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About The Game

Mick and Mack are the two hippest kids in McDonaldland how they got there, nobody knows! But after the Hamburglar makes off with Ronald's magic bag, it's up to the M.C. Kids to retrieve it. You'll come face-to-face with bad guys like Goferit and Psycho as you try to solve the puzzles that will lead you to the Hamburglar and Ronald's bag. Run, duck, and throw your way through 30 levels in seven worlds that will call for you to raft across a lava river, skid across an ice bridge, and even set down on the moon!

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McDonaldland Review

By Joseph Gaskill

This is a great NES game to own and play again and again. The best part of this title probably is the idea of there being a secret world, and all of the other secrets scattered throughout. Concepts not very common in the old games. Very fun platformer with catchy music.

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