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SWAT 2 could have been filled with nail-biting intensity and adrenaline-pumping action; instead, it's composed of a frustrating command system and messy gameplay.
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Police Quest: SWAT 2

Police Quest: SWAT 2 Review

By Alan Cranford |

If you ask an average gamer to explain the focus of real-time strategy games you'll probably be told that the two most important elements are resource management and building a better combat force than your foe. With few exceptions, that's been the rule ever since Westwood's Dune II. What most people don't realize is that the real-time strategy game goes as far back as the original home computers. Combat Leader and NATO Commander were both golden age real-time games, focusing on managing troops in real time without concerning themselves with resource gathering. Real time creates a realistic situation where you must assess and react to threats instantaneously, a perfect setting for tactical simulations. It causes you to be proactive and to be constantly thinking, which is exactly what Sierra's SWAT 2 aims for, and, sometimes, it hits the mark. For the most part, though, SWAT 2 simply shoots itself in the foot.

Don't fret if you remember the first SWAT; SWAT 2 only shares the name of that horrid FMV affair. SWAT 2 is a 30-scenario real-time strategy game, which can be played either as SWAT or a terrorist organization. In addition to the scenarios, multiplayer is of course supported, and a multiplayer map editor has been included.

The 30 scenarios are divided into 15 scenarios for each side, and each scenario begins with a short animated video. The video is essentially your briefing for the upcoming scenario and gives you an idea of what your team will be facing. Scenarios for SWAT involve everything from riot control to snipers, while the terrorist side sees you starting the riots and ambushing the police. After that you can create your teams that will participate in the scenario. There is a large selection of officers and terrorists to choose from, and, thanks to the multiple means of filtering information, picking the right one is a snap. Finally you equip your teams. The SWAT player has it easier with equipment, thanks to unlimited acquisition, while the terrorist player must make do with a limited stockpile. Once that is done, the scenario proper begins, as do the problems.

The first glaring problem is that some scenarios will have your officers ill equipped to handle the situation. While perfect intelligence would not be realistic, you should be told if you'll need something special, such as repelling equipment, but some scenarios wait until you enter them before you find out that interesting tidbit. Time to restart and reequip.

If you have the right equipment, the scenario proceeds. The graphics are good, but the sound effects are only decent, and there's a decided lack of ambient sounds. The gameplay itself is a chaotic mess. Close Combat shows how much fun a tactical game can be in real time. By creating a player-hostile environment, SWAT 2 only shows you how much fun Close Combat can be.

Since SWAT 2 prides itself on creating a game in which violence is not the key, you simply can't go in and gun everyone down unless you're playing the terrorist side. But for some reason your officers rarely have a clue on following proper police procedure unless you nursemaid them. Making this more problematic is the fact that nonviolent actions are the hardest to accomplish in SWAT 2. Here's a prime example: An officer spots a suspect with a gun lowered. You start by challenging the suspect. You hit the hotkey and then move the cursor over the suspect. The suspect aims at the officer. Since this is all happening in real time you need to quickly switch to firing mode and shoot first. Since the computer doesn't have to fumble with hotkeys or icons, more than likely that officer is leaving in a body bag. All this could be avoided if your officer could do those actions immediately and automatically within sight of a suspect. One way it could have been handled is to assign stances to the officers that would dictate how they react to threats. Instead the game moves far too quickly while you're fumbling to issue orders.

SWAT 2 manages to drop a concussion grenade at its feet with the length of gameplay. The average scenario (not counting team selection time) takes anywhere from one minute to five, with a few possibly extending to eight or nine minutes. Sure it's realistic, but consider the fact that the entire game can be played out in under three hours. Even if you replay each one until you get it perfect, expect only about five to six hours of play. Compare that with any other real-time strategy game on the market. And no, multiplayer doesn't add that much life to it. Those scenarios are over just as quick and usually end up being nothing more than a laggy bloodbath.

SWAT 2 could have been filled with nail-biting intensity and adrenaline-pumping action; instead, it's composed of a frustrating command system and messy gameplay. The designers of SWAT 2 really missed the boat by choosing to use real time. As a turn-based game it could have been a winner. If nothing else, at least it would have lasted longer.

Police Quest: SWAT 2 Cheats

CheatEffectlos (during gameplay)See Everything on Map

Police Quest: SWAT 2 Game Walkthrough

Police Quest VI: Swat 2
Version 1.8
For PC
FAQ by SSJ Gohan1 (Matt Horn)

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: Versions
3: Terrorist Walkthrough
4: SWAT Walkthrough
5: Tips and Hints
6: True Stories
7: Contact Information
8: Thanks

1: I N T R O D U C T I O N
This FAQ is Copyright  2002 Matt Horn, and is not to appear on any
sites except GameFAQS without my premission.  If you want to have
a copy on your site, e-mail me at faqs1737@hotmail.com.  Don't just copy
this onto your site.  If this appears on any site other than GameFAQs, please
e-mail me at faqs1763@hotmail.com.  Remember, this document is protected by
US and international copyright laws.

