Lineage II: The Epic Collection




Lineage II: The Epic Collection

Developer:NCsoft Genre:Classics Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Lineage II: The Epic Collection is a special edition retail package which, for the first time, includes the original game plus all five expansions in one box. Also included in this unique, limited edition DVD set is a total of 45 days of game time, behind the scenes video footage, and a special in-game character mask only available to those who purchase The Epic Collection.

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Lineage II: The Epic Collection Review

By Curtis Altman |

Warcraft's too easy! But Lineage2 offers challenge. Anyone can kill brainless monsters, but how do you stack up when it comes to defeating thinking opponents?

Use your personal charisma to pursuade people to join your clan (a "blood pledge"). Politics and diplomacy determine who will be friend and who will be foe. Lay seige to Castles in mass player-vs-player combat, for the leader that claims the throne gets to levy taxes against other players hunting in that territory. Then prepare to defend your prize against all contenders every 2 weeks!

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