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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

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It's 1985, and Gorbachev has just risen to power. While he's busy pursuing glasnost and perestroika, as well as charming the world with his birthmark, other Soviets are getting irked at the new regime. Naturally, they take over a small island and turn it into an armed fortress. That's where you come in, G.I. Player One. A tactical shooter, the Bohemia Interactive-developed Operation Flashpoint also allows players to operate a variety of land, sea and air vehicles. Additionally, players are able, and in some cases required to scavenge weapons off dead enemy soldiers. The game can be played from a third- or first-person perspective.

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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Review

By Catherine Black |

I have to preface this whole review with a little piece of information that you must keep tucked away in that itchy little brain of yours: this game is a whole buttload of fun. There hasn't been a realistic shooter that has really gotten a lot of people excited around the office like this since Rainbow Six came out a couple years back. There is so much going into this game its just plain goofy. The more you delve into it and get used to the ultra brutal way that the AI comes after your sorry little hiney, there's an incredibly deep and fun game here. Unfortunately, I can't say that the game is without problems. I expected as much coming into it considering everything they were trying to pull off here, but some of the problems tend to go a little overboard on the frustrating side of things.

First off, this is the first game to come out shooting during the Cold War era. The Russians are back and they're out for trouble. The game centers over three islands that are the focal point of the Russians incursion into NATO territory. You'll have to play the game to get all of the details on the story because A) I wouldn't want to ruin the experience and B) I haven't been able to beat the incredibly hard final levels yet.

You will play as a few different members of Armed Forces as you make your way through some difficult and mostly satisfying missions. You'll start out as a common foot soldier thrown into the middle of pitched battles involving infantry, armor vehicles, different sorts of cars and trucks, and even some mines and satchel charges. It'll be your place to follow a computer AI controlled leader as you just try to survive to make it on into later missions where you switch characters and play as other folks like tank commanders, helicopter and plane pilots, and Special Forces units. Taking part in the game where you're not seen as some superhero sort of combat specialist is really intriguing and one of the reasons that I dug the story so much.

Each of the missions you play will start the same regardless of who you're playing with. First off, you'll probably see a little cutscene. These are actually something that I'm a little wishy-washy on. You see, they integrate the story into the game really, really well so that you do feel like your stuck in the middle of this war. But at the same time, it seems as though the folks creating the scenes didn't really have a hold on the whole timing thing. Cutscenes can last just a little too long sometimes... but anyway, after you've seen what there is to see, you'll be put into the briefing screen. This will give you a detailed overland map of the island you're on. You'll get enemy positions without knowing how much resistance you're going to meet as well as extraction locations, points of interest and all of that jazz. The briefings will also contain important locations that are highlighted links. When you click on these the map will actually move to that location so you can see where it is in respect to other places you need to go. Also on the briefing screen are notes written by the character you're playing, you're loadout screen so you know what you're carrying, and the list of who is in your squad.

Now comes the really fun part. You get stuck in the middle of the war in first or 3rd person. The first person is a much easier way to play the foot combat portions of the game while I found the 3rd person to be much more useful for the vehicular combat (more on that in a sec). What you'll find immediately is that this game is unforgiving, even on cadet mode. Switch to veteran when you haven't gotten a hang of things and you're toast. In the early portions of the game when you are under the command of the computer AI, you'll be given orders and be expected to follow them. This is hard to do at times, but generally is in your best interest. This is not a game where you are going to rush headlong into the enemy and expect to win the fight. Chances are there are a lot more of them than you. And in this game, you're fighting against soldiers trained to kill and they're good at it.

The AI certainly isn't perfect, but it isn't dumb either. There's a sliding AI scale that will allow soldiers to posses greater ability than others (the good ones are usually the officers so you'll want to off those to dumb down enemy AI decisions). They'll try to flank you, call in tanks, and pretty much do whatever to kill you. There is the chance that you can hide from enemies, but not forever. Bushes are a great place to hide, especially in camouflage as it will be much harder for the enemy to recognize your position, but once you fire, there's a good chance someone will hear it and you'll get dead quick.

