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LHX Attack Chopper

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About The Game

Now's your chance to slide into the cockpit of America's most advanced gunship the LHX ATTACK CHOPPER. Of course, you won't just be going out on test flights your skills are needed to quell a few volatile situations around the world. There are 30 different missions each with unique objectives that will take you to Europe, Libya, and Southeast Asia where you will face 40 different types of enemy targets: Main Battle Tanks, MiG Fighters, Havoc gunships, and SAM missile sites to name a few. You'll experience realistic helicopter flight controls things like altitude control, side slips, and autorotation that will challenge your skills and keep you on your toes. Whether you go into enemy territory alone or with a friend as your gunner, you're in control of the world's most deadly helicopter.

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LHX Attack Chopper Review

By Ed Teal |

The enemies are pretty smart especially helicopters which can make you very dead very quickly. Fighter jets are dumb though they tend to just circle you and seem to have problems with achieving a target lock, firing only when they simply can't miss. They are deadly if your countermeasures for missiles are damaged however. Some enemies can predict your flight path and aim ahead of you so you fly into their line of fire, you can avoid this by zigzagging though.

LHX will last you quite a while With 30 missions and six difficulty levels this will last a long time. The very hard level is brutal and will ensure your playing this game for a looooooong time to finish it.

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