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Mole Control

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About The Game

Mole Control, created and developed by Remode, combines unique mechanics and a charming style to bring the logic-based favourite Minesweeper into the 21st Century. Pilot a crazy buggy through a mind-bending adventure to unlock the mystery behind the runaway moles or enjoy a frantic time attack challenge in the village Mole Control competition. Either way your aim is to rid one town of its exploding moles!

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Mole Control

Mole Control Review

By Karen Bowes

Part of the reason each level takes so long is that the game moves so slowly. Moving only one square at a time makes sense in some instances, but when you're trying to move across an area you've already deemed perfectly safe, clicking square by square can feel fairly tedious. There's no reason the game couldn't let you click on a safe destination and quickly travel there so long as you have a clear path. The game does offer a separate “helicopter”mode that will let you travel to a safe concrete-only location with the click of a button, but it's just not the same thing.

Minor complaints aside, Mole Control takes an old formula and makes it new again. The style, originality and simple fun were absolutely top notch. The presentation made this feel like a strong PopCap release, but this isn't even a PopCap game! No matter how tired you think you are of Minesweeper, Mole Control will make you fall in love with its gameplay all over again.

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