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Noitu Love 2 - Devolution

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About The Game

The year is 2288. The city is protected by an organization called "The Peacekeepers League" and everything is swell except for that it's under attack! By a robot army lead by professor Darnacus Damnation!! Or is it... ?

100 years after the events of Noitu Love 1 the new star of the Peacekeepers is Xoda Rap, and what she has to endure is a sudden resurrection of the Darn armies, but adding to that the city is locally turning to places of the past! What could be causing this?

Using a mouse reticule as a quick-dash-to-enemies and mouse gestures for special moves, Xoda will take on anything that stands in her way in the name of peace! The game shares little in pacing and action to Noitu Love 1. It is more of a continuation on that universe, so expect much more mindless action!

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Noitu Love 2 - Devolution

Noitu Love 2 - Devolution Review

By Steven Conover |

A robot is a robot, no matter how you dress him. The Mega Man games circumvented this rule by giving its metal cast different quirks — an affinity for scissors or rocks, ice or electricity. Noitu Love 2 Devolution (by Joakim Sandberg), which borrows the futuristic themes of Capcom's series and gives them a good shake, flips through time and locales like a television remote gone haywire, pitting players against a less gimmicky but nonetheless tongue-in-cheek army of robot foes. The “Darns,” as they're called, assume the form of pesky preachers, fish, samurai, cowboys and Indians, gangsters, and more.

The creative energy rubs off as much less serious and boyishly tough. These robots don't wear scowls plastered to their titanium faces. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the music-loving 02-Joy to a crazed sea captain named Mordecai Fluke. It helps to play as an energetic girl hero named Xoda Rap as you watch the brightly colored sprites turn from a Victorian era theme to feudal Japan to a windy snow world. Noitu Love 2 is charming and lighthearted, replete with robots you'll bash around like they're made of stuff no harder than stuffed animals, and certainly easier to pick up and play than most Mega Man games, but it's still punishing in its own right — mostly due to the scoring system.

Noitu Love 2 - Devolution Game Walkthrough

Noitu Love 2: DEVOLUTION
FAQ Version 0.7
Written by Paul Acevedo, AKA EastX
Created on: 03/29/09

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Story
4. Menus
5. Controls and Gameplay
6. Level Walkthroughs
7. Secrets and Unlockables
8. Special Thanks
9. Contact Information

1. Introduction
Welcome to my first PC-exclusive FAQ. Noitu Love 2 is an indie PC 
game developed entirely by the talented pixel artist Joakim Sandberg, 
aka Konjak. He drew heavy inspiration from the Sega Genesis
title Gunstar Heroes and other classic Treasure games when creating
Noitu Love 2. This is a PC game though, so the gameplay is built
around using a mouse to aim and fire while using the keyboard to
move. The control is a little tricky, but not insurmountable.
A fun bit of trivia is that Joakim Sandberg did the art for
Contra 4 on DS!

The original Noitu Love is available as a free download, while part 
2 currently costs $10. You can get both games at Unfortunately the developer has not posted 
system requirements, but you can use the free demo to determine if 
your rig can run it. I'm pretty sure that most PCs capable of 
running Diablo 2 will be able to run Noitu Love 2.

2. Version history
03/29/09  Version 0.7 FAQ created.

3. Story
The official story, from the game's readme:

"In 2088, cities around the world
decided to create organizations
that would maintain the peace
that had been established after
the 'orbital wars'.

Remnant hostile groups of
the war were vanquished
and for 90 years peace
largely remained.

But then a madman...
Darnacus Damnation...
decided to disturb the
tranquility with his
army of Grinning Darns.

He attempted to overthrow
society multiple times, but
each time the Peacekeepers'
prodigy was there to stop
his continuing assaults.

That hero was Noitu Love.
With the help of his
co-worker Lori he would
always bring an end to
every threat.

In 2188, after an attempt to
turn all the world's people to
monkeys using banned and dangerous
technology called "Evomatics",
Darnacus would finally meet his
demise by the hands of Noitu.

Using the Evomatics, Noitu could
assume many forms, like an ape or
a man with a further developed

Though Darnacus' body was never
found in the aftermath, he was
never seen or heard of again.

Doppelori, a cyborg decoy
made by Darnacus in Lori's
image, was taken into
custody and eventually
turned off and put away.

After that, peace returned,
and nobody thought back on it.

But many years later...
in the world of 2288...

History will repeat itself
in more ways than one."

'Noitu Love 2: Devolution' starts out with our heroine, Xoda Rap, getting
a distress call from her operative Almond about a mysterious "grinning
horde of robots" attacking Omicron City.

