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About The Game

Oni is a third-person 3D action/adventure that emphasizes hand-to-hand combat as well as gunplay. Inspired by anime classics like Ghost in the Shell and action thrillers like La Femme Nikita, you play Konoko, an elite agent on a quest to infiltrate and destroy a ruthless crime syndicate. You?ll fight through levels designed by architects, including a monstrous underground research facility and a towering 15-story police station.

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Oni Review

By Catherine Black |

There are a lot of action games out there. There are a lot of 3rd person games out there. There are also a lot of fighting games out there (well, not for the PC). What there aren't a lot of are third person fighting/shooter games. There is one however that just came out and is trying to blaze a little swath of greatness in the annals of gaming history. Its name is Oni. Its problem is that the hype surrounding the game was just too much for the game to handle. It certainly does do the major things that it promised to when it comes to creating a fast paced fighter, but doesn't really reach the godly state that everyone really hoped that it would.

Oni comes from a rich background of anime inspired science fiction such as Ghost in the Shell. This cyberpunk futuristic android filled world is the setting for a story that is at least semi interesting and manages to move the game along, even if it isn't the most gripping or fulfilling work. You play as Konoko, an agent for the TCTF, a law enforcement agency. Konoko has a pretty sketchy background and no little bit of mystery about her. You find halfway through the game that not all is as it seems with our lithe young heroine and suddenly you are drawn into a tangle around which Konoko is the focus.

You begin the game in the training level where you will learn how to use the sometimes-frustrating command interface. The game is played in a third person much like you would find in any of the 3D fighting games nowadays. A variety of moves are available for you to try out including the obligatory kicks and punches as well as throws and a couple of beginning combos to get you started out. Throughout the game, you will learn some new tricks and combos that should help your fighting along and give you great opportunity to kick some major buttocks.

The problem is, even though the fighting is frenetic and exciting a lot of the time, the controls are a bit difficult to handle and chances are you'll find yourself wrestling with them in any fight that pits you against more than one enemy. I really don't know how things could have been changed to do any better and Bungie certainly did a commendable job, but there's just something amiss there. Not only is the camera work a little dodgey at times, but some of the more complicated moves are fairly difficult to actually get to work on a regular basis.

Not that it really matters too much because enemies almost all use the same kind of attacks and don't require any special kind of strategy to take care of. In fact, one on one battles are almost a forgone conclusion in your favor and using the special attacks hardly ever comes into consideration in the middle of a fight against two or more opponents. Mainly because you will be using almost all of your attention just trying to dodge away from the attacks reigning down on your spiky little head.

Fighting against two opponents can be downright difficult much of the time, so a lot of the game is spent trying to lure single opponents somewhere you can dispatch them without alerting his friends. But when you do get into those lopsided fights, you better have your finger on the Hypo Spray button to heal yourself. There is no mercy in this game whatsoever. Enemies do not let up. They'll punch you on the ground, they'll pick you up and piledrive your face into the cement, hell, enemies with weapons will even take shots at you while you're fighting even if it means shooting their friend. It makes for some crazy fights that, if you survive, will leave you feeling you accomplished something in the game.

There are other means of retiring enemies in the game other than fisticuffs. Weapons can also play a large part, although it's a whole lot more fun to get in fights. Some interesting choices for long range damage make their way into the game. Two types of ammo split the guns up into ballistic and energy categories. Ballistics include the standard pistol and sub-machinegun type weapons as well as crazy contraptions like the Scram Cannon that shoots a cluster of homing missiles towards the target and the Mercury Bow that shoots a sliver of frozen mercury and then goes through a cooling phase before it can fire again. The energy guns consist of stun gun type shockers, plasma type guns and a Screaming Cannon that has a very slow speed but is hugely powerful.

You'll also find power-ups scattered around the playing areas and in the possession of various NPCs around the maps. These including the healing Hypo Sprays, ballistic and energy ammo packs, a force shield that serves as an extra layers of life against weapons, and a Phase Cloak that allows you to go invisible for a short amount of time. Aside from the almost useless Phase Cloak that lasts too short a time to really be useful, you'll be looking to get as many of those other things as you can.

Let me make this perfectly clear. This game is freakin' hard in some areas to the point of almost overwhelming frustration. This mainly has to do with the save feature that is instituted into the game. You don't have the option to save anywhere you like, but your progress will be saved automatically at certain points in the game. The thing is, the save points are often pretty far apart and usually come right after a huge fight where you'll get your face smashed in pretty handily. So even if you survive the fight, you'll have low health and won't have a chance to survive the rest of the level. But, after playing a whole lot of games that had no save feature at all lately, this is a welcome addition and really didn't cause enough of a problem to upset me too much.

The problem with having to play through parts over and over again is the sheer repetitiveness of it all. The pattern of the game is pretty simple. Fight some enemies and unlock a door at a control panel. Go through that door, fight some more enemies, unlock a door with another control panel. Go through that door, fight even more enemies... you get the picture. The game could have been one big level for all intents and purposes because the environments were uniformly uninteresting. Actually, I'll take that back, there were a couple of levels that were a bit interesting such as the airport level that had you running through terminals and underneath huge jumbo jets and the federal building that required you to slide under some beams so as not to get shot by security cameras. But even those levels weren't mind boggling.

But that wasn't just for the level design, but also for the incredibly dull textures and locales. Most of the levels were inside secret bases or warehouses or cargo bays or blah blah blah. You're boring us Oni. The only thing the levels really had going for them was the size. It was pretty cool to look up and see the buildings disappear into the sky and reach far down below.

The models of the various enemies and characters were really a range from slick to ugly. Some of the enemies in full body armor looked straight out of an anime flick while others, mostly civilians were just plain ugly with strange body parts that layered over the top of other parts. The animations on the other hand were uniformly well done. Watching fights and the collision detecting working with the fight animations was really something to behold. Color-coded sparks flew for all contact in fights. The colors coincided with how much health characters had left. So if you or your opponent is hit with a red spark, you'll know that the fight is almost over.

Cutscenes were exceedingly static. Models don't move and barely talk. There's no lip-synch technology here or different textures for mouth movement. The only way you can know who's talking is the focus of the camera and a little anime portrait that also is static. Once again, you're boring us Oni.

Unfortunately, the graphics were not without technical problems either. Clipping problems were apparent everywhere. If Konoko was standing close enough to a wall, you could move turn her to turn the camera which would in turn see right through the wall and let you have a look at what was outside. Fallen enemies also fell through walls on many occasions. Annoyingly, there was also some slowdown at hectic points in battles that really made things difficult.

Sound was another matter. I'm going the average route here mainly because the sounds during fights were very cool comic booky types of sounds and the music was pretty fitting to the setting. The voice work fit perfectly if you've ever watched a translated anime flick. But the lack of real 3D sound really bothered me. When you should be able to hear enemies running up from behind you so you can dodge, all you get is a swift kick in the back.

And probably my biggest point of contention... no multiplayer. I remember when I heard that the multiplayer functions in the game had been scrapped. I didn't fully realize how sad that would be. This game is begging for multiplayer modes. I can't believe that it was scrapped. The fighting system is good enough that it could have resulted in some colossal amounts of fun with some creative level ideas. Each of the character types in the game has different special moves and would have made things really interesting. As it is, with all of the levels being so similar, there isn't all that much to draw you back to play through it again and again with the exception of some codes that allow you to play as other characters.

So the answer as to whether Oni could live up to the hype would have to be no. But that's only because the hype has been around for so long with all of the delays. What we're left with is a game that is certainly a bit of fun to mess around with even with its flaws and simple graphics. It's a great effort towards what could be a new breed of action game.

