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About The Game

You're Bob: a small cherub (read: winged baby in diapers) sent down to Earth by the big guy upstairs to clean up what's wrong with the world. You have no weapons, and you're mortal, but you do possess one invaluable power: Possession. Using other people's bodies (not to mention the weapons they pick up), you journey through the bleak futuristic levels in an attempt to right the wrongs of the world.

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Messiah Review

By Laurel Delude |

A couple of my friends were complaining about Messiah's general platformy-ness when they picked up their copies at the local software mart, and on the first couple of hours of play, I just assumed that that was some metaphor for "we're just really bad at anything that doesn't consist of clicking a mouse." The game throws out some original, fun concepts with a sly sense of humor, something that's been sorely missed in Shiny's absence over the last couple of years, and for a while I couldn't understand what they were going on about. But as I got farther into the game, I began to wonder if the it was ever going to get larger than it seemed to be, and if you were ever going to get a chance to really explore the great environment that the team created. Sure it's fun to mess around with bodies and set people on fire and all, but isn't it all over too quickly? Maybe it's just us. Shiny never promised anything more than a fast-action platformer, did they? That's the problem -- nobody can seem to remember.

Thanks to the fact that our old EIC, Trent, actually worked on Next Generation during the now-infamous Messiah issue (September 1997, for those of you counting), I've managed to grab a copy of the original Messiah preview, and decided to see just how close the final product came to all of Shiny's original promises. For the most part the piece is a giant ode to the engine, which is appropriate since at that point the game was still a glorified technology demo. The game was right on target for Spring of 1998, and the piece is appropriately impressed with the character models, which were supposed to change the way we look at character detail in videogaming. In a standard Perry style the man of Shiny goes on to propel Messiah into the stratosphere as a game of epic proportions, with the visuals to match. No game could live up to the promises that Messiah first offered up, but overall it seems as though even the promises don't seem as great in 2000 as they did in 1997-8. A lot of games have been released since then, and the world of Messiah just doesn't seem so, well, shiny now.

Taking over a rat can give you a false sense of excitement.

I'll just let you know right now that when you first jump into a rodent and traverse a fantastic mini-maze, you'll get the impression that you'll never be sure what's going to happen next in the game. Add to that a great puzzle involving filling a recycling vat with, uh, new fleshy recycling material, and you'll even begin to think that the designers will be pushing the possibilities of body-swapping to their limits. Too bad the entire universe is built around your wings and you feet instead of your brain. There's very little interaction to be had, and as the game progresses, the joy of flipping between bodies begins to fade into using them simply as a set of living keys, opening specific doors or using specific items while in a certain body. You never find out new information, you rarely get special interaction, and you never get a sense of adventure while filling a body. But are they fun? Definitely. You'll still get a kick out of using a sniper shot, or just being in a pink afroed sex worker. Certain characters will give you access to special weapons, while other just get you treated nicer by the public at large. Other characters have smart tricks like the radiation worker, who can pick up isotopes and carry them into public areas to cause everyone else to gag and, well, die.

The humor's intact when it comes to gameplay, as well as a nice sense of style, but where's the tight action? Fighting consists of a few nice tricks like being able to sneak up behind characters and strangle them, but when it comes to gunfights, the game will have you cursing more often than not. The AI is incredibly tight, which means that characters will dodge, make tactical decisions, or just plain hide depending on your "power" rating compared to them. As a baby they'll run up and attack, but jump into a commander and they'll run back and hide from you. It's great stuff, but there are times when you wished they were a little less perfect. The sometimes awkward controls have you strafing and attacking like in Quake, only an alternate universe Quake where everyone has perfect aim, and where it takes you 10 times as long to pick up a new weapon. The basic plan to win is to just run up to someone guns blazing, get blown out of their body, and then jump to the nearest character. Sometimes it works, but a lot of the time it just gets frustrating to hop from body to body, getting killed every two seconds. Gunfights never play out very nicely, and you quickly realize that the only fighting tactic is not to really fight at all. The baby's always fun, however, especially when getting used to the flying style, which is very similar to Joust (as promised in the Next Generation issue).

When you're not fighting, you'll spend a whole lot of time jumping on moving platforms, which is where the whole "platform" issue comes in. My friends actually meant literal platforming, meaning that you'll begin to spend more and more time jumping from moving walkway to moving walkway to floating elevator, and so on. It's the platform equivalent of the large maze in an adventure game, and it becomes tedious very quickly, especially when you're forced to stay in a body in order to take the character somewhere special. Instead of trying to push the puzzle aspects further, or at least flesh out characters, the game actually becomes more about hopping and using characters as keys than about solving interesting tasks. This wouldn't be half as sad if it wasn't for the fact that the first few sections of the game show off so many of the options that they could have worked even further as the game progressed.

But how's the baby's bum?

The graphics are still stunning, especially when you see animated movies stretched across billboards, or on moving, curved screens. I haven't seen this trick used to this extent before, and it was very impressive. The environments are nice and dense, with great transparency effects, interesting textures, and some funky design aesthetics, especially when it comes to characters. The characters, despite their great designs, have become the biggest fault of the game -- which is ironic given that three years ago they granted Shiny bragging rights. Polygons have become so detailed on PC titles in our modern millennium that seeing the stretchy textures of the Messiah characters looks like a botched experiment. While originally designed to fix problems with gaps between joints with polygonal characters, what it actually does is stretch and deform textures as you move around a level, meaning that when you stare at someone, you may just see a texture on their back sway back and forth over their shoulder blades. And let's not even talk about the shadows. It's acres away from being bad, but it's just as far from being innovative.

The sound is a handful from the same mixed bag. The sound effects and voices are humorous and well placed, particularly the gurgling chots and the incredibly funny Bob, who seems to have changed from a wise-assed Joe Pesci type to a sweetly voiced four year old kid (literally), who provides more than a bit of comic relief. The music can drive you nuts at time though, especially during fights, when the same crunchy guitar riff plays over and over again during the entire battle, until you want to kill everyone just to get the music to stop. At first it's a nuisance, but later it can drive you absolutely nuts, especially when it crops up every minute or so.

Tell me a story.

The story seems to have taken the offramp a few exits earlier than the originally proposed plot as well, which during those pre-2000 days was going to concern Bob as a savior arriving two years early too early for the millenium, seven seals of the apocalypse, and a dark lord bent on unleashing armageddon early. Unfortunately what it's been replaced with is a series of hijinx that never quite connect, and rarely add up to anything interesting. Bob's been tossed on earth to "make things right," in the most generic sense of the word, and Satan is now on the moon, having been brought there accidentally by scientists doing inter-dimensional experiments. And that's about it. There are constant plot updates that give you vague directions on where to go next, but you rarely get a sense of why you're doing it. Near the end of the game, because of [spoiler stuff I won't mention], it gets even more confusing as to why you're getting guidance and clues at all. Just as the original MDK had a great backstory that was never actually used in the game itself, it seems as though all of the great ideas promised in Messiah are never utilized when it comes to playing the game itself.

There's still a lot of fun to be had in the game, and I would say that if you're a fan of platformer/puzzle type action, then you'll enjoy a lot of the ingenuity involved with some of the tasks, but as a package it just doesn't hold up. The game is short enough to disappoint, and the ideas that seemed so brilliant in the first few levels just aren't held up later in the game. And to top it all off, some people have had problems with the second audio disk, as well as getting the game to work correctly with Voodoo cards. It ran well on my TNT2 card, but had some problems with BMP mapping and texturing on two other machines in the office, despite using the readme to fix the problems. The game has some really, really fun moments, and the ideas and design of the world shine brightly. Unfortunately, because of the complications and letdowns, the game is a disappointment overall. But with some of the depressing titles I've played over the last few months, I could do with disappointments such as this more often.