This document contains Spoilers.  Big suprise.  Don't blame me if
this spoils the game for you.

2: V E R S I O N S
Version 1.8 - 6/6/02 -  New E-mail...

Version 1.7 - 6/4/02 -
Fixed some formatting problems, added to the hints section, and fixed a few
random other mistakes I made.  And... Maybe I should start putting dates in...

Version 1.6 -
I changed my e-mail address.

Version 1.5 -
SWAT Walkthrough, True Story section.  I officially declare it complete, but I
may add more.

Version 1.0 -
Terrorist Walkthrough, Some hints, some SWAT Walkthrough

3: T E R R O R I S T  W A L K T H R O U G H
The Terrorist game is quite a bit easier, because you don't have
to worry about what the public thinks about you.  That way, if
you accidently kill a civilian, you won't get penelized, unless
he/she was an objective.  Also, you don't have to wait until SWAT
threatens you to shoot them!  One thing though, SWAT has snipers
who are invincible.  Not really, but it's extremely hard to get
them.  You are in "Five Eyes".  Your leader is "Basho".  You do
not see him in person until the end of the game.  See the training section if
you want to find out who to train.  (Wow, really?)

1: Introduction
I'll start the walkthrough out with one thing:  ALWAYS put on your body armor.
Select the terrorists, and then click on the body armor item.

Difficulty 1/10

Training is recommended, but only if you have enough money.  If you have more
that $10,000, you should ALWAYS train.
Arnett, Big Jim in automatics
Cavasos, Martin in automatics
Ernst, Woody in automatics
Freeman, Rupert in booby traps
Jordan, Buster in automatics
Ju, Aaron in automatics
Melton, Stewart in automatics
Osborne, Alfred in automatics

This is extremely easy.  Just start the mission.
Add "Messengers" to the active cell list.

The phone icon flashes at the beginning.  Click it, and you'll get a message
from Dante.  He'll describe your mission, get the message out to the people.
Anyway, select all your units.  Click on their body armor to put it on, click
on your MP5 twice to select it.  Walk around OUTSIDE the building, and if you
see any officers, press space to take out your LR 300, and spray bullets at the
officers.  Once you kill four of them, you'll win.

2: Trailer Park Training

Difficulty: 2/10

Arnett, Big Jim in automatics
Freeman, Rupert in automatics
Jordan, Buster in explosives

Ok, you don't really need to make another cell, this one is fine for now.  Just
start the mission.
This mission goes completely wrong.  Leave Hicksman D., and send everyone else
to the nearest vehicle by selecting them, and clicking on white vehicle
south-east of your starting posistion, next to the chain-link fence.  If it's
not there, look around.  It's sometimes to the northeast too.  With Hicksman
D., walk south, and stop in between the propane tank and the clothesline.  Now,
enter the trailer home, then go back to where you were, and prepare for
automatic sniping  Wait for the police to split up first, they'll kill you if
they're together.  If the police start shooting the car, kill them.  If you
can't see the police that are shooting it, you'll have to order it to leave, as
it says below.  See hints and tips section for details.  After you kill a bunch
of SWAT officers, get in the car, select the car, then click the icon to the
the top-left of the main screen.  If you see any children on the way, capture
then with the icon the shows two hands in handcuffs.  If you want, you can
stick around and get all of them, which will make the mission a complete
success, and get you lots of money! :-)  You don't have to, though.  If you
have someone die, restart.  It's not good to lose anyone this early.  If you
have to, just have all three of your people get in the vehicle.

3: Gangster Armory

Difficulty 3/10

Items: Boxes of weapons.  4 I believe.  Only try for 3, unless the fourth is
right in the way.  Looks like a crate, and it's highlighted.

A pretty easy mission.  First thing, click the Stealth/Dynamic button.  It's
the top button on your toolbar.  It'll make you run.  Anyway, enter the
building.  Have each terrorist enter a seperate room, weapons ready.  Shoot any
occupants, and if you find a highlighted box, click the "Pick Up" button on the
toolbar, and click on the box.  After each terrorist has a box, meet in front
of the door you came in.  Now, run for your vehicle.  It's the one that, when
you have a terrorist selected, has a car icon over it.  Click on the car with
the car icon, select the car, then click the "Drive" button on the toolbar.

