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Merv Griffin's Crosswords

Developer:Elephant Entertainment Genre:Puzzle Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Merv Griffin's Crosswords is a fast-paced, new generation Q and A game in which players compete against each other and the clock in a unique way to solve a crossword puzzle.

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Merv Griffin's Crosswords Review

By Joseph Gaskill

I don't know what, if any, the previous reviewer, Michael, stake has in this game but I too enjoyed the tv version of this game. The game would be great if it weren't for the stupid wiimote. Now, I am a big fan of the wiimote for most other games but for this one the wiimote is ill-designed. You have to use the wiimote to "type" in your answers and the wiimote is sooo jiggly (used the regular one AND the motion sensitive one) that when you go to type in your will easily jump to another letter, thus deeming your answer wrong! I played 3 games trying to master a way to get the wiimote to be more stable (I braced it on my leg, set it down on a table...etc...) to no avail. This would be a great game if only they could come up with a more stabilizing way to enter your letters using the wiimote. Because of this frustrating factor (because once you enter a letter there is NO way to backup and delete it..not that I have found anyway)...I am taking this game BACK. Rent it first folks to see what I mean.

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