-- Vincent Lopez

Messiah Cheats

In the game, press the Esc key to get access to the in game menu, in there press the following sequence of keys:PasswordEffectEggheadCientistMynightmareSpawn Armored BehemothBestfriendBarmanOnsteroidsSpawn BehemothLetmeinSpawn BouncerSmellyguySpawn Chot 1NohygieneSpawn Chot 2IdontdanceSpawn Chot 3ScumbucketSpawn Chot 4SmellysteroidsSpawn Chot BehemothBustamoveDancer 1CutarugDancer 2MixalotDJInchargeSpawn DominaJaneplainFemale Dweller 1JillplainFemale Dweller 2FungirlFungirlGuncmndrCommanderRcopRiot CopHcopHeavy CopLcopLight CopSpecialguySpawn HungAveragejoeMale Dweller 1AveragejackMale Dweller 2AveragejohnMale Dweller 3heydocMedicTophatPimp DaddyWorkitProst 1MansdreamProst 2VarmintRatFemfataleSubgirl 1NastyoneSubgirl 2CantseemyfaceWeldrWorkinmanWorkerbraindeadAI OffEINSTEINAI OnucantkillmeGod Mode OnfleshnbloodGod Mode OffworldwireoffWorld Wireframe OffworldwireonWorld Wireframe On

Messiah Game Walkthrough


              ######                                             #######
               ######            M  E  S  S  I  A  H             ######
                #######                                        #######
                 #######                          ####        #######
   #####          #################################################       ####
     ####           ########                              ### ####       ####
     #####          ### #### ############# ########  #### ###  ###      ####
       ####        ###  ### ############# ########## ##### ### ####    ####
       #####           ### ############## ########## #####  ###       ####
       ##### ############  #####              ####### #####  #############
      ##### ####          ###### #######      ####### ######          #####
      ####  ### ###  ###  ####### #######    ######  ######  ####  ##  #####
     ##### ###  ### ######  ######  ######  ######  ######  ###### ###  ####
    ##### #### ### ######## #######  ######  ####  #####   #######  ### #####
    ####  ### ###  #########  ######  ######  ##  #####   #########  ### #####
   ##### ### ###  ####     ##  ######  ######    #####   ##     #### ###  #####
  ##### ###  ### ############   ######  ######  #####    ####### #### ###  ####
  ####  ### ###  ####            ######  ######  ####            ####  ### #####
                  ###             ######  ####### ##             ###
                                   ####### #######
                                   ######  ######
                                  ######  ######
                                   ####    ####
                                    ##      ##



                               The Complete Guide
                             Version 0.7 (3-26-00)

                     by Dan Simpson (

                                 Email Policy:
         If you are going to email me about this game, please put
         Messiah as the subject.  Also please realize that I am not
         hiding cheats or any other information, i.e. everything I know
         about Messiah is in this guide.

         If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
         please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
         your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.

         Before emailing me with a question, be sure to check out the
         Frequently Asked Questions section.

.--------------------========= N  O  T  E  S =========-------------------------.
|                                                               |
| The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:                         |
|    /                                                  |
|                                                                              |
| If you are a webmaster and wish to post this on your web page, please email  |
| me first.  And if you do post this FAQ on your site, please make an attempt  |
| to keep it up to date.  There is nothing worse than getting emails from      |
| people who saw an old version asking about things that are already in the    |
| newer versions.  Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!     |
|                                                                              |
| Want to try the Demo before buying?  Here it is:                             |
|                                                                              |
|                      |
|                                                                              |
| There is a patch out for Messiah, which you can find at the official site:   |
|                                                                              |
|                                                    |
|                                                                              |
| Special Thanks to Peter Luptak for adding the Weapons Factory to the         |
| Walkthrough!                                                                 |
|                                                                              |
| This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.                        |

What's New in 0.7:

    Peter Luptak added the Weapons Factory section to the walkthrough.

  Still to Do:  Finish the Walkthrough, Fill in the Weaponry and People 
                Appendices, Anything else!

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

    i.    Introduction
    ii.   The Fine Art of the Possession
    iii.  Combat
    iv.   General Strategies


    1.    Shipping Sector
    2.    Old Town
    3.    The Outskirts
    4.    The Sewers
    5.    The Laboratory
    6.    Warehouse
    7.    Annex
    8.    Conveyor Belt Heaven
    9.    Weapons Factory

  Frequently Asked Questions


    A.  Weaponry
    B.  People (whom Bob can Possess)
    C.  Cheats

  Final Words...

i.  Introduction

  "Earth has changed.  It smells bad and looks worse than it smells.  The law 
  has a new doctrine of moral and physical brutality, inspired by a new regime
  of money, technology, and myth.  The leaders of the Earth no longer care about
  the people; Even knowledge and personality are just a dollar symbol away.
  Life is a cheap commodity, and after hundreds of years the people have sadly
  adopted this philosophy as their religion and government.

  "Science breathes a new life in this world.  Computers crackle their optical
  and biological nerves to serve their creators, unlocking the world's 
  mysteries.  All of this new information is pumped directly in the minds of the
  dictators they serve giving them superhuman intellect.  Here they are born
  into a new state of mind and life.  "Give me mankind's greatest thoughts and I
  will crush them."  These words spoken from Earth's new leader, informally
  known as Father Prime.  These minds no longer serve the people; people that
  they could design and manufacture themselves.  Like those given too much
  power, they serve only themselves by seeking knowledge obetyond science 
  itself, into scientific myth.  It is in this new study that they focus their
  greatest energies.  The quest has driven them deep into the universe and
  beyond, leading to the undeniable proof of the existence of Heaven, God, and
  Hell.  Which one do you think they want to try to control first?  Hence our

  "Somewhere on the dark side of the moon is a facility built by the Fathers.
  There, they've constructed a portal leading to Hell and to Satan himself.  The
  Fathers have theorized that God is too pwerful and won't easily be bargained
  with therefore leaving Satan who should prove an easier subject to aquatint
  with and to study.  If you can control Satan, you can control God; or so they
  postulate.  They also ponder the following.  If you can control both Heaven
  and Hell where does that put you?  Just like anything scientific, immortal
  beings also are bound by the laws of the universe, those laws that God has 
  made for himself.  These laws are the weakness that the Fathers intend to

  "Of course God knows of the Father's intentions.  God's defense is conceived
  and put forth...


  "Bob is taken to Earth and given a soul, and has not a clue about what is
  really going on.  God's creations -- the infinity of the universe, life and
  souls -- those are the tools God has been using since the beginning of time
  and his gift of a soul, usually devoid in angels, is all he needs to give Bob.
  This is how God works...  The Fathers know that God plans destiny.  What God
  doesn't know is tat the Fathers know through their technology what God has
  destined, thus making it easy for them to work out their own strategy and plan
  for God's destiny.

  "This leaves Bob in an unfamiliar world.  His only defense is that not only
  does he have a human soul, but he is also an angel and a spirit.  This state
  allows him to enter the organic bodies of the living and control them.
  Destiny is planned, for only God knows your true fate, including Bob's.

