LEGO Island Extreme Stunts




LEGO Island Extreme Stunts

Developer:Electronic Arts Genre:Sports Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

A film is being made on Lego Island and Pepper Roni is cast as the lead stuntman and that is where the trouble begins as Pepper faces obstacles and hurdles thrown in his path by his enemy Brickster. Now you as Pepper have to finish the movie, help your friends and contend with Brickster, All in a day's work on the ISLAND of XTREME STUNTS.

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LEGO Island Extreme Stunts Review

By Ed Teal |

The missions are REALLY repetitive, and get really boring. So I think you want to stick with running around the island.This game reminds me of GTA but a very kids style version. You have to get a drivers license, a boat license, and a plane license before you can fly in planes, cars or boats. Which is really annoying. Look at the FIRST LEGO island for example. You didn't have to get a drivers license, also Pepper is all grown up in this game. But don't talk at all. besides all that, this game is really cool to drive around and change peoples hats and stuff. It's a great game.

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