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Japanese hentai (adults only) game.

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Paradise Heights Review

By Catherine Black |

Paradise Heights is a game for the PC, which at times, requires a bit more help than a quick hint, tip or code. Many Adventure / General games such as Paradise Heights have various guides written for them on the web. Here are a couple that we've noticed can be helpful, in no particular order.

Please note that while free game guides such as these are written for a specific game and platform, they often apply to most platforms the game is released on.

One of the best h-games on the market, not only does it have a cohesive story line, but it doesn't just toss you the h-material like you're some dog begging for a bone (no pun intended).

The story line is that you are pretty much a normal guy who for some reason or another has been chosen to manage a group of apartments called "paradise heights", hence the name of the game... Anyway I know you couldn't have seen it coming but guess what... a vast majority of the people renting these apartments are girls... not only girls but hot girls, and not only hot girls but hot young girls... and not only hot young girls but hot young horny anime girls who for no apparent reason have a complete lack of morals and standards when it comes to sexual activity.

It's a pretty good game, not quite as good as "season of the sakura", "runaway city", or even "true love" but entertaining and hot... pretty much on par with "three sisters story".

Paradise Heights Game Walkthrough


                              Paradise Heights (PC)
                    Copyright 1996, 1998 by Foster and Otaku


                                 Ben Woodhouse 
                               November 1 - 2003 
                                 Version  1.02


******************************CONTENT DISCLAIMER*******************************
Paradise Heights is an adult bishoujo game, meaning it contains sex. Therefore 
it is intended solely for people over the age of 18.  If you are of age and 
still find such material objectionable, then you probably have no interest in 
playing this game or reading this FAQ.


  i.     Introduction
  ii.    Characters
  iii.   Walkthrough
  iv.    Version History
  v.     Copyright Information

                                i. INTRODUCTION

One could describe Keigo Nakadai as somewhat of an aimless loafer.
He's 25 and makes his living doing odd jobs.  No one said he wasn't
lucky, though.  You see, his rich uncle is going out of town for a
while and generously offers Keigo a position taking care of the
Paradise Heights apartment complex.  While landing a job as the
caretaker of a posh, exclusive apartment complex is extremely forunate
for Keigo, his situation gets even better.  Living in the complex are
five extremely attractive women, and Keigo wouldn't be doing his job
if he didn't get to know each and every one of them...

Paradise Heights is a point-and-click bishoujo adventure game.  This
means that the player's main duty is to guide Keigo about the
apartment building and manage his interactions with any ladies he
might meet.  In reality, this is extremely simple; Paradise Heights is
a linear game, there's only one path to the story and its impossible
to lose.  

                                ii. CHARACTERS

Keigo Nakadai - The hero of the game, and the player you control.
                Keigo's the standard average, nice guy.  The one
                extraordinary quality he does possess is an overactive
                libido, which you will witness in all its glory.

Kayo Shimazu - Kayo's an easy-going blonde; she's friendly and dresses
               casually.  The only detail she reveals about herself is
               that she works at night.  I wonder what she does?   

Keiko Kobayashi - Keiko hides her beauty behind a stuffy facade; she
                  dresses like a schoolmarm.  As she is currently
                  unemployed, its a little suspicious that she's able
                  to afford to live in Paradise Heights...

Ayako Ito - Ayako's an energetic young college student.  She's on the
            track team at school, which means she has a great body.
            However, she does seem to skip class a lot.

Miyuki Tezuka - Miyuki's a real career woman; she works hard at a
                video game company.  She may look homely in her pastel
                sweaters, but Keigo definitely likes what he sees

Misa Nemoto - Misa is the newest resident of Paradise Heights, which
              is bad news for Keigo.  How?  Misa is his uncle's
              daughter, which makes her his cousin.  The two don't get
              along too well, and if he fools around too much, Misa
              might rat on him to her father.  

Yuki Moriyama - Yuki is a schoolmate of Ayako's, and she sure seems to
                spend a great deal of time at Ayako's apartment.  

Kyoko Takaoka - A coworker of Miyuki's, Kyoko doesn't drop by that
                often, but when she does...

                               iii. WALKTHROUGH  

Okay, I admit, this game doesn't need a walkthrough at all.  Paradise
Heights is completely linear; its more a visual novel than a game.
None of the decisions you make in conversation affect the story.  In
fact, if you choose "incorrectly", Keigo will resist and you'll have
to go back and choose the other option.  Basically, all you do is move
the story along by visiting the correct room in the apartment complex.

