Lilo & Stitch Pinball




Lilo & Stitch Pinball

Developer:Buzz Monkey Software Genre:Arcade Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Surf's up with your favorite pinball partners! If your children loved LILO & STITCH, they'll love playing pinball with their favorite film characters. In this exciting fast-moving game, kids run the show, controlling the lightening fast bumpers that keep on coming and testing their speed skills. Surf's up for Lilo and Stitch and the pinball action-and fun-never stops.

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Lilo & Stitch Pinball Review

By Curtis Altman |

I bought this game since I'm a big fan of pinball and a huge fan of the movie Lilo and Stitch. I loaded the game and it was entertaining for about 10 minutes. There are three levels of the same table, one for kids, adults and pinball wizards, which translates to easy, medium and tough difficulty levels. My disappointment with the game is it only contains one table and no content. I expected multiple levels or maybe even a cut sceen or two. This software title is extreemly lacking in development, content and is a disappointment from other Disney Interactive titles. This would have been better as a freebee of Disney's website or even an extra on the DVD.

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