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About The Game

PreVa is an anime/manga style Mecha 1st/3rd-person shooter made by Indie Game Developer Manga Page. You play as the commander of alpha squad, it's up to you to stop the I.A.A.'s plans. You will have multiple V.A.s to choose from and your squad mates to aid you in this task. The I.A.A. will throw their best at you, but you and your team can stop them if you have what it takes.

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PreVa Review

By Ken Thomson

If you are a Mechwarrior Fan or a Anime Fan than you need to try this game you will not be sorry!!!

The Good about the game was the game had several Mechs or Gundam like Mechs to choose from after you got to a certain leave. You also could unlock even more by cashing in your points you make after each level. Which inspires you play through several times. The weapons and AI are balanced well in each level of difficulty.

The Bad Graphics are not like any of the high end games that I have played lately and the game had a weird effect on my sound card. If you are not a Mechwarrior or Gundam Fan you may not like this type of game.But Over all this independent Game was fun to play and I will continue to play from time to time. Hope the next Preva has mutiplayer mode on it. After you guys develop a few more games.

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