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Offspring Fling

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About The Game

Offspring Fling is a game about a poor forest creature that has misplaced all of her children. She'll have to fight her way through over 100 levels of action puzzle platforming to get them all back home.

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Offspring Fling Review

By Julio Estrada

Kyle Pulver is a bit of an indie gaming legend. If you haven't already, you need to download depict1 and Bonesaw: The Game, both platforming games that highlight the gloriousness of his work. He is a developer who clearly, deeply, madly cares about his output, and the sort of developer who should be fixed firmly on your radar.

His latest game, Offspring Fling, is special in that it's the first paid game from the developer, his previous work having all been free-to-download. It's also insanely cute and well-designed, with a serious puzzle edge that will easily fix that itch you've been looking to scratch.

You are a Kirby-like forest creature that has lost all of its children, thanks to a nasty monster thing. Over 100 puzzle-platforming levels, you need to grab all your kids and take them through the exit door to win.

This is done through standard platforming action, coupled with a pick-up and throw mechanic. Our heroine can grab any child and carry them all over the level - however, when you're holding children, you can't jump as high, making some jumps impossible. In fact, the more children you're holding at any one time, the smaller your jump will be.

Fortunately, you're able to both drop children on the spot, and lob them in a horizontal direction. In this way, you can throw your kids through gaps and to safety, or across pits of acid, or over the heads of nasty forest creatures who are looking for a tasty snack. As long as you get all your kids to the exit door, it doesn't matter how you do it.

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