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Pony Friends 2

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About The Game

Pony Friends 2 welcomes players back to the stables with all new features that let them become best friends with their perfect pony. As part of a comprehensive pet simulation experience, pony lovers can customize their ponies and explore tricks, trails, quests, racing and much more. Additionally, Pony Friends 2 offers a unique multiplayer experience that allows players to race against a friend and compete in pony trick championships.

For all players who have always wanted their own pony, Pony Friends 2 provides the joys of pet ownership and an endless and engrossing gameplay experience. Each pony has its own personality, and with a total of 12 breeds to choose from, players can get to know their ponies in-depth.

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Pony Friends 2

Pony Friends 2 Review

By John Goodman

Parents need to know that Pony Friends 2 is an exceptional virtual pet game with many great lessons for players to pick up on. It is worth noting, however, that Pony Friends 2 is very, very similar to the original Pony Friends game. There are only a handful of new features -- which frankly, may be enough for kids who loved the original.

In PONY FRIENDS 2, you'll move onto a horse ranch, buy a pony, and get tutored on how to care for that pony by a stablehand who looks like Joe Jonas. You'll groom, wash, feed, and pet your pony, as well as give it medicine when needed. You teach her tricks -- which you can use when performing in trick challenges -- and take her for rides along numerous wilderness trails. You can enter your horse in races, take photographs of animals you spot while on your rides, and check the bulletin board at the local Pony Club to see if any townsfolk need tasks performed ("quests" can be anything from finding a lost object to snapping a pic of a particular forest creature). As you earn money, you can buy new accessories for your pony -- or buy new ponies. If your stable is too full, you can always donate a pony to charity.

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