4: Busted

Difficulty 2/10

Ok, this mission is much like the second.  There are two vehicles in the
driveway.  Run for the vehicles.  If you want to use the machine gun sniping,
go ahead.  I won't go into much detail because it's so much like the second
mission.  If anyone gets injured, not killed, from this point on, use someone
on the list of replacements below.

5: Hospital Takeover

Difficulty 5/10 (No Action)

VIP: Doctor, wears a lab coat, male

This mission is much different.  It's difficult if you don't know what to do.
If someone got injured at #4, or you haven't replaced anyone yet, you don't
need to now.  You only need two units.  The doctor won't heal you if you shoot
at all, so DON'T EVEN SELECT YOUR WEAPON.  Every once in a while, the police
will shoot some civilian for some reason.  If this happens, you might have to
restart.  Start by entering the hospital.  Once your phone starts rining,
answer it and demand a vehical.  Once you get it, demand money.  It should
eventually show up outside the back door, to the northeast.  Get it when it
arrives.  That will help a lot.  If you don't get it, don't worry.  Soon you
have an easy oppertunity to get $100,000!  You'll only be able to use about
$40,000 of it, thanks to greedy old Basho, but it's still a great amount of
money.  Look in the rooms for a doctor.  He appears randomly in any room except
for the halls and the waiting area.  He's a male wearing a lab coat. When you
find one, hold him hostage with the terrorist who is not currently holding the
child.  The doctor normally says, "I'm trying to help you!".  Select them, and
corall them together with the "Corall" button.  It's the button that shows a
guard with a gun, and two other people.  The message box at the bottom should
say, "Child Healed".  Then, if you don't already have one, ask SWAT for a
vehical.  STAY AWAY FROM DOORS.  If you get close, chances are SWAT will burst
in with tear gas, you'll shoot them, bringing down about five of them, you'll
try to run for it, and snipers will pick you off.  I'm sure that violates rules
of engagement.  Jerks.  When you play SWAT, you'd never get away with something
like that.  If you haven't gotten it yet, forget about it.  Losers.  It will
drive up to the front after about two minutes.  Switch to dynamic (running) on
the toolbar.  Run out to the vehical.  Since your weapons aren't drawn, you
should have no trouble.  I'll let you get away with one death, and one capturee

6: Kidnapping Tammany

Difficulty 4/10

VIPs: Tammany, man in a suit.

Clemons, Robby in automatics
Daugherty, Roy in automatics
Hancey, Morris in automatics

Here, you'll need a replacement.  Assign Cavasos, Martin, and Arnett, Jim Jr.
to the messenger's cell.  If you have to replace a terrorist, remember who it
was, this is only a one mission thing.  You'll need all three members, so go
down to the replacement section to get replacements.  Give Arnett explosives,
and a detonator.  Everyone else should be equiped normally.

After starting the mission, send Arnett to the south side of the map,
specificly where the crosswalk and mailbox are.  Place your explosives right
next to the mailbox, on the curb.  If it blows up on you, restart the mission.
Go through Tammany's gate, up the driveway, and between the end of the hedge
and the car.  Wait there.  Leave Cavacos where he is.  Send the other terrorist
inside.  Get a hostage, the man in the suit.  He's Tammany.  Now, leave by the
back door, and go the porch.  Quickly, select Arnett, select his detonator, and
look down at the explosives device you laid.  Wait for the bus to park, and all
the officers get out.  Two groups should run forward, and at the right moment,
click on the explosives!  That should get rid of about 3/4ths of them.  Select
Cavasos and pick off the rest.  If he gets gunned down, send the guy with
Tammany down to the car, next to Arnett.  Get in the car.  Arnett should kill
the rest of the officers if not already dead.  If they're all dead, you win! If
not, Arnett should get in the car, then drive away.  You'll probably get an
electrifying score, and $10,000!

7: Ransom

Difficulty: 3/10 (If nothing goes wrong)
Difficulty: 7/10 (If something does, likely will)

Gaskin, Troy in explosives
Goss, Seymore in automatics
Heinz, Clifford in automatics

VIPs: Tammany, in a suit.
Items: A video tape

Ok, this shouldn't be too bad.  You need one full cell.  Have someone grab
Tammany, and have someone else grab the video.  Click on the "Call Vehical"
button, right below the phone icon.  Set to dynamic movement.  Have all three
terrorists go east.  The police should be there, but don't shoot!  Wait for
them to drop the money, then release Tammany.  If they don't drop it, go ahead
and release him.  They have more honor than you do.  Now, pick up the money
with the same person that got the video tape.  Everyone, run to the north!  The
vehical should be up there!  Then, drive away!  Make sure the person with the
video tape gets to the car!  If he get captured, you lose!  It's really not
hard...  Unless the police shoot at you for some reason.