  "Bob will serve God's need, conveyed through his given soul.  Despite God's
  guidance, Bob follows his own path, directed by his freewill and assisted by
  his soul.  God plans to acquire knowledge about the Fathers; knowledge that
  they have learned to keep secret from Him.  Little does God know that his plan
  has already been anticipated by the Fathers who have taken steps to guide 
  Bob's destiny towards their own goals.  So God is doomed to lose to a new
  order of life, and we all know you can't change destiny...right?

  "Right Bob?

  "We shall see..."
       -- From the Messiah Manual, Prologue, Pg. 3

System Requirements:


    Windows 95/98
    DirectX 7.0a Required (You MUST have DirectX 7 or the game won't run)
    Pentium II 233
    3D Accelerator Card
    64MB RAM
    Microsoft Direct Sound Compliant Sound Card
    Microsoft Compatible Mouse Keyboard
    Installation Space Required - 600MB


    Pentium II 300
    PCI or AGP 3D Accelerator Card with 16MB RAM
    Try to have about 300MB free on your hard drive when playing the game.
    Close ALL OTHER PROGRAMS before running Messiah.
    To speed up your disk access speed, do a disk defragment after installing 
      the game (Click on Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools-> Disk 
    Play the game using 16 bit color mode selected in the OPTIONS->VIDEO menu... 
      You will generally find an overall performance improvement on nearly every 
      video card.
    Remember to un-install the Messiah DEMO before installing the FULL MESSIAH 

Some information in these first few sections somewhat overlaps what is in the
Messiah Game Manual.  If you have thoroughly read the manual, you may not even
need to read these sections at all, though there are some useful tips here.

ii. The Fine Art of the Possession

  Most of Messiah revolves around Bob's ability to possess mere mortals, and
  make them do what he needs to get done.  That doesn't make it an EASY thing to
  pull off, plus, when you De-possess, the previous occupant of the body tends

  to get angry at you for some reason.

  The Basics:
    To possess someone you must jump into their back.  Accomplishing this
    without them killing you is the trick.

    The best way to do this is to make sure you aren't noticed to begin with.
    So, first find the person you wish to possess, then watch them for a moment
    to see what they're up to.  You would be in the most advantageous position
    if you could get them to walk away from you with their back to you.  Once
    their back is to you, make your move and possess them.

    The actual act of possession isn't that difficult, do a quick little jump
    into their back, and the game is pretty forgiving by letting you in fairly

      Note:  Where you can possess a body from depends on the difficulty setting
             in your game.  If you set it to "Disciple" (easy) then you can
             possess them from anywhere, "Prophet" (normal) can do it anywhere
             from the back, and "Messiah" (hard) can only do it from a small
             patch in the back.  For the purposes of this section, I say you
             have to go in the back, but that really depends on how you set your

  Wouldn't it be great if it was always that easy?  Well, it isn't!  There are
  two wrinkles to throw into this mix:  One, you have to switch to new people
  in order to get to certain places (such as you need to get through a Door that
  only a Commander can open), and Two, when you depossess someone they tend to
  attack you.  Which means that the body you start out in, isn't the body you
  will end out in.

  Depossessing without getting killed:

    Some people when depossessed don't do anything bad to Bob, they merely go
    back to what they were doing.  However... some people (those who are likely
    to not like Bob anyway, such as Cops) will lash out at you.

      Note:  Not everyone will attack Bob, for example, a Welder will just be a
             little curious.  But a Cop will attack.  Of course, just because
             they aren't attacking doesn't make what they are doing any better.
             Say you need to possess someone, and they notice you and keep
             looking at you trying to figure you out.  Hard to possess them
             then.  Simply hide somewhere until the excitement wears off, and
             the person goes back to what they were doing.  Then set up another
             possession, and try not to be seen this time.

    People who have just been possessed tend to act unkindly towards poor little
    Bob, usually trying to kill him.  Even if you possess a new body, they will
    still be attacking you, despite the fact that you are hiding in a new body,
    proabably because they saw you go in.

      Note:  When you first possess someone, others in the area can see this,
             and may react with deadly force!

    So the moment you depossess someone (by using the BACKSPACE key usually),
    you have a second or two that they are disoriented.  Use that time
    effectively to possess someone else!  This is best done by optimally placing
    yourself before you depossess.  Sneak up behind your Mark, depossess, and
    run into the new guy.

    Of course your old guy may still hate you and could try to kill you, but
    you're now in a body and can take a hit or two.

    So here are some ideas on keeping the old body from being a threat:

      - Before depossessing jump off a somewhat high ledge and break its legs.
        Once that is done, depossess and it can't harm you as it can't walk
        any more.

      - Doors make great barriers, so open a door, depossess and go through.
        The door closes, and it won't follow you.

      - Get the body killed, and Bob will pop out relatively unharmed.  Of
        course, if you get yourself in a gunfight, Bob will pop out in a hail
        of bullets and might get quickly killed that way.  You could try
        dropping off a higher ledge, or exploding something.  (DO NOT DO THIS
        on the hardest level!)

    Before taking any FINAL MEASURES (i.e. killing) be absolutely sure that you
    won't need that body anymore.  Don't want to kill it to find out that you
    needed it for something!

    For a list of the bodies that Bob can possess go down to Appendix B. People
    (whom Bob can Possess).

  Tip:  If you need to enter a Hostile Person who is already alerted to your
        presence, try this out:  Run straight at them, and under their legs.
        Then while you are under there, jump, and press back a little to
        get possess them.

  Tip:  When you enter a person while Bob is injured, Bob siphons off as much of
        their life as he needs to get back to 100.  This is a great feature to
        keep Bob alive, just hop into a new body, but not so great if it hurts
        the host body too much.

iii. Combat

  Combat in Messiah varies wildly depending on who Bob happens to be inhabiting
  at that moment.  Bob can't actually fight himself (he can certainly pretend
  to though), so you have to depend on the body that you are in for your
  fighting skills.

    Note:  A human in "Combat Mode" is a suspicious looking guy, others will
           tend to be more likely to shoot him, than if you aren't in Combat
           Mode.  So unless you are already under attack (or know that you need
           to kill someone) don't enter combat mode.

  To enter Combat Mode press the Fire button once (usually the SPACE key or the
  left mouse button) and to exit Combat Mode press the Action button once
  (which is usually the ENTER key).

    Note:  Bob himself has no fighting skills, although he does a great 
           impersonation!  (He makes his hand into a gun, and says "bang", but
           this is useless!)  So unless you're in a Body, don't bother with it.

  Unarmed Combat:
    There are three ways to attack someone without any weapons, punch, kick, and

    By far the most useful of these is the Choke.  This is done by sneaking up
    behind someone, pressing and holding the attack button.  If done right, you
    choke them, keep holding it and they'll die.

  Armed Combat:
    Guns, obviously, and not much to say about it.  Cops have a Sniper Mode
    (press + to zoom in and - to zoom out, or use your mouse wheel) which can
    be used to do a one shot kill.  Aim at the poor soul, and wait for the
    Skull icon to appear.  You can get the skull icon outside of sniper mode
    as well, but usually not.

    Also, always trade up in weaponry.  If you have a Pump Gun, take the Machine
    Gun, and so forth.  There are some points in the game where you really need
    (as much as you NEED anything in this game) one specific weapon, and that
    will be noted in the walkthrough.

