Lyriq Crosswords (Gold Edition)




Lyriq Crosswords (Gold Edition)

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About The Game

Rediscover the joy and challenge of crosswords. Are you new to crosswords? A Sunday Puzzler? A daily puzzle addict? This exciting new program offers not only a new way to solve crosswords on your personal computer but a whole new crossword puzzle experience. Lyriq Crosswords Gold Edition offers 1,000 themed crosswords from the world s top crossword designers. Solve them on the computer, or print them out and take them with you; this is the best crossword puzzle value on the planet.

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Lyriq Crosswords (Gold Edition) Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

Lylian's debut episode is an interesting attempt at introducing a fresh theme into the gaming world. Its both adult and mature, and uses its setting and story to create an experience that will certainly intrigue anyone hoping for something new. It's just a shame that the gameplay itself doesn't offer enough in terms of depth to keep the first hour engaging.

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