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Mercenary Ops

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In the not too distant future, war has become the game of power brokers. With national governments edging towards the brink of collapse, scientific breakthroughs have opened the eyes of the world to their darkest fears, and the earth and its people have fallen into disarray. Horrors once unknown � like a plague � are spreading, and with terrorist activities having reached unforeseen levels due to the manufacturing and acquisition of greater weapons technology, national defenses have been overrun.

With the ongoing liquidation of government assets, wealth has been distributed into global, privatized organizations that hold the only means of employment in a world bent on chaos. These corporations, which have remained anonymous to all but those within the inner circle, have acquired resources necessary to spread and defend their interests. With the ability to sustain a globalized population having reached its tipping point, death and disease have become widespread, and those capable of bearing arms have been hired to wage war on what remains, being paid the highest price to oppose the advancement of those bent on seeing the destruction of their employers.

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By Joseph Gaskill

Chinese developed games are still somewhat of a rarity in the West. Shanghai-based Spicy Horse has been churning out high quality titles for years now, but that studio is the exception. If you ask most Western gamers what they image when they hear Chinese video games, they probably think knock-offs.

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