Lode Runner: The Legend Returns




Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

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About The Game

The action of the classic videogame Lode Runner is back with Lode Runner: The Legend Returns. Guide a lone runner around a series of platforms and ladders as you try to collect all of the gold to move on to the next level. However, you must avoid the red runners who are out to stop you.

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Lode Runner: The Legend Returns Review

By Curtis Altman |

The gameplay is the important part. Controlling Jake is rather simple, once you get to learn the keys. A joystick certainly helps, though, as you will have an easier time manipulating him. Evading the monks is the main point of the game, and it can, at times, be a difficult thing to do. The monks can be ferocious, and they will not stop until they finish you off. Jake has the ability to climb up and over the monks, or to blast a hole or bomb areas to finish off the monks. It is somewhat difficult to finish all of the monks off, especially in the later levels without either blowing yourself up, or falling into one of the holes that you created for the monks to fall into. That's all right, however, as you can continue as much as you like.

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