A good range of weapons will be at your disposal in the game with any weapon you see on the ground usable as well. You do have a very limited amount of ammo, with ammo dumps located around in certain missions and locations. You'll also be able to heal yourself at medic tents, heal slightly from medics in your squad, and also from medic trucks following the combat.

Now before I go on too much, let's get into one of my favorite parts of the game, the vehicles. You can use any vehicle that you see in the game. Tanks, cars, trucks, jeeps, helicopters, A-10 Tank Busters, APC's... you name it you can drive it. Actually getting the vehicles to do what you want is a whole different problem however. Cars and trucks are generally pretty easy to steer. You can use the mouse and not worry about crashing. Tanks are hard to steer and hard to command. If you watch friendly AI tank squads try to find their way around the battlefield it'll be a little like watching Ivan the Intern try to ride a scooter. Motarded. They'll bump into each other trying to get in formation and generally look like Gomer Pyle is in charge. I had a hard time getting through these missions and generally tried to rely on my squad mates to take on the brunt of the work.

Then there's the airborne vehicles. These are also a little harder to drive, but can be a bunch of fun. The planes are a little easier, but the helicopter controls will definitely take some getting used to. They're simmy even if they aren't simulations in the strictest sense. Hell, the whole game is simmy. But they're still a whole lot of fun to try out and give a whirl.

Now onto one of the uglier sides of the game. I think Steve summed it up well when he asked, "How can a game look so good and so assy all at the same time?" The models of the vehicles and soldiers are actually pretty damn good. And the environments are huge! It'll take you a long ass time to get across the expanse of one of those islands, even in a vehicle. And while I'm glad they put so much foliage in the game in the form of large forests and lots of trees and scrub... well they're ugly as sin. Good from afar, but far from good, as they say. When looking over the expanse of an island, you'll be truly impressed, but get up close and personal to those trees and bushes and you'll be wondering at the explosion of pixels in your face. I can see why this is necessary though, and I for one am willing to put up with that so that the islands can be flushed out that much more especially considering the frame rate isn't the best in the world even with the ugly low res trees.

Animations are also can be pretty nifty. Guns are slung over shoulders, units have different idle and patrol animations, death can be unique... good job all around even if it isn't the best I've ever seen. Sadly, no animations for actually getting into and out of cars were included. For smaller cars, units just pop into and out of the vehicles. Unfortunately there are also some collision detection problems with climbing ladders and getting stuck on trees and buildings.

Sound is good as well. Units talk to each other and you letting you know when a soldier is spotted and have typical voices that sound like they're over the radio. Some of the voice work sounds a little goofy, but I was pretty pleased overall. Weapons fire is pretty standard, but the use of sound works well here when you try to pinpoint where you're hearing that gunfire come from. You'll also start to get nervous at the first squeaky sounds of the treads of tanks and other armored vehicles rolling down the road to squash you.

And multiplayer... wow, this is a lot of fun. We've gotten rather addicted to the experience shirking other duties around the office to play through some of the excellent co-op missions "just one more time" about eighteen times alreayd. Most missions make me wonder whether the real objective is just to see how long you can stay alive but even in defeat I've got a smile on my face. Other multiplayer games are also very fun with capture the flag, deathmatch, and free-for-all capture the flag making it in. It's very nerve wracking to have the flag in these games as just a couple of shots means your demise in most cases. Of course, you could just get your legs shot out so you can crawl, but how fast can you crawl?

And last but not least we have the mission editor. Already there are maps and missions out there to complete. Hell, there are even MODs up already with a community that will only continue to grow as American audiences pick the game up. There will undoubtedly be some very creative missions with this easy to use editor. There's even a wizard for multiplayer games that will let you start out with a pre-made mission holding some triggers and units already in there for you to screw around with.