  Bob Combat:
    Bob can't really fight himself, but he can do some really neat tricks.
    There is the old Possession trick.  When fighting superior numbers you are
    going to get your body killed (unless you have superious weaponry), so
    don't bother keeping it alive (unless you are on the hard level and Bob
    dies when his host body dies), once the body is dead, jump Bob immediately
    into the Body of the nearest person.

    Possession is quite easy to accomplish when done in a crowd of people, even
    if they're hostile.  Just jump into the crowd, and you're almost guaranteed
    to land in someone.

    Once you're in the new body, try to waste some of the rest of the crowd, but
    don't worry if you don't.  Once this body gets killed, go to the next, and
    so forth.  Try to minimize Bob's time outside of a body, if you can, as he
    is extremely vulnerable this way.

      Tip:  If you can, try to keep one enemy undamaged to be your FINAL body,
            the one that you will take to the next area if you can.

    This strategy is pretty much the only one you have to deal with large 
    numbers of enemies when you can't seem to shoot your way out of it.  It
    also is surprisingly difficult to pull off, and may take several attempts.
    So make sure that you have a Save Game somewhere nearby, and if you lose,
    or win but not well enough (a very wounded body is near useless) reload and
    try again.

iv. General Strategies

  Note:  These are just my ideas, but I think they work well!

  Don't be Rambo!
    Most of Messiah is getting around without having to kill everything that
    moves.  This isn't Quake.  You should try to get past people without
    shooting them.  This is a fairly sound idea as the enemies tend to have
    pretty good aim, and fairly decent weapons.  And unless you are in a really
    good body, you won't be able to withstand much punishment.

    So normally what I do is sneak around.  Possess a body, and hide in it
    until you have a good reason to switch bodies.

  Let them Kill each other
    Cops and Chots don't mix, so if you find yourself being attacked by one, and
    the other is also present, let them fight it out.

    A slight change to this is if you are in the body of a Cop (or a Chot) and
    you see a Chot, you depossess, and let them fight it out while you find
    some place to hide.  Then you find the winner and possess.

    Bob can't really Fly, he falls with style.  To do a Higher Jump, press the
    Jump button, then hit it repeatedly to get more air.  This is useful when
    you have to get up to something, but not terribly useful if you need to
    go across to something.

    Which brings us to the Long Jump.  Run, Jump, and keep Flapping until you
    reach your goal.  Keep in mind that you won't get very far doing this, and
    may need to find another way to get across to your goal.

    Finally there is Gliding, which is to Jump, and hold down the jump key.
    This is best when you need to slowly descend from a high point to a low

  Save Often!
    Not only should you save often so as to avoid an untimely demise, but you
    should save strategically as well.  By this I mean that when you first start
    a level, create a LEVEL SAVE.  This save you keep no matter what.  Save this
    in the very bottom slot.  If you really screw up on the level and need to
    restart, you'll always have your LEVEL SAVE.  Keep this save as long as you
    like.  At the top of the Saves have your Default Saves.  Rotate among the
    top three or four slots.  So the first time use the top slot, then the
    second slot, then the third, then back to the first.  This way if you screw
    up a little, you can go back a little, rather than simply restarting the

    Also I would make the saves something like this.  For your level saves, name
    them "Level 1" or "Level 2" or whatever.  Then on your rotating regular
    saves do it like this "Level 1 - Got a gun 1" or "Level 1 - Killing Goons 2"
    Notice that I number the rotating saves.  This allows you to know instantly
    which was the last save made. (although the game does add a time to each
    save, I find this more convenient)

    Another really good motivation for saving often is that the game will often
    crash without warning.


  Some things to remember about this walkthrough.  First, there is no auto map
  in the game, nor is there a compass.  That means that I can't say "go north"
  and know that you know what I mean.  What I can do is to say "go right", but
  this depends on you having already followed the walkthrough up to that point.

  To help with this I'm going to try to mention Landmarks as often as possible,
  to help keep everyone on the same page.  So I might say "go right, and forward
  to the big door" or something similar.

  This is a sequential walkthrough (i.e. "Do this, then do that"), and is full
  of spoilers, if this bothers you, read no further!  Levels end when you fight
  a BIG BATTLE or have something otherwise climactic happen.  There aren't
  really any "levels" in the game, these are completely made up.  I just end
  them when you seem to have accomplished something.

  Finally if this walkthrough is incomplete, check  to
  see if there is a newer (i.e. complete) version out.

1. Shipping Sector

  Note:  At various places in this area you will be given "tutorial help", when
         you find an object, it tells you what to do with it.  This can be
         quite helpful.

  Body:  Light Cop

    Choose your difficulty, watch the beginning movie, and off we go!  You will
    find yourself already possessing the body of a Light Cop.  Play around with
    the controls a little until you feel comfortable to go on.  Be sure to try
    out the Sniper feature (using the + and - keys).  You can't actually sniper
    anyone yet as you don't have a gun.

    There is a locked door behind you that you can't open until you possess a

    Walk forward towards the horizontal red bars, they lock a door.  Turn 
    around.  On your right side will be a set of crates shaped somewhat like
    stairs, jump up them (CTRL).  Here there is a tall thin box, press your
    ACTION key (ENTER), and it will activate the self destruct on it.  Run
    forward around the box, and down to the ground, then run all the way to the
    door and wait for the explosion.

    Return and pick up your Gun (ENTER).

    To get some extra ammo for your gun, stand a ways away from the other Box
    Crate here (not the small crates, the BIG one), and shoot it once with your
    gun.  It will explode (which is why you stood far away from it!) and reveal
    the ammo.

    Standing facing the Locked Door (the one with the lasers in front of it) 
    turn right, go forward, right again, and up the stairs.  On the stairs you 
    will get a message to press F5, do it to get a mysterious message:

      "You have come!  If it's true, then my prayers have been answered.  You 
      are the one...  You will set this planet free of its tyranny...  And I 
      will help you.  I am in a dark place...  But I can see through your eyes 
      and the eyes of others.  I will do my best to guide you by sharing what I 
      know, and what I steal from the minds of the weak.

      "As a mortal you must learn how to survive in this world.  Become
      comfortable with your new surroundings...  I will contact you soon and 
      move you in the right direction.

      "You must trust me...  The past has seen me at the pinnacle of this 
      world's power.  But I have been cast down and great evil has taken my 

    Finish going up the stairs and onto the bridge.  There is a moving cigarette
    vending machine here, (stop to listen to it, it's very funny, the Stinger at
    the bottom of the FAQ has some of what it says) ignore it.  Past that is a
    welder working on some boxes.  Walk up to the boxes and press ENTER, quickly
    back away, and the boxes will blow up revealing the door behind.  The blown
    crate also leaves some AMMO, go get it.  Go up to the door and open with

      Note:  The blast also kills the Welder, causing him to drop his welding
             torch (see Appendix A. Weaponry).  Don't bother getting this 
             weapon, as your gun is much better.

    To your right is a sealed room, that you can't get into until you get a
    Radiation Worker, and to your left is a passage.  Down the passage a ways is
    another Light Cop.  As long as your weapon isn't drawn, you can run/walk 
    past the Cop and he won't care, after all you're -- for all he knows -- a 
    Cop too.

    Past this Light Cop the passage continues (there are also stairs up, but we
    can't go there yet) to the left.

