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Platinum Life

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About The Game

An online game set in the world of music and hip-hop, Platinum Life provides the ultimate interactive entertainment platform for artists to connect with their fans. Platinum Life allows players to enter the music world where they start as an unsigned musician and ultimately reach superstar celebrity status. Users start with little more than talent and a dream. But the dream is enough – players work their way up, perform tasks for iconic hip-hop stars, do shows at local dive bars and clubs, clawing their way up in the music industry by being around the best and the brightest artists, allowing them to upgrade every aspect of their life. In Platinum Life, Grammy Award-winning artist T.I will guide players in their adventure from struggling musician to successful artist.

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Platinum Life

Platinum Life Review

By John Goodman


Deep integration of the CMT license, including voices and songs from popular country artists. Avatars are appealing and highly customizable. Game includes mini-games and a town-building aspect to add variety.


Song performance mini-game doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Town-building facet of game is unsatisfying. Loading times are long and frequent. The GUI is poorly designed and sometimes unresponsive.

Major consumer brands like CMT have rushed to Facebook as the social game industry has exploded, though brands have yet to dominate the industry the way they've historically dominated the console game industry. A typical branded console game is usually a well-worn game formula with the license slathered over it, but branded Facebook games are still all over the place. CMT's Platinum Life: Country is typical of this confusion in brand-focused Facebook games, offering a variety of loosely-integrated gameplay options bundled up with a lot of licensed music and voice clips from major country music stars.

What doesn't work about Platinum Life: Country is the gameplay, which lacks cohesion. You'd expect a country music game to be a management sim or to have some rhythm game component, but instead you get a town-building sim where building up your town influences your country music stardom in a way that doesn't really make any sense. The performing aspect of your career is handled via a card-based game that's essentially simplified poker, with card colors and instruments taking the place of the usual suits and card faces. You can travel to other major cities to perform, but it's not clear how this is useful outside of fulfilling task requirements.

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