So all in all, I really like Operation Flashpoint. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes realistic shooters and anybody else that has the patience to die a whole lot. This is one of the most complete war simulation games that I've ever been in contact with and is a whole hell of a lot of fun as a result. Yes, the game is very hard. No, it's not the prettiest in the world. Yes, there are some problems with both enemy and friendly AI. Yes, there are little control issues. But none of these things are enough to keep me from writing this review as fast as possible so I can get back into it and play "just one more game."

-- Dan Adams

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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Cheats

Hold [Left Shift] and tap [Keypad Minus] in a game, then input these codes:CheatEffectendmissionEnds MissiontopographyNew Topographical MapsavegameSave your game at any timecampaignUnlock All MissionsiwillbetheoneGod Mode

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Game Walkthrough

Walkthrough Guide to:

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer

By: UnSub
Email: )evilasahobby {at} graffiti {dot} net(
Version: 1.29
Date: 24 January 2006


Intro: With the amount of possible options available in Operation Flashpoint,
it would be stupid to list off all the ways to finish a mission. Here's a list
of the ways I finished the Red Hammer missions; there may be better ways.

The Red Hammer campaign is available with the Gold Upgrade of Operation
Flashpoint. It is also now available in the OpF special edition that boxes
up all the OpF games into one package. There is also talk of OpF 2 which
I am looking forward to.

This has been completed using written notes and my memory; neither are
infallible. I may get the vehicle model wrong, but I rarely forget they are
there and the faq should tell you about them. If you feel I have missed
something vital, please contact me. Don't email me to fill your social
calendar- I'm busy. Trust me. :-] I did have some problems with OpF crashing
on me in writing this faq. If I've missed something vital, please email me and
I'll check it out.

Copyright: As the author, I receive all standard copyright protection. You can
openly distribute this guide as long as it is received free, in an unaltered
form. Look, you know what copyright is, so don't do things that would break it.

I'm assuming you are familiar with Operation Flashpoint (OpF) to be looking at
this guide. The Red Hammer missions are harder than the original OpF campaign,
so you better be familiar with the game! This guide will only be looking at
completing the missions in front of you, so it won't include an information on
stuff like vehicles and squad control. You'll have to figure that out for

One thing I found is that the Russians are not as well equipped as the
Americans. You will have to do a lot of scavenging to make your life easier.
Also, try to get used to using single shots rather than bursts with your
weapons over medium range - it cuts down on the ammo you use and it also makes
it harder for the enemy to tell where you are shooting from.

OpF:RH missions sometimes rely a little on luck to finish a mission, so try not
to get frustrated.

I find driving tanks in tactical view the best way of being able to see and
attack targets. It's up to you though. Also, I always (if there are only myself
and another soldier) get in as commander, then order the other guy in as
gunner. I then switch to driver once the gunner is in place. This gives me the
advantages of being commander (ie choosing targets) while driving.

I have used a few common abbreviations in this faq, namely N = north, S =
south, E = east and W = west, with a few combinations (eg SE = south east).

Steyr Aug and G36: These guns have the firepower of a rifle and a partial zoom.
Steal them whenever possible.

Dragunov: This sniper rifle is a bit harder to hit with than the M21 and has a
lower magazine capacity (10 bullets). Even so, it beats having to fight at
close range and can be a lot of fun* to use from a covered position. Remember -
it takes time for a bullet to reach its target, so you may have to lead the
target to hit it.

* if your idea of fun is making headshots from over 200m away, that is.

Grenade Launcher (MM-1): Great if the enemy were to be sitting in a circle
around a campfire, possibly singing. Since they very rarely are, I didn't
really find a use for it.

*UPDATE - Michiel called me on this, saying:

Because of its long range and fast rate of fire (6) it cleans up indeed.
Only problem is the aiming. This really needs some practice.

!!! I'll accept that, but given that it only appears once in the regular
missions, it's very hard to get to grips with, so I never bothered to use it.

Kozlice: You can loot these off enemy civilians early on in RH. As a weapon it
can kill you, but it is really the pellet gun of what's available. Use it as a
laugh, then drop it for something effective. It's a shotgun.