      Note:  This Cop represents a good opportunity to practice killing people!
             Drop your weapon behind the crates here, then walk behind the 
             guard.  When you get close to him, press the WEAPON FIRE to enter
             Combat Mode and press and HOLD the WEAPON FIRE button to choke the
             Cop to death.  Of course, save before trying this.  Why do this?  
             Practice!  There will be times where you will need this skill, may 
             as well learn it here.  For best results, after you succeed at it,
             reload and try to do it again.  Don't forget to retrieve your gun
             (not the Cops) after doing it, though.

      Tip:  If the Cop turns around to talk to you (commenting about having to
            look for a Baby), stop, wait, then take a step back.  Wait for him 
            to turn back around then walk up to him again.  Holding down SHIFT
            and walking helps reduce noise which could turn him around.

      Tip:  Choking people in this fashion is a SILENT DEATH, in that it won't
            bring the guards in the area dashing towards you guns blazing.  If
            you had shot and killed the Cop, then they would have.

    Go past the cop, then turn left.  Go down the stairs, and you will see a 
    sign that says "Navigational Control".  Turn left to see a scientist at a 
    console.  Behind that scientist is another scientist hiding in the

    Here's where things could get sticky.  What we need to do is to ditch the
    Light Cop, and get into this Scientist.  But if the Light Cop sees the
    Possession take place, he'll open fire.  So go behind the barrels to where 
    the scientist is hiding.  You want to be on the dark side of the scientist 
    by the wall (rather than out in the open).  Save it here.  Now face the 
    Light Cop away from the Scientist (point him at the wall, or anywhere else), 
    and depossess (BACKSPACE).  Now quickly go over and into the scientist (to
    possess, if you forget, you jump into the person's back, so walk up to him
    and press CTRL).  If it works, you won't get shot!

      Tip:  Since you're ditching a Body, disarm him first!  This is a prudent
            measure since he becomes hostile the second you leave him.  (Well...
            after his disorientation wears off)

  Body:  Scientist

    If you want, go back to the other scientist, who wants you to take over for
    him at the console.  Do so, and press ENTER by it.  Alarms sound, and guards
    rush in guns blazing... at the OTHER scientist!  Don't ask why, just be 

      Note:  In case you're wondering, the door behind the scientists leads back
             to the first room, but we've been there, and don't need to go back.

    Go back to the first Light Cop we saw, more specifically to the stairs by 
    him that I told you to ignore, well this time go up them.

      Tip:  Although the guard you killed here still has his gun, don't be 
            tempted to take it.  Guards don't see anything wrong when a Light 
            Cop (possessed by you) walks by them, but they start firing 
            (eventually) if they see a scientist walk by them armed.

    Follow this walkway past a couple guards.  At the end of the walkway is a
    locked door.  Step on the pad in front of the door to open it.

      Note:  If you managed to get your scientists killed off, there is another
             way to open this door.  Shoot the crates by the door for a large
             explosion which takes out the doors lock allowing you to get
             through.  Or you can get through with just Bob.  Notice how the top 
             of the forcefield is green while the rest is red?  Have Bob climb 
             the crates and flap his way through the green part.  I would
             heavily NOT recommend these methods as they are quite hazardous to
             your health!

      Note:  Although it says "Laser Deactivated for 5 Secs", it only means that
             if you don't go through the door.  If you just stand there, in 5 
             secs it reactivates.  If you go through it stays out forever.  If
             it does reactivate just step on it again.

    To your right is a bright green door, that is the Barracks.  Inside you can
    find a Yellow Weapons Dispenser at the far end.  That gives you a neato
    Flamethrower (see Appendix A. Weaponry).  Don't get it yet, as a Scientist
    you'll get shot if you take it.  At the end of the room is a scientist
    standing by another console, called ACCESS CONTROL.  Use it (ENTER) to 
    unlock Gate 4.

    Return to where you got the Scientist body, and once down the stairs turn
    right and open Gate 4.

    At the top of the next door is the word STERILIZE.  Wait here and be
    sterilized, once that's done, you will be given access to the next door.  Go
    to it and open it (ENTER).

    When you enter the tunnel, you will be given another briefing (F5):

      "A mad inhuman dictator known as Father Prime is at the nucleus of the
      great shadow that hangs over us.

      "Do whatever it takes to get to him.  He controls the people from his
      technology center near the entrance to the main city.  You can access the
      center from the laboratory that feeds it.  I can lead you there, Bob.  But
      you must stay hidden...  Use the darkness and hide in the skin of others.
      The people of this world have no faith and they will fear you and attack
      you.  They are misdirected by years of oppression.  You must help them
      despite themselves and see to the demise of Father Prime...  or he will 
      see that the Planet consumes itself."

    You can't get into the tunnel, so follow the path to the right.  Here there
    is a door (Gate 5) and some stairs to the right of that.  The stairs are
    barred by lasers, but you can get around that by using the crates to the
    right.  On the top crate is a Machine Gun (Appendix A. Weaponry), but avoid 
    it if you are still a scientist.  Now jump from here onto the stairs.

    Go up the stairs and down the passage.  There is a gate here that opens and
    closes.  Go through.  There is a Light Cop here on a balcony.  Walk the
    scientist to the left side of the balcony, facing away from the cop.  Then
    depossess, and jump into the Cop.

  Body:  Light Cop

    Now here's where things get tricky (which means that you MUST save here).  
    To the left of the balcony is a ledge that we need to get to, but there's no 
    way to make that jump.  But Bob could fly there.  So here's what we do.  
    Position the Cop on the rail, and have him jump off slightly to the left, 
    (he'll fall to his death below, otherwise he'd shoot you here) now with Bob
    flap your wings (CTRL) over to the ledge.  If you miss it, there are some
    smaller ledges below it that you can jump onto to climb up.  Careful of the 
    steam, though.

  Body:  Bob

    You'll be overlooking another drop into a large room with some fans in it.
    Drop into the room, flapping occasionally to keep from getting squished.  
    The game gives you a hint about the fans (that they help you fly higher).  
    Drop all the way to the floor.  This is a fairly standard puzzle (I saw one
    similar in Drakan).  Step onto the middle floorplate, and press ENTER.  Then 
    go to the right floorplate, and press ENTER twice.  What does this do?  
    Moves the Fans into a climbing position, which will allow Bob to fly higher!

    Now climb the ledges in the room to where you can see the lowest fan.  Jump
    over the fan, keep yourself directly over the fan and flap your way up to
    where you are as high as you can get, then fly over to the second fan, and 
    so on until you reach the top.

    Here there are some Radiation Workers, possess one.

  Body:  Radiation Worker

    This room has 4 floorplates.  Step on each one, and press ENTER to 
    reactivate each console.  Once that's done the power will be restred and the 
    room will turn Blue. (The room is kinda divided in two halves, with each 
    half having 2 consoles)  Careful not to fall back down or your Radiation 
    Worker will die.

      Note:  One of the Radiation Workers has a big set of Tongs, which can be
             used to pick up the Radioactive Thingie (it's floating by one of 
             the consoles).  If you take this thing outside of this room, it 
             will slowly kill anyone not in a radiation suit.

    Find the door marked "Exit", and open it with ENTER.  This is an elevator.
    Walk over to the console in here, and press and hold ENTER and DOWN to get
    the elevator moving down to the basement.

    Eventually the elevator will stop, open the door, and notice the pool of...
    goo.  Head right towards the EXIT sign, and open the door that is just to 
    the left of the sign.  Go through the door into a small passage.  Open the 
    next door and enter the room.