-- Dan Adams

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Oni Cheats

Once you activate Developer Mode (using "thedayismine" code), press the buttons below to get the desired effect:

F8: Cycle through your all weapons
F9: Begin recording
F10: Stop recording
F11: Play back what you've recorded
Control-Shift-B: Display your opponent's logic
Control-Shift-G: Toggle slo-mo on/off
Control-Shisft-S: Toggle textures
Control-Shift-Y: Display current frame rate
Type "ai2kill": Kill all nearby enemies
Type "chr_nocollision1": Toggle no clipping mode on
Type "chrnocollision0": Toggle no clipping mode off
Type "dump_docs": Display console commands

After completing the game you can enable the cheat mode. During the game you can hit the F1 button and enter:


god mode


change characters with F8






ammo + health


glass furniture


win level


big heads!


mini mode


super ammo mode


Bad guys fight with each other


gatling guns mode!


daodan power mode


GodzillaTM mode




phase cloak


weapons locer created


Fists of Legend mode


Ultra mode


slow motion


Developer mode!

Oni Game Walkthrough

                   ,ad8888ba,               88
                  d8"'    `"8b              ""
                 d8'        `8b
                 88          88 8b,dPPYba,  88
                 88          88 88P'   `"8a 88
                 Y8,        ,8P 88       88 88
                  Y8a.    .a8P  88       88 88
                   `"Y8888Y"'   88       88 88

                             For PC
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                   Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 12/9/05
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Third person action games are far and few between. For the most parts,
developers will usually create hit games combining shooting, hand-to-hand
combat, and character navigating skills all into a third-person engine to
create an outer gaming sense. Oni was one of the more original and innovative
third-person action/adventure games to hit the consoles and PC in style.
Originally developed by the ever popular Bungie (for their work with the Halo
series), Oni molds typical "anime" items such as cartoonish graphics, flashy
action scenes, and a feminine hero mixed into a futuristic world. Using elite
skills, marksmanship shots, and a plethora of wrapped attacks, you will bring
your opponents to your knee in mercy. While the game was released slightly back
a few years (2001), Oni still features excellent gameplay items that current
gamers can relate to. Will you do a spinning roundhouse kick to snap the neck
of your opponent, or brutally get gunned down in an attempt to complete your

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=12/14/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. I must admit this game was longer than I expected, but it
sort of tapered off in terms of fun. It was a decently fun game, but felt kind
of construed at certain parts.

=12/9/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Surprised this game has yet to be FAQed, even after so many
years. This should be a fun project that might take a week or two.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
          3) Walkthrough
             > Chapter 00: Combat Training
             > Chapter 01: Trial Run
             > Chapter 02: Engines of Evil
             > Chapter 03: Puzzle Pieces
             > Chapter 04: Tiger by the Tail
             > Chapter 05: Hot Pursuit
             > Chapter 06: Counterattack
             > Chapter 07: A Friend in Need
             > Chapter 08: An Innocent Life
             > Chapter 09: Truth and Consequences
             > Chapter 10: Cat and Mouse
             > Chapter 11: Dream Diver
             > Chapter 12: Sins of the Father
             > Chapter 13: Phoenix Rising
             > Chapter 14: Dawn of the Chrysalis
          4) Special Moves
          5) Weapons & Items
          6) Codes
          7) Common Questions
             > Troubleshooting
          8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          9) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Very few developers manage to create inspiring third-person action games since
you need numerous elements to involve gamers into the story. Usually, third-
person engines must be refined to the utmost degree in order to maximize
gameplay items to an absolute essential. Bungie decided back in 2001 to release
an anime-style third-person action shooter/fighter which combined all of these
elements, while employing and interesting storyline. Modern graphics, great
presentation values, and a quality product were all combined to make the
ultimate game. Oni provides the ultimate gameplay experience for those looking
for an older classic that's still fun to play from time and time again.

While most gamers do not always prefer third-person games (camera angles and
controls are usually often clunky), Oni does a decent job of molding them into
position. You'll find yourself constantly getting ambushed during levels, and
must find a way out of the fight using your elite skills. The game's main
character features a special woman capable of performing lightning-fast moves
without even flinching. The game focuses extensively on the built-in martial
arts system, but also features shooting, and the ability to gather new

The following excerpt talks about the storyline (credit to rottentomatoes.com):

Can you save society from criminals? Play as Konoko, an agent of the Tech
Crimes Task Force, as your make your way through level after stunning level in
pursuit of the bad guys. Taking a page from anime classics and modern day
action movies, Oni presents a rich, involved action/adventure story to keep
your playing for days on end. Featuring full-contact action, the game
emphasizes both gunplay and hand-to-hand fighting. each level has been planned
and executed by architects using the AutoCAD system, resulting in a high degree
of realistic detail and thoughtful design.


##### GAME INFO #####
Player(s): 1
Developer: Bungie
Released: 2001
Rarity: uncommon
Special Features: n/a
ESRB: Teen
Cover Art on box:
- Shows Konoko crouching and looking with a held pistol

	> Windows 98 or better
	> Pentium III / Celeron 266Mhz or better
	> 64MB RAM +
	> CD-ROM drive
	> 800MB+ free HD space
	> OpenGL compatible card - Voodoo 2+, TNT2+, Rage Pro+, Intel i890
		(Believe it or not, for as well as the graphics are in Oni,
		 the requirements are VERY low and it works on many low-end
		 computers. Video cards are the least essential device,
		 although you need a decent one capable of rendering the 3D
		 objects. If anything, I'd worry about the processor the most.)


- 2) Game Basics           -
Oni works moderately well with the PC version in terms of controls.
Unfortunately, a gamepad makes gameplay MUCH easier since you have to perform
complex combat moves, and it can be difficult pressing multiple buttons on one
keyboard. The game combines the use of the mouse to rotate the view of the
camera. This is useful since it also guides Konoko to attack in an altered
direction, while you move with the keyboard.

                W - Moves forward
            W + W - Dashes
                S - Moves backward
                A - Strafes left
                D - Strafes right
            Mouse - Rotates view
Right Mouse Click - Kicks
 Left Mouse Click - Punches
       Left Shift - Crouches
        W + Punch - Performs arm throw
         W + Kick - Performs kick throw
Direction + Shift - Rolls
            Space - Jumps
              Tab - Uses hypo ability
                R - Reloads
                Q - Picks up, holsters, or unleashes weapon
                E - Drops weapon
        Left Ctrl - Activates an object
               F1 - Accesses diary

- The controls for Oni are much simpler than you'd expect. Basically, the mouse
rotates your view, while you physically move Konoko using the keyboard. The
W,S,A,D configuration works well, as the surrounding keys also act as your
interface buttons. Pick up items or interact with the environment using the
appropriate letter key. You will find that the crouching and jumping button can
be used in conjunction with your attack mouse buttons to enforce combos or
special attacks. The diary is a quick way of checking your objectives, what
current items you possess, or how much of the storyline has been progressed.
Some of the more advanced moves are described in a separate section, please
refer to Chapter 4.


