Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle




Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle

Developer:Gunnar Games Genre:Adventure Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Enter the mysterious realm of the Bermuda Triangle! For hundreds of years ships, planes, and people have been disappearing in an area of the Atlantic that bas become known as the Bermuda Triangle. Our Story begins when a librarian discovers that she has a relative who went missing as apart of a famous wreck in the mysterious seas of the Atlantic. As she sets out on her search for her ancestor, she hires a salvage captain who is familiar with the area. Throughout her journey she must sort out fact from fiction as the modern day Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle are happy to help her along the way! Features 28 levels with 8 bonus minigames!

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Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

You'll be buying just one game with this one. The bonus game "Bermuda Triangle" loads and plays great. The title game does

not. I bought this new from Walmart and have tried it on two different computers and had the same problems. After being okay it will suddenly say you have more left to find then then there items listed to find,the hint just points at nothing and there I am stuck.

Frustrating since it is kind of neat game until then.

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