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Paws & Claws: Pet School

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About The Game

Love and train your best friends to do amazing jobs! Experience the fun and excitement of being a real Pet Trainer. Choose from 6 of your favorite animals including dogs, horses, cats, mice, rabbits & parrots. Build the country's best Pet School by giving your pets plenty of healthy food, exercise and love as you train them!

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Paws & Claws: Pet School Review

By Vanessa Martineau

A fun game for little kids who have or want to have a pet. You take the role a an animal trainer who gets clients from the computer. He/she will keep the animal until the intended trick or command has reached the desired percent completed. During that time you are provided with a shelter from for the animal. You are able to purchase toys, food & treats, and objects that help the animal learn better. Unfortunately after awhile you seem to be doing the same thing over & over. The layout is quite simple just press the command button and see if the animal performs right. It has 5 different classes of animals, Dogs, Cats, Young animals(puppies, kittens,etc.), Small Animals(rabbits, mice, birds), and Big Animals(Horse, donkey,etc). Really easy to get excited and into, but also easy to lose interest. Overall it is a fun game but the person playing needs to have a good attention span.

Home computer games in Valusoft's Paw & Claws line combine management simulation with virtual life development. Players plan the growth of their facilities and service offerings to best meet the needs of four-legged friends.



Six types of pet to train: dogs, horses, cats, mice, rabbits, and parrots

Fourteen different tricks to teach each pet

More than one thousand outfit combinations

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