8: TV Station

Difficulty: 5/10

VIPs: Station Manager, a black suit, old guy
Items: A video tape

You'll need two cells for this.  I'll let you make your own second cell.  Only
add people that have automatics skill above 80%, and explosives below 90%.  Got
it?  You don't want your explosives experts getting killed.  Make sure you
equip them properly.  Now, have the cells go in the door.  Clear the station,
and take everyone hostage.  Put them in the brodcast room in the north.  Find
the station manager.  He wears a black suit.  Talk to the men in the black
suits.  One of them is an old bald guy.  Show him the tape.  He'll say no.
Kill a hostage (hopefully before the police arrive), then give him the tape
again.  Follow him.  Tammany's message should play.  Have everyone release
their hostages.  Go near the door to the south east.  Have everyone run south.
It helps if one person goes ahead and clears the way.  After you go south, go
east as soon as you can to exit the map.

9: Valley Vigilantes

Difficulty: 4/10 (Most of your trouble is getting out)

Your objective is pretty much to kill everyone in this one gang.
If anyone died, was injured, or captured, replace them.  Have one unit go
through the place, killing all Skank members, have the rest of his cell go to
the house to the left.  Have the other cell go to the warehouse-type thing to
the right.  Be careful about the windows.  Enter, and kill.  It's very easy.
Just be careful about SWAT.  Leave after the place is clear.

10: College Recruitment

Difficulty: 5/10 (Again, getting out is the tricky part)

You'll need to refill your cells, if you lost some people in #9. You need an
extra cell, to make a distraction.  The mission is rather simple.  Everyone
goes into the school.  Two of the members of the distraction cell shouldn't
recruit anyone.  The other should.  Everyone give their manifesto papers to a
different student, and the take them hostage.  The students are younger, and
much easier to brainwash, so they will probably come with you.  Once everyone
has a student with them, have the two people that are going to distract SWAT go
out the norh exit.  Have them kneel, and then start shooting.  Set the game
speed to the lowest, switch over, and order everyone else to exit out of the
east door, and go out to the east.  Have the two remaining to keep shooting.
If you manage to stay alive, try to make it to the car.  Not too hard.

11: Loot, Shoot, and Recruit

Difficulty: 3/10 (Not quite doing it RIGHT, but I doubt you really can do it
the way the briefing says)

Only use one cell.  If there is anyone near, give them the manifesto, and take
them hostage, then leave.  There's nothing else to do here.  There will just be
so many SWAT officers.  If you happen to find some money though, feel free to
pick it up.

12: The Manifesto

Difficulty: 2/10 (Slightly annoying)

VIPs: The Editor, woman

This is a simple mission.  You don't need the extra cell.  Take all the women
hostage, one of them is the editor.  If you find a woman with bad hair and
really mean, let her go. She's not the editor.  Talk to all the captured women,
one will identify herself as the editor.  Show her the manifesto.  She'll read
it, but won't print it.  Ask SWAT for food.  In about a minute, go outside
through the east door.  Get the food, and give it to the editor. The editor
will eventually print the Manifesto.  You may have to release the editor first.
 Grab the four newspapers, and then go out to the truck.

13: Ambush

Difficulty: 2/10 (Not hard, but you may need to restart if you do it wrong)

Okay, pick the best explosives experts.  They should be between 95%-100%
explosives skill.  Create a new cell for them.  Remember, you MUST put your
normal cells in.  This is the last time you see the preperation screen.  The
next missions follow each other in succession.  Equip them with the normal
stuff, and also add about 4 explosives each, and give them all a detonator.
ADD EVERY cell to the task list. You'll need them for the next mission.
Switch to dynamic, and make them all run to the road at the north.  Put
explosives every 5 dashed lines.  Stand next to the road, and wait for SWAT.
There will be an ambulance in the front.  Detonate the explosive near the SWAT
cars, killing all officers.  Then, detonate an explosive device in front of the
ambulance.  Hopefully, the passenger will survive.  If he doesn't, restart.  If
he does, take him hostage and leave.

14: Topanga Canyon HQ

Difficulty: 4/10

You start with the same units from Ambush.  Wait for Basho to leave, and then
have the explosives team run outside and shoot the officers, while Dante and
everyone else runs to the right.  Pretty simple, but you may lose some people.