Other weapons should be familiar from OpF ie M16, AK74, AK74 SU et al. AK74s
are superior to AK47s in terms of accuracy (but that also depends on you) and
recoil. AK74 SU is the carbine form of the AK74, which means it is a smaller


Red Hammer
Follow your squad. Use this mission to get reacquainted with OpF if you haven't
played it for a while. Try not to get shot. Once you make it to the lighthouse,
you will get attacked by another wave of enemies. Once they're cleared, you
will get into a Ural and be taken to a fuel depot, where you have to eliminate
the entrenched enemy presence and a squad that comes from the east. The fewer
of your squad that die, the easier this will be.

Follow your squad and do what you are told until you are given control of it.
You can take a truck to reduce the time taken to get to your next waypoint, but
there are two squads on the road to it, so it's your call. I'd recommend taking
them out. Assault the town (try to do it from cover - it makes things easier
and safer) and once it is cleared, you get to call in reinforcements. Go to the
next waypoint via the forest (NE of enemy base). There is a hidden militia base
here, and it is better to take out the soldiers that reside here before hitting
the base. Clear the base to meet the objective, then head to the airfield. Loot
soldiers if you need to. There is a T55 tank (2 RPG's to destroy) located west
of the airfield or inside it (I've had both). Attack the base from cover - I
had a much harder time taking the base from the west than when I attacked from
the south. Watch out for "hidden" (ie well covered) soldiers. Save before
assaulting if you need to.

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: get in the BMP at the beginning
and your troops will follow you, giving you an awesome headstart! Also, walk to
the left of the beginning base. You will notice Christmas trees! (?)

Something goes wrong? Who would have seen that coming? Go prone and stick your
head out around the corner of the building. Kill all the infantry you can.
Crawl over to the corpses of your comrades and take the RPG. Crawl to some
bushes and take out that tank. Run into the building nearest the sabotaged Ural
(ie yours) and get the keys off the civilian. Be careful in going to get his
truck - I found a Machine Gunner lying in wait for me. Drive the truck back to
the Ural and pick up your passenger, then drive to your destination at high

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: at the beginning, go towards the
fort. there is an amo box with rpg between the tent and unlit fire. After
getting Angelina into your new truck, follow the fence before you get to
Andre-De south. It leaves an opening before it gets to the woods, so
there is a violence-free path to the helicopter.

*TIP from Alex Artemenko: in the mission Babysitting? there's AT4 right in
the truck that you arrive in.

Premission: Take a Dragunov and equip your soldiers with Strelas.

When you start the mission, the tent behind you has Strela launchers and
missiles for use. Since it takes about 2 Strelas to take out the helicopters
(although I have seen it done with one) I recommend you let two of your guys
take out one helicopter and you load up and take the other. Hopefully you will
be able to take both out before they start dropping paratroopers (the one
behind the camp does this). An enemy truck comes up the south road. Your squad
will shoot at it and a couple of grenades from you should seal up the mission.
If not, look for paratroopers near the crashed helicopters (mainly NE of the
base). Once clear, you will be replaced and told to travel to another town. Do
so to complete the mission.

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: A truck comes by with resistance
soldiers with shotguns via the southwestern road. Snipe the driver with the
dragunov and then those who get out. However, the passengers keep their guns
on their backs unless they're fired at. I just replayed that mission after
getting alot farther in the game and found thatthere is an unlisted secret
objective. Follow where the blue car goes and where the resistance truck
came from.

Killing the enemies in the castle gives you the objective. This makes me wonder
how many other things you can do in the game that isn't stated explicity! If
you find any, please email me rakovsky@excite.com!

Beachhead Assault
Head straight up the beach (past the M2 Machine Gun) to the bushes left (not
around) the large rock. From here you get a good view of incoming enemy troops,
and the distance will not be that far away. Remain well covered and you should
be able to take out a lot of them. Your squad should be able to take out any
ones you can't. Loot the bodies and take what you need to go to the next
objective (ie sniper rifles and LAWs - give some to your squad too). The Vulcan
is located in the town and is covered by troop support. Take out the Vulcan and
return to the beach.