    There's a tank... thing here along with some Medium Cops.  Work your way
    around to the right, and to the center with the tank.  Depossess your 
    current body, and take over the Worker.

      Note:  If you go near the Medium Cops they'll shoot you, despite being in
             the Radiation Worker's body.

      Note:  If the Worker wanders off, don't worry, he'll come back to the
             center.  Remember that we don't want the Guards to see the

  Body:  Worker

    Now walk (or run) past the guards.  They'll turn towards you, but won't 
    fire.  If you watched the worker work on his own, he often comes over here
    to fix things.  Wait for the guards to turn their backs again, then
    depossess and possess the Commander.

  Body:  Commander

    Quick couple things, go to the ACCESS CONTROL and press ENTER to unlock Gate
    5.  Then step on the floor panel (it's red) to the right to see a
    transmission telling you to do something.

      Note:  The Commander has a Secondary Weapon (press C instead of SPACE to
             use the Grenades), which if you want, you can use against the two
             Guards here.  Throw the grenades at them, then collect the Machine
             Gun.  This isn't necessary if you still have that Machine Gun back
             on the crates. (in the tunnel by the other side of Gate 5)

    So, now go around the walkway around the tank to Gate 5, open it, and get
    another briefing:

      "Century old strife continues between Father Prime's police force and the
      underground sewer dwellers known as the Chots.  When Father Prime assumed
      power, a group of separatist dwellers took to the underground to resist 
      his tyranny.  Since the Chots dropped from mainstream society they have 
      been clashing with Father Prime's troops in an effort to overthrow him.  
      They are an ally of your cause, but will not recognize you as such.  Fear 
      them...  100 years of living underground has changed them... to something 
      other than human...

      "They fight with little provocation.  They eat their own.  Their goal is 
      no longer visible in their poisoned minds, only the means by which they
      set out to accomplish it so many years ago.  You will meet them soon.
      Convince a Commander to return to Gate 2..."

    Get the machine gun if you left it here.  Go back through Gate 4, get
    sterilized again, then through to Navigation Control (where the Scientists

      Note:  If you want, go back to the Barracks to get the Flamethrower.  It's
             up the stairs, right, then up the next stairs, all the way down, 
             and into the next room, then right into the Barracks.  Go to the
             end of the Barracks onto the yellow floor pad, press ENTER, and get 
             the Flamethrower.

    Go through Gate 3 to get to the room you started in.  Now we can open the
    locked door that we passed by earlier, since you are now a Commander.  This
    is the Gate 2 that was mentioned in your briefing.  Save it here, and then
    open the door.  Also I would ARM (press SPACE once) before opening.

    Once Gate 2 is opened, you will be attacked by Chots!  These mean buggers
    will take you down quick, so make sure to duck for cover as quick as 

      Tip:  This battle can be very tough, and could be over in a second if you
            do it wrong.  Here's what I would do.  As soon as you touch the 
            floor panel to open the door, throw the first grenade (press C), 
            then back away from the door to close it.  Then open the door again, 
            and throw another grenade.  Now walk forward and clear out any 
            survivors.  This could take a few attempts to get right (i.e. 

    Inside the new room to the right is another Chot with a Harpoon Gun.  Run
    behind the Large Crate, and from there jump to the smaller crate behind it.
    From where you now stand, this Chot can't hit you.  Throw your grenades at
    him to kill him.

    Once he is dead, the real fun begins, as two waves of Chots descend upon
    you!  These guys are pretty nasty, so you may as well give up any hope of 
    keeping the Commander alive.  What I did was fought with one body till it 
    was toast, then jumped to the next one and fought with it.  There are some
    neat weapons in here such as the Harpoon Gun, the Maimer, and a Bazooka!

    Once all the Chots are dead, the big doors that the Harpoon Gunner was
    blocking can be opened, and this level is completed!

      "Presently, Chots are invading Old Town.  Prime's forces have evoked
      martial law and riot gates block many routes through the city.  Bypass the
      gates and reach the outskirts by travelling through the inner network of
      labs and officer quarters that connect to the outer streets."

2. Old Town

  Body:  Chot, or Commander whichever survived

    First thing's first, if you are in a Chot, let's ditch that body and get a
    Riot Cop.  So, turn left, and go down the way.  The Riot Cops are behind the
    boxes by the door.  Get next to them, and ditch the Chot, then immediately
    get into one of the Cop's, and let him get killed, then get into the last

  Body:  Riot Cop

      Note:  You might want to get aquainted with the skills of the Riot Cop
             here, he's different from the other people we've been so far.  When
             he crouches, (press D) he uses a shield to protect him from
             weapons, but he can't actually use guns, he fights hand to hand

    We're on the "left" end of the street, go down the "right" end.  There is
    a Domina behind a shield, but she shouldn't shoot you as a Riot Cop.
    As you get closer, a cutscene interupts as some Chots appear in the area.
    Use the Riot Cops shield to keep them from hitting you, then beat them to
    a pulp.  You'd be surprised how easy this can be.

      Tip:  If you can keep close to the Domina behind the Shield, she'll help
            you by shooting at the Chots.

      Note:  In case you are wondering what that flying droid is doing, it's
             vaporizing the dead bodies.

    Now, in front of the Domina is a Crate with a hand print on it, go up and
    press ENTER.  Back off and let it explode.  Now go forward and let her kill
    the Riot Cop, once that's done, possess her.

  Body:  Domina (or Riot Cop, or Chot, or Light Cop)

      Note:  There are a great many ways to proceed in this part of the game.
             One thing to try would be to jump into the hole that the Chots came
             out of, and possess a rat there.  Then go back to where the Riot
             Cops were and walk under the forcefield.  It doesn't keep rats out.
             Or if you have the Bazooka you can blast the forcefield to pieces.
             Of course, you will get attacked that way.  The way I do it just
             seems to be more fun.

    Now on the right side is a lift, jump onto it and press ENTER.  At the top
    of the lift, turn right, and there will be a console.  Use the console and
    you will be in a Gun Turret.  Use the Turret to blast any enemies you see
    around, and then blast the barrier in front of the stairs.  Press ENTER
    again to get out of the turret, and go back down the lift.

    Now run across the alley, and go right up the stairs.  There is a Light Cop
    here.  If you need to, steal his body.  To the right is a door, open it and
    go through to get another briefing:

      "You are finding much resistence in your travels, I see.  I'm sorry this
      has been difficult but you must prevail.  Father Prime has betrayed his
      loyal subjects by making them the subjects of scientific experiments.  For
      decades he has been scooping up the population for genetic manipulations.
      The creation of new biological products that defy description have given
      him power and knowledge that you can't imagine.

      "Just before you arrived, Bob, the Father's need for living human tissue
      had increased drastically for some reason.  As the city's dwellers 
      disappear, the cannibalistic Chots are now more driven by hunger as their
      main food supply is dwindling.  The increased violence it has spawned
      will hinder your travel."

    Welcome to the Meat Grinder!  Ahead and to your right is a console (which
    I call the "first console"), and straight ahead of you is the actual grinder
    itself.  What we need to do here is to fill the meat grinder.  You need to
    drop in 4 people into the Grinder.  Don't ask.  So start with the body you 
    came in with, then possess the worker and throw him in.  Now have Bob go up
    the stairs, then around the narrow pathway towards the scientists
    above the grinder.  Possess the scientist at the console, and have him
    use the console (ENTER) to drop the other scientist into the grinder.  And
    if necessary drop this scientist in as well.  Here I waited for another
    Scientist to arrive, and then possessed him.  Use the console again, and
    this time you drop through the floor.  Since the grinder is now stopped,
    you don't die.

