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Pinball Dreams

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About The Game

Try to become a pinball wizard in PINBALL DREAMS. Take on the challenges of four unique tables: Ignition, Steel Wheels, Beat Box, and Graveyard. Stay sharp, and you will be able to handle Arrow Roll-Overs, get on the Sun-Run, and stay ‘til midnight to earn 5-million points. Keep the ball moving, and score as many points as possible with PINBALL DREAMS.

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Pinball Dreams Review

By John Goodman

Pinball Dreams is a pinball simulation video game developed by Digital Illusions CE and originally released for the Amiga in 1992. It spawned several sequels, including Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions and Slam Tilt.

The game four tables each had a theme, as do most real life pinball machines. The version of Pinball Dreams bundled with theAmiga 1200 had a bug which rendered most of Beat Box's advanced features non-functional.

 "Ignition", themed around a rocket launch, planets, and space exploration. The Expert Software's Pinball 2000 port of the game renamed this table "Rocket".

 "Steel Wheel", themed around steam trains and the Old West.

 "Beat Box", themed around the music industry, charts, bands and tours.

 "Nightmare", themed around a graveyard, ghosts, demons, nightmares and generally evil things. Unlike the other tables in the game, the name of the table in the menu did not reflect the name displayed on the table itself—"Graveyard". Some ports of the game (notably the GameTek port to the Game Boy) name this table "Graveyard" in the menu as well.

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