She can feel in her blood what is going on and sets out to stop the new
onslaught of Grinning Darns.

4. Menus
Title screen menu:
-Start Game
  -New Game
    -Hardest (must be unlocked by beating the game on Hard)
  -Continue (Appears only if you chose to Save and Quit; the save 
             file is deleted once you choose to continue. Bleh.)
-Extra (These options unlock after you beat the game, etc.)
  -Spec. Moves:
   Toggle whether special moves are performed with the mouse, 
   keyboard, or both
  -Health Cap: Reduce the maximum health to make the game harder.
  -BGM Test 
  -Go to Records: View score and grade records after beating the game.
-Tutorial: This will teach you how to play and is highly recommended.

Config.exe menu:
Screen Mode:
-Full screen 1
-Full screen 2 (stretches the image, distorting its aspect ratio)
-1x (Windowed, the game's native resolution of 320 x 240 pixels

-2x (Windowed, double the game's native resolution
-3x (Windowed, triple the game's native resolution

In Game Mouse sensitivity:
Windows sensitivty refers to your system's regular mouse
sensitivity. Increase or decrease the Game sensitivity to make
aiming easier. Higher sensitivities are recommended for
full screen modes.

5. Controls and Gameplay
Standard Controls (these apply to Levels 1-3 and 5-7)
Walk left:   A key or Left arrow
Walk right:  D key or Right arrow
Jump:        W key or Up arrow. You can jump off of walls by
             pressing the jump key near a wall while in mid-air.
Crouch:      S key or Down arrow. You can move left or right while

Punch:       Left mouse button
Fire Gun:    Hold Left mouse button, then release (while no directions
             are pressed)
Throw enemy: Click and hold the Left mouse button while highlighting
             an enemy, then release. This is the strongest attack.
Shield:      Right mouse button. Bomb throwing enemies can be
             damaged if their bombs hit a nearby shield.
Dash attack: Left mouse click on any enemy or certain objects to dash
             towards them.
Grapple to a green hook:
             Left mouse click while a hook is highlighted. Press
             up or down to jump off. You can also grapple to another
             hook or dash attack an enemy to detach.
Cancel attack/dash:
             Right mouse button while dashing

Special Moves:
 Jump kick:  Double tap left or right or hold the Right mouse
             button and flick the mouse left or right
 Vertical somersault:
             Double tap up or hold the Right mouse button and flick
             the mouse up. This can be done repeatedly as long as 
             the dash connects with an enemy.

Pause:       Enter key
Quit game:   Alt + F4

Level 4 Controls
Movement:    W, A, S, D, and arrow keys
Fire Gun:    Hold Left mouse button
Dash:        Hold Right mouse button and flick the mouse in any 
             direction (I recommend against doing this.)

Combos: If you defeat an enemy within two seconds of defeating the
        last enemy, your combo multiplier increases by one.
        Comboing lots of enemies is key to getting high scores.

Level Beat:
 Your rank at the end of each level is based on completion time,
 number of kills, maximum combo, and hits taken. S is the highest

-Blue bolt:   Restores 1 unit of health
-Green bolt:  Restores 3 units of health
-Yellow bolt: Restores 5 big ol' units of health

6. Level Walkthroughs
Level 1
-Walk forward and the helicopter will start chasing you. You
 will run right automatically and drop down into the actual level.
-Proceed right until the helicopter returns. Stay on the ground and
 hide behind the trees to avoid its shots.
-A boat soon appears in the background. Arrows will indicate where
 its missiles will land, so avoid those spots. The boat will
 leave after a few seconds.
-Flying gold robots soon begin attacking. They dash towards you 
 shortly after appearing, so either destroy them quickly or hurry
 forward to escape them.
-You'll need to jump off the wall once to proceed.
-A series of green hooks hang above a lava pit. Grab on to them
 to proceed.

Miniboss: Helicopter
 -The jewel under the pilot is its weak spot.
 -You can either hang from the hooks or run along the enemy itself.
 Use shields to block its attacks and dodge as necessary. 

-You'll soon meet green robots with flame throwers. Either kill
 them before they can fire or wait for them to stop firing before
 you attack.

Boss: Mordecai Fluke
 -Touching the spiked hatch at the bottom of this tank ship will
  hurt you. But its weak spot lies within the hatch, which opens
 -The cannon at the top flashes before firing either
  two cannon balls downward or a larger, swirling shot. 
 -When a huge skull flashes on the screen, the weak spot is about 
  to fire at you - crouch to dodge it. 
 -The tank treads flash just before the boss rushes forward, so 
  run left to escape Tiananmen Square-style harm. Can you 
  believe I said that?

