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Panda Craze

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About The Game

Tik-Ling needs to get home to her Bamboo Forest, but evil Zoo Keepers are trying to capture her. Save poor Tik-Ling.

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Panda Craze Review

By Vanessa Martineau

Panda Craze from TikGames didn't get much hype. In fact, after seeing that Panda Craze is the only new mini released on last week's store update, I was sorely disappointed. The initial screenshots didn't really hypnotize me. Without even playing the game, I hastily concluded that reviewing this game will be a chore, an act of duty, a forced self-sacrifice.

Panda Craze is a shameless clone of Lode Runner. It's exactly Lode Runner in a Panda costume. You control Tik-Ling (the Panda) and instead of guards chasing you around, you'll have Hunters, who will chase you and catch you and throw you into the zoo. At first, you'll be blazing across levels without a scratch. And then you'll discover you're not playing Lode Runner anymore, but also a fragment of Bomberman, and a drop of Bubble Bobble.

If you aren't familiar with the nature Lode Runner, here's some history lesson. Lode Runner is an action platformer where your objective is to collect all the gold per level, and then you escape to the next level. You are armed with an ability to dig a hole into the floor, either to complete puzzles or simply to trap the guards who are about to defeat you with a single body contact.

In Panda Craze, you'll be, obviously, controlling a panda. You retain your same ability of digging a hole into the floor. Just substitute “gold” with “varieties of lanterns” and you'll have Lode Runner: Panda Version.

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