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About The Game

An independently-produced entertainment sim by Mathew Dickie.

Having conquered the musical world in Popscene, you must now turn your managerial skills to the movie industry! Here, soundtracks are the least of your concerns - as you preside over the scripts and footage that will yield a cinematic masterpiece. Unleash your camera on over 20 unique sets, and choreograph each scene in a fully interactive 3D world. Success demands that you immerse yourself in a thriving community of over 100 characters, spread across 6 unique studios. Assemble a crack team of writers and directors behind the camera, and then recruit the stars that can bring the material to life on screen. All the while trying to stay on budget, and diplomatically keeping those fragile egos in check week after week. By the time you expose your work to the opinionated public, you'll have taken part in a very real "drama" of your own!

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Popcorn Review

By Ken Thomson

Paris is helping her grandpa in running his popcorn shop and she needs a helping hand on that. Help her run the popcorn shop by preparing fresh items and serving the clients as fast and good as possible. At the beginning of each day of work you will have to prepare the menu of the day. After that, you will begin to work in the shop. Pay attention to what your clients order and serve them before their patience runs out. Your score will depend on your customers happiness, do try to keep them as happy as possible by serving them in time. Achieve the target for each day to get to the next one and try to finish the game with a big score.

Enjoy!In this game you will be playing as Paris. She is helping her grandpa in running his Popcorn Shop. Each day you have to prepare fresh items for serving the customers. Serve the customer before their patience runs out. Wrong orders served to the customer will make them angry, this will reduce customers satisfaction. Your score will be depend on your customers happiness. Achieve the target before the day ends. You cannot prepare any item until its finished.

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