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Magic: The Gathering -- Interactive Encyclopedia

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This infotainment title is an encyclopedia of the Magic: The Gathering card series, featuring every single Magic: The Gathering card (up to this release, although the Interactive Encyclopedia also features downloadable card sets) and a database that can be searched by a tremendous variety of stats, from color to mana cost to designer and more. You can keep your own Magic collection tracked in a virtual checklist, analyze your deck for ratios and possible strategies, and price the value of your collection via an online, updating price list. Also featured is the ability to play online with other Magic: The Gathering players with any conceivable card deck.

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Magic: The Gathering -- Interactive Encyclopedia Review

By Liwei Zhuo

As a magic player, I've found 3 huge features enormously beneficial to my game. They are: A) the Deckbuilder, that lets you build, analyze, and control decks to your heart's content. This deckbuilder is awesomely powerful, and contains every single feature I could think of -- it's amazing what they packed in here. B) the listing and viewing of every single card in the Encyclopedia section, that lets me just scroll through cards and compare them to the "real" ones I have in front of me on my play-mat. The fact that everything -- even Mercadian Masques -- is here, really kicks! And C) the Online Play section I think is done perfectly, because it doesn't constrain your style of play -- you just go online and get rocking with a friend. I really like the fact that they've respected how people really play Magic, and I can play championship decks against other people, and I can play decks built from any cards ever made -- I don't have to worry about buying the card -- I can just build a deck and play it. This product is really incredible !

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