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MTV Music Generator

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About The Game

Do you have a rock 'n roll masterpiece inside of you dying to get out? It's time to find out. Create your very own songs (rock, pop, hip-hop, techno, or jazz), choosing everything from the song tempo to the instrumentation. You decide how much reverb you want in the mix, where tracks come in and drop out, and all the rest. When the song is complete, you can even make a music video by using the Music Generator's included 3D video clips. It's an amazingly original use of the PC.

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MTV Music Generator

MTV Music Generator Review

By Liwei Zhuo

Obviously this isnt any subsitute for a real studio, but before buying actual DJ hardware, use this to understand the basics of trance progression...before blowing the cash...more than anything, it fills the time and introduces you to the art...the instructions are terrible though...i admit, theres no real instructions, but a free download somewhere would be nice...they tell you to look on the internet for furthur instructions, but dont tell you where. It's as if. "here you go, hope you werent serious." if you guys find one somewhere, post it cause people would love to have it. Sample editing isn't too hard, but again, no instructions. Overall it is average, but I don't necessarily recommend it as a replacement for actual equipment.

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