- 3) Walkthrough        -
Many linear action/adventure games employ complex plots while guiding your
character through several levels. Oni does exactly that, while employing an
objective-to-mission setup. This section will guide you through the full game

/Chapter 00 - Combat Training/
       Module: 1-A
   Difficulty: *
   Objectives: + Get use to basic controls of Konoko

- The first chapter is essentially a training module to orientate you with the
game's interface and control system. You'll start off in an isolated room. Get
use to the movement controls as the AI issues them to you. Make sure to sprint
around the track as ordered, and activate the appropriate control consoles.
Move to the next room. You'll have to perform a few more acrobatic moves,
including somersaults and evasion maneuvers. Eventually, hand-to-hand combat
will be explained along with minor throws. The final room to practice is basic
gun combat. Follow your on-screen instructions to get use to the controls,
aiming, and what not. Once you're finished with tutorial mode, it's on to some
"real" mission.

/Chapter 01 - Trial Run/
       Module: Syndicate Warehouse
   Difficulty: **
   Objectives: + Find Chung
               + Keep investigating
               + Find the loading truck
               + Engage the truck

   *Now that you're approved for the battlefield, Griffin (your boss) has
    ordered you to assault a nearby corrupt warehouse where drug operations are
    supposedly going on. He wants you to bust the place so he can witness your
    abilities (while also approving of some downgraded crooks). While the bust
    is expected to be easy, we never expect crabcakes for breakfast.*

- You'll start off with Konoko breaching her way through the nearby balcony
window onto an upscale ledge. Your AI will quickly tell you that the characters
fight back on this mission. Anyhow, you'll notice a technician guard down below
by the console. Engage him by dropping down, or walking down via the door to
the left. Use basic punches and/or crouching to eliminate the slow-moving man.
Most of his basic combat attacks can easily be avoided, so use rolls to get out
of the way. Finish him off, then head to the console where he was. Read the

   *Apparently, this syndicate was smuggling highly destructive rounds for a
    big bad guy, and he threatened their life if they did not cooperate. The
    ammunition for the specialty weapon is located in six crates.*

- Turn around, and interact with the diamond red/white console. This will
unlock the nearby door by the base of the steps with a green passcode. Proceed
through this door. Check your diary after the brief tutorial message to
discover that you must locate Chung, one of your field agents. Move to the far
end of the room, and look along the right. Go through the door and head up the
stairs. Once on the second floor, head through this door to the opposite door.
Inside, interact with the console to unlock two sets of doors (one on each
floor). Head back out, and quickly disable the guard with some flying combat
moves. Head back downstairs and head through the first floor unlocked door. In
this new room, move ahead until the third door on the right that is wide open.
Quickly disable the guard, and pick up the hypo spray item he drops. Interact
with the console against the wall. Again, it opens the next room that was
previously locked. Exit the room, and go to the far end where the passcode is
now green. Move on in. If you move around via your compass, you'll notice your
objective is on the second floor. Look along the left side of the room for a
tapered crate. Hop onto it, then hop onto the nearby metal stacked crates, to
the next stack, and finally jump-spin to the second floor. Once there, run over
to the body on the ground. Pick up the datapad.

   *Apparently, Chung is dead. The poor fellow never had a chance as the
    Syndicate was catching on to his traitorism. Anyhow, if you read Chung's
    datapad, it says that he was practically caught. Apparently, BGI and the
    Syndicate are joined together at the hip. They're both channeling illegal
    operations through front-cover operations to blend in their acts. The
    warehouse manager was another man trying to get out of the loop. Chung's
    datapad says to rescue him before it's too late.*

- Watch out for the kevlar guard that appears directly in front of you. Try to
fight or push him off the second floor to the left. Move in through the door
where he came from. Engage the two technicians to your right. Again, use combos
and quick punches if they both gang up on you. Lay down powerful blows to count
them down permanently. Move through the right door. Head up the stairs, then
proceed straight ahead. Ignore the door to the left. Head down the hallway and
then watch for the kevlar guard to pop out of a door from the right. There will
be (2) Kevlar Guards to deal with. This one can be fairly tough. Try performing
some grapple moves to do maximum damage to immediately eliminate one. Head into
this room after dealing with the threat. Pick up the dropped hypo spray, and
interact with the console.

   *Again, we find out that both companies are smuggling more parts through
    hidden shipping crates. They must be building some "destructive" weapon.*

- Head to the far door at the end. Down the stairs, you'll have (2) Kevlar
Guards to deal with. Now would be a good time to make use of your pistol to
save some health. Fire about 5-7 rounds to down each guard. Pick up each hypo
spray, and recover some health since you're probably low at this point.	Once in
the new room, interact with the far-side console, then go to the unlocked door.
Once in the new room, a goofy blue-suited technician will retreat once you hit
him a few times. Sprint after him, and knock the bafoon out. He will retreat to
an alarm console. Punch him several times from the rear to knock him out. Turn
around, and activate the symbol console to unlock some new doors. Go down the
stairs, cut the right corner, and head through the unlocked door. Engage the
welder to quickly down him. Go through the next door, and use your pistol to
down the kevlar fool. Talk to the innocent civilian (don't shoot him at all).
He says the manager is upstairs. Cut a quick right, head upstairs, then turn
around the corner. Use your pistol to kill the guard beating up the warehouse
manager. Talk to the manager, and he says the entire complex has been
overtaken. The evil Syndicate is loading up the supplies into an armored truck.
Let him open the doors, then run on through.

- You'll have several generic workers to deal with. Move down the door on the
left, through the stairs, fight a few men, then down the door on the right.
Repeat until you reach the base loading dock. Follow your compass waypoint
towards the loading door. Once inside, watch out for immediate machine gun
fire. Move to the right of the green truck in the distance, and pistol down the
guard. Take his SML3 Plasma Rifle once he's dead. Now, move along the right
side of this room. You should see a red-lit door in the lower right corner.
Move in, then up the stairs. Kill the machine gun guard. On the second floor,
run across to the next red door, then up the stairs. Kill the third floor
guard, then interact with the symbol console against the wall.

   *The crane will get operated and moved to Konoko's position. She hops in,
    and manages to flip the armored truck just before it leaves. The assault
    team comes in to cover her position. Konoko tells Griffin that a nearby
    plant is in cahoots with the bad guys. She wants to assault it. Griffin
    finally approves the operation, and off we go.*

/Chapter 02 - Engines of Evil/
       Module: Manufacturing Plant
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Search the Musashi Manufacturing Plant
               + Get out of the Plant
               + Destroy the Brain

   *The TCTF and Konoko tell the receptionist that they're taking over the
    plant due to the possibility of illegal operations. The receptionist trips
    an alarm, in which point we're forwarded to two bad guys. Muro and Barbasa
    are talking to each other. Barbasa is suppose to hold off the TCTF while
    Mura makes an escape with the goodies. Suddenly, the receptionist let's two
    assault guards in to attack Konoko and her agents. It's ambush time!*

- Three guards will ambush your (2) TCTF partners. Take out the two kevlar
guards to your right using a ranged weapon. Focus on taking out the remaining
one. Now, move straight ahead, and enter the right door. Move into the left
room and engage the technicians. If you have any allies left, they should
assist you in taking down the perps. Walk over to the control panel with the
bar graph on it. Interact with it to unlock a door near the main entrance.
You'll also find a neutral console panel in this room. It mentions something
about a bionic organ mixed with a battle drone to create a powerful creature.
Head back to the main room, then move on in. Take out the lone technician for
an easy hypo spray. Now, go back to the room with the bar graph console and
head into the recently unlocked green door. Watch for the machine gun firing
guard. Try to gun him down.