15: LAX

Start by lowering the speed to minimum.  Shoot Basho, and all his Cadre.  Have
Dante and all remaining terrorists go through LAX to the north part.  Shoot any
officers on the way.  Shoot across the runway to the grass part at the very
northwest at the officer.  Run to the private jet and get in.  Get everyone in,
and the mission will end.  Congratulations!  You beat the game!

Replacement List

Well, you'll get people killed.  I did my first several times playing, although
when I wrote this FAQ I restarted the mission when people got killed. 
Remember, though, sometimes people will become unavailable, so even if you keep
everyone alive, you may need replacements, at least for a few missions.
You should also keep in mind that sometimes, when you escape on foot, your
people take a while getting back.  So, they may be out a mission.  Use a car.

Arnett, Big Jim
Cavasos, Martin
Clemons, Jonathan
Freeman, Rupert
Goss, Seymore
Heinz, Clifford

By the time you get through these people, you should know how to select your

4: S W A T  W A L K T H R O U G H

In order to get the full ending of SWAT 2, you must get the following evidence:

Mission 3 - Pills

Mission 5 - Bank Money, Pamphlets

Mission 7 - Drugs, Guns

Mission 8 - Explosives, Detonator from the suspect

Mission 9 - Drugs and Gun

Mission 10 - Explosives from the suspect

Mission 12 - Money

Mission 13 - Brochure and Cell Phone, it's normally on the ground, but I've
seen it with the suspect.

Mission 14 - Guns from the snipers and find the Mayor

Mission 15 - Find the Mayor

Difficulty list:

1: You could try this in your sleep, if want a challenge.
3:Actually a challenge, you should at least pay attention.
4:Make sure you pay attention, otherwise it's easy.
5:Be careful, if not, you may have problems.
6:You're probably in trouble.  You may want to consider turning the speed down
a little.
7:Hard.  Make sure you know what you're doing.  You're bound to repeat this
8:I'm almost positive you'll have to repeat this.
9:Mind-nummingly hard.
10:Nearly impossable.

Another note, if you haven't beaten the Terrorist campaign, beat it first.
It's easier, and my FAQ is more detailed at the start of the terrorist campaign
for new players.

1: Shooting House Training

Difficulty 1/10

Okay.  Just start the mission.  Make sure both elements are active.  First
thing you'll notice is that body armor isn't on the list.  It's automatic.
Every officer always has body armor on.  Send the snipers over to the entrance
to the left.  It's next to a car and a dumpster.  Have them wait there.  You
don't have to shoot in this mission, so don't.  The other element, the bigger
one, go through the building.  When you find someone, talk to them (T).  If
your officer tells them to drop it, then arrest him.  This is because, in this
mission, nobody ever pulls a gun.
Normally, it should be easy to tell who is a suspect and who isn't.  Whoever
pulls a gun is a suspect, and if they show up on the map as green dots.  If you
see someone else, rescue them.  If they run, chase them, then arrest them.  The
mission ends when all suspects are captured and all hostages rescued.

2: Warehouse Training

Difficulty without the FAQ: 8/10
Difficulty: 2/10
(In other words, you, like me, will do SOMETHING wrong the first couple times
if you don't know exactly what to do)

Great.  The most annoying mission in the SWAT campaign.  It's only like this
because you need to arrest every suspect and rescue every hostage.  It's easy
if you know what to do.  Add another element.  I'll give you a hint on how to
do it, although you should know, because you've already beaten the Terrorist
campaign.  If you haven't, stop now and beat the Terrorist campaign.  All
elements need an element leader.  Element leaders need to be certified.
Certification can be given to officers who's stats are so high.  It's nice to
certify extra element leaders, so be training!  I'm not going to give a
training list this time, because you should know how to do it as well as I do.
There just isn't much to it.  One more thing, NEVER use a certified element
leader at any spot other than the element leader.  You don't want to lose your
leaders.  There are extras if one gets suspended.  I'll go over suspension
rules next mission, because you can't get suspended in this mission.  You don't
need to activate your other element, but it helps.  Send them along with your
first element.

Now, the mission.  Select dynamic movement the same way you did in the
Terrorist campaign.  Select your snipers.  Select their sniper rifles.  Go to
the bottom left part of the screen, and click on top of the middle building.
The places where you can snipe from are where the sniper icon appears when you
have a sniper rifle selected.  Then put on the gillie suit the same way you put
on body armor.  Here's some random trivia knowledge that I'm not sure of:  The
sniper waits for people to come to him, and on a snipe hunt, the unlucky victim
waits for his friends to chase snipes to him.  The difference is, the snipers
don't normally get lost in the woods.

