LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge




LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

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About The Game

Can you defeat that nasty Brickster and show him who's the champ once and for all? Design and build your own helicopter, car, boat, or skateboard out of virtual LEGO pieces in this imaginative extension of the LEGO legacy. You'll take to super-slick speedways, raging rivers, and state-of-the-art skate parks, en route to a final showdown with the Brickster himself. You'll journey to different islands, experiencing LEGO-themed locales and competitions along the way. LEGO ISLAND 2: The Brickster's Revenge is perfect for gamers of all ages.

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LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Review

By Chris Commodore |

Lego Island 2 is most defiantly kiddie-targeted fare, the original Lego island game was surprisingly nice take it from me baby sitting my cousins would have been even more of a nuisance if it wasn't for this game. So when my 6 year old cousin purchased it last week with his much earned pocket money from having a tidy room and stop imitating the rock and rock bottoming the cat, I was straight over. The thing to bear in mind with Lego Island 2 is that it isn't aimed at a hardcore audience. Nicely, it hits its target audience Lego loving youths smack bang in the mouth.

Graphically it looks like a load of Lego (strange that a game based on the Lego series looks like Lego), while the controls, while clearly simplified never come close to frustrating.

Yes, it is easy. Yes it breaks little new ground. But at least it doesn't adhere to that army men ethos, which insists that games for kids have to be unplayable, ugly rubbish.

LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Game Walkthrough

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Lego island 2 walkthrough for PC by Ben Household.

Hi! My name is Ben, and I have had this game since December 2003. I've finally 
gotten around to writing a walkthrough!
(Note, mini-games are mandatory)
Table of contents

(A) Controls
Space=toy with scenery
Control=throw pizza
L-shift=talk, and if you hold it down get a hint

(B) Walkthrough

Lego Island part 1

As soon as you enter, the Infomaniac starts talking to you about if you 
deliver pizzas to certain people you will get bricks for your new home. First 
off go forward and cross the train tracks on the road! If you cross anywhere 
else you get saved by, de de da de da! The Super Station Master! Anyway follow 
the road up the mountain and talk to Technician Bob and you will give him a 
pizza and he will give you bricks for your house. Cutscene. (I think Bill Ding 
is related to Technician Bob) Now go down the mountain and across the bridge 
to the left. The tall building you see is the radio station and the guy with 
the headphones is the D.J. Talk to him and same thing as Bob. (He sounds like 
he's on the radio!) Now go to the house with the multicoloured notes coming 
out of it and talk to the guy in the hat. Cutscene. Oh! One thing, when you 
see the guy running around, talk to him he has a bunch of bricks too. Now go 
to where the kids are playing soccer, you will see this guy with black hair, 
talk to him and get the bricks. Now go back across the bridge and go past the 
half built house (yours) until you come to the white and blue hospital, and 
talk to the doctor. (Cutscene) Go to the junction and go across the other 
bridge. Coming across the bridge go right until you see a person in a cowboy 
hat. Talk to them. What! No bricks! Wait, there is someone driving up. Talk to 
them and get the bricks. (Cutscene) Keep going in the same direction as when 
you saw Nancy (the girl with the hat) take the right when you don't have a 
choice, until you meet a girl in black. Talk to her. (Cutscene) Now follow the 
road until you meet a guy in black. Talk to him. (Cutscene) Now go on the dock 
behind the yellow building and talk to the girl there. (Cutscene) Now go to 
the white building and talk to the person there (Papa) and he will give you 
some bricks. Now to deliver the last pizza. Continue down the road and you 
will see another lady. Talk to her and deliver the pizza. faqs  You 
know that half-built house I mentioned earlier? Now go there. You will get a 
message from Papa saying that he needs you back at the pizzeria. Now go back 
to him, and he will tell you to deliver a pizza to the Brickster's home: the 
jail! Go past the police station and give it to him.