   *Konoko tells Griffin that the entire operation is a distraction. She wants
    him to scan for any operations the Syndicate may be performing while the
    TCTF infiltrate this compound.*

- Go down the new hall. Proceed through the room, cut through the hallway, and
take out the yellow Kevlar Guard. Turn around as there is a computer console
wedged in between the center piece. Interact with it to unlock a second floor
door. Pick up the hypo spray then continue through the door. You'll eventually
reach a room where some blue-suited scientists are getting beaten up by a thug.
Rush in there quickly; engage the lone Static Thug. Be careful for his static
attack, as it does a rush of damage. Roll out of the way when he says the
phrase "Static this!"

- With this man down, talk to the female scientist for an ammo clip. Interact
with the console in the corner of the room. It should open a nearby door. Head
on through, and you'll now be back at the main receptionist area. If you look
to the right, there's a set of stairs that leads to the second floor. Before
heading on up, enter the recently unlocked door to the right of the desk, and
disable the techy for a hypo spray. Now, head up. Watch for plasma rifle
wielding guards on this top walkway. Kill the guard, and switch for his plasma
rifle. Once through the next door, the area will turn into a pseudo-lab
environment. White tiles should surround your position. Proceed ahead until you
reach a large blue room. Go left, and you'll have roughly 5 techies/guards to
deal with. Make use of your plasma rifle until you have to engage the Kevlar
guards. Make sure to reload on your hypo sprays to keep your health
consistently high. Head to the end of the room, then move to the left of the
generator, and enter the small doorway.

   *Griffin informs you that Syndicate forces are attacking a nearby research
    facility. He has already sent a team to assist the research facility, but
    they're going to need your help. You are ordered to get out of there.*

- When you reach the next doorway, crouch, and crawl to the other doorway.
Don't engage the human guards below. Once at the next area, you'll see a bunch
of lasers strafing vertically through the upper railing. You have to avoid
these, otherwise an automatic trip gun gets triggered. Use the slide move by
double tapping forward then pressing shift. If it gets triggered, try to run
forward as quickly as possible to avoid the constant plasma blasts. In the next
room, two Kevlar Guards will be patrolling the bottom area. Crawl forward until
you're forced to engage the man who walks up the stairs. Disable both men using
the Scram Gun (if you still have it). Head below, and look underneath the steps
for a control panel that will turn off the red laser grid. Move to the far end
and interact with the console. You'll learn some information about the master
brain and how it interacts with robotics. Just what we need, futuristic

- Backtrack to the laser grid hallway, and you'll notice a green door is now
lit up to your left. Head on in. You'll have to either slide or roll under the
varying lasers. Once this is done, use the computer to unlock a door. Your AI
informs you that a mechanical brain remains in this compound. If you destroy
it, the TCTF can take over the compound. Now you have to backtrack to the room
where two techies were below, but you did not engage them. Once there, take
them both out and head through the opened door. Talk to the scientist to
receive a hypo. Use the blue computer in the corner of the room to unlock a
door. Now, go back to the laser-filled hallway. Enter the door to your right
before the lasers. You're going to have a Kevlar and Static guard to deal with.
Make use of the remaining ammo in the Scram Gun to give them a treat. Interact
with the console where the downed scientist is.

   *Apparently, something went wrong with their beautiful brain. It's purely
    evil, and the scientist was killed for the malfunction. Oy.*

- Anyhow, move around the corner and use the computer to open a door. Head past
the lasers to that last dead end room, except, you'll find the newly opened
door on your top railing. Move on in. Sprint up to the guard shooting the
scientist, and disarm him. Shoot him with his own weapon. Talk to the
scientist. You'll receive (2) Hypos, and be told to disable the Brain. Move
down the right stairs until you reach the bottom room. The Brain has activated
itself! Read the console to learn that the scientist tried to override it via
the console panel. Open the nearby sliding door, and wait for the CLOCKWISE
rotating beam to pass. Run lagging behind it until you reach the first computer
panel. Interact with it to disable one braker. Again, repeat this strategy.
Wait for the clockwise laser to pass and follow it to the next panel. The
counter-clockwise rotating laser rotates above Konoko's head, so you don't have
to worry about such treacherous alterations. Once all four brakers are
disabled, you learn that the Brain tries to access the public data networks
another way. Basically, you have to disable all four brakers AGAIN, except with
a different laser pattern rotating. Again, do the same item from before. Follow
the nearest double beam making sure not to tripwire any others. Disable all
four consoles again. The Brain will do one more laser sequence. This time, all
four lasers will be lined up and moving very fast. You will have to disable all
four brakers, however, follow the most recent laser stack by sprinting. If you
don't sprint, the previous rotating column will catch up to you. Sprint to each
panel, disable them, and the Brain will be disabled.

   *Konoko escapes, however, we learn that an ensuing saga develops between
    Griffin and Konoko's doctor. Both of them treat her like an experiment, and
    fight over ownership. She would whip their arse if she heard them
    backtalking her like that.*

/Chapter 03 - Puzzle Pieces/
       Module: Bio-Research Lab
   Difficulty: ****
   Objectives: + Fight Barbasa
               + Access the roof
               + Get to the top of the Security Control Tower
               + Clear out the Upper Floors
               + Stop Muro from taking the stolen technology

   *Konoko rushes to the scene of the Bio-Research Lab. Using her speedy bike,
    she hits a ramp and launches herself into the main courtyard. However,
    we're greeted by Barbasa launching large plasmic rays and numerous elements
    of the compound. It's boss battle time - already!*

- Right after you vault into the main entrance of the facility, Barbasa will
immediately engage you. Barbasa is a fairly easy opponent, but the boss battle
itself takes a few minutes. Start off by retreating behind the pillar behind
your position. Lure Barbasa down here, and hide behind the pillar whenever he
charges up his wave cannon. Avoid the beams as they do minor damage. Fire back
a few pistol rounds till you are empty. Run towards the 5 glass panels near the
building entrance. Cut a right to the small inlet, and pick up the ammo
cartridge. Reload, and re-engage Barbasa yet again. Once you're fully out of
pistol ammo, charge at him and jump kick him. This should knock his weapon out
of hand. I'm 50% sure you can use the weapon during the match (when I tried to
pick it up, it would not let me - however, you can pick this weapon up after
the battle is complete). Barbasa will keep going for his wave cannon as a
priority. Use mainly jumping attacks, with some close grapple throws to do
damage. Retreat back to the main gate entrance, and cut a left. Go up the
walkway path, and take the Plasma Rifle off of the dead guard. Wield this
against Barbasa to do significant damage. A good strategy is to fire your
rounds, then jump kick him right before his charged shot can fire. After
several hits, Barbasa will retreat.

- You now have to find a way inside via the tower entrance of the building.
Pick up the Wave Motion Cannon off of the ground that Barbasa dropped. Watch
for one Kevlar guard to rush you from the main panel entrance. Try to shoot
him. Since you cannot carry this weapon without moving slowly, drop it by
pressing E, and move to the left. Enter the ground floor unlocked door. Around
the corner will be (2) Kevlar Guards. Do your best to disable the one nearest
to you, then seek shelter behind a wall pillar. Wait for the submachine gun
guard to charge at you. Jump kick him, take his weapon, and knock him out. Pick
up the ammo off of his body. Turn around, and enter the small single-door room.
Use the console to unlock all six doors in this lab area, and one green
sequence on the main door. Get out of the room, and enter any door on the
right. In this main room, take out the submachine gun wielding guard with your
own weapon. Talk to the female scientist for a hypo spray. Read the console at
the end of the room.