Now that we're through that random insanity, lets continue the mission.  Click
the helicopter icon.  Once it arrives, tell it to go into orbit by selecting
it, then clicking on the icon that shows the helicopter and a circle.  Now that
your snipers are in place, send one element down to the bottom right corner of
the BUILDING.  Make sure that you're slightly around the corner, so your
snipers shouldn't be able to see you.  Answer your phone, and what's-his-face
will ask if you want to use the throw-phone.  If you say no, you'll probably
lose.  If you say yes, you'll probably win.  Remember, these people aren't real
terrorists, so they won't be afraid to greet you with a hail of bullets.

Take your element leader down to the door on the south side, select the phone,
and click in front of the door where you get a phone icon.  Then, after you
place it down, run back around the corner to the rest of your element.  Don't
worry about knowing when the terrorists will grab the phone, remember your
snipers are there, watching.  The suspect will come out eventually, grab the
phone, and go back inside.  Answer your phone and grant the request for the
food.  Insert the food the same way you do the phone.  He will soon terminate
the communication.  Go in.  You can't pick locks like you could when you were a
terrorist, so you may have to use your hooligan tool or the battering ram.
Don't shoot unless you're shot at, and try to kill them.  Just try to injure
them enough to disable them.

Clear the whole place.  There is one wounded hostage.  Always.  It starts that
way.  Once you find one, look for someone with an EMT kit.  It's a good idea to
equip one to each element, look for the highest EMT skill to find out who.  Try
to pick up and evidence, you'll need to in the following missions.  The mission
ends when all suspects are arrested, and all hostages are rescued.
Hostages: 5
Suspects: 2
(I believe it can vary)

3: Father/Daughter Day

Evidence: Pills
Difficulty: 3/10
Based on a true story.  Go to the true story section for details.

Start by setting up a crisis perimeter.  That means to protect all exits.  Set
speed to dynamic.  Send one element to the north entrance, and one to the
south.  Everyone should have gas masks on.  Send the snipers to the flower bed
(With sniper rifles selected).  Answer the phone.  Once the suspect terminated
the negotiations of shoots, make a dynamic entry.  Fire tear gas at them.
Arrest the suspect, and rescue the child.  You may be forced to shoot the
suspect.  MAKE SURE YOU FIND THE PILLS AND PICK THEM UP.  If you don't, you
won't get the full ending.  You'll learn that the heros get suspended.  That
stinks.  Replace anyone who gets suspended, and then put them back the next

4: Convenience Store

Difficulty: 3/10

Start by setting up a crisis perimeter.  That means to protect all exits.  Set
speed to dynamic.  Send one element to the north entrance, and one to the
south.  Everyone should have gas masks on.  Answer the phone and call in the
helicopter.  Send the snipers to the EZ Mart sign.  After the negotiations end,
send in the southern element with tear gas.  Arrest both men, and if it looks
like the woman is a suspect, arrest her too.

5: Bank Robbery

Evidence: Bank Money, Pamphlets
Difficulty: 4/10
Based on a true story.

Set up a crisis perimeter after setting speed to dynamic.  Send your snipers to
the building in front of you, next to a dumpster.  Deliver the throw-phone
however you see fit.  When you have to make an entry, fire tear gas and arrest
all suspects.  Be careful, they are armed much better than you.  In the vault
rooms, don't fire teargas, but use flashbangs.  The rooms are too small to use
tear gas in.  The mission ends when all suspects are arrested and all hostages
are rescued.  Make sure you get the evidence.

6: Runway Shooter

Difficulty: 3/10
Based on a true story.

Make sure an element leader has grappling stuff.  Send your snipers to the
control tower.  They'll tell you where the sniper is.  Otherwise, you'll have
to look in every room.  Call in the helicopter, and have it land in the parking
lot.  Select the element that you want to rapple's rappling gear, and click on
the helicopter.  Select the helicopter's grapple icon, and tell it to rapple on
the south side of the roof.  Have that entry team go into the door indicated by
your sniper team on the east side, open the door, and toss tear gas in.  Arrest
both people in the room.

7: Hight Risk Warrant

Difficulty: 4-5/10
Evidence: Drugs, guns.

This mission is extremely straightforward.  Go into the houses, then arrest or
disable the suspects.  You don't need to rescue the hostages.  You can use
Bertha, SWAT's battering ram armored vehical, but watch out for th children.
It's not a great idea to be running them over.  You can, however, run down any
terrorists that are giving you problems. :)  Watch out, though, running over
someone is like shooting them, without suspensions.  It WILL seriously decrease
the public's look on you.
Make sure that you send someone to the the evidence before the mission ends.

