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About The Game

When the people of Azertus discover that the flow of time is incorrect in their city, it's going to mean more than a few broken wristwatches. Told from the perspective of two outsiders who go to the city to retrieve a friend, the story of the game is truly unlike anything you've ever experienced. A puzzle-solving game with serious attention to the tiny details, LIATH boasts amazing graphics and seemingly endless gameplay. If you're looking to get engrossed in an epic, you can't do any better that this one.

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Liath Review

By Curtis Altman |

Even worse, the story and puzzles seemed very illogical and arbitrary to me. I admit I find this to be true of a lot of third-person games. They frequently simply degenerate into random inventory hunting and manipulating. Liath suffers greatly in this department. Without hints I don't think I could have finished the game at all. Lots and lots of wandering around and looking at pretty pictures.

Fortunately, there is a pretty nifty hint feature built right into the game. Thank goodness.

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