Level 2
-Initially you'll ride a platform which falls, stops, and falls
 repeatedly. You can destroy or avoid the first barrage of flying 
 yellow robots.
-Avoid the missile blasts that come from below.
-You'll need to defeat enemies to make the platform descend further.
-Rocks will start to drop from above. Arrows indicate where they
 will strike.

Miniboss: Grim Reaper
 -Don't fear the reaper! His heart is its Achilles' Heel... Or 
  Achilles' Heart, whatever. 
 -Sometimes he laughs and then flies upward before coming out 
  of the ground; jump up and dash around to be safe. 
 -When he raises both arms, Grim does a lightning 
  attack. It only strikes near his body, so just step away a little 
  bit to keep from being shocked.

-Gold zombie robots appear next. They can fire electricity if left
 unharmed, but its range isn't far.
-Priest robots will fire balls of energy across the screen if you
 don't dispatch them quickly.
-A series of Guillotines will bar your path. Hang from each one's
 hook to raise it, and then hurry and dash through the opening.

Miniboss: Bipedal Dog
 -You know, I dislike most dogs. Anyway, the entire center and head 
  are vulnerable. Use shields to block its fire. 
 -Arrows will indicate when missiles come from above. You can 
  place a shield right in front of and above its head and keep 
  attacking while the missiles rain down. 
 -Every now and then boulders will bounce by.

-You'll need to use green hooks to climb the next tower. Place
 shields in front of the flame turrets to pass safely. When two
 flames converge on the same spot, just shield that spot.
-The grey sword robot takes several hits to destroy, so it's 
 probably safer to just jump kick past it.

Boss: O2 Joy (A pun on "Ode to Joy")
 -Initally you attack by crouching over the piano keys that have
  red triggers beaneath them. The symbol that appears above
  Robo-Beethoven's head determines which attack he will perform.
 -A lightning symbol means that four hooks will fall from
  one side of the screen. Wait in the center to determine
  the hooks' direction. Then quickly run to the other
  side to make your attack and avoid damage.
 -A sword symbol preceeds swords bursting from the bottom of
  the ground. They first appear in the center and then spread
  outwards. Jump for safety!
 -A bass clef symbol (a curly line and two dots) indicates that
  a speaker will drop from the right and blow you towards the left
  edge of the screen. This does no damage on its own but makes it 
  hard to attack Robo-Beethoven.
 -A circle with an X through it (possibly a coda symbol) means
  that a huge bladed circle will fall in the center and roll left.
  Stay to the right to avoid it.
 -Once O2 Joy's life falls below half, he will jump into the 
  foreground. You can directly attack him after he fires the
  rings from his body.
 -When a skull flashes in the center if the screen, O2 will
  dash down and forward. Run under him before he dashes!

Level 3
-Crawl under the pendulum blades like Edgar Allen Poe.
-Samurai enemies who wear large hats will dash at you. Defeat
 them before they can attack or stay back until they finish
 coming at you. They also have a projectile attack.
-Green kappa droids jump out from under a bridge and throw
 what appear to be bananas. Whoop them all to proceed.
-Maiden robots drop balls from above, making it harder to
 navigate the pendulum obstacles. It's safer to avoid them
 than to attack.

Miniboss: Hammer Samurai
 -This little devil can strike downward or fly forward with
  his malet.
 -A flashing skull indicates that the mallet is about to fall 
  from above to your location.
 Keep moving to escape.
  However, the only safe time to attack the miniboss is
  when his hammer has been thrown.

-Once you're underwater you move a lot slower. The jellyfish
 robots can only hurt you when they are flashing.

Miniboss: Sea Serpent
 -Aim for the head!
 -A flashing skull means that the dragon is going to spit an
  exploding projectile at you. Hide under its head and watch 
  out for the pieces of the projectile.
 -An arrow at either side of the screen alerts you that the 
  dragon is going to swim in a horizontal line; you'll
  want to duck on the opposite side of the screen.

-For the remainder of the level you'll now encounter bamboo 
 spikes that errupt from the ground at random. A cloud of dust 
 warns exactly where they will come from. Clearly it's a good 
 idea to stay on the move instead of fighting the regular 

Boss: Rilo Doppelori
 -Rilo raises her gun before firing straight ahead while 
  standing and then while jumping. Jump over the first attack
  and run under the second. You may need to double-tap down to
  land quickly enough. The best time to attack her is
  when she is in the air during the second shot.
 -Be careful when this cyber babe jumps and fires diagonally 
  downward. The blast splashes outwards in two directions.
  If you manage to attack her at the peak of her jump, you
  probably will not get hit.
 -If Rilo flashes and jumps off screen, she's going to fire
  missiles from above. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 indicate
  where they will strike. You can often hit her on her way down.
 -Shortly after her life drops below half, the fight will end.

