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Metal Combat

Developer:Solar Studios Genre:Fighting Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

The backstory finds Scrappy Muldune accepting bribes in exchange for letting the government unload thousands of barrels filled with toxic, contaminated, and hazardous wastes into his once peaceful salvage yard. When all that waste mixed with the rust, junk, and oil, Scrappy's junkyard comes alive.

Players must bash, kick, and beat down on junkyard fighters as they battle, burn, and blast their way to total victory and become the next Heavy Metal Dominator. The game's 15 decaying, fully interactive junkyard worlds offer secret levels, unlockable bosses and hidden mini games. Single and online multi-player modes are available.

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Metal Combat

Metal Combat Review

By Laurel Delude |

MetalBlack: Alternative, (MetalBlack from hereafter), is a ‘Hero Combat RPG.' It is a next-generation action role playing game that merges the excitement of shooter action games with the pleasure of leveling characters in RPGs.

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Metal Combat (PC)
Frequently Asked Questions
from Solar Studios Inc.

1.  Is Metal Combat a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG)? 

No, the online components support 2-player fighting over the internet.

2.  How accurate are the physics?

The accuracy of the physics is highly dependant of the performance of the 
system you are playing on.  On a fast gaming rig, the physics will feel solid, 
snappy and responsive. On slower systems, physics can degrade to inaccuracy 
and/or slower game play.

3.  Do I need a game pad to play?

No, but we highly recommend force feedback and analog joystick control. Also, 
to play 2-player on one computer you have to use game pads.

4.  How many hours of game play can I expect on MC?

Testers have taken 20-40 plus hours per character to finish metal combat.  
With other 30 characters we estimate game play at 1,000+ hours.

5.  Is this a robot fighting game?  

No, Metal Combat features a wide variety of characters. Some made of junk 
parts, some of tires, etc.  The fighters are elements and objects of the 
junkyard brought to life through radio activity.

6.  How many levels are there?  

There are more than 15 major worlds with many hidden levels, smaller levels, 
and mini games.  

7.  Can characters do combination moves?

Yes, by pushing multiple attack buttons in different directions, you can 
unlock and accelerate combinations.

8.  Do you fight on flat arenas like in VF5 and other fighting games?

No, characters fight on dynamic terrains as well as they can climb on and move 
objects in the junkyard.

9.  Can you customize or upgrade fighters in Metal Combat?

Yes, MC features a deep character development engine.  Using fuel taken from 
other fighters in the junkyard, characters can customize and upgrade in areas 
like speed, attack, jump, throwing, strength, etc.

10.  How many fighters can I play out of the box?

20 characters come unlocked out of the box. With patience and skill, over 35 
characters can be unlocked and fought.

11.  I'm stuck in MC, is there an end?

Yes, the object of the big game is to escape the junkyard. One hint, look for 

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