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Pet Soccer

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About The Game

Pet Soccer is a cool soccer game for young children. You meet up again with the animals from Pet Racer again. This time however, they decided something different -- who's the best sportsman. All together, there are twelve crazy and amuzing animal-teams. Each team has its own field, with over fifteen fields to play on. Thanks to seven different championships you will be able to travel around the world and visit its every corner. Of course, nothing comes easy. To be able to play with all the teams you have to win with them first, proving being worthy to manage them. During the matches both teams use SUPER powers, such as super-shot and super-feint.

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Pet Soccer

Pet Soccer Review

By John Goodman

Cats and dogs are getting together in a tournament. They are determined to get over their problem among them. You can create two different teams include cats and dogs or you can create mixed teams with lovely pets. After game has been loaded select player number and assign red and blue football team players. You'll see an information box at the end of this part. Take a look at the teams and how this game can be played. When you're ready to start this exciting football match, click "Play" button. First player plays with "Arrow Keys" and second player plays with "W,A,S,D" keys. The objective of the game is clear; making scores. All 6 football players in the field are exposing high performance. It's time to show how good you are on football. We wish you happy days.

The game features 12 soccer teams, four modes of play (an Unfriendly Match, UFETA Cup, Special Match and multiplayer), and 18 different fields from various regions throughout the world. Weather conditions change and there are special power-ups that will enable your team to have the edge in the game, albeit for a brief time.

A throw-in that doesn't break the plane of the sideline is a turnover.

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