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Let's Ride! Dreamer

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About The Game

In the movie, Cale Crane is an 11-year-old girl inspired by her grandfather, a legendary horse-trainer, to help nurse her horse Sonya back to health after suffering a leg injury. Cale loves Sonya, and together they form a lasting friendship. Now you can learn to train, ride, and jump with Sonya just like Cale Crane. Or you can choose your own horse in this version of Let's Ride! inspired by the DreamWorks movie.

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Let's Ride! Dreamer Review

By Curtis Altman |

If, like me, you are interested in this game because you think it might be like the movie, then you, like me, will be very disappointed. Yes, it says Dreamer in the title, but aside from character names, that is all this game has in common with the movie.

The game itself is very boring. You spend the majority of your time taking care of your horse...that's it. It takes several "game days" to get to the next level of competition. The competitions are a joke, it's very easy to beat.

All in all, very disappointing considering the Let's Ride series has had some great games like Equestriad 2001 and the Rosemond Hill collection.

Don't make the mistake I did and buy this game. It isn't worth the money.

The better horse riding games are from Lexis Numerique, the Saddle Up Time to Ride and Saddle Up with Pippa.

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