*TIP from Ville Virtanen:
"On mission Beachhead Assault, destroy two tanks before you go back to the
beach (after you destroy vulcan). It gives you the new objective."

Under Fire
Premission: Overload on Dragunov clips. Take the Dragunov off your sniper and
give it to someone who can hold more clips.

Drive and ignore the shells - they are just there to make you nervous. Get to
the turn off to the base you need to go to and disembark. Run to the edge of
the big clear land bridge linking where you need to go with the mainland and go
prone. You and your sniper friend should then aim to take out 2 squads of guys,
a group of soldiers near some tents (look for a fire) and maybe even a small
group of guys with a sniper. A small ship may also appear, but your RPG guy
should be able to take it. Once you are happy, run across the landbridge. Leave
a guy or two to guard the landbridge crossing (just in case - I think the boat
drops off a squad) and go to the tents. Pick up a LAW and get a squad member to
do so as well. If you have taken out the sniper, tell your non-sniper-rifled
sniper to pick it up. If not, be on the lookout for soldiers. When you take out
the Vulcans, try to hit them both at the same time.

Get in the truck, pick up your guys guarding the landbridge (making sure that
an enemy squad isn't just sitting on the other side waiting for you) and drive
to the next location. Get out at about 400m, hold fire and sneak in. You can
either hit it from the south or west - going in south basically means you have
to slaughter the entire base (use the bushes for cover). Going in west means
you can hit and run, but you will have a lot of angry men after you. Your call.
I found south to be easier. Watch out for the M2 Machine Guns at the north end
of the base in either case.

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: instead of having your rpg guy
take out the boat, use your SVD and snipe EVERYONE ON BOARD. It is so cool (and
spooky) going over to the boat with dead bodies. Also, if you are right next
to the vulcans, it won't shoot you.

Picking Up the Pieces
Hide in the bushes to the right of the road and take out what comes your way.
Get the G36, but watch the road for other soldiers. Go to the waypoint. Tell 2
to stop, then go west up the hill. Near the location you have to go you will
find 4 soldiers standing around and a small patrol around the building. Take
them out. Have the rescued soldier take a weapon and then drive back to the

Get in the T72 as commander, then repair the tank. Have 2 get in as gunner.
Once he is in, switch to driver. This way you can choose targets and drive at
the same time. Tactical view (delete button on keypad) is also easier to
operate in.

Move up the hill to the west a little way, then move towards the waypoint - it
is easier to take out the M60's from higher ground. Look for smoke to locate
the 4 M60s at a distance and take them out (M60s require 1 or 2 direct hits
from a SABOT to be destroyed). Once they have been destroyed, move back to base
and take out the 2 M60s coming up the road.

Tank Rescue
Get 2 out of the tank, then do the whole "commander to driver" thing mentioned
above. Drive towards Chapoi, but aim to circle around behind it and go to the
fuel depot. Take out as many M60s as you can as you drive around the town.
Clear the fuel depot of troops, then go and rescue the troops to the north. If
you are damaged, send 3 (in the Ural Repair) to the troops in the north and
meet there. Get the tank crews back down to the fuel depot and have them get
into the tanks. Clear Chapoi of armoured targets and evacuate.

*TIP - Andrew offers this:

I've found the "commander to gunner" tactic isn't really necessary, if I get
into the gunner's position, I can still switch to map and click on a place
for the driver to drive to.  For that mission however I just had the driver
of the Ural get in as the gunner of the T72 and got in as the commander, as
there's a Civilian P3 truck where the tank crews are.

Take out the tanks as they come over the hill, but try to keep near the convoy.
Try not to run into it! You don't have to take out all the armoured targets,
but every one taken down does help. The convoy will run into an infantry ambush
a little way down the track - try to be close enough to protect it. Go to the
beach and send a soldier to be a gunner for the Shilka. Take out the boats and
the helicopter. Get left behind...