  Body:  Scientist

    Go to the first console, and use it.  This causes a barrel to rise out and
    go to the lift, and up.

    Climb up the stairs with your Scientist, and have him jump onto the barrel.
    This is easiest to do if you jump on the little metal bar that faces back
    out into the room.  Now turn towards the left door (marked "incinerator")
    and to the left of that is a small ledge.  Here's what to do.  Have the
    Scientist jump, and in mid-air depossess, and have Bob flap his wings to get
    onto the ledge.  You will likely be hanging on by your fingers, and have to 
    pull yourself up.

  Body:  Bob

    Walk along the ledge to a small switch, press it (ENTER) for the door to
    open, for seven seconds.  Go inside (don't bother getting the Scientist

      Note:  You can probably figure this out, but avoid the flames here, as
             they will kill you very quickly!

    Welcome to the incinerator!  Jump onto the barrels, and from there onto the
    pipe.  From here look back across the room to the small pipe.  Now, jump,
    and FLAP over to that pipe.  Turn around, now jump and FLAP to the ledge
    located just above the first pipe.  On this ledge, jump and FLAP as high
    as you can get, then fly over to the next platform (located just to the left
    of you).

    Walk to the end of the pipe, jump and flap over to the next pipe.  Repeat.
    Now jump and flap over to the area just above a previous pipe, there will be
    a ledge here for you to get on.  Now below you is a narrow bridge over some
    killer water, so jump off and glide down careful to land on the bridge.  Go
    down the bridge to a doorway on your left.  Once you get there, it 
    automatically opens and lets you in.

    On the left wall is a small ledge, follow it until it ends.  Now look down
    over the ledge, and you will see a glass walkway beneath you, float down to
    it.  You are now perfectly positioned in the room to plan whatever you want
    to do, I'd recommend possessing the Light Cop in the corner of the room, and
    going from there.

      Note:  To kill the Medium Cop, there is a button right below his platform.

    Near where the Medium Cop was is a Lift, press the button to use it.

      Note:  There are two buttons near the lift, the one we want to use is on
             a metal bar actually on the lift, as opposed to the other button
             which is on the wall.

    Ride the lift up, and open the door.  There are two rats in here, possess
    one of them.

  Body:  Rat

    While in the Rat we are in First Person perspective.  Go into the tunnel,
    and follow it until you are given an overhead perspective.  Welcome to the
    sewer (not sure what you would call this as it doesn't transport waste, it
    transports body parts).

      Note:  The "water" here rises and lowers, and if you touch it, you die.

    Go over to the skeletal hand, and cross it (make sure that the "water" is
    low enough!), then follow the "land" until you reach the skeleton, cross
    that, and head for the next skeleton, cross that, then get over into the
    next rat tunnel.  Go through this until you reach a ledge in a room.  Wait
    for the Chot down there to not be paying attention, then depossess, and
    jump down and possess him.

  Body:  Chot

    Jump onto the box and press ENTER to blow it to pieces.  Get the grenades.
    Now you have access to a hole, jump out it and use the helicopter feature
    to float to safety. (press CTRL and hold CTRL!)

    You'll be in a similar room, jump out of it and into a warzone!

      Note:  Right by where you exit is a powerless lift.  This'll be important

    Chots and Cops are fighting it out here, so be sure to have your weapon put
    away, or everyone will fire at you.  Just let them kill each other, that's
    what they're good at.  To your right are a bunch of Light Cops, so we want
    to go left.

    At the end of the street there is a forcefield on your right that is 
    blocking access to some stairs.  This is our goal, however, the way to
    deactivate the field is in the Cop held territory.  What I would do is wait
    for a few cops to rush into Chot territory, and find some cover.  Let your
    "allies" kill them, and try to get better weaponry, such as a Machine Gun.
    Now rush into the Cop area, shooting anyone you find, but there should be
    only one or two since the others rushed over to attack.

    Take a left, and a right when the street ends.  There is a plate of glass
    here that says "Do not break", well... Break it!  Inside is a console, use

    Go back into Chot territory, and back to the Stairs, which are now
    accessible.  Go up the stairs, but stay clear of the Plasma Door, a Cop in
    there can shoot at you.  Toss a grenade at the boxes here, and back away to
    blow them to bits.  Then strafe in, aiming at the door, and shoot the Cop.
    Jump onto the barrels, and from there jump across and into the room.  Go
    down the little hall (notice the Anti-Bob message on the viewscreen) and
    press the button.

      Note:  There are two weapon dispensers back in the room the Cop was in.
             One has a mere machine gun, while the other has a Bazooka!

    Go back, and press the button by the Door to open it and let yourself out.

    Head back to the Lift that I pointed out earlier, now it works, so get on it
    and use the button.  Once up, go through the door and get another briefing:

      "Father Prime is meddling with fire...  He and his 'scientists' are
      meddling in realms where they have no business.  The experiments they have
      been conducting on the dark side of the moon will be their undoing.  I can
      assure you there will be a reckoning...  They have no idea what they have
      unleashed in their search for power.  It is too late for them.  Bob, but
      perhaps you.... and I... can put things right."

    Welcome to the Commander Console Room.  There are two consoles here, both
    of which are to be used by Commanders only.  And a staircase to the right
    leads to a door that can only be opened by Commanders.  Anyway.  Ahead and
    to the right of the consoles is a stack of boxes underneath a grate.  Toss
    a grenade onto the boxes to blow out the grate.  Then jump up the boxes and
    into the hole where the grate was.

      Tip:  Leave your weapon in the Console room.  You'll be coming back, but
            your current Body won't be!

      Note:  If you lost your Body, then have Bob get up to the long rectangular
             box to the left of the Vent, then press ENTER on it to blow it.

    Now, get over to the platform (don't fall down!) and go to the end of it.
    In the middle of the platform is a grate, toss a grenade onto it to blow it
    out.  Drop down, and get the Pak Gun here, you'll need it.  If you need to,
    shoot out some glass here.  Then jump out, and hold jump to glide down to
    the pipes below.

  Body:  Commander

    Here you'll see the Commander taking a shower.  To the left of that is the
    door.  Wait for it to open, then go inside.  Drop your weapon, and let the
    Commander kill the Chot, then possess the Commander.  Once that's done, get
    the Gun.

      Tip:  If you can destroy the locker by the "man" vidscreen you can
            deactivate the red forcefield and get a Bazooka.  The only real way
            to do that would be to go into the next room, and possess the
            Commander with the Machine Gun, then go shoot it.  However, that
            way you would have to kill at least 3 Commanders.

    Go into the next room.  There are 3 Commanders here looking at a Big Blob
    thing on a vidscreen.  Ignore the stairs, and go through the Big Door back
    to the Commander Console Room.  There are two choices here, Offense (left)
    and Defense (right).  Offense is a Bot that hovers near you and shoots when
    you shoot, Defense is a Bot that will attack nearby enemies.  I'd take the
    Defense one.

    Go back to the Three Commanders, and take the Left Stairs up, and out.  Here
    turn left, and go down the street.

      Note:  You MUST keep a Commander alive in order to open the door!  If you
             lose this one, go back and get another.  Of course, once that's
             done, you might have to kill the others.