8: Explosive Situation
Difficulty: 4/10
Evidence: Explosives, Detonator from the suspect

Starts out with a funny cutsceen. :-D  Watch out, there are three suspects.
The sniper locating is next to the dump truck.  One is in the south-east corner
of the map.  Fire tear gas at all suspects, then arrest them and rescue the
hostages.  Sometimes a suspect has a gas mask, so you may have to shoot.  Try
to find the explosives and detonator, which I believe you get from arresting
the suspects.

9: Trailer Park OD
Difficulty 6/10
Evidence: Drugs and Gun

The Sniper place is the mobile home in the east.  Send two officers to the west
of the northwest most mobile home.  Send two officers to the cliffs to the
north.  Now, rescue everyone, get the evidence, and arrest the addict.  A bunch
of people should come, arrest them.

10: Riot in the Valley
Difficulty: 3/10
Evidence: Explosives from the suspect

The sniping location is the tall building to the west.  This isn't that hard,
arrest everyone.  Fire tear gas at people, and try to pick up stuff lying
around.  Straightforward.

11: Suburbia
Difficulty 4/10

You go back to the same place.  Send the snipers to the building north of the
starting point.  Send officers to the two buildings in the center of the map.
Fire tear gas at the suspects, arrest them. Also rescue the hostages.

12: Domestic Situation
Evidence: Money
Difficulty: 7/10

By this time, you may be close to out of money.  If so, sell all unassigned
officer's colts.  Lots of money!  Talking about lots of money, make sure you
get the evidence, money!  Anyway, send your officers to the back of the house.
Send your snipers to the sniping spot to the southeast, it's with the rocks.
Anyway, give them a green.  DON'T CALL THEM OUT!  No negotiations.  Send
officers inside the shed.  Also, put them inside the house, but around corners
so the terrorists can't fire on them.  They wear gas masks, so tear gas will
only hurt the hostages.  Take out the terrorists and rescue the hostages to

13: Law Firm

Difficulty: 4/10

Evidence: Brochure and Cell Phone, with the suspect, or on the ground.

Ok. If the mission starts with explosions, restart.  Send snipers over to the
building in the south-east.  Clear all rooms.  Pick up anything you find.  Once
you find the suspect, arrest him.  Hmm... it seems to be Basho.  A good idea,
if you figure out where he is, is to throw in a flashbang.  Make sure you
recover a cell phone, he probably has it with him.

14: Assassination in the Park
Evidence: Guns from the snipers and find the Mayor
Difficulty: 6/10

It seems that all males in here are suspects.  Talk to them first, then try to
rescue them if their guns are down.  All your units should spread through the
place.  The snipers like the cliffs to the north, but expect them just about
everywhere.  Make sure the chopper is orbiting.  Don't rescue the mayor until
after shots have been fired.  Once you find a suspect, shoot your gun
somewhere, then you can rescue the mayor.  Do so.  Make sure you leave a sniper
alive so that you can arrest him.  You need the sniper rifles for evidence.

15: Metro Station

Difficulty: 9/10

Evidence: Find the Mayor

Uh, oh.  Don't worry about what's-his-name debriefer.  MAKE SURE the mayor is
alive.  He'll shoot you, but don't kill him.  No matter what.  Also send
someone to keep the chief company.  The terrorist are fair game, shooting rules
don't count because this is the last mission.  You can also let officers go
down.  JUST DON'T SHOOT REPORTERS.  Reporters are what do SWAT in, not
terrorists.  Keep them alive.  Watch out for reporter-shooting terrorists, for
that matter.  After you win (probably after a few tries... heheh...) your
ending will be determined on what evidence you recovered in the game.  If the
ending doesn't give any closure, you missed evidence.

5. H I N T S  A N D  T I P S
I'm going to add more tips soon.  If you want to send me some tips, check the
Contact Information section.

Automatic Sniping: (Terrorist)
As a terrorist, kneel, and shoot at officers from long distance with your
automatic.  It works extremely well, and is highly reccomended.

Lots of Money: (Both)
Well, you have all these people whose stats are so low you'll probably never
use.  The thing is, they all have handguns!  In the Preperation Screen, click
on Equip.  Now, go through, and sell all the unused units' handguns!  Lotsa

6. T R U E  S T O R Y

Most SWAT missions in this game are based on a ture story.  All material below
is from the SWAT 2 manual.  I take no credit whatsoever.

Mission #3:

This mission is based on an actual SWAT call-up.  Under the influence of drugs
and alcohol, an estranged husband entered his wife's apartment with a .357
Magnum and a .25 automatic.  He demanded his three-year-old child back.  His
wife refused so he shot at her and then shot at her sister.  They ran out of
the apartment and called the police.  SWAT arrived and made phone contact with
the man.

