Let's Ride! The Rosemond Hill Collection




Let's Ride! The Rosemond Hill Collection

Developer:ValuSoft Genre:Sports Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

You’ve just gotten your first horse! There’s so much to learn and your first competition is coming up. Make new friends, groom your horse, and practice hard to bring home the blue ribbon! Featuring three exciting games that take place at the glorious Rosemond Hill Estate.

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Let's Ride! The Rosemond Hill Collection Review

By Curtis Altman |

I'm not sure exactly were to begin with what's wrong with this game so instead I'll tell you what's good. The graphics have a few small flaws but overall they're not bad. The horses are supposed to have distinct personalities (different ai) but they don't, in fact, they all have the exact same gentle temperament. The only difference between them is their speed, which is either slow or really slow. Having run the practice courses for HOURS trying to get the fastest time, Ive only had the horse refuse when I misjudged the distance or angle. If only it were that easy in real life

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