-Now you must stay on the wheel by running towards its right 
 edge.Don't fall in the water or you'll take damage.

Miniboss: Sea Serpent
 -What this guy's problem? Once again a flashing skull warns
  that he is about to fire at you, and the projectile splits
  up after it strikes the wheel. He can also breath fire now.

Level 4
-This level is a forced-scrolling shooter. You now attack by
 holding the Left mouse button, which fires your gun constantly.
 After the gun hits one target, if you highlight another target
 while the first one still survives, both targets will take damage.
 Linking your shots like this is essential to completing the level.
-The cowboy robots with shields in front of them can be hard to 
 defeat. Note that they flash before they fire a projectile at
 you. When a cowboy fires a small purple robot, quickly shoot the 
 purple robot and then link your shot to the cowboy. If you don't 
 hurry, the purple robot will explode before the cowboy takes damage.
 The purple robot will also fly at you if you take too long.
-A musician robot assaults from the ground. Dodge his fire and wait
 for him to emit two glowing blue orbs. You can link your shots
 from the orbs to the musician in order to attack. The orbs explode
 and cause you damage after a few moments. He gains extra shields
 once you hurt him a little. Continue to attack the same way,
 moving around to get his shields out of the way.
-Next you will fly under a fortress. You have to shoot triggers
 to destroy the flame jets and keep yourself unscathed. It soon
 becomes necessary to link your shots from grey switches to the
 orange switches in order to get through.

Miniboss: Derby Droid
 -To hurt him you will have to link your fire from one of the
  switches above or below him to the glowing orb in his arm
  and then to the other switch.
 -His arm points in the direction that it will fire for a
  split-second before it extends.
 -When the arm swings around in a circle, hide in the lower-left
  corner of the screen.

-The shielded American Indian robots hurtle towards you after
 a brief pause. Either dodge them or link your fire to another
 enemy in order to kill them.
-When the cowboy comes out of the locomotive, be careful!
 You take damage not only from the cowboy's shots, but also
 by hitting the train's engineer. Shoot the cowboy's shots
 and link them to him.

Boss: Sleeper Brakeman
 -This is a frustrating battle, but it's not impossible!
  The main way to attack is to shoot the flying purple
  robots and link them to the egineer. Unfortunately you
  have to be near the top or bottom of the screen in order
  to hit the purple robot at the right angle.
 -When the train jumps in the air, fly left and shoot the crystal
  at its back. 
 -The train sometimes fires canonballs which bounce away
  after they hit the ground.
 -When the arm cannon is pointed horizontally and it flashes, it
  will fire a blue ball that splits in two vertically. Try to 
  between them to avoid being hit; it's not easy.
 -When the arm arm cannon is pointed up or down sharply and flashes,
  it's going to fire a series of shots. You can dodge these by 
  flying up or down out of the way.
 -If the train falls off the left edge of the screen and an arrow 
  appears there, it's about to rush forward. Take shelter in
  the lower-right corner of the screen.

Level 5
-The yellow-suited gangsters will swing a ball and chain yoyo
 if you don't finish them off quickly.
-Machine gun gangsters are less of a thread, but still need
 to be offed in a hurry.
-When the elevator speeds up and forces you into a crouch,
 attack enemies by dashing around. Nothing else works! You can
 still place shields though.
-Dashing is also the only way to attack when you're flung
 into the ceiling. Your mouse isn't broken. ;)

Miniboss: Edgghead
-Is this the villain from the Pac-Man cartoon series? Naa!
-To hurt him, first strike the boxes that have flashing arrows
 on them. He becomes vulnerable after his head bangs into the ceiling.
-Dash under or jump over his attacks. Don't linger too long while
 you're hitting those boxes.

-Proceed right until the floor drops down under you. Now head left.
-You'll encounter a series of green hooks. Grab onto one, dash and 
 attack the boxes that bar your path, then quickly dash through 
 and grab on to the next hook.

Miniboss: Sailor
 -Just dash over and attack this guy between his shenanigans
  and dash back to one of the hooks when he is about to attack.
 -The sailor swings his hook, grapples onto the ceiling, and
  swings to the platform at either edge of the screen.
 -When his whole body flashes, he's about to dash forward.
  Jump over him.

-After the miniboss goes down like Chinatown, you'll also go down...
 The floor falls. Before proceeding, read the next point!
-You can either head right or go left, over the barrels. To the left
 lies a portrait of Lori, a character from the previous game.