I put this on the Gamefaq boards and someone else passed the mission with it,
so I guess it works!

You need to find a LAW soldier. There is one running around outside east-ish of
the base. Gun him down and take his LAW. Hold fire until you find one - its
best not to attract attention too early, but defend yourself if you have to.
Once you have what you need, take out one of the Vulcans. The base alarm will
go off and soldiers will start to actively hunt you. Run away from the location
you hit the Vulcan from - there can be quite a few soldiers running around the
base. I think I ran away from the base and back to the east fenceline.

Your next goal is to work your way into position to take out the next Vulcan,
but to take out as many soldiers as possible in doing it. Every soldier you
kill is one less who will shoot you in the back as you run for the Hind. In
neutralising soldiers try to use single shots - burst fire simply wastes
bullets and makes it easier for the enemy to pinpoint your location. Once the
second Vulcan has been destroyed, work your way around the base killing any
remaining soldiers stationed there. If you need to, steal grenades and weapons
from corpses. If you haven't already, save. Run for the Hind. Reload as you
find the one remaining soldier left on the base. Kill him and board the Hind.

You will then be given an objective to blow up the grounded helicopters. I
found this easiest to do by switching to manual fire, lining the Hind up for a
strafing run across all the ?Blackhawks? and firing rockets rapidly as you
strafe. The AI gunner (if you have one left!) will fire much more slowly and
may miss some, meaning you will have to turn around and go back.

*TIP - Andrew offers this:

I did find the LAW soldier, and I agree, it makes your job much easier.  I
also picked up a satchel charge from one of the three soldiers at the camp.
It feels like the Vulcans should be more alert, but in fact I just ran up
beside one, dropped of the satchel charge, went around to the other; then
blew the satchel charge, and shot the law at the other.  Both were dead in
the space of two seconds.  From there the soldiers come running out and me
and #2 just gunned them all down.  I had to remember to put #2 on hold fire
or else he would shoot the first guy he saw, and put the whole base on alert.

*TIP from Dave:
"i noticed after marooned when you have ot go find a chopper to steal and there
were 2 vulcans to take out--and it was mentioned they were easy to walk up to--
thats because they have no ammo or fuel--what i try to do--is if the are turned
out--I shoot gunner first then if i can move around shoot driver--then you can
take the vehicle--well they were out of fuel and ammo"

Your luck really sucks...

Run to the bush in front of you and take out the pilots. Move quickly to the
main gate located on the road and look for a patrol of three soldiers, one with
a Steyr. Kill them and take the Steyr. Proceed to the base, watching for two
soldiers to the left side of the road (they are a bit back in the field, so be
careful). Once you get to the base, kill them all. Watch out for a guy at the
north end of the base - he can be a bit hidden. You can save at any point as
the retry save isn't too far away.

Get into the Ural Fuel and drive back to the Hind. Refuel it and take off.
Ignore the sudden drop in fuel - you will have enough. Get to the repair point
and slow down. You will get repaired in a cutscene and your retry point
updated. This next bit is hard.

Switch to manual fire - the best technique here is to strafe and strafe hard.
Try to fly slowly over the targets at a lower altitude while pounding them with
rockets. You have to take out a Vulcan and 2 M60s. Aim for the Vulcan first,
then hit the tanks. If it looks like you will miss them getting to the village
(which isn't too far away) hit retry immediately. I've had the mission count as
a failure and had to start from the beginning again.

Once you've taken out the armour, pick up the infantry and go to your next
waypoint. More armour to take out. Take out the Vulcan first (as it can kill
the infantry and ruin your mission) then the rest of the column.

You can do this sneaky or violent. Sneaky means going to the officers' meeting
hut, planting a satchel charge, running away and blowing it up. This is very
hard. Violent is easier and more fun to boot!