   *Apparently, the Syndicate has been attempting to create cyborgs to use in
    their corrupt effort. This is not a good sign.*

- Back in the main room, take out the Static thug, then head into the left
doors. Again, one armed guard is what you'll have to take out. Talk to the male
scientist for (2) Hypo Sprays. Exit the room and move up the stairs. Three
Kevlar guards will be awaiting up top. Peek your head out, and lure the armed
guard to walk towards the steps. Wait till he turns around, then engage him.
One of the Static guards should assist them. Wield the weapon against them, and
use basic martials arts to take them out. Enter the first door on the left.
Engage the lone Kevlar guard before he harms the scientists. Talk to both
nearby scientists for a force field upgrade & ammo clip. Enter the opposite
doors and repeat the same strategy. Talk to one scientist for a hypo spray.
Check the console panel. Some brief details about the cyborg's initial phase
are described. More techno googoo. Exit and move to the single doorway before
the set of stairs. Use the console once. Move up the stairs, and engage the
Static & Kevlar guard. Again, enter the single door, and use the last console.
All six doors should be unlocked along with the final door fully "sequenced."

- Enter the first door to your left. Take out the lone guard, and check the
bodies for any useful items. Repeat the same strategy for the right room,
except try to gun down the guard with any remaining ammo. Check for more items,
backtrack, and go up the final set of stairs to the ultra door. Move on in to
the roof of the building. Engage the blue Kevlar guard and proceed forth. Two
yellow Kevlar guards will be at the adjacent roof. Try to knock them off the
sides to save some health. Enter the large door near the corner of the segment.
Move up the stairs taking out the lone guard, then the other one in the room
with the downed officer. Move through the next door. You should be in the
control console room now. Suddenly, a kevlar guard with C4 strapped will attack
you. This man is fairly tough since he blocks a lot. Make use of your own
blocking by simply not pressing anything, then counter with a jump kick. Use
the flip stomp when he is downed. Knock him out.

   *The TCTF officers are calling in for support. Suddenly, the man you
    thought you knocked out rises and triggers his detonation sequence. He's
    going to take the tower out with you! Konoko simply tosses him through the
    window on top of the bad guys below. They get slaughtered, and the TCTF
    officers move in. Konoko heads down an elevator.*

- Once in the lobby, follow your compass to the corner of the room. Interact
with the console against the wall to unlock part 1 of the ultra door. Suddenly,
a few guards will rush out of a back room. Engage them with your TCTF pals, and
take them out. Watch for the C4 thug. Backtrack to the main room, but head up
the stairs. Three to four Kevlar guards will be armed and waiting. Assault
them, then cut the corner, and enter the lone room. Take out any remaining
fellows, and interact with this console. Part two of the door will be disabled.
Cut back to the stairwell, and look to the rear of this area for access to the
third floor. Head up. The last console is located at one of the two ends near
the exterior of these rooms. Interact with it to unlock the door. You'll have
about 5 thugs to deal with in total. Make use of your weapons and martial arts
to down them. With the door unlocked, move to it, and head in. Read the
console. Just another safety warning - boohoo.

- Once in the next room, you'll notice green hazardous liquid at the base of
the floor. Don't fall in here, otherwise it is instantaneous death. Rather,
move down each stairway along the walls to reach the very bottom. You'll come
across 4 guards total, and it would be best to take them down without getting
harmed (you're most likely low on hypo sprays).	On the very bottom floor, look
underneath the stairs for a console. Interact with it to unlock the garage
door. If you're having trouble living through this room, supercharge Konoko so
she gets a small force field around her. Use a hypo past full health. Once the
console is activated, go up one floor, and head across directly above the
opened door. Drop down. This saves you the frustration of trying to jump across
the three set blocks next to the bubbling ooze. In the next room, you'll have
two basic guards to take down. Use the Plasma Rifle to blast them away. Head
through the single door.

   *Muro and his men escape with the stolen technology in a truck. Konoko isn't
    about to give up just yet.*

/Chapter 04 - Tiger by the Tail/
       Module: Airport Assault
   Difficulty: **
   Objectives: + Find a path through the Airport
               + Unlock the access doors

   *Your AI informs you that the local airport has reported several casualties.
    The Syndicate must be conducting an attack to cover their tracks. Konoko
    races to the airport to find Muro catching a plane. He orders his men to
    kill her.*

- Start off by charging towards the entrance. Melee down the first Kevlar
guard, then take out the assaulting thug on the interior. Talk to the female
civilian for a hypo spray. Go right. Engage the Static man with your pistol.
Move forth and you'll have a few more armed thugs ahead. Use your own weapon to
take them down, and talk to the nearby civilians for some easy refills. Move
through the fire-stricken door.	You'll find a console with a plane symbol on it
against the left wall. Use it, then head through the door. Two men will rush
out of a door around the center pillar. Engage them both, and take the weapon
away from one of them. Fight back using a plethora of moves. Move past the next
door, and the one C4 guard will eventually retreat to a back room. One of the
accessways will also get destroyed.

- Move down the pathway. Engage the men below, but avoid attacking the
engineers as they work at the airport. Move outside via the left ramps and
you'll have roughly 8 guards to deal with in total. If you explore around, try
taking the weapons off of them, and grabbing hypo sprays off of the dead
bodies. Simply move right, and you'll have two more slanted ramps to move down
into. In this next room, it should look similar to the previous one, except a
walkway is smoking from damage. Engage the armed guard via the stairwell, and
talk to the nearby engineer for a hypo. Move up the walkway. Engage the lone
Kevlar guard, then move into the room, and blast away at the armed guard near
the doorway. Grab his Scram Gun, and use the console. You'll read up on some
precautions about this area of the airport. Move on in anyway.

   *Muro claims you have potential to be as strong as him, however, your fate
    has been decided. He has two thugs prepare to take you out.*

- This next encounter involves two basic kevlar guards, except one is armed
with a Van de Graaff Stun Gun. Your best bet is to nudge the gun out of their
hands, then fire stun rounds at each of the men. Use powerful kicks and stomps
to lower their health. If you get into a jam, try using low sweep kicks to
bring them to the ground. Once they're both dead, check the second side room
for a force field. Go to the first room and use the console to unlock the door.
Move on in. You should reach a large hangar area. Turn around the corner and
take out the guard. If you check this first room, the console will be disabled.
Go down via the right stairs, and move across the holding area to the opposite
walkway. Head up the stairs, then move in and activate the console. Two red
elite guards will be armed and on the scene. Move down the stairs, take out the
kevlar guard, then sprint charge the two elite guards. Jump kick both of them,
and try to take one of the weapons. Wield it against them both and finish them
off. Recover your health, then move to the previously locked keycode. Activate
the console now. Run across the hangar to the door at the base level. Move on
in for a mission complete.

/Chapter 05 - Hot Pursuit/
       Module: Airport Cargo Hangars
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Continue tracking down Muro
               + Find the Rappelling Harness
               + Reach Muro's Plane

- Check the left hallway for a guard or two. Once they're down, talk to the
nearby engineer for a hypo. Move across the large room to the door on the lower
floor where the windows are. Cut a right and take out the guard beating up the
engineers. Talk to the engy for an easy hypo, then use the console. Some
flights have been tampered with according to the log. Move up the stairs, and
work on taking out the (2) Plasma-armed guards. Watch for a lone Static thug to
assault you. Move across the pathway to the opposite second floor doorway.
You'll a C4 guard near the command console in the right corner. Take him down,
then retreat before he blows up. Use the console to unlock a door. Drop down,
and move to the upper left corner. Go through the door and talk to the
engineer. He'll tell you that some sort of tracker is in the next hangar over.
Read the nearby console. Move to the far end of the room and use the unlocking
computer. Backtrack to the main room, and head for the large door.

