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Microsoft Flight

Developer:Microsoft Game Studios Genre:Simulation Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

This spiritual successor to the Microsoft Flight Simulator series appeals to flight sim enthusiasts while bringing in variable enough gameplay to draw in players new to the genre. The game is entirely free to play, but gamers can choose to spend money on numerous pieces of downloadable content that add new aeroplanes and scenery to the game. Microsoft Flight’s weather engine creates realistic meteorological conditions, and the game’s new particle engine allows for smoother shadows and lighting on both terrain and the bodies of the aeroplanes themselves. Microsoft Flight should prove to be an exhilarating experience for all aeronautical enthusiasts.

Game Features:

  • • Engage in realistic flying challenges, including takeoff and performing emergency water landings
  • • 16 person free-fly multiplayer mode
  • • Gorgeous Hawaii location guarantees a variety of flight conditions
  • • Compete with your friends using the single-player leaderboard integrated with the Games For Windows – Live platform
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Microsoft Flight Release Trailer

Microsoft Flight Release Trailer [HD]

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight Review

By Gus McZeal |

I’ll start off this short review by saying this: Microsoft Flight is boring. How can flying possibly be this dull? I’m not a fan of flight simulation games to begin with—exposing my bias right here—but I completely fail to see how this slugabed of a game could possibly succeed at capturing anyone’s attention for more than a few minutes. It’s not even realistic. And I’ve flown a plane, for realz. Not that that’s a requirement to realize this fact.

There’s no story in this game. You’re a pilot in Hawaii, flying around over Hawaii, which should be beautiful but in fact it’s disturbingly vapid. The cities are incredibly static: the buildings are stark white and naked, and the streets are completely devoid of life. It’s like every human and every vehicle simply evaporated, like in a Stephen King story or something. Maybe the population is invisible.

The skies are no different. You’ll never see another plane as you fly over yet another strip mall. The jungle environments are pretty, but just as frozen as the cities. Even the volcanos are frozen. This became clear when I directed my plane into a lava-crusted crater, attempting to put my lonely pilot out of his misery. The plane, unfortunately, was indestructible. Maybe the game isn’t set in Hawaii: maybe it’s Purgatory. Certainly feels that way. At least there’s weather in Purgatory, even if it isn’t really dynamic or all that interesting.

The only real semblance of story in the game is the series of pointless fetch quests you’re sent on to prove your flying acumen. One involved me flying a group of people—yes, people—to a burger joint to get some burgers. At first it didn’t make sense to me (why fly to get burgers?), but then I remembered that cars don’t exist in Purgatory. Creepily, I could hear the passengers chattering repetitively about the prospect of burgers in the backseat of my plane, but they were nowhere to be seen, lending credence to my theory that Purgatory not only has no vehicles, but that people who live there are invisible.

The controls are pretty easy to use, although for a game that makes claims to hyperrealism, it seems strange that one can land a complex airborne vehicle using a keyboard and mouse. Not that it matters: if you “crash” your plane, it’ll just bounce around like a rubber toy. Death is impossible.

Microsoft Flight is, in a word, dross. Most insulting is the fact that there is more content for the game, but you must shell out almost fifty dollars to access it. Clearly I am not going to do that if the contents of the original package failed to pique my interest. Microsoft Game Studios have ceased development of the game at this point, which is probably for the best. You can still play it, but the fact that it will never change simply clinches its status as a purgatorial nightmare of a title. According to its trailer, you’ll be able to “Fly Fast, Fly Free,” but just… don’t. Not even for free. Here ends this biased review. Z-Score: 40/100.


Microsoft Flight Cheats

CodeEffectComplete Tutorial 1: Flight Essentials.Fledgling Career (5)1st catastrophic crash.Crashtastic (5)Download an aircraft preview from the hangar.Download a Free Preview (15)Find any 5 Aerocaches.Aerocache Neophyte (10)Find 10 Aerocaches of the Day.Ten Aerocaches of the Day (20)Find any 50 Aerocaches.Aerocache Hound (35)Find 50 Aerocaches of the Day.Pentacontacache (50)Fly multiplayer with a Microsoft Flight Team member or with anyone who has earned this achievement.Fly Buddy (30)Reach 12 positive G's.G-LOC (10)Reach 6 negative G's.Redout (10)Accumulate 1 hour of inverted flight.Inverted (30)Fly less than 10 feet above the ground or water, upside down, at over 150 knots.Inverted Down Low (30)Complete 5 consecutive spins.Dizzy (30)Complete the Aerobatics Competition mission.Aerobat (40)Exceed Mach 1.Mach 1 (20)Successful landing with empty fuel tanks.Silent and Deadly (30)Fly to over 32,000 feet above sea level.32K (40)Land a fixed wing aircraft backwards.Backwards (50)Earn gold on all Icon A5 landing challenges.Icon A5 Landing Master (30)Earn gold on all Stearman landing challenges.Stearman Landing Master (40)Earn gold on all RV-6A landing challenges.RV-6A Landing Master (40)Earn gold on all Maule M-7-260C landing challenges.Maule M-7-260C Landing Master (50)Deliver cargo to Princeville Airport on the island of Kauai.Princely Cargo (20)Transport happy and satisfied passengers to Kahului airport on Maui.Maui Bound (20)Frighten 10 or more passengers while flying jobs.Tormentor (20)Fly light cargo missions and deliver 6 varieties of animals.Flying Zoologist (20)Transport 4 tons of clandestine cargo with at least 80% cargo security.Under the Radar (40)Earn gold on Hilo, Windfarm, and Ford Island Gold Rush challenges.Gold Rush (40)Land at all military airfields in Hawaii.Military Brat (20)Land at all Hawaiian airports.Hawaii Explorer (50)Complete all Hawaii missions.Mission Accomplished (75)Exceed 500,000 total XP.XP Grinder (75)

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