There's only six apartments, and usually the game will tell you
exactly where to move Keigo.  However, in the slim chance that you
might need help, or if you just want to know what happens, here's a

<Day 1 - Introductions>

  1. Visit all the apartments, though only Kayo(Apt. 102),
     Keiko(Apt. 103), and Ayako(Apt. 202) will be home.
  2. Return to Keigo's room.  Talk to Misa once she shows up.
  3. Go to the 2nd floor, you'll run into Miyuki(201).
  4. Return to Keigo's room to sleep.

<Day 2 - The real introductions begin>

  1. Keiko will show up at Keigo's door; agree to help her move her
  2. Go to Keiko's room - You'll see 1 upskirt shot.
  3. Go to Apt. 203, you'll see a shot of Misa buried under boxes.
  4. (Optional) Talk to Ayako in her room.
  5. Go back to Keigo's room, Miyuki will come by to see him.
  6. (Optional) Talk to Keiko in her room.
  7. Go to Miyuki's room - 1 picture of Miyuki eating.
                         - 3 pictures of sex with Miyuki.
  8. Go back to your room to sleep.

<Day 3 - The fun continues>

  1. Upon leaving his room, Keigo runs into Kayo.
  2. (Optional) Talk to Keiko in her room.
  3. Go to Kayo's room - 1 picture of a soaked Kayo.
                       - 1 picture of Kayo changing.
  4. While doing the cleaning you'll run into Ayako and Yuki.
  5. Go back to Keigo's room.  Open the envelope that is slipped under
     the door - 1 picture of Ayako and Yuki.
  6. Go to Ayako's room - 2 pictures of Ayako and Yuki.
  7. Talk to Misa in the walkway and go back to sleep.

<Day 4 - Suspicion is aroused> 

  1. Go anywhere, Keigo will notice a fire before he gets there.
  2. Kayo arrives in the course of the firefighting, you both repair
     to her room.  Choose to make her tea(It's her favorite), and then
     be ready for sex - 3 pictures.
  3. Go back to Keigo's room, where Misa is waiting.
  4. Leave and run into Keiko outside.
  5. Go to second floor.
  6. Go to Keiko's for sex - 2 pictures.

<Day 5 - A very busy day>

  1. Misa stops by in the morning.  Tell her you're not angry.
      -1 picture of Misa's panties.
      -2 pictures of attempted sex with Misa.
  2. Once outside, choose to move anywhere, you'll run into Ayako and
  3. (Optional) Go to Keiko's room.
  4. Go to Ayako's room - 5 pictures of sex with Ayako and Yuki.
  5. Return to Keigo's room.

<Day 6 - Is anyone home?>

  1. Check all the rooms; no one will be home.
  2. Go back to Keigo's apartment.  
     Kyoko will show up - 1 picture of Kyoko drinking, 2 pics of sex.
  3. Automatically go to Miyuki's room - 1 picture of an embrace
                                         1 picture of sex
                                         1 picture of her crying.

<Day 7 - The investigation continues>

  1. Go to Kayo's room - 3 pictures of sex.
  2. (Optional) Investigate the second floor.
  3. Return to Keigo's room.
  4. Go to Misa's room.
  5. (Optional) Go to Miyuki's room.
  6. Go to the first floor and run into Yuki - 3 pictures of sex.

<Day 8 - Sidetracked>

  1. Keiko visits Keigo's room.
  2. (Optional) Go talk to Kayo in her room.
  3. Go to the second floor and run into Miyuki.
  4. Go to Misa's room.
  5. Automatically directed to Keiko's
       -6 pictures of sex with Keiko and Ayako.
  6. After you leave - 4 pictures of sex with Ayako.
  7. Automatically go to Miyuki's room.

<Day 9 - A happy ending>

  1. Run into the fat guy outside.
  2. Go to the second floor - 1 picture of Miyuki dressed as Sailor Moon.
  3. Go to Miyuki's room.
  4. Automatically go back to Keigo's room - The secret of Paradise
     Heights is revealed!
  5. Go to Misa's room - 1 picture of an embrace
                       - 5 pictures of sex
                       - 1 sad picture.

<The End>

                              iv. VERSION HISTORY

v1.0 - All material complete.

v1.01 - Reformatting, no new data added.

v1.02 -  is now authorized to host a copy of this document.

                           v. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION               

All information and work in this document is copyright 2003 by Ben Woodhouse 
unless otherwise stated and may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  

Thanks for your cooperation.

                 This FAQ is approved for posting on websites:

                      GameFAQs - 

                      HonestGamers -


         Any other site or publication posting it has ripped this FAQ.  
                  React according to your own moral standards.

If you have any additions or corrections that you feel belong in this
document, feel free to let me know!

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