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Medal of Honor Warfighter

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About The Game

Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the 14th game in the award-winning Medal of Honor series, and has you playing a Tier 1 military operator whose team is hunting a group of rogue arms traders in possession of an extremely dangerous explosive compound known as PETN. You’ll pursue these terrorists across a variety of locations around the globe in a storyline penned by real military operatives. Fight Al-Shabaab pirates off the coast of Somalia, infiltrate an Abu Sayyaf base in the Philippines and more as you attempt to quell this global terrorist threat. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Game Features:

  • • Six unique multiplayer classes: sniper, demolitions expert, heavy gunner, point man, spec ops, and assault trooper, each of whom have their own roles to perform as part of a team
  • • New multiplayer modes including “Fireteam Mode” in which you team up with a single ally to fight other pairs of combatants in a military arena
  • • Participate in search and rescue missions, assassinations, bomb dispoal operations and more in your travels around the globe
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Medal of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter Review

By Gus McZeal |

For its latest title in the Medal of Honor series, available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Warfighter developers Danger Close recruited Tier 1 Operatives from the U.S. military to write the game’s storyline, hoping to produce a narrative that represents the emotionally-damaging effects of war on soldiers and their families. Unfortunately, the nature of first person shooter video games completely undercuts this message, creating a game that is fundamentally disjointed. Medal of Honor: Warfighter isn’t a terrible game, but it’s also not very good, falling woefully short of its lofty goals. And let’s be real here: failing to accurately retell the horrors of war is pretty insulting when the necessary parts are sacrificed in the name of “fun” gameplay, especially when that gameplay only turns out to be average at best.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s story has you playing as two different Tier 1 operators, “Stump” and “Preacher.” These names are bizarrely appropriate: “Stump” is a barely developed character who hardly ever speaks and is impossible to empathize with, while “Preacher” stars in the sections of the game that supposedly have an emotional appeal but are quickly stripped of their meaning when players are thrown into the “warfighting” action. What results is a jingoistic, preachy mess of a storyline in which American soldiers are pitted against foreign enemies whose evil status is represented by bandanas; you barely even get to see the atrocities they’re supposedly committing, their enemy status indicated only by the fact that they’re shooting at you, the righteous American soldier. It’s all very confusing. How am I supposed to empathize with Preacher when he’s looking all sad about seeing his creepy young daughter (think uncanny valley) one minute, and then gunning down hundreds of enemies the next without having any obvious reaction to what he’s doing?  

The gameplay in Warfighter is okay, but nothing particularly special. All of the typical first-person shooter tropes are in here, from cover-based gunplay to those moments where you bust through a doorway and slaughter a roomful of people in slow-motion without too much effort. You’ll rescue hostages, blow up helicopters with bazookas, and see a whole lot of stereotypical turbaned terrorists shrieking about Jihad. It all comes off awkwardly, and that’s putting things extremely lightly. Your path through the game is linearity defined, with any possible alternate routes blocked by curiously impassible bushes or piles of rubble: at worst, there are invisible walls. One gameplay segment I did enjoy was a driving section that involved stealth, but even this seemed a little out of place. This could be because I was actually having fun rather than feeling like I was slogging my way through things just to get to the end of the game.

Warfighter’s multiplayer has a lot to offer in terms of game modes, even if none of them are particularly innovative. A lot of the game’s potential to be fun is compromised by poor map design which forces players into a series of tunnels. You’re forced together like rats in a sewer, and unfortunately lacking in rodent-like tenacity despite being a Tier 1 operative: prepare to die, a lot, and you don’t usually get to respawn until the end of a round. On the other hand, one of Warfighter’s multiplayer successes is the ways the game encourages team play. Modes like Fireteam encourage you to work closely with a partner: you can heal each other, see each other through walls, and when someone finally puts a bullet in your friend’s head, a red halo will coalesce around them allowing you to seek some retribution. These features are cool and it would’ve been great to see more of them.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s graphics are top-notch, showcasing the power of the Frostbite 2 engine with the exception of a few muddy textures on buildings and FPS slowdown which happens a lot more often than it should. Gunfire is appropriately weighty both graphically and sonically, giving the player a good sense of power and control in a way that, strangely, contravenes the feelings of emotional vulnerability this title sets out to elicit. Danger Close’s game may look and sound pretty, but there are a number of lamentable bugs plaguing the already mediocre gameplay experience.  These will undoubtedly be fixed in a future patch, but to have disappearing character models and multiplayer respawns outside of combat arenas is pretty inexcusable, especially at launch.

Ultimately, Medal of Honor: Warfighter suffers because of its extreme mediocrity. This game isn’t horrible; in fact, the multiplayer can be a lot of fun, and the single-player campaign does have its moments. The problem is that this game totally fails to differentiate itself from the myriad of other first-person shooters out there. Taking an intelligent, emotional approach to the realities of being a soldier could have brought something new to the table, but the fact that this angle is counterpoised by mostly bland, uninteresting fire-and-forget gameplay neutralizes any of the impact Preacher’s personal life could have had on the story. Overall, Medal of Honor: Warfighter gets a Z-Score of 72%.

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