    Go through the right door, and down to the Console where you activate
    another Gun Turret.  This time, the Guards notice you and will fire on you
    (when you get hit you will see a message like "75% Hull left"), take out
    the supports under the Yellow Shielded platforms to destroy those, then
    take out any of those ships.  Once that's done aim at the force field near
    you and destroy it.

    Get out of the turret, and go down the walkway to the next door, and in.
    There is a Heavy and a Medium Cop here.  If you are wounded, you should
    consider switching to one of them, but be prepared to fight.  Or you could
    just shoot the crates and kill them that way, but you don't get a body to
    possess that way.

      Tip:  I would definately try to get into that heavy cop, and here's how
            I would do it.  Do a quick "back to back" swap into the body of the
            Medium Cop, and then wait for the Commander to go away.  Now quickly
            swap into the Heavy Cop, and hope for the best.  Another way to do
            it is to choke the Medium Cop, then let the Commander get killed,
            and get into the Heavy Cop.

    A brief message will disply on a vid screen before you get another briefing:

      "I have an idea that will even the odds with Father Prime, perhaps even
      put them in your favor!

      "The Chots have captured the power generator in Old Town.  You are going
      to need to reclaim that power if this plan is to be successful.

      "Locate it... I will contact you again shortly...."

  Body:  Heavy Cop (Or Commander, Or Medium Cop)

    We're now right before the end of the level, and like the last one, this
    one ends with a large Chot fight.  Go to Access Control, and use the panel
    to unlock the Door.

    Take cover behind the barrels, and take out the some odd 5 Chots that attack
    you here.  Once they're toast, hit one of the explosive crates on the wall
    to blast it to bits.  Pick up any grenades you want, and go through.

    Here is the toughest battle in the game thus far.  Rush up to the crates
    here to avoid getting shot.  Don't rush out, whatever you do!  Do a quick
    strafe all the way to the left, to try to get the Bazooka Chot to fire on
    the Shielded Machine Gun Chot.  (Where we're hiding is a small nook in the
    wall)  Now switch to Sniper Mode, and scan around for the Bazooka Chot.
    Fire if you got a shot, if not, sneak out a little to the right, and fire.

    Once he's dead, switch out of Sniper mode and duck behind the crates again.
    Now sneak along the left side of the crates, aiming slightly right, peek out
    and fire if you see the Chot.  It shouldn't take long to kill him.  Now get
    close to the ramp, and throw some grenades to take care of this shielded

    The final Bazooka Chot is hiding behind those last few crates, so sneak up
    on him, keeping the crates between you and him.  If you're lucky, he'll
    shoot himself!

    Before going through the big doors, I'd be sure to grab some of the weapons
    that the Chots had, specifically the Bazooka, you'll need some soon.

3. The Outskirts

  Body:  Heavy Cop (or Chot, or Medium Cop or Commander)

    Head down the alleyway, keeping yourself covered behind the debris in the
    street.  Take out any Chots you find.  The street turns to the left, but
    just before that is a Door with a green pad in front of it.  Inside a Cop
    step on the pad to open the door.  If you aren't in a Cop, when you step
    on it some cops will rush you, get into one of them.

      Note:  There will be a couple more Chots just past the turn.  If you need
             some weapons, they have a Bazooka.  Also past that is a Harpoon
             Gun, which you get by pushing a barrel into place.  Of course, you
             have to survive the Bazooka Chot first.

    Open the door by stepping on the pad, and go in the door.  Go down the
    stairs and into the Red Room with the welder.  Drop your weapon here.
    Continue into the next room, and then turn right into the elevator.  Use
    the console (ENTER + UP to get it to go up).  The elevator will stick.
    Depossess and have Bob pop out.  Get into a Light Cop if you can.

  Body:  Welder

    Go back to the Welder and switch bodies, being careful not to be seen by
    the Light Cop as you depossess.  Now go back to the elevator, go below it,
    and there will be a panel with smoke coming out of it.  Go to it and press
    ENTER to repair the elevator.  Now get back out.  There is a small button
    on the wall to the left of the elevator to call the elevator back to this

    Be sure to take your weapon that you left here before you go.

  Body:  Light Cop (or Heavy Cop, or Welder)

    Get on the elevator and have it go up again.  Once the elevator reaches its
    goal, it will be very damaged, in other words, you can't go back.

    Turn right and go down a ways.  There are two ways to go here.  Go right
    first to find a Medium Cop standing by a locked door and a forcefield.
    Do a quick body swap to get a better cop with a better weapon, then go back
    and go down the other path.

      Note:  Why take this Medium Cop?  He doesn't turn to face you!  Also keep
             this place in mind, we will be back later.  It leads to the Lab.

  Body:  Medium Cop

    Down the left path you'll find a door, open it.

    Step through and you'll see a light cop with a Bazooka, and further on are
    some more cops.  As you arrive, Chots will attack.  Just let the Cops take
    care of it.  Go up the stairs.

    Here you'll see another set of stairs, and a door to the left.  Go in the
    door, and use the elevator to go down.  Once at the bottom open the door
    into the Tank Garage.  There is a Medium Cop here with a Machine Gun.  Open
    the big Doors here to enter the mean streets.

    We're in a round end of the street, head down the street, turn right, up
    the stairs and in the door.  There's a weapon dispenser here that has a
    Maimer, Harpoon Gun, and a Flamethrower.  I'd take the Harpoon Gun, it's

    Go back to the garage we came in from (it's the one that DOESN'T have stairs
    in it), and go back up the elevator.

    Now go up these stairs here, and follow it along, killing the Chots you find
    along the way.  At the end of the platform, you can look down and see the
    next passage.  Have the Cop fall to his death, and possess one of the Chots
    down there.

  Body:  Chot

    Get the Cop's weapon, kill any foes around, and then jump up onto the small
    ledge.  You're looking down on a series of ramps down into the Sewer.  It
    may be possible to take your weapon with you, but my Chot always broke his
    legs on this, so, depossess and go down the ramp.

    You'll find another Chot at the bottom on guard duty, possess him.

4.  The Sewers

  Body:  Chot

    Welcome to the sewers!  Dash down this passage a ways until you get to a
    Chot guarded locked door.  Continue along to find another Chot guarded door,
    but this one isn't locked.  Go inside.  You will be spotted by a Cop, who
    opens fire.

      Tip:  Back into the passage, and get the Chots to take out the cops for

    Once they're dead, go out onto the metal walkway.

      Note:  Ahead of you are two locked doors, one underneath the stairs, and
             another above them.

    So, turn right on the walkway, and follow it.  Be sure not to fall off, or
    you might die.  At the end of the walkway, which has fallen into the sewer
    below, is a Chot.  Kill him.  The easy way to do that is to get right behind
    him, and knock him into the sewer. Now take a note of where the next section
    of walkway is, now jump as close as you can, depossess dropping this Chot 
    into the sewer, and FLAP over to it with Bob.

      Tip:  That way is a little tough.  There are two barrels in the sewer that
            you can use.  Jump your Chot to the first barrel, depossess over the
            water, and have Bob flap down to the barrel, then jump and FLAP over
            to the next barrel near the next section of walkway, and finally
            jump and flap up to the walkway.

  Body:  Bob

    You are now on the next section of walkway.  Be careful here as the walkway
    is not always steady, it might fall into the sewer at any moment, so be
    prepared for a takeoff.  Follow the passage until you reach a turning point.

    To the left is a locked door, and to the r 

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