Premission: Give the Dragunov to your squadmate and give him as many clips as

Run towards the road marked on the map. You will run into a couple of three-man
patrols on the way - one patrol with a Heavy Grenadier, one patrol with a
?Steyr? (or G36) and a single LAW soldier running about. You will generally run
into them in the bush area on the map. I found the Steyr and the LAW to be very
useful. If you are quick, you can take out these soldiers, get to the road,
plant a satchel charge and be out of concussion range before the M113 drives
by. If not, use the LAW to take out the M113. You can miss it altogether and go
to the village, but killing it on the open road makes things easier.

Get to the village, taking time to neutralise any soldier that gets in your
sights. There are a lot of soldiers, so don't expect this to be quick. Use the
bushes for cover. The officers are in a building at the right side of the base.
You can be clever, but I found sending a LAW through the open door to be pretty
effective. Depending on what you have done thus far, there will be one or two
M113s in the village. You might want to use the LAWs on them and take the
Officers out the old fashioned way. Once you have met your objectives, run to
the extraction point.

Prepare to be more frustrated than you have ever been in your life... (well,
maybe not, but this is very hard - you will have to take a couple of tries to
learn what the tanks do).

Premission: Get the Dragunov.

First, tell your men to halt (under the Movement radio commands). Go and place
your fences. Your aim is to stop enemy tanks entering the town. I recommend:
planting two fences blocking the road from the S, placing two fences on the W
road (leaving a tank-sized gap) and planting fences in the W field between the
houses (leave a gap). Run to the E side of your base and order a gunner and a
driver into the BMP and a gunner into the Shilka. Drive the Ural Repair over to
the Shilka and get the gunner to repair it. Once this is done, order the BMP
into the town and use the Ural Repair to block the E road. Use the civilian
trucks to block the way into town from the N.

After this, use your fences to block any other gaps into the town. Place your
ammo crates in the centre of town out of sight from potential tank fire. Get
the mines. Place them outside the gaps you left in the W fences. Try to keep a
couple in reserve, or you can sprinkle them in places you think the enemy will
come from. I put some near the corners of buildings outside the town. Plant
four satchel charges on the road in front of the S fence. Once you are happy,
get the rest of your men to take AT4s and arm yourself as well. Place them away
from the satchel charges and the mines. Radio in (0, 0, 1).

The Abrahms comes up the S road. When it is over your satchel charges, detonate
them. Kill any crew that emerges. Next come 4 M60s. If you are lucky, they will
hit some mines, but you will need to take out the remaining ones. They take two
AT4s or two Sabots.

Next come 3 M113s. Try to take them out before they drop troops.  You can try
to shift your trucks and get the BMP on to them, but watch out for LAW
soldiers. Order your other guys to attack them as well. A chopper may appear
and drop a couple of paratroopers. Leave your Shilka to take them out (or
select his targets). The Shilka can also take out any M113s that come his way.
Make sure he fires on any that come around that side of the town.

Finally come four M60s. If you have any mines / satchel charges left, try to
use them.  Use AT4s as usual. Good luck!

Once this wave is dead, you have to get to a Hind and evacuate. Remember to get
your guys out of their vehicles.

*UPDATE - Steven E. Goodison sent me this:

"Start with the Dragunov... get set up as normal, but concentrate fences on the
SE part of the town (acts as a trap for M60's)... Radio in, and wait for the
Abrams to arrive.... at this point don't allow it to reach the mine on the
south road blockade, zoom scope in on driver of M1A1, and take him out...
the two remaining crew members will bail out, pick 'em off, and hey presto..
you've got a fully functional Abrams at your disposal.... evens up the odds
trememdously... completed the mission with the M1A1 and BMP in tandem...
easy work... cup of tea!"

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: The author may have confused E
and W in this one! This made the level even  harder.

!!! I don't think I've flipped E and W in the above info, but it's possible.
It's also possible that the AI will alter what happens depending on what
patch you've got. Either way, the Alamo is a very tough mission, so take
what has been said above with a grain of salt and play it as you see it.