- Once inside, move forward and plasma down the red-suited guard. Flank along
the left, and nail down the submachine gun guard. Check near the back portion
of the room for one more guard with a Superball gun. Now, eliminate the
remaining threats by conserving ammo. Move to the back room, but watch for a
Static guard directly right of the door entrance. Knock the stunner out of his
hand, kill him, then activate the console. Look for the unlocked door right
around the corner. Move in.

   *Muro and his men will split up. You now have a choice of taking the lower
    or upper route.*

- First off though, 3 lower room guards will protrude your way. Many of them
are armed. Try to shoot any of them down using your weapons, otherwise, lure
them one-by-one near the cargo crates along the right portion of the room.
Knock their gun out of hand, and use it against them. Clear out the last guy on
the stairwell, then move left to the rear of the dislodged truck. Move in here,
and you'll have roughly 2-3 rooms to clear out. Various men will be armed. Use
jump kicks to disarm most of them, then wield the gun against their own guys.
Talk to the engineer in the small office for some free hypo sprays. Move up the
next ramp onward. This next part may be fairly tough. Basically, a bunch of
lasers will operate at varying lengths damaging you if you happen to touch
them. Sprint as the first pattern repeats and stay behind the initial lasers.
Interact with the console and now dash forward ensuring to jump, slide, and
roll when necessary. You will take some damage, but try to reach the other end
before the 10-second counter reaches null. Once you hit the door, you'll
encounter a Static and Grapple Guard. I recommend shooting down the Static
thug, then trying to martial arts the Grapple guy. Quick punches seem to do the
most damage since the grappler has fairly slow attacks. Move through the next
door. You'll eventually reach a parking lot. Drop down to the right and disable
the submachine gunning guard. Move ahead and use martial arts to take out the
Scram Gun guard. Move up the railing, then take out the Plasma Guard. Try to
conserve ammo in the weapon. Move up the left area on the roofs. Take out the
plasma guard after the cross-section area, and pick up his hypo spray. Move
down and you may notice an area below that is too far to jump down.

- Look along the left and you will see 3 Engineers running for their lives from
Muro's thugs. There should be a small stairwell. Head down it, then engage the
two thugs in the alley. Watch for two more men to appear. Be careful not to
harm the engineers, otherwise, they'll end up fighting you as well. If they
live, talk to them for some free hypos. Leave the alley. Run down the left
parking lot until you reach the area that you saw before. Charge the nuclear
guard and try to stun him with the Van de Graaf pistol. Otherwise, disarm the
Superball Gun and wield it against them. Watch for the C4 man as well. Use the
console, and the door from the roof will now be unlocked. Backtrack to the
mini-stairs and head up to the roof. Look for a nearby doorway on the roof area
that has stairs leading up to it. Head on in, and talk to the scientist for
some ammo clips. Move down the stairs.

- When you reach the bottom, try to save the scientist from the Kevlar and
Nuclear guards. It can be difficult fighting the ultra-tough nuke guard, so
focus on him over the primitive guard. The Scientist hands out much-needed hypo
sprays. After another flight of stairs, take care of the two enemies below.
You'll find the Rappelling Harness just before the third flight of stairs
entrance, to the left on a table against the wall. Pick it up, then head
downstairs. Take out the Nuclear Guard. Head through the door and chase down
the 3 enemies in this large room. Two will be on the ground floor, with one
patrolling near the alarm on the second floor. Prevent them from sounding the
alarm. Contine up the stairs. Head into the side door before the very top.

   *Muro and his men will be seen getting into the cargo plane.*

- Leave the mini-room and head to the roof via the stairs. Once on top, watch
for the ambush of dual-armed thugs to your left. Sprint on the roof to the
center metal railing overlooking the base unit of the plane.

   *Konoko will automatically rappell down and plant a tracking device on top
    of Muro's Plane. Inside, we see Muro and an associate talking over about
    your presence. You're apparently an Android hooked to an SLD. Sounds brutal
    and experimental if you ask me. He wants Barbaras to capture you alive.*

/Chapter 06 - Counterattack/
       Module: TCTF Headquarters
   Difficulty: ****
   Objectives: + Reach the Upper area
               + Save Shinatama
               + Repair the damaged elevator
               + Stop Barabas

   *Konoko is returning back to TCTF Headquarters when an assault from the
    Syndicate strikes the area. She knows that her allies are under attack, and
    it's up to her to save them.*

- You should spawn in the lower garage area connected to the TCTF Headquarters.
Proceed straight towards the upper left corner of the room. Two Kevlar guards
should spawn out of the nearby doorway. Engage them both, ensuring to disarm
the submachine gun. Focus on using grapple moves when surrounded by pairs of
enemies. Move in the upper left door, and repeat the same strategy. Try using
the spinning cyclone kick if you cannot get in close enough to perform some
excellent grapple techniques. In the next room, take down the lone Nuclear
guard, then grab the Mercury Bow off of the dead TCTF agent. In the next room,
fire one round at the guard standing on the metal crate. Move into the room to
your left, and watch for a Static & Kevlar Guard to engage you. If possible,
hold on to this Mercury Bow as the weapon is rare. Look for ammo clips, and
always pick it up after the battles simmer down. Check the far end room along
the right door. Save the woman scientist from the two thugs. Check the left
door for a lone Static Guard. Take him down, then use the console to unlock the
previously locked door. Head back out, and check the other end of this long
room for the unlocked door. Go in.

   *A brief cutscene shows the Syndicate engaging your allies. They have
    managed to cut down the TCTF's security defenses. Here comes their full

- Start rushing up the stairs. Enter through the first unlocked door you see.
Cross the brief hallway, and cut a left across the ceiling pathway. You'll run
into some Heavy Guards. These guys are basically equipped with increased metal
armor, or even if force fields to protect from ranged damage. They have a
dangerous slam attack and cannonball roll. The best way to avoid these attacks
is to roll sideways whenever you hear their indicative phrases. Grapples work
very well on these opponents as they tend to block quite extensively. Do this
to knock them down, and try to save the TCTF agent if possible. The second
floor mainly has weapons, ammo, and hypo sprays to be gained off of the agents.
Head up to the third floor via the stairwell. You'll run into an engagement of
three guys near the main hall. Expend some rounds from your Mercury Bow to
increase your odds of victory, then combat down the remaining souls. Check the
upper left single-door room for a console panel. Use it to unlock the door on
the fourth and final floor. Head up there now and move through the door.

- You'll find a few remaining enemies around, mainly in side adjunct rooms. One
interesting item of note is that you'll find a woman who looks similar to
Konoko. Combat her using similar techniques, but try doing an aerial grab move
to bring her down for the count. Check the upper right room for a lone console
panel. Read it, and you'll learn that Barabas was quite an elite operative.
Exit this room, but check the door opposite of it for a new stairwell. Head on

   *Shinatama gets grabbed by Barabas. You have to save your previous AI!*

- Head through the door, and you'll now be fairly close to the heart of the
TCTF Headquarters. There's going to be an initial gunfight between your agents
and the Syndicate. Rush up the side stairwells until you can safely engage the
two Syndicate gunners. Use martial arts to bring them down since they have
heavy armor and/or force fields. Pick up all dropped ammo, health, and
powerups. Now, you'll have to sprint jump between the missing gaps on the
stairwells. Remember to hold down the space bar to reach the peak of your jump.
Do this about two more times till you reach the highest floor possible. Try
shooting down a few of the topside guards with your Mercury Bow. Head into the
upper right room on this top floor, and talk to the Civilian Welder. He'll give
you his welder torch. Exit the room, and go down the pathway. You'll find the
elevator on the same floor against the wall. Jump onto it.