During negotiations, the psychologist determined the suspect was getting ready
to kill the child and commit suicide.  SWAT officers delivered a demanded item
to the suspect.  He came to the door with a weapon.  Because it was evident the
child was in peril, the sniper had the green light to take action.  Just when
the sniper fired, the suspect turned his head.  The sniper's round pierced the
suspect's ear.

The man ran back into the house and down the hallway, the entry team on his
tail.  The suspect turned around and started shooting at the officers at almost
point blank range.  Somehow he missed them.  The suspect was cornered in the
bathroom with the baby held up cover his head.  He held the gun up to the
baby's head, yelling, "I'll shoot her!  I'll shoot her!"

The element leader shouted, "Put the baby down."  When he said that, the
suspect turned in the direction of his voice.  The scout saw a one-ince opening
to take the shot.  He fired one round from his MP5 Submachine gun and hit the
suspect in the corner of his eye.  The man dropped, killed instantly.  The
element leader caught the baby on the first bounce.  The three officers
involved were awarded the Medal of Valor, the highest honor for bravery a SWAT
officer can receive.

Mission #5:

On the morning of February 28th, 1997, two heavily armed men staged a robbery
at a Bank of America in North Hollywood, California.  Brandishing automatic
weapons and shouting orders, they herded dozens of employees and customers into
a vault.  One eyewitness caught in the shoot-out said, "They had black masks
over their faces and full black gear; with belts and ammo around their waists.
These guys were ready for war.

As the robbers left the bank with bags of money, they were fired on by officers
who arrived at the scene.  The suspects returned fire, launching a full-scale
gun battle.  One suspect jumped into a white sedan.  He drove slowly through
the parking lot.  His partner was walking alongside firing at the officers,
reloading from a store of ammo in the trunk and using the vehicle as a shield.
When the car turned onto the street, the gunman left its cover and started
walking up the sidewalk, still firing his AK-47.  When the assult rifle
malfunctioned, he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and continued to fire at
officers.  When the suspect realized his escape was impossible, he placed the
muzzle of the handgun under his chin and pulled the trigger.  At the same
moment, a uniformed officer fired, striking the suspect in the spine.

The suspect dropped instantly.  The other gunman attempted to flee the scene in
the white car.  Five blocks away, after ramming a car, the suspect had to stop
because the police had shot out all four tires.  The limping gunman grabbed
more guns from the open trunk.  Then he tried to steal an abandoned pickup
truck.  He was unable to start the truck.

SWAT officers arrived and engaged the suspect in a gun battle.  The suspect
fired his AK-47 through the windshield.  They ordered him to surrender but by
this time, the gunman had already been fatally wounded.  He died in the street
a short time later.  Though SWAT units, dogs and the armored vehicle combed the
area for hours, no further suspects were found.  The entire gun battle was
televised from start to finish on Los Angeles TV.  New helicopters caught the
first gunman shooting right as he left the bank.  They also videotaped the
dramatic rescue of a wounded officer.  Three officers in a patrol car sped
toward the officer downed in the bank parking lot.  They pulled him inside the
car and backed out to safety and a waiting ambulance.

Police said the gunmen were armed with pistols, assault weapons, and shotguns,
with even weapons in their car.  Their automatic rifles were capable of firing
up to 100 rounds without changing magazines.  Officers said the bullets from
their 9,, handguns bounced off the suspect's body armor and fell to the ground.
 The police were so out-gunned that officers went to a nearby gun shop to seek
heavier firepower.  The owner of the gun shop said, "We supplied them with
slugs that would at least break bones on someone wearing body armor."

After the robbery and shootout, SWAT officers led the bank employees and
customers out of the bank vault where they'd been held hostage.  Amazingly,
only the two suspects had been killed.  A dozen officers were wounded, as were
several bystanders and a dog.

I'll do the rest later.  Again, I take no credit for the stories.

7. C O N T A C T  I N F O R M A T I O N
If you have any questions, comments, corrections, etc.  Please E-
Mail them to me at mth10@usa.net.  The game name would help, and
any more information that could help me figure out what you're
talking about.

8. T H A N K S
Thanks to:
God, for the ability to think.  (And type)
Yosemite, for making this game
CJayC, for putting this on GameFAQs
My school, for having summer vacation and giving me more time
than I could ever use.
IBM, for making my computer, monitor, and keyboard.
Microsoft, for making my mouse.
Sir Isaac Newton, for discovering gravity.
Pepsi, for giving me strength in my time of tiredness.


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