-If you decide to view Lori's portrait, walk all the way against
 the left wall and then jump off the wall and dash back over the
 barrels. The floor will fall out from under you if the trick
 worked, leading to the secret boss, Shady Hanz.

Secret Boss: Shady Hanz
 -Coming soon!

-If you did not successfully perform the Shady Hanz trick, just
 go on to the right. You will have to crawl through some tight
 places while avoiding the yoyos of yellow gangsters.

Boss: The Grinning 4
 -The floor will rotate, pushing you towards the spiked wall at the
  left. Run, dash, or jump right to keep from getting spiked.
 -When the floor stops, a random member of the group will jump
  down to attack. Each one has its own separate life bar.
  Like many bosses, shields won't protect you from their attacks.
 -The string player lands on a barrel to the left. He throws a
  few fire bombs, which you should avoid before making a
 -The drummer lands on the left as well. Arrows at the top of
  the screen will indicate where his barrels will fall. Attack him
  non-stop unless a barrel is about to hit you.
 -The blue saxophone player fires a giant note that bounces around.
  Run under it and attack until it comes back at you.
 -The female singer lands on a piano to the right. A skull flashes,
  indicating that four lines of energy spheres are going to rotate
  from the center of the screen, either clockwise or 
  counterclockwise. Attack her until the skull appears. Then get 
  in the middle and run around between two of the lines.
 -After you have defeated two of the Grinning ninnies, a line of 
  yellow orbs appears whenever the floor rotates. Jump over it or
  you will get hit. A second line appears after the third musician 
  is destroyed.

Level 6
-The flying robots here attack by flying into you or firing blasts.
 The safest thing to do is dash past them.
-Be very careful when the wind starts blowing you towards the left.
 You'll take damage if you fall in the lava, just like in real life.
-Next you must beat a couple of hopping white robots. Him them
 and dash away whenever they jump.

Miniboss: Giant Zombie Robot
 -Attack his good eye!
 -One of the zombie's attacks is to strike the ground. Rather than
  run away, stay in the air attacking rapidly and you should be safe.
 -If he reaches way down off screen, he will drop a bunch of smaller 
  zombies from above. Walk between them and destroy any that

-New flying white robots soon appear. They can attack by
 furing their jetpacks' exhaust straight down or dashing forward at 
-Once the gravity reverses and flips you to the ceiling, head left.
 Up still jumps and down still crouches.
-Watch out for the lava in the ceiling!
-Eventually you will fall through a pit in the ceiling and
 start back towards the right. The gravity switches back and forth
-Dash past the annoying flying enemies.

Miniboss: Not Samus' Ship
 -This boss fight is designed to kill all the love in your heart.
  Be prepared.
 -To damage the ship, wait until it drops a blue ball on the
  floor. Then get on the ceiling, which should cause the ball
  to fly up and hurt the ship.
 -The ship can fire two purple blasts which go up and spread out to
  both sides of the screen. Crouch on the platform just above
  the ship to avoid the blasts.
 -When the ship leaves the scree, an arrow to the left or right 
  indicates that it is about to return from that direction.

-More coming soon!

Level 7

7. Secrets and Unlockables
 Beat the game once to unlock the Go to Records option in the
 Extras menu.

-Hardest difficulty:
 Beat the game on Hard.

-Level select:
 Beat the game on Hardest with any character to unlock
 that character's level select.

-Play as Rilo Doppelori:
 Beat the game once.

-Play as Mr. Almond:
 Beat the game as Rilo.

-Secret boss: Shady Hanz
 While playing as Xoda 9the default character), go to Level 5 and
 defeat Sailorman. The floor will explode and you'll drop down.
 You should see some barrels to the left. Jump over them and
 you'll find a portrait of Lori from the first Noitu Love. After
 viewing it for a few seconds, proceed to the right. The ground 
 should explode after you jump over the barrels. Shady Hanz awaits

8. Special Thanks
-Thanks to GameFAQs user Gruntnic for discovering all the
 secrets and unlockables.

9. Contact Information
I'd love to receive your suggestions and questions. I can be slow
to answer my FAQ email, so use Xbox Live messages if you are in a 
hurry. Please do not send me a friend request without introducing
yourself first!

Email: eastfaqs at gmail dot com
Xbox Live Gamertag: EastX
Sega Saturn Net Link Handle: Eastman

Copyright Joakim Sandberg, 2008

This document is copyright 2008 by Paul Acevedo. It may not be 
posted anywhere but, , and without 
permission. Love hurts.


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