*TIP from Tom K:

"after deploying and preparing your troops and vehicles go inside the
southernmost house, have the ammo-depot moved inside the house and just fire
and reload the AT4 as they slowly creep up the hill. You can even go to the
second floor, the ammo-depot is still reachable (through the floor), for
a better view. Just have a mine or a satchel charge take care of the first
abrams since it survives one AT-blast. I had my comrades in arms stay at the
very back covering the few that got out of the tanks with dragunovs.

I completed the level easily. Just make sure you don't hit the wall. The windows
are kinda narrow but that's the point really, for perfect cover. Enjoy the

*More help from Max Colbett:

"You just have to hit
the abrams with a sabot or a rocket from the BMP(and then quit it as
fast as you can) and if that doesn't reach, you let it roll into the
middle of the village an shoot it with your AT. The crew will be dead
an you can destroy the ennemy's troops with their own weapon...
(isn't that ironic ;) ?) I've made it now twice that way, so it can't
be a bad idea."

*Another way of doing it from Korrie:

"Get the Dragunov and drop two mines on the crossroads, in a way the
Abrams will probably hit both of then. After that, place the Ural
Repair close by the crossroads, but cover it well. Hide your men
(when I played the goddamn thing, my men were all killed already, so
it doesn't really matter... just be sure they can properly target the
Abrams' crew by the time they leave the tank).

Get yourself in position for aiming the Abrams' commander, then radio
in (Yeah, you CAN do more, but that's the important things to prepare

Once the Abrams arrives, try to kill it's comander, but don't whine
if you miss. Let it hit the mines. Usually, it'll become nearly a
wreck, so the crew will leave it. Let your men have them and care for
the Ural getting close to the tank... enter the tank, repair it. If
availiable, get a team aboard (as I mentioned before, I had none) and
have fun on the incoming M 60s and all the other enemies. Watch the
Ural - it may come in handy another time.

Of course, you can also use fences on E road and drop some additional
charges there, but getting the Abrams should be first objective."

Under Orders
Run NE to the road and take out the patrol. Get the G36. Lie in cover until you
take out a second patrol (keep looking NW). Get a squadmate to take the other
G36. Run through the forest towards the waypoint. You may run into another
patrol if you are unlucky. Run out of the forest and take out the guys at the
hospital. Watch out for the M113 that drives up and down the road. Once the
hospital is clear (you don't have to destroy the M113 to do it) get into the
jeep and drive to the waypoint. There are a cutscene... but that's the end of
the mission.

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: I was able to take out the
helicopter with the LAW (aka M9 rocket launcher) by waiting on the beach for
it to hang in the air as it turns around. That was so cool.

Dark Path
You can be violent or sneaky in this mission. I choose sneaky and just took out
the targets and those who got too close.

Run out of the forest and look SW. See those two figures running like mad? They
are Black Ops with HKs. Take them out - they didn't see me run up to them so
ditch stealth for the moment. Take a HK and as much ammo as you like. Go to the
waypoint, lay prone on the hill and take out the officer (*the first target*)
running near the waypoint. Once he is neutralised, slink back into the darkness
and towards the next target. Take out the officer running around the fire. Move
towards the next target. Watch out for patrols and for the truck going along the
road. Go through the forest and get to the house indicated by the waypoint.

*TIP from H. Rakovsky <rakovsky@excite.com>: This walkthrough doesn't mention
the first target. After taking it out and killing everyone around the fire (at
the second target) get in the hummer and drive it to the house. On the way, run
enemies down and drive into the two jeeps that come at you on the road. They
explode. I killed everyone around the farmhouse this way. They can hardly hurt
you in the jeep.

!!! I've clarified the above info based on H. Rakovsky's advice.

*TIP from Ville Virtanen:

"after you kill the first target, just wait
there and enemy tank arrive from north. Use LAW and shoot it from the
front of it once (tank stop). Then kill commander and the driver by
shooting them at your weapon (their heads is outside so you can
easily shoot them). Then just wait and the gunner sprout out side.
Kill him too and tank is yours.

After that you can go to the next target and nobody won 

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