   *Oni will weld the cable on the elevator. The natural reaction of the pulley
    brings her to the top floor of the complex.*

- You'll now be in a red-alert zone. Charge forward and take out the high-
priority Konoko look-a-like with a force field. Ensure to engage the Kevlar
Guard. Try to hype yourself up with full health and/or a force field, as a
Mercury Bow sniper will be above you on the top floor. This gun does extreme
damage. Go near the wedge sticking out by the control console, and look on the
other side of it for a console panel. Use it to unlock a door in the upper
right corner. Move there, then head up. You'll have to deal with a Heavy Armor
and default guard before doing so. On the top floor, watch out for two armed
guards in the right corner. Make use of a swirl kick and a few grapples to deal
with them quickly. Jump kick charge the Mercury Bow sniper on this center
platform, and take out the remaining troops with your own Mercury Bow.
Crossover to the other side via the central pathway. You'll find a stairwell to
the third section in the upper right room. When you reach the top, check the
right corner of the room for a Phase Cloak. This basically makes you invisible.

- Cross over to the upper right room and ignore both guards if you wish. Move
up the stairs yet again. Your phase cloak should be wearing off by now. Take
out the armed Kevlar Guard up top, then proceed through the door. You'll have
roughly three guards to take care of to your left. Pull out the Mercury Bow and
focus on taking out the armed guard and heavy one. Conserve some ammo, and take
the rest out with your body. Run over to the glass wall and move through the
slide door. Cut the right corner.

   *Barabas is seen with Shinatama inside a transport helicopter. They cart off
    and Konoko believes she has failed. She turns around to find out that
    Barabas is standing right next to her. It's time to take out a corrosive

- The second time with Barabas is only slightly different in that he is
equipped with an Earthquake attack. Basically, you'll see him jump in the air
like a pogo stick. When he slams down, a radiating pool of damage can hurt you.
The best way to avoid this is to jump or somersault out of the radius while it
protrudes outward. Dealing with Barabas is a joke. Use jump kicks, crouch
sweeps, and crouched roundhouse kicks to down him. Jump kick the gun out of his
hand, then use these basic assaults to deal damage to him. The Mercury Bow or
his own weapon don't really do significant damage because Barabas has a
permanent force field on his exoskeleton. Repeat these attacks for the most
part, and ensure to avoid his earthquake attack. Other than that, he'll die
after a few minutes of punishment.

   *Konoko gets supercharged after killing Barabas. Perhaps she is gifted after

/Chapter 07 - A Friend in Need/
       Module: Atmospheric Conversion Center
   Difficulty: **
   Objectives: + Navigate towards Shinatama's position

   *Griffin and Konoko have an arguement after how to solve the Shinatama
    situation. Griffin says he's just going to send a strike team to rescue the
    SLD (Shinatama), while you say that you're perfect for the job. Griffin
    tells you not to go, but you refuse. Konoko hang glides into the secretive
    facility on her own.*

- Start off by charging ahead, then engaging the two basic guards on the right
walkway. Use the Plasma Rifle on the third guard patrolling the round block at
the end. The biggest threat on this level is falling off. Don't be tempted to
knock an enemy off, as you'll threaten your own life as well. Since save points
are far and few between, it's dangerous to attempt such treachery. Check the
small left cubicle for a console. Use it, and look behind the console for a
free hypo spray. Head to the edge of the block for the unlocked door. Go in.
Talk to the engineer for a hypo. Take out the nuclear guard on the left walking

   *NOTE: A good strategy, even though I said treacherous, is to face your
          opponents against the exposed drop-off points. Try pushing them off
          without even landing a blow. The biggest problem with getting tossed
          off is if Konoko or an enemy performs a grapple. Often, you'll
          automatically slide off when performing the move.*

- Run down to this other end, and try shooting off the two guards on the
topside area. Head through the door at the end of the path. Talk to the
engineer, then use the console. Move through the door. Immediately look above
you, and gun down the armed guard. If you have no gun, crouch against the wall
for utmost secrecy. Rush down the RIGHT ramp (left one leads to a dead end).
Enter the small elevator cubicle and talk to the woman for a Phase Projector
weapon. Use the console. Exit the room, and head right for an elevator.

   *The elevator will lower with Konoko aboard. We're forwarded to Shinatama's
    position where she is being tortured by Muro in an electric fryer. He
    claims that her pain threshold is very realistic to that of a human, even
    though she is based off of an SLD computer cyborg program.*

- When you reach the bottom, rush down the pathway. Watch for a topside armed
guard. Ignore him unless you can clearly take a shot. Make a U-turn around the
corner, and rush down the opposite pathway until you reach a right cubicle. Use
the console inside to unlock a door. Backtrack to the U-spot and move through
this unlocked door. You'll find a Konoko look-a-like. Gun her down using the
remaining ammo in your Phase Projector. Pick up the Mercury Bow on the ground.
Keep this weapon for the rest of the level. Move ahead.	This next long room
will have four guards, two on the walkways, and two above. Immediately move up
these stairs, and rush to the far end where a console is. Use it to unlock the
door. Turn around and drop down. Move through the door.	You will find an
assisting scientist with a hypo. Move through the next door. You'll have to
traverse on the walkways in a giant "U" pattern until you curl around and start
to head for a glass-covered cargo area. Along the way, you'll have to Mercury
Bow snipe a few topside guards. Watch for the dual ambush from (2) Kevlar
Guards about halfway to the room. I found it best to try and forward kick them
off the platform. You'll eventually reach an elevator cubicle. Use the console,
then head to the platform to move down.

- Once you reach the bottom, check the left cubicle for a console panel. Use it
to unlock a door. Move slightly right, and talk to the engineer by the large
cylinder. You'll get a free hypo spray. Backtrack to a red door just before the
electricuting pipes. Inside, you'll find an electrical engineer fighting a lone
guard. Take out the guard, and save the engineer's life. Talk to him. He says
he can recalibrate the capacitors to help delay the shockwave on the grid.
After he uses the console, the pattern will change to three neutral waves and
one shocking wave. Exit the room, then head for the center pipe. Sprint on it,
and jump over every blue-colored wave. Do this until you reach the other side.
Flank along the left and take care of the plasma rifle guard. Move into this
central room. Move through the next door. You will find an engineer at the end
with a providing item. Backtrack before heading into the series of rooms. Go
left now. You'll find a group of guards near the small glass cubicle. Take care
of them, use the console inside, then head through the unlocked door. The
scientist inside will tell you that the Syndicate made numerous modifications
to the atmospheric processor. They must be up to some evil plan.

- Use the console inside and you'll have 18 seconds to get across the next
electrified pipe. Go out the left door, cross out in front, then sprint across
avoiding the blue electric waves. Hop off on the left station platform and take
out the guard. Use the steps to move down below. Save the security guard for a
hypo spray. Use the console against the wall to unlock the door. Move in. Watch
for an immediate armed guard to your left. Your security guard may help you in
killing him. You'll have to pass through (2) Generator rooms with armed guards.
Lure the guards near the entrances where the electric rays don't discharge.
Once they're dead, crouch and move to the other side of the room to duck under
the discharges. The third room will have another Konoko look-a-like with (2)
Kevlar Guards. Expend the remaining Mercury Bow ammo on the two guards, then
focus on using grapple techniques on the force fielded mime.