Lego Island part 2

Red alert! The Brickster escaped! Now your mission is to find the lost 
Constructopedia pages and save Lego Island! You will find the first four pages 
in these locations: where you found Technician Bob, where the jail was, by the 
kids playing with the soccer ball, and by where the lady you delivered the 
last pizza to was. Now you find out that you need special Brickster Bot heads. 
You will find the blue Brickster-Bot behind Nick, the guy in black, you will 
find the green Brickster-Bot on top of Jack-o-trades (sheesh, you'd  think 
he'd notice it), and you will find the red Brickster-Bot behind Papa. I didn't 
mention the yellow one because it just wanders around. You take the Bots by 
throwing pizzas at them and then walking into them. Once you do that, go to 
the Information Center, go inside and play whack-a-Bot. It is very easy so I 
won't explain. Once that is done you hear a distress call from Castle Island. 
Now go to the yellow building (res-q h.q.) and have a ridiculous conversation. 
Now take a boat around the island until you see an electrical semi-circle. 
Boat through.
Castle Island
Start by finding a place where you can dock the boat. It looks like a road 
leading into the water. (Cutscene) Now go to the broken bridge and a mini-game 
will start. My hints are to go to the very bottom and find the brick there, go 
to the top, then the next level up, and so on. You don't need the page, 
because if you don't pick it up, you still get it anyway. (Cutscene) Now go to 
the castle on the side of the island with the beach, not the boat. (Cutscene) 
When you get the horse go to the other castle. (Cutscene) Now go to the bridge 
and talk to the guy there. During the game use the arrow key to aim the big 
square around the small square. When it changes colour leave it unless it 
moves away. You have to do this three times to win. Once you're done go back 
to the castle where you got the challenge. (Cutscene) Now go back to the other 
castle and meet Cedric the Bull! (Cutscene) In this game you have to shoot the 
cannons on the castle. Watch out though, Cedric can blow up your cannon. When 
you blow up the cannons you win and Cedric gets a flight on catapult air! Now 
all you have to do is get on the boat and through the portal.

Lego Island Part 3

Now your mission is to find two more Constructopedia pages and go to the 
police station. The first page will be behind where the radio station was and 
the second will be across the river from the Information Center by a road. 
When you go to the police station (Cutscene) you will need to take the police 
chopper and head to where you gave Bob his pizza but don't land. Find a portal 
and fly through it.

Adventurers Island part 1

When you come through the portal go straight until you can land. (Cutscene) 
Now follow Johnny Thunder to the car and get in. In this mini-game the best 
thing to do is shoot a little ways in front of the snakes or (I prefer this 
one) shoot from side to side. Don't shoot the Bots, they just distract you. 
Once you finish this part go
to the sphinx and go inside. Here you do the same thing as Whack-a-Bot except 
if you see a gem on a snake's head double tap the right key. Once you're done 
(Cutscene) go into the tomb (the place with the road going into it) In this 
game you need to match the mummies by the symbols that pop up when you open a 
lid. When you get the page all you have to do is go left and right to dodge 
the falling pillars. Now that you're done go to the car and do, yet another, 
mini-game. In this one you have to get to the end before time runs out. The 
green bricks speed you up and the red bricks stop the time for a few seconds. 
When its finished you need to fish for pages. I won't explain because it is 
self explanatory in the manual. Now head past the dino skeleton and over to 
the three guys there. (Cutscene) In this level you need to go down and pick up 
all the fuel and get over 300 points to get a medal. You get points by 
shooting targets, monkeys, and gorillas. For ammo, pick up bananas in the 

Adventurers Island Part 2

Once you're done the game go towards the T-Rex in front of you. (Cutscene) In 
this game you have to get through the area before time runs out. It is very 
easy, just when you hit something you lose points. Once you finish (Cutscene) 
you need to pick up dinosaurs from your balloon and drop them on your target. 
When you save the dinos drop sandbags on Mr. Hates three times to stop him. 
(Cutscene) Now you need to use the pterodactyl and go through the portal. 

Lego Island Part 4

Now you will need to land. (Cutscene) Now you need to find 4 more pages, and 
the change positions sometimes so just hold down talk for a hint. Now go to 
the radio station and get the radio so you can get the new Bots. 3 of them run 
around but the fourth is behind the jail. When you get them all go to the 
police station. (Cutscene) Now go to where you found Bob and go inside. In 
this game press left and right in time to the lights until you can't really 
tell what Pepper's face is like. Now that you're done you get to skydive! Now 
you need to go through the three rings and hit a target. You need to at least 
go through the first ring or there will be nowhere to land. Once you're done 
you need to go back up the mountain and launch for Ogel Island!

Ogel Island

Now you need to dodge asteroids and keep enough of your fuel to get through. 
Don't get hit by one or you will lose some fuel. When you finish you need to 
do some more parachuting. Same hints, just don't get hit by rock monsters or 
Brickster Bots! Now go to the only building on the whole island that isn't on 
a path up. Now you need to through pizza toppings at the pizza Papa's holding. 
When you finish (Cutscene) you need to go on the path up that's by where you 
started. When you reach the end you start the climax. The first part is that 
you need to go up jumping over holes and crossing moving platforms. It's 
really easy when you get the hang of it. The second part is dodging Brickster 
Bots and throwing pizzas at the Brickster. Once you hit the Brickster 3 times 
you win the game!

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. Any other sites that may have it are performing an illegal 

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