Let's Ride! Corral Club




Let's Ride! Corral Club

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About The Game

This is your chance to own and care for the horse of your dreams! Select your horse, choose your riding outfits and even decorate your horse for the rodeo events. Practice at the corral to perfect your barrel racing technique. Train hard to make it to the most prestigious competitions, and win the National Championship.

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Let's Ride! Corral Club Review

By Curtis Altman |

The Pasture

If you are expecting to be riding through beautiful spectacular landscape you will be crushed. All the pasture really is is a field with a fence around it and a pretty background. You can race around these barrels which is kind of fun. One good thing about the pasture is it gives you a different barrel course to try. My favorite part (even though this isn't why they created it!) is to ride at really fast all around to the outskirts of the pasture.

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