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Piano Wizard

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About The Game

Piano Wizard is an amazingly simple PC Video Game that teaches virtually anyone to play the piano in minutes. Includes software, 100 songs/lessons and colored stickers (also available in a package with a 49 key MIDI keyboard and cable.)

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Piano Wizard Review

By John Goodman

No matter the method you choose, learning to play the piano is a time consuming process. The only way to learn any instrument entails hours of practice. Allegro Multimedia Inc. dba Music Wizard Group has solved the tedious aspect of learning the piano with a game that approaches learning to tickle the ivory in an innovative way. Piano Wizard makes whiling away the hours feels less like torture and more like gaming fun. Although the software is aimed at children, adults can certainly learn to play the piano with it too.

Piano Wizard is amazingly complex and customizable. While I've spent many hours banging away on a keyboard, I've barely touched the surface of the four levels available in Easy Mode. The first screen includes buttons to set up your keyboard, watch demos, enter Easy Mode or Premiere, if you bought that version, and to check for updates.

Easy Mode

In Easy Mode, you play a game in which the colored object you choose scrolls up on the screen and you try to press the correct piano key when the note is between two vertical lines on the top of the screen. Initially, you only need to use one or two fingers in each song, but as you progress you learn to use more fingers and the songs scroll faster.

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