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Master of Orion

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About The Game

There's just something more than a little satisfying about bringing an entire galaxy to its knees before your might. Like its earthbound counterpart Civilization 2, Master of Orion brought 4X gaming to the forefront with some serious thinking and planning involved in the gameplay. While twitch shooters and turtle bouncing platformers ruled most gamers' thoughts, this deftly crafted galactic strategy game gave sci-fi fans looking for something deeper a champion to cheer for.

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Master of Orion Review

By Liwei Zhuo

Being a MOO fan, I was stoked when Moo2 came out. I bought it, played it, and fell in love with it.

Then Moo 3 comes out. "AWSOME! I'M THERE!" was my thinking. Ohh would I ever be disappointed! The micromanagment that I so enjoyed from Moo2 is gone. The AI builds EVERYTHING now, and it's such a klunky interface (albeit a very pretty one) that it litterally took me TWO DAYS to figure out how to design and build custom ships.

Now add in that the stupid AI always builds things that are not going to help you advance. The game MIGHT have been playable if there was a way to disable the AI. But you cann't. You can override it, but that's it.

Now take into account the fact that the game makers decided to remove what was one of my favorite items, the combats between vast numbers of ships. Which would not have been so bad if they had done it to ALL. But the people who now inhabit the planet Orion (namely the "new orions") can have hundreds of tiny tiny ships (about the size of a single person fighter craft) in combat, while you are limited to 60 ships of any size, and you will soon find it virtually impossible to reach orion!

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