To Royal Gardens

Should be 50 or so away from 340, so we have a lot of work to do. You can
either over-achieve now and go get the seeds you can see, or we'll do it later
if we must. Up to you. 

So the options are to travel along all the paths you haven't in The Vale, or
just teleport to The Cavern of the Royal Palace and make your way north. We
will get close to 340 just taking on the next two areas, but no matter what 
there will be some jumping down paths we don't need to to get more seeds. So
again, you can do that now or later. I would think later is best so you know 
what you need, but I'll give you that option now.

Assuming you hit the Cavern, make your way up to the nexus point. One reason
I said to wait was because the yellow plate here chips in a few seeds; you
just move around a tiny bit for them after you avoid the two obstacles to 

Then turn and take the path behind you that has the columns. Quickly Elika 
jump along them to the enemy and slash him before he appears; ring him out
if you don't. Elika jump to the rings, then take the columns to the wall 
runs and Elika jump to the solid ground.

Royal Palace: Royal Gardens

More talking, then move forward and take the yellow plate to series of wall 
runs, then more yellow plates. 

Now for the sluice gate puzzle. Talk to her some more to get the details down, 
but eventually the talks are just about not solving the puzzle. 

Go left and pull the crank by the pool down.
Go down a level and pull the crank below it up.
Go to the other lower crank and pull it down.
Go to the top right crank (on this same side) and pull it down.

Now head to the right side of the area after more talking.

First, get it so that all the lower row of pools will make a flow to the end
	pool. Don't ask how, I already forgot the crank turns. But no matter 
	what, this must be the first step.
Second, pull the upper left crank so the top middle is pointing left and down.
	Sadly, I'm not sure what I did, but I turned the crank by the pool and
	that was the solution. I don't know if the other pools were set to 
	their default positions or not.

This is what the solution path looks like:

S - start
E - end
O - is a pool
arrows - are the flow directions
x - are the unused pools

		  O  x   x
		  O  O> <O
		  V  v   v
		  ^  ^   ^
		  O><O   O>
		     V   v

Perhaps with your help and a second playthrough I'll get the precise turns down
to a science. If all else fails, the first step was a must, but not sure where
to go from there, but perhaps random turning of the cranks will work for you.

So however to solve it, Elika jump to the center area, then take the plate to
the ground. Attempt to heal it for the fight.

#Corrupted: Concubine#

Of course you have the normal sword/Elika-only shields, but now we get the 
grab-only shield. That's fine, but most of the time you'll just end up having
to block her in this state, as nothing else will work. All you can do is block,
and then try to grab, that's it. This state is rarely used, but she glows
orange when she uses it.

Her attacks are easier to spot than the other two bosses. Even though there
are no walls you cannot ring her out, but you can try to smash her against the
pillars. Best to just hold block when she counters you. And that's pretty 
much it. Remember, get in your grabs when you can and use Elika when the 
boss is open to her attacks.

Heal the ground, talk, and then jump off the edge of either side. Set a course
for the Coronation Hall at the top of the Royal Palace.

First, let's get back on the puzzle area for free seeds. There are two ways to
return, but you need to take both because they have seeds. The first is the
way you took with the yellow plates. The second is if you get to the stairs 
that lead to the first yellow plate and instead of taking it, hop on the left
wall, then drop down to a fissure, then run right for another. You hit two
seeds and you drop down to the puzzle area. There are seeds on the edges of 
each starting pool, seeds in the pits, seeds above the pits, and a couple 
on the sides. Take the yellow plate back to the ground, and then take the other
path to the nexus and take the path you didn't take the first time.

After you make the two trips to the furtile ground, come back to the nexus and 
go left to the vines on the wall. Go up and take the red plate to some seeds.
From this spot you cannot reach the other side, so just gripfall down. Now to 
right, down the side with another plate but you can't reach it from the vines.
Follow the columns to the fourth one, then look to the wall and get to the 
fissure. Follow the path to the plate and you get three more seeds.

To Coronation Hall

*NOTE: If by some miracle you have 340, just wait to hit the temple.*

Now that that is over with, let's head to the hall. You can take either path
from here, it shouldn't matter. If you go right, there are vines above the 
vines for seeds. The enemy you encounter should be set to Elika-only attacks,
which is fine because we will ring him out. 

Follow the blob monster path and you'll hit the Royal Spire where you can 
talk to her a bit, then keep going left; use your locator. Get in the long 
passageway and jump to the first column. Then roofrun along the rings to
quickly take out the enemy. Then another long corridor and then follow the 
cliffside to the Hall.

Royal Palace: Coronation Hall

Talk a bit, then jump on the plate: around the cage, through the hole, and 
avoid the spires (these plate-makers don't with efficiency much). Jump the 
goo and go slash her illusions into the gates, then slide down the case, and
when you hit the column you can slide down to the lowest slide level to make
your trip shorter. At the gap use the wall fissure and jump over. At the 
bottom chamber, slash at her and that's it.

Take the ring on the side of the doorway, then run to the sliding ring and 
jump to the lift. Now you have these dragonfly things that I guess are some
sort of timer, so move quickly. The path is fairly straight-forward, and you
do have briefs moments to pause and plan your jump, but don't take too long.
For this path, if there is nothing in front of you, just jump and chances are
you'll hit something. Climb the last column to hit the fight.

#Corrupted: Concubine#

One quick note, the game would lag any time she was about to go into her 
furious combo sequence where you have to just mash attack, and the worst part
is she sometimes tacks one more press at the end of it, even if you win. That
and the Elika bail-out sequence are favs of her's, so be ready. 

The grab shield is used much more this fight. The key is to block and just try
to hold block, try to counter, and go for a grab. That or just get her while
she's changing, that always works.

Also, she does this thing where she raises her hand and your movement direction
is reversed, so keep that in mind. But, at the end of the day it's all about
blocking and getting in a good combo or two.

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