   *Once all three guards are dead, Konoko receives a tremendous surge of
    power. Griffin says the operation is getting out of hand.*

/Chapter 08 - An Innocent Life/
       Module: Atmospheric Conversion Center
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Rescue Shinatama
               + Escape the facility in a Maintenance line

- You're getting closer to Shinatama's position. You should be on a bottom
floor now. Two Kevlar guards will try to jump kick greet you. Evade the kicks
and counter with a rush slide or grapple of your own. Finish them off, move to
the next room, and head down the yellow-lit stairwell. This next large area
will have four enemies to deal with. Most of them are your basic opponents from
before, but you'll need to perform special moves. Try doing the swirl kick,
running swirl grapple, or mobile moves. Staying still in this area will get
your arse beat down. Head through either door to the next room. Two Konoko
wanna-bes will charge at you. I found the best way to deal with them was pure
grapples. They're excellent at blocking and counter-attacking but suck with
grapples. Get in close and use stomps when they're on the ground. Round the
corner, and take out the supercharged Konoko wanna-be using an assortment of
stomps and grapples.

   *Shinatama is sitting fatally wounded. Apparently, she spills her guts. The
    purpose of Shinatama was to monitor your progress, as you are supposedly a
    superb cyborg filled with endless capacity. They tortured her to find out
    what you knew. The TCTF was also monitoring Shinatama's position, and
    figured that you (Konoko) knew the secrets behind your background. The TCTF
    triggered a self-destruct mechanism inside Shinatama. She tells her to run
    and that Konoko has 30 seconds.*

- Immediately turn around and sprint up the steps. Ignore any guards that
approach you. Get in the nearby doorway, and save the scientist's life. By now,
the explosion has probably gone off. The scientist will delay the shockwaves on
the pipe. Cross using the usual technique, but reaching the other side will cut
close with the relay time on the shockwaves. Talk to the female scientist on
the other side for a free force field. Head through the door to your left, and
watch for two guards near the right stairwell. Disarm the topside guard, and
take out the remaining troops. Move to the top floor an disarm the Nuclear
guard of his stun pistol. Once he's beat down, move in to this top room. The
scientist will have a hypo. Use the console. Move through the door. This next
room will basically have large lasers that rotate in set patterns. To get past
the first one, wait for it to do one circle rotation. Follow across and knock
the droid into the sewer pit below. Use the console to deactivate the laser for
approximately 10 seconds. Sprint across to the next loop and take down the
droid. Repeat this strategy for the next two loops. Head through the door
against the wall. Watch for a Konoko look-a-like. Use your stun gun to disarm
her, and take her down for the counter. Enter the next stairwell, and proceed
to the bottom floor. You'll have a few armed threats to deal with.

- At the bottom room, you'll have to use the console to modify the electric
waves. As usual, sprint across, hopping over each blue wave. When you reach the
other side, use your stun gun to take care of the two remaining guards (watch
for another Konoko wannabe). The next large cargo area will feature to lower
area guards. Make use of running techniques to lessen their odds of victory.
Use a Phase Projector or Stun Gun to take care of any armed threats on the
second floor. Head up to the second floor. Talk to the scientist in the large
door room on how to get out of the facility. Move to the third floor, and (2)
Konoko wannabes will be attacking a scientist in his room. Engage them both,
and take an ammo clip from the technician. Move to the fourth floor. Repeat the
same strategy to the fifth floor. Check the large left room for a console
panel. Use it, and some TCTF agents will arrive from the top floor. These
agents are now your enemies. Exit the room, and engage one of them to fall off
the railing. Move to the sixth floor. Take out the armed TCTF agent. You'll
find one lone door on the top floor. Proceed in both of them. On the next
floor, watch for an immediate rush of TCTF guys. Take them down, then use the
console to deactivate the power grid - temporarily. Start sprinting on the pipe
as usual, hopping over electrified rays.

   *Four TCTF agents will arrive on scene. Two of them chase Konoko on the pipe
    while another agent activates a large rotating fan. The fan sucks one of
    the poor guys into shreds. Konoko manages to grab on to one of the
    railings, and guides herself to safety. She escapes the facility. Griffin
    is disappointed and declares Konoko a rogue. She is now a Class B threat.*

/Chapter 09 - Truth and Consequences/
       Module: Regional State Building
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Access the interior Command Center
               + Find unlocking consoles for the Roof
               + Find the hacker

   *Griffin knows that Konoko wants to know more about her background. The only
    place she can gain access is via the local state files building. Griffin
    plans an ambush at this location since Konoko will most likely go there.
    Konoko arrives on scene to notice that two security guards are down.
    Reinforcements arrive on scene believing she killed the two guards. She
    fights back like the eye of a tiger.*

- Both of these security guards are primitive humans. Disarm the one guard,
then take them both down using advanced moves. Grab the Pistol and reload it
with the ballistic ammo clip. Move through the right door, then cut a left into
the main lobby. Four guards will arrive on scene, and this area looks a lot
like the place from the Matrix. Anyhow, use your pistol ammo to down the armed
TCTF guard, then focus on eliminating the security guards. Enter a room
opposite of you, and look for a white-suited clerk. He'll spill his guts
claiming that the Command Center is the only location where the files could be.
Move in this room, and you'll find a console as well. Use it to unlock a door.
Backtrack to the first entry room you were in. Go up the stairs to the second
floor now. Enter the right door.

- This next area will have roughly (6) TCTF agents to deal with. Use an
assortment of arms and martial arts to down them. Enter the middle right room
on this floor, and look for a console. Use it to unlock the third level floors.
Backtrack to the entry room and rise to the top floor. Move in. The three
consoles to reach the roof are located in the middle right, middle left, and
top central rooms. They're clearly marked, but you'll have lethal threats in
each room. There are usually 2-3 guards protecting each console. Watch for a
Mercury Bow sniper to pelt through the roof. Be quick when accessing the top
central panel. Use either side hall to advance to the roof via the access
stairwells. Take out the sniper on the roof, and hold onto his Mercury Bow from
now on.	Enter through the central door where the command console computers are.
Use the Mercury Bow on the lone guard. Use the computer to unlock the basement
doors. Backtrack to the entry room where you first started. Go onto the first
floor, and enter the main lobby. Watch for Black Ops troopers to drop down from
the roof or pop in. Down them, then enter either unlocked side door (they have
ladder diagram emblems on them).

- You'll now have a problem. There are patrolling lasers to your left and
right. Try sprinting past the lasers to the door and rush in before the
sentries can gun you down. You can attempt to evade them, but it's not worth
the trouble. Move into one of the unlocked interior rooms. Take out the (2)
Black Ops, then go to the yellow-marked spot.

   *Konoko starts to access her life-long files stacked away in the archives.
    Before she can, a hacker steals the data and logs her off the terminal. She
    must track down the hacker and make him hack for good.*

- Before leaving this room, check the wall for a now-activateable console. Use
it, then head out to the hall where the two unlocked doors are. This giant room
is basically a stairwell, head up and eliminate both Black Ops guards. Once you
reach the next area, lasers will start rotating from point to point. As before,
if you run over them, plasma sentries will be activates. Either sprint through
and avoid the shots, or avoid the lasers. When you reach the opposite area,
you'll be in a small stairwell. Head up. Cross the next set of lasers, and
enter the unlocked door.

   *Konoko greets the mysterious hacker with fists of fury. The hacker ninja
    decides to escape by crashing through the window.*

- Follow the hacker, and hop over the gap in the roofs to make sure you reach
the physical rooftop. Sprint down to the left and suddenly two of his Ninja
Guards will interact. These men are formidable 

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