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Nuclear Strike

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About The Game

In Nuclear Strike, you are an agent of Strike Team, an international special operations unit. The goal is to stop Colonel LeMonde, a former CIA Intelligence Officer, and his followers before they wage a nuclear war that would mean the end of the world. After stealing a nuclear weapon, the terrorists have fled deep into the lush jungles of Southeast Asia.

You have more than 10 vehicles at your disposal, including jets, helicopters, tanks, and hovercraft. The different levels demand your skills as a tactician in order to accomplish each mission successfully. Optimal weapon selection, ammunition and fuel conservation, and POWs all play a part in your victory. The assault technique requires strategic use of the automatic target feature, the manual override, and left and right strafing buttons, among others. Destroy the evil terrorists and fight the good fight as you strive to save the world from total annihilation.

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Nuclear Strike

Nuclear Strike Review

By Julio Estrada

Nuclear Strike 64 is a mission-based game built around an ongoing story. You are part of Strike Team, a special operations unit that is concerned with nuclear terrorism. An ex CIA operative, Colonel LeMonde, is rumored to have acquired a nuclear device and it's up to you in some heavily armed vehicles to put a dent in his plans. As the story unfolds you will use the services of a number of characters including a mercenary named Cash and a freedom fighter named Naja (no not Tango!). Normally these kinds of games use completely fictional locations, but later in this game, North Korea figures heavily.

Once into the game, you have only one mission choice. This is a very linear story line. The player view is from above and behind the helicopter, as you would expect, and either the control pad or control stick controls the helicopter. Height is regulated automatically and it is not possible to crash the helicopter. This works just fine ¿ a good game design decision ¿ as all you care about as the gamer is the next objective and the enemy in the way. The heck with the hills!

The control interface also works very well with primary controls center around the A and B buttons along with the Left and Down C buttons. The other buttons are used when